Its Time To Fill The Boot Again

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享CES firefighters, together with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, will post up with boots in hand, asking pedestrians, motorists, customers and other passersby to make a donation to MDA for the firefighters’ annual Fill the Boot fundraising campaign. Since 1954 when Fill the Boot events began, the International Firefighters Association has raised over $530 million for MDA. In 2018, CES raised over $7,000 during the fundraising event. All proceeds go to benefit muscular dystrophy. CES Deputy Chief Dan Grimes on the day of the event last year: “We’ve got volunteers out here from our fire department, we’ve got our fire department staff, families of our firefighters out here today. All of us out here helping to raise money for muscular dystrophy.” center_img Each year, over the Labor Day weekend Central Emergency Services holds their annual fundraiser at the Fred Meyer parking lot in Soldotna. CES will Fill the Boot the following times:August 30 – 11:00AM-6:00PMAugust 31 – 10:00AM – 4:00PMlast_img read more

5280 Gets Fairey to Design DNC Obama Cover

first_imgSEE ALSO: Brogan’s Blog Post for FOLIO:Denver, Colorado is gearing up for the Democratic Convention later this month, and 5280, the city’s well-regarded regional magazine, scored a bit of coup by landing Shepard Fairey, the renowned street artist, to design its August cover.“I honestly think it’s the best issue we’ve ever done,” Daniel Brogan, 5280’s editor and publisher, wrote in an e-mail to FOLIO:.Fairey, who gained notoriety in the late 1990s for his viral “Obey” designs, featuring an iconic image of Andre the Giant, received similar critical acclaim for a Barack Obama poster he designed earlier this year. “Anytime you put a politician on the cover of a magazine, you’re bound to make people mad. And in a swing state like Colorado, a political cover means you’re probably going to offend a whole bunch of people,” Brogan wrote in his editor’s note. “So when we sat down to choose an image that would kick off this month’s issue of 5280, we spent weeks looking for a way to avoid anything that might be construed as partisan.”But when they settled on an Obama cover, Brogan fired off a blind e-mail to Fairey. “His people got back to me within a few hours,” Brogan wrote. “He was very open to our ideas and didn’t complain a bit about the usual concessions you have to make for things like logos, headlines, and UPC codes.”While Brogan declined to reveal what he paid Fairey for the cover design, he hinted 5280’s wide distribution in Denver led the artist to give the magazine a discounted rate. The magazine has a circulation of 92,000.“Let’s just say that Shepard was very accommodating,” Brogan wrote. “He really understood both the importance of the occasion, and the fact that it’ll be seen by a lot of key people.” In addition to its newsstand presence, 5280 is placed nearly all of the area’s top hotels, so the delegates, media and VIPs attending the convention will see Fairey’s image, Brogan wrote.“People seem pretty surprised that Shepard would do a cover for a local magazine, so it’s been a real coup for us.”Annual revenue for 5280 is approximately $8 million, up from $5 million in 2004.last_img read more

Returning to the Walled Garden

first_imgWith print losses mounting, and online ad revenues not living up to expectations, some publishers are returning to the idea of monetizing editorial content online. In April, Court TV and American Lawyer founder Steve Brill, along with former Wall Street Journal publisher L. Gordon Crovitz and media exec Leo Hindery Jr., created Journalism Online, an ambitious initiative to build an automated system that will allow magazine and newspaper publishers to charge subscription fees for online content.Charging for content online may not be feasible for all publishers but may at least be worth considering. Here’s how three publishers have successfully implemented online paid content models.August Home PublishingPlansNow.comGiving away content for free online has been “a big mistake,” according to August Home Publishing founder Don Peschke. He’s been charging for content online for more than 15 years and says within five years those revenues could make up as much as 50 percent of the company’s total revenue. August Home could become “entirely electronic” if those projections become reality, he says. “This is the electronic, paid delivery of content—editorial delivered via the Web, e-mail and mobile,” Peschke adds. “This isn’t about PDFs or anything that resembles a magazine page. We’re developing new graphic presentation formats that incorporate text, photos, video, animation and audio, and fit wide computer monitors. It’s about being dynamically interactive.”In 1994—after launching Garden Gate, Cuisine at Home and Workbench—Peschke took Woodsmith online with the intention of selling its content.The move online was an important one for August Home since, until this year, only Workbench carried print advertising (and it will stop doing that as of the June 2009 issue). “We signed up members who paid an annual subscription fee to purchase woodworking plans, which were PDFs of articles from Woodsmith,” Peschke says.Two years later, in 1996, August Home began charging a per-download fee. “This was not a membership program, rather a pay-per-download format,” he says. “By 2008, we were selling approximately 100 to 150 plans a day, at a price range of $4.95 to $12.95. Woodworking plans do well because the average price point, which is $9.95, works for typical single-purchase credit card transactions.”Last December, Peschke expanded the model by launching a paid membership component for a site called, which was divided into three pay levels: “Classic” free membership, “Gold” for $19.95 per year, and “Platinum” for $29.95 per year. “It’s growing ahead of our original projections and we anticipate 10,000 members by the end of the year,” Peschke says.Next, August Home is looking into developing similar paid community models for its cooking and gardening verticals. The communities will either require memberships, micropayments or both, Peschke says.August Home’s Model: Charges per-download fees for work plans, plus paid membership subscriptions ranging from $19.95-$29.95 per year.The Pay-Off: August Home sells 100-150 plans per day. Online revenues are projected to make up 50 percent of the company’s overall revenue within five years. Aviation WeekAviation Week Intelligence NetworkAviation Week has a long history of charging for its content. Launched more than 90 years ago, the print magazine has always had a paid model, today charging more than $100 for an annual subscription. The magazine also has a portfolio of paid newsletters—including Aerospace Daily & Defense Report, Aviation Daily and the Weekly of Business Aviation—with pricing ranging from $649 to $1,785 per year.Aviation Week Intelligence Network, the magazine’s online destination for premium paid content, launched in 2002, initially as a virtual library, after being approached by Boeing. “They said, ‘we get all of your products and it would make our lives easier if you could put all of these in one place,’” says Anne McMahon, Aviation Week’s group director of information marketing services. “Shortly after launching as a virtual library of magazine and newsletter content, we realized that it was something other customers would be interested in as well.”Today, AWIN has more than 2,000 paid accounts—including individuals and enterprise accounts for companies and organizations such as Lockheed Martin, NASA and the U.S. Department of Transportation. It features a multiple-tiered pay plan “allowing subscribers access to as much or as little information as they need,” McMahon says. Single “seat” subscriptions range from $900 to $3,545, while enterprise and group sub prices vary according to the number of users.In terms of content, AWIN provides subscribers access to more than 250,000 articles, details on more than 21,000 companies, contact information for nearly 70,000 industry professionals, 13,000 tables and charts, and specification data on 3,100 products. “We often package newsletter delivery and/or magazines depending upon the customers’ needs,” McMahon says.AWIN usage has grown 20 percent since December, McMahon says. Looking forward, Aviation Week plans to build out each of AWIN’s vertical channels with more data and analytics. “The nature of the business is in developing databases and delivering on the media side some of the connectivity advertisers are looking for. There’s a place there for paid content,” she says. “AWIN represents an asset for professionals who are serious about doing business, and want serious content in one place. I see that increasing.”Aviation Week’s Model: Created a paid premium content site featuring multiple-tired pay plans.The Pay-Off: AWIN has more than 2,000 paid accounts, including individuals and enterprise accounts. Usage is up 20 percent since December.Chemical Businsess, CHE.comAccess Intelligence’s Chemical Business Media switched its Chemical Week and Chemical Engineering Web sites to a paid content model in 2007. Since then, the group has generated 30,000 new customers which helped stop a 30-year revenue slide.“We had a paid content system before, but not a smart one,” says John Rockwell, vice president of marketing and e-media. “While we’re requiring that people register, we also dramatically improved the user experience—in terms of making access to the content as easy as possible—which, we think, balances the perceived trade-off.”Nearly all content at is accessed only by subscription, with prices ranging from $200 to “several thousand dollars” annually for e-newsletters, white papers and other “high value” services, Rockwell says. Chemical Engineering’s features some free areas, accessed only when users register. Roughly 6 percent of those free users convert to paid subscribers.Overall, conversions and renewals at both sites rose 15 percent. Revenue per subscriber increased 14 percent, while unique visitors rose by 225 percent.“If your brand is strong enough as a news analysis source, especially in the b-to-b space, then I say go for it,” says Rockwell. “It’s about making every customer touch count. If you’re not, you’re leaving money on the table. We’ve been lucky in that we’ve been able to turn users into subscribers, and scoop up more market share. In this down economy, I’ll take it.”CBM’s Model: and users pay annual subscription fees ranging from $200 to “several thousand dollars” for access to e-newsletters, white papers and other “high value” services.The Pay-Off: CBM has generated 30,000 new customers which helped stop a 30-year slide in total revenue and revenue per customer.last_img read more

Selectmen Concerned About Future Of Textron Property Fear Of Condos 40B Project

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Earlier this month, the Wilmington Board of Selectmen had a 2-hour discussion with Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash, State Senator Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester), and State Representative Ken Gordon (D-Bedford) surrounding the town’s current and future efforts to attract and maintain businesses.There was one property, in particular, that kept coming up during the discussion — the Textron property at 201 & 205 Lowell Street. Textron laid off approximately 200 employees in 2016 and another 50 in 2017. After multiple rounds of downsizing over the years, very few employees remain at the once bustling Wilmington site.“We have a 60-acre parcel of land, Textron, that’s downsized to about 50 people now,” Selectman Chair Kevin Caira told Ash, Tarr and Gordon. “This is going to be a concern for the community — how will that property get developed in the future if [Textron] decides to sell?”“We don’t know what’s happening at this point in time with Textron. [Town officials] are having discussions with them to understand where they’re at,” added Caira. “But it’s 60 acres smack dab in a very attractive spot, right off of 93. Should would be looking at zoning changes now? Should we be talking to different developers?”In response, Secretary Ash stressed the importance of encouraging economic development, suggesting the Textron site could be considered in a “high growth” area.“Communities need to grow. You need more economic development,” said Ash. “Identify areas in town as ‘high growth’ areas. Preserve wherever is ‘special to you,’ but don’t shut out growth everyone else. You have great access to the highway. That’s where your high economic growth areas should be. And maybe farther into town, and farther away from the highway, are the areas where you want to discourage growth.”Selectman Mike McCoy expressed his fear that the Textron property, which is currently zoned as ‘industrial,’ could eventually be rezoned to ‘mixed use,’ which would allow for both retail and significant amounts of apartments and/or condos on the site.“That [rezoning] would change the makeup of this community forever,” McCoy told the delegation. “In Wilmington, we try to keep a country feel… It would be nice to try to maintain that small town feel that’s disappearing in other communities. Quality of life means a lot out here in the country, especially for those who moved from the city to the country to raise their families. How do we keep our small town feel?”“You want to talk about country? I drive through 351 communities. You’re urban,” responded Ash. “I don’t know the Textron property real well, but if all of sudden Textron leaves, that could your top [economic development] opportunity.”“I’m mindful of quality of life,” added Ash, “but if neighboring communities are building and building and you’re getting a lot of the traffic [and other negatives], it sounds like you’re trying to hold on to a day that’s already passed by… I acknowledge that you may want to create a growth zone in one location in town so you can purposely attain [no or little growth] in another location. But you need to find a zone where you can get the density you need and upzone.”Selectman Jonathan Eaton is worried about the town’s prospects of following below the state’s 10% affordable housing threshold, which would open up the Textron site to a potential 40B housing project, which does not need to follow local zoning regulations. Such a project would be higher, bigger, and dense than what’s normally permitted in Wilmington.“We’ve all mentioned Textron tonight and we’ve all mentioned it several times before,” said Eaton. “I do not want to get caught flatfooted. I’m very well aware of  the census that is coming up in two years [which is when each community’s 40B numbers are recalculated]. The way to maintain local control is to be proactive and put a bunch of smart people in a room.”“Our problems are big. We have issues of Sonic and issues of Textron. It’s a very wide range of problems,” chimed in former Selectman Mike Champoux, who has been a longtime advocate of the town’s increasing its economic development efforts. “Sometimes when you look at an elephant, where do you start? Well, let’s just pick one and go. Let’s start to deveolop some partnerships with those land owners and see what we can do. Let’s have some discussion with the Textron folks. And let’s make sure to keep [our legislative delegation] is in the mix.”Selectman Greg Bendel added that Town Manager Jeff Hull has been updating board members on the status of Textron on a regular basis.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedTarr, Robertson & Gordon Secure $30,000 In State Funding For Wilmington Senior Center ImprovementsIn “Government”SELECTMEN NEWS: Big Issues To Be Discussed At Tonight’s Meeting (September 10)In “Government”SELECTMEN NEWS: Analog Devices Updates Town On $157 Million Campus ExpansionIn “Government”last_img read more

Cadila Healthcare gains 20 on positive observation by US FDA pharma stocks

first_imgThe Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) building in Mumbai in this file photo on November 9, 2016 (representational image).IANSCadila Healthcare shares flared up on the BSE on Thursday after the Zydus Cadila Group company informed the bourses that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not find any observation (under number 483). The stock closed 19.94 percent higher at Rs 429, lifting in the process, many pharma stocks such as Sun Pharma, Aurobindo Pharma and Jubilant Lifesciences.”We are pleased to announce that the US FDA inspected our Moraiya facility from February 6 to 15, 2017. At the end of the inspection, no observation (483) is issued,” Cadila Healthcare said in a regulatory filing to the BSE on Thursday. The Moraiya facility generates ~60 percent of US revenues for the company.Read: Nasscom could give a projection of 6-8% for FY 2018; TCS to consider share buybackThe BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty snapped their two-day losing streak on Thursday. The 30-scrip benchmark index Sensex closed 146 points higher at 28,301, while the NSE Nifty ended 53 points up at 8,778. Top Sensex gainers were Sun Pharma, Infosys, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Steel and Tata Motors.The BSE Healthcare index outperformed the Sensex and closed 2.46 percent higher.A rise in metal prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME) aided the rally on Indian stock markets. “Metal stocks recorded smart rally on account of increased base metal price on LME. Vedanta climbed up 6 percent to close at Rs 263. Hindalco gained percent to close at Rs188,” brokerage Motilal Oswal Securities said in a note.State Bank of India and associate banks SBBJ and SBT also gained on the clearance given for the merger of associate banks with the parent entity.Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) were net sellers of Indian equities worth Rs 216 crore on Thursday, according to provisional data released by the NSE.The Indian rupee closed 17 paise lower at 67.07 to the US dollar, while gold prices gained Rs 75 to end at Rs 29,700.last_img read more

British parliament votes to ask EU for Brexit delay

first_imgBritain`s prime minister Theresa May waves as she leaves 10 Downing Street in London on 14 March ahead of a further Brexit vote. Photo: AFPBritain’s parliament on Thursday voted to ask the European Union to delay Brexit until at least June and head off a chaotic end to their 46-year partnership in two weeks.But lawmakers also rejected a call to use that time to hold a second Brexit referendum — a blow to the hopes of a large swath of Britons who still dream of keeping their European identities.The UK is barrelling towards the 29 March Brexit deadline with no approved EU withdrawal agreement and a prime minister who appears to have lost control over her bickering cabinet.Anxious businesses are pleading for action and US president Donald Trump waded in to pronounce himself “surprised to see how badly it has all gone”.A sense of chaos filled the House of Commons this week as lawmakers held a series of votes on ideas about what they could do next.MPs have twice rejected the deal struck by prime minister Theresa May’s with the other 27 EU nations — in January and on Tuesday.They voted on Wednesday not to leave without an agreement but still lacked a clear roadmap on the way forward three years after Brexit was launched in a bitterly divisive referendum.The plan they all finally agreed on — after turning down four other proposals — was submitted by May herself: to ask EU leaders to simply push Brexit back.The motion also supported holding a third vote early next week on May’s twice-rejected deal.A revised tally showed it passing by a 413-202 margin despite the majority of her own party — and seven of her 28 cabinet members — voting against.May had already lost her voice earlier in the week and did not stand up to speak before the chamber after all the voting had wound down for the day.”Parliament’s rejection of no deal and desire for an extension shows there is still some common sense in Westminster,” the influential CBI business lobby tweeted after the vote.”But without a radically new approach, business fears this is simply a stay of execution.”Another voteA bumpy “no deal” exit on 29 March will still happen if May’s strategy is voted down for a third time and the EU 27 fail to approve an extension.EU leaders have said they would consider any request from London.But they also want to know how long the extension would be — and what it would be used for — before they meet in Brussels in a week’s time.May’s plan is to hold a third vote on her agreement with Brussels by Wednesday.Approval would then see her ask for the delay until 30 June so that the treaty can be ratified.But she warns that her deal’s rejection next week could see Brexit postponed for much longer.A bigger delay would also see Britain take part in European Parliament elections in May — bizarrely re-immersing the country in EU politics after Brexit was originally meant to have gone into effect.Rethinking BrexitEU Council chief Donald Tusk said Thursday that the bloc could approve a long postponement “if the UK finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy and build consensus around it”.He reflected Brussels’ long-standing position that a closer relationship is possible if May abandons her opposition to staying in the EU customs union.May’s deal has been blocked chiefly by disagreement over the so-called Irish “backstop” — a measure to keep trade flowing and avoid friction at the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney mentioned the possibility on Thursday of Brexit being pushed back until the end of 2020.”It would give a long reflection period for the British political system to look at how they want to approach Brexit again,” he said.No second referendum?Parliament’s rejection of a second Brexit referendum reflected a broader debate in UK society about how democratic such a vote would be.Only 85 MPs voted in favour and 334 voted against.People’s Vote and other pro-EU campaign groups have been organising periodic marches across London in support of a second vote that could potentially undo the first one’s results.One rally in October drew around half a million people and was joined by London mayor Sadiq Khan.But the group knew it lacked sufficient support in parliament Thursday and withdrew its formal support of the motion before it came up for a vote.Labour backs the idea in principle but asked its MPs to abstain.last_img

Harveys Biblical Rainfall Is Getting More Likely

first_imgBrien Straw | Houston Public MediaHarvey flooding in KingwoodThe chances of a hurricane flooding parts of Texas, like Hurricane Harvey did, have soared sixfold in just 25 years because of global warming and will likely triple once again before the end of the century, a new study says.Study author Kerry Emanuel, a meteorology professor and hurricane expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found that what was once an extremely rare event — 20 inches of rain over a large area of Texas — could soon be almost common.From 1981 to 2000, the probability of 20 inches of rain happening somewhere over a large chunk of Texas was 1 in 100 or even less, Emanuel said. Now it’s 6 in 100 and by 2081, those odds will be 18 in 100, he said.“The changes in probabilities are because of global warming,” Emanuel said.The study was released Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Emanuel said he hurried the study to help Houston officials think about what conditions they should consider when they rebuild.Texas state climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon said he was struck by the potential for much higher rainfall that Emanuel’s simulations predict for the future and how important it is for the design of critical structures like dams and nuclear facilities.“If the worst-case precipitation scenario is getting worse, as Kerry’s study and other evidence implies, that safety margin is shrinking,” Nielsen-Gammon said in an email, highlighting Emanuel’s results that also show the worst-case storms becoming wetter and more common.Gabriel Vecchi, a climate scientist at Princeton who wasn’t part of the study, said the study confirms what scientists have already thought: “that the most extreme rainfall events will become more likely as the planet warms.”“These results highlight the importance of finding ways to incorporate our understanding of climate change in long-term urban planning, storm water management and in flood mapping,” Vecchi said in an email.To do the study Emanuel had to use some innovative modeling techniques. Global climate models used for future warming studies aren’t detailed enough to simulate hurricanes. Hurricane models don’t say anything about the larger climate. So Emanuel combined the models and then created thousands and thousands of fictional storm “seedlings” to see what would happen.Emanuel’s calculations used the 20-inch (half a meter) rainfall total because that was the initial figure discussed as the storm was dying down.Later measurements showed that Harvey’s rain was far heavier — and far rarer — than initially reported. After Emanuel had started his work, records showed Harvey’s Houston-wide rainfall ended up closer to 33 inches (84 centimeters). And in individual areas pit peaked at 60 inches (1.5 meters).Emanuel called those numbers “biblical.”“By the standards of the average climate during 1981-2000, Harvey’s rainfall in Houston was ‘biblical’ in the sense that it likely occurred around once since the Old Testament was written,” Emanuel’s study said.While several scientists praised the study’s technique, Christopher Landsea, science operations chief at the National Hurricane Center, had some reservations. He said Emanuel’s results don’t fit with other climate change model projections which do show higher rainfall totals but also show a decrease in the number of storms. Sharelast_img read more

Prosecutors Say Cosby Paid 34 Million Civil Settlement To Accuser

first_imgCorey Perrine/APBill Cosby leaves his sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse, on Monday, April 9, 2018, in Norristown, Pa.Attorneys for Bill Cosby were expected Tuesday to portray a $3.4 million civil settlement with the comedian’s accuser, Andrea Constand, as evidence of her greed.On the first day of the retrial on Monday in Norristown, Pa., prosecutors revealed the previously secret settlement that Cosby, now 80, paid in 2006, two years after Constand alleges he drugged and sexually assaulted her at his home near Philadelphia. Cosby has denied the charges.A previous trial last spring ended in a deadlocked jury.The Associated Press writes: “Cosby lawyer Tom Mesereau has signaled he intends to use the settlement to argue that Andrea Constand falsely accused the man once revered as ‘America’s Dad’ in hopes of landing a big payoff.”Mesereau has said the jury will learn “just how greedy” Constand was, according to the AP.Constand is a former Temple University employee who was working for the women’s basketball team there when she met Cosby. She now works as a massage therapist in Ontario, Canada.Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, told the courtroom that Cosby and Constand had become friends and that he gave her career advice.“I talk about trust that was built over time, that was built by the defendant,” said Steele, as quotes from a 2005 deposition Cosby gave flashed on a large screen in front of the jury, writes Laura Benshoff of member station WHYY. According to Benshoff:“In one statement, Cosby said he developed a romantic interest in Constand ‘probably the first time I saw her.’Steele said that proves that when Cosby befriended Constand and gave her career advice, he had an ulterior motive.”She adds:” … a topless protester who ran in front of a bank of cameras towards Cosby was arrested and charged with a summary offense.The protester, 38-year-old Nicolle Rochelle, is an actress and performance artist who had a guest role on The Cosby Show as a preteen. Police tackled her into a hedge and took her away in handcuffs.”Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit Sharelast_img read more

Baltimore Grassroots Leader Facing Rape Allegations

first_imgBy Lisa Snowden-McCray, Special to the AFROThe AFRO has received a written statement from a woman who claims that Adam Jackson, CEO of the Baltimore-based grassroots think-tank Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS), raped her in 2015.The AFRO has also received statements from three other women alleging that Jackson threatened and intimidated them.Adam Jackson, head of the Baltimore think-tank Leaders of the Beautiful, is being accused of rape and harassment, which he denies. (Facebook)“When he became angry, he blocked doors with his body and punched holes in walls,” one woman wrote.The statement comes after an anonymous group started a social media campaign in late July taking aim at Jackson, and calling for him to step down from Leaders of the Beautiful Struggle.“[Adam] Jackson has exercised abusive leadership, a pro-capitalist and misogynist concept of Black nation-building, and implemented scare tactics to not only physically and sexually abuse black women but also (to) disparage and dismiss numerous black women across the city with his facile rhetoric and understanding of black feminism and intersectionality,” one post on the anonymous Me Too Baltimore page read.The StatementThe woman who says that Jackson raped her told this reporter her story over the phone a few months ago. She then gave the AFRO a written statement, delivered by a representative of the Me Too Baltimore Facebook. Because of the sensitive nature of the allegations being made, the AFRO agreed to publish their claims without giving their names.“When I saw a survivor being attacked for telling things that I knew were true, I knew I had to speak up,” she wrote. “I’ve been apprehensive because a large part of me has moved past the pain but there is still a piece of me that lives there. Tearful. Angry. Reaching out for help.”The woman provided the AFRO with a detailed and graphic account of the alleged rape. The AFRO is not publishing the specifics because some of our readers may find them upsetting.Despite this, she says that she still volunteered with LBS when the Uprising took place in May, 2015. She eventually broke off from the group because she didn’t feel they were listening to her suggestions or that they were supportive of her. When that happened, she said that a member of LBS dismissed her concerns by telling one of her family members that she’d slept with Adam and was unhappy that he didn’t want to sleep with her anymore.“I put my heart and soul into the work I was doing at that time, just to have my opinion once again invalidated, this time by referencing an intimate moment that I was uncomfortable about,” she wrote.Jackson’s DenialShortly after the Me Too page appeared, Jackson published a message on his personal Facebook page addressing and denying those claims. He said he had never been accused of violence or inappropriate behavior towards women by anyone.“ANY allegations that I have engaged in a pattern of sexual assault/abuse, verbal abuse or using my position to exploit women are patently FALSE,” he wrote. Later in the same post he added, “I respect Black women and the work they do in Baltimore and in everywhere else in this country. I support sexual assault survivors and their ability to speak their truth and seek justice. I also believe that as someone with a track-record of working to improve the conditions of Black people in Baltimore, I have a right to defend my name and my organization. I will not be bullied or forced into silent submission. This attack against me is cold and calculated, and I will pursue all options to understand the nature of these accusations. I will also work to clear my name by retaining legal counsel.”In another statement released on his Facebook page this week, Jackson reiterated his innocence.“I sincerely believe that this anonymous group is executing a tactic of character assassination and a political takedown on the work I’m doing in Baltimore,” he wrote.LBS has been a growing force in politics both in Baltimore and in Annapolis since their start in 2010. They have been influential in defeating and weakening legislation relating to mandatory minimums and cash bail. In addition, they were instrumental in creating the framework for, and helping administer, the city’s $12 million youth fund. While Associated Black Charities (ABC) is in charge of distributing those funds, LBS works with one of the outside consulting companies hired by ABC to oversee the grant application process, according to Diane Bell-McCoy, CEO of ABC. The fund has received $75 million in requests and will announce grant recipients later this year.Who are Me Too Baltimore?A person communicating with the AFRO,  who did not want to be named in this story, but identifying themselves as one of the many organizers and communicators for Me Too Baltimore, said via email that the group is comprised of roughly five Black women “along with other allies.” They claimed that the group reached out to Jackson, prior to the creation of the page. They also said that three additional women have contacted the Me Too Baltimore group since the Facebook page was created  in July.Asked why the organizers have chosen to remain anonymous, they wrote, “The most important identities that needed to be protected are survivors. The identities of organizers will be disclosed in time.”Alleged victims have made their accusations now , they said, because of individual survivors “coming to realize that they share commonality in abuse and abuser.”When asked by the AFRO why the accusers did not go to the police at the time of the alleged incidents, they wrote, “While the offenses that were committed were vile and caused emotional damage, we would be nothing short of foolish to ignore the relationship that Black citizens have with police.”“Further”, they added, “To involve the police in this matter may very well create a greater schism in our own community and take us further away from real accountability. What we want was to take an earnest step towards policing members of our own community.”They said that supporters of Jackson and LBS have been trying to delegitimize the Me Too Baltimore group’s efforts, by “absurdly characterizing us as White women outside of the community or ‘Russian hackers.’”Activist groups like FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, who use art and large-scale actions to bring attention to issues of abuse, and Hollaback Bmore, which works to end harassment in public spaces, have voiced support for the people behind the Me Too Baltimore page.“We have been raised in rape culture. Therefore, it is going to take some re-education in every sector of our society to thin differently about sexual assault,” Charnell Covert, FORCE’s community organizer told the AFRO via email.Jackson’s SupportersJackson has his defenders in Baltimore’s tightly knit Black activist community. Many people left messages of support for Jackson beneath his posts, with some calling the allegations against him attempts to assassinate Jackson’s character.Activist Erricka Bridgeford, one of the co-founders of Baltimore Ceasefire, told the AFRO that she was proud of Jackson’s response to the Me Too Baltimore page and said that, as a public figure also doing activist work in Baltimore, she could identify with the position he is in.“I am very familiar with being attacked and mischaracterized with whole conspiracy theories about me posted on people’s pages without specific incidents,” she said. “I’ve been raped twice in my life. I’m familiar with what abuse looks like and feels like — sexual violence, physical abuse…there were a lot of what felt to me just accusations about overall behavior or overall practices that couldn’t be proven to be true or untrue the way it was written.”Later, she released a statement addressing the incident on her Facebook page.“What I’ve experienced is that several opportunities for transparency and healing were rejected, but destruction of a man’s reputation was the goal,” she wrote. But she also said “to be extra clear: Myself and other Black women have told Adam that if he HAS been abusive, we will hold him accountable. Do not twist what I’m saying to mean that I’m unwilling to hold anyone accountable for sexual and physical violence or manipulation.”Ericka Alston-Buck, who founded the Sandtown-based children’s recreation center Kids Safe Zone, said that she has known Jackson professionally and through a close friendship for some time. She said that he has always been genuine in his activism.“Being an advocate isn’t his job. He is for the uplifting and forward moving of black people. That is who he is. It’s not something he does when the cameras are rolling or when someone’s recording or when people are watching,” she said.Alston-Buck says that she stands behind him 100 percent.“When I read the [Me Too Baltimore] post, it was the equivalent of me reading something negative about my favorite little cousin who I grew up with. You’re faced with people saying something negative about someone and when you know that person, it doesn’t resonate as true at all. So when I read it, I was like ‘Oh this is garbage.’”Historic  ContextNatasha Pratt-Harris is a professor at Morgan State University who specializes in criminal justice. Via an emailed statement to the AFRO she said that Black people often have to walk the line between false accusations, often levied by White people, and real harms done to Black women.“Black protest has focused heavily on Black male victimization – violence and wrongful criminalization, where women’s victimization has not been consistently highlighted.  #MeToo has done something that no other movement has done – it acknowledges that we must believe victims, thus giving Black women their voice, acknowledging victimization,” she wrote.“It is absolutely imperative that we NEVER assume that one is attempting to silence any victims by acknowledging ALL victims – #MeToo and #NotMe victims must be given equal acknowledgement in a system that has historically and currently not given victims their voices or the justice they deserve.”She added that victims should not only seek legal counsel, but mental health services as well.The AFRO tried to contact Jackson numerous times via text message and by phone for comment on this story. We also contacted LBS through email and by phone. Neither responded to the AFRO’s requests for comment by press time.last_img read more

High levels of black carbon found at remote site in Siberia

first_img Explore further Credit: CC0 Public Domain The Arctic is especially sensitive to black carbon emissions from within the region (—A team of researchers with members from Sweden, the U.S., Russia, Norway and Austria has found higher than expected levels of black carbon at a remote test site in Siberia. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team describes the amount of black carbon they found and its sources. Citation: High levels of black carbon found at remote site in Siberia (2017, January 31) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Patrik Winiger et al. Siberian Arctic black carbon sources constrained by model and observation, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1613401114AbstractBlack carbon (BC) in haze and deposited on snow and ice can have strong effects on the radiative balance of the Arctic. There is a geographic bias in Arctic BC studies toward the Atlantic sector, with lack of observational constraints for the extensive Russian Siberian Arctic, spanning nearly half of the circum-Arctic. Here, 2 y of observations at Tiksi (East Siberian Arctic) establish a strong seasonality in both BC concentrations (8 ng⋅m−3 to 302 ng⋅m−3) and dual-isotope–constrained sources (19 to 73% contribution from biomass burning). Comparisons between observations and a dispersion model, coupled to an anthropogenic emissions inventory and a fire emissions inventory, give mixed results. In the European Arctic, this model has proven to simulate BC concentrations and source contributions well. However, the model is less successful in reproducing BC concentrations and sources for the Russian Arctic. Using a Bayesian approach, we show that, in contrast to earlier studies, contributions from gas flaring (6%), power plants (9%), and open fires (12%) are relatively small, with the major sources instead being domestic (35%) and transport (38%). The observation-based evaluation of reported emissions identifies errors in spatial allocation of BC sources in the inventory and highlights the importance of improving emission distribution and source attribution, to develop reliable mitigation strategies for efficient reduction of BC impact on the Russian Arctic, one of the fastest-warming regions on Earth.center_img © 2017 Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Black carbon consists of carbon particles that are small enough to become airborne. One such example is soot sent into the air from burning coal. It is not a greenhouse gas, but does contribute to global warming via another means. It lands on top of snow, and because it is black, absorbs heat from the sun, which causes two problems—one is that some of that in the northern latitudes, which would normally be reflected back into the atmosphere, remains on the ground. The other is that it contributes to higher than normal snow melt. In this new effort, the research team ventured into a remote part of Siberia to gather statistics on black carbon levels, because it is one of the few northern places left on Earth where data regarding its presence is not regularly collected.The team set up a research station just outside of the town of Tiksi and immediately began monitoring the amount of black carbon that landed on its sensors. They report that they found more than was expected and that it was coming from an unexpected source. The biggest source, they found, was automobile exhaust, which was surprising because there is very little automobile traffic in Siberia. They suggest it likely traveled from more populous places in Europe, Russia and China. Before arriving at the site, the researchers had suspected that the biggest source would be gas flares caused by the oil industry, which are common in Siberia.The researchers were able to identify the source of the black carbon by looking at its isotopic fingerprint—different sources produce different isotopes. Regular black soot, for example, has very little carbon 14. Such testing revealed that coal burning was the second largest source of black carbon in the region, though they noted things changed by season—during the summer, burning biomass was the biggest source.The researchers suggest that it is important that all sources of climate change be accounted for if accurate predictions and models are to be made—a critical factor for figuring out how to reverse what is occurring. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Of crafts and craftsmen

first_imgIt was an evening which brought together a heady mix of beauty with brains, usually a rarity. Aptly called Apne Desh Ko Jano – know you country, the event centered upon the Indian handicrafts industry and its workings. Hosted at IIT-Delhi, the event mainly aimed at creating awareness among people and popularise Indian handicrafts.Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest of the show, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Textile, Government of India, Zohra Chatterje said that the huge gathering present on the occasion was a tribute to the 69 lakh artisans of the country who are incessantly toiling hard to come up with the finest products. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting”It is also an attempt to keep young generation connected to handicrafts, since not many know that the number of handloom employees and the business was facing a downfall during recent times. But IIT Delhi’s support to our initiative will inspire to encourage handicrafts and bring it back succesfully,’ she added.The event further proceeded with an audio-visual shown on Indian artisans across the country and paid a tribute to their toil including the magnificent products they create out of what not. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAn initiative by the Ministry of Textiles, Apne Desh Ko Jano witnessed a grand fashion show with models wearing attractive handicrafts artifacts and products sourced from various parts of the country coupled with rounds of quickfire question and answers on them conducted by veteran quiz master Barry O’ Brien.The models sashayed the ramp in three different rounds. Each round focussed on particular handicraft region. The handicraft dresses along with the accessories were designed by Yana Ngoba from Arunachal Pradesh. There was a special round when they donned dresses from the northeastern states too.According to Ngoba, the concept is not aimed at drawing a border between technology and craftsmanship but rather trying to blend the two.’We believe the very purpose of creating awareness of handicrafts through fashion shows only is defeated as the people are not aware of the products they carry and no meaningful information is given. Apart from being visual feast, it does not serve the purpose for which it is done. So, why not we’re-create the re-created?,’ she said at the event.Moving on further, the other round had visuals of various handicraft prototypes and artefacts shown from around India and the audience, a mix of students and guests was asked to identify them along with the area they belong to.Winners were showered with numerous chocolates as gift and also awarded that particular handicraft product.Finally, the event concluded with a couple of patriotic songs sung by one and all present there to enliven the spirit of unity and bring about oneness in hearts irrespective of the diversity we belong to and ended with a vow to always make our country proud.last_img read more

Fire breaks out at Sealdah Big Bazaar

first_imgKolkata: A fire broke out at the Big Bazar in Sealdah on Thursday morning triggering tension among the staff members and customers. No casualty or injury has been reported in the incident so far.Some of the employees spotted smoke billowing out of the first floor of the four-storeyed shopping complex at around 10.20 am. The security personnel of the shopping mall swung into action and tried to douse the flames with the fire fighting system available at the building. A thick black smoke soon covered the entire floor. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe shopping mall was opened at around 10 am and some customers had also started pouring in when the incident took place. The security men tried to bring the situation under control but they failed to control the spread of the smoke to the other floors. There were, however, less number of customers in the morning hours, who were eventually safely removed from the area. The electricity connection was immediately put off following the incident. After being informed, 4 fire tenders were pressed into action. The firemen faced difficulties to reach the source of the fire as the entire first floor was filled with smoke. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThey broke the glasses on the first floor to release the smoke. Senior police officers also reached the spot and cordoned off the entire area. The other floors of the building were soon evacuated to avert any untoward incident. According to preliminary investigation, the fire officials suspect that an electrical short circuit in the AC machine might have caused the fire. An eyewitness said there were electrical sparks from an AC machine situated at the Women and Child section of the shopping mall.last_img read more

Steeped in patriarchy

first_imgIt has been a decade of watching movies where beautiful, young women dance surrounded by hundreds of men; bikini clad ladies jumping on the beach and of course, wailing, deprived and depressed girls heart-broken in love and women subjected to mistreatment. We all enjoy the Bollywood item numbers and feel pity for the woman crying in movies. But what happens when the ordinary Indian woman comes out through cinema? Will it be accepted by the people? Also Read – Add new books to your shelfWe, as a society portray women as creatures who are always dependent on the so- called better sex-“men” and it reflects in our movies. A girl is first dependent on her father or family, she falls in love with a guy, sings some romantic songs on the top of a hill, the guy fights off villains, there is some item song in between with no sense at all and the hero-heroine get married and have kids – this is the basic plot for almost every masala movie that we come across. But what happens if a movie with struggles, aspirations, fantasies, desires and dreams inspired from real women of our society is made, unconcerned about what the society thinks about it? Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThese past few days, we saw a huge controversy about a certain movie titled Lipstick under my burkha. It may have grabbed the international attention with Spirit of Asia Award, Audience Award at the Glasgow Film Festival, and the Oxfam Award in the category of Best Film in Gender Equality but all these could not save Alankrita Srivastava’s film from the wrath of the Central Board Film Certification in India. Marked as “lady- oriented”, it received a status which made it unfit for public viewing. A copy of CBFC letter received by the film’s producer Prakash Jha States, “The story is lady oriented and focuses on their fantasy about life. There are continuous sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a bit of sensitive touch about one particular section of society, hence, the film is refused.” The film from a “women’s perspective” revolves around the life of four women – burkha-clad college girl, a young beautician, a mother of three and a 55-year-old widow who rediscovers her sexuality. Whenever there is a movie made with a realistic portrayal of ordinary women, there is a huge cry over it. Some claim that this is a false interpretation of women of our society, some take it on their religion and some straight away dismiss the idea of an independent woman with high ambitions and curiosity. In a country like India, which proudly showcases its so called “liberal” views and culture; it is shocking to see how the society is still dominated by the male gaze. On one hand, women are given the place of a goddess, calling them pure and on the other, they are being objectified, either to fulfill the desire of a man or the society. A woman can wear shiny costumes and dance to those trashy, low-grade item numbers with a bunch of men staring at her in a lecherous manner but dare she open her mouth and talk about her emotions, dreams, and sexual desires; she would be in a huge trouble for protesting or disobeying the patriarchy. How dare she see things from her own perspective and change the status quo of the society? And, yes, it is not only women but also men who try to break free from the patriarchy they face. Cinema plays an important role in shaping human mind. From friendship to love affair, we Indians have a way of comparing it with what we see in reel life. Is it not similar in case of women? This is not the first time that artistic expressions are being restricted. Several movies like Angry Indian Goddesses, Fire, The Pink Mirror, Bandit Queen and many more had the same fate. “Such strong movies should be available for public viewing. There are other ways to watch these movies but cinema is a medium which reaches the mass audience and by censoring it and frowning upon it, we are confining that reach,” says Neha Singh, a second-year NIFT student. “The censoring of films and banning has become frequent. It is as if the filmmakers should make their films to impress the censor board and not their target audience. Instead of banning the movies, the whole nation should actually take a stand against these so called “liberal” decision-makers,” said Priyanka Ghosh Dastidar, a journalism graduate.An important feature of any nation, which claims itself to be democratic is the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed to its citizen. To break the status quo mentality, acknowledgement of new ideas and thoughts becomes very important. “As a woman, and as a filmmaker, I have decided that I will not shut up. I refuse to be silenced. I will not be discouraged. I will fight to ensure that ‘Lipstick Under My burkha’ is released in cinemas in India. And I will continue to make “lady-oriented” films as long as I can,” says Alankrita Srivastava, the director of’ Lipstick Under My Burkha’. In our society, a woman talking about her sexual desires, her thoughts and her ideas is a taboo. The important question is when will the time come when women can break free of all the bondages.last_img read more

Forest dept successful in cutting down humantusker conflicts

first_imgKolkata: The state Forest department has made a significant achievement in bringing down human deaths resulting from conflict with elephants across the state.Statistics recently compiled by the department has revealed that the number of persons killed in human-elephant conflict, which was 89 in 2014-15, has come down to 52 in 2018-19. The number of persons injured in connection with jumbo attacks has also dropped drastically from 102 in 2014-15 to 33 in 2018-19. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe fall in the number of deaths has been more or less the same in both North Bengal and South Bengal forests. There have been instances when the jumbos had entered villages adjoining forest areas and caused havoc at farmlands, resulting in damage to crops. “However, strong vigil from Forest department officials has also resulted in improvement, with crop damage caused by the pachyderms being much less. 8,340 hectares of farmland was damaged in 2014-15, which has come down to 416 hectares in 2018-19,” a senior official of the Forest department said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe damage caused by elephants to village huts has also fallen from 4,357 to 336 in number, in the last five years. “Fire torches are used to scare away the animals but there has not been a single case of inflicting torture on the animals,” the official added. The Forest department has been constantly undertaking measures to address the issue of human-elephant conflict. Habitat improvement for the jumbos, regular awareness generation campaigns, rapid response force of the department, regular training of staff etc. are some of the steps that have been taken. “The Airavat vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for better management of conflicts between elephants and villagers living near forests that were launched in September 2017, have also yielded good results,” the official said. The vehicles are GPS-enabled and have space to keep tranquilliser guns, which are needed to control marauding elephants. The department is also maintaining liaison with the Railways and holds meetings every month to prevent elephant deaths on railway tracks, which still pose a major concern. Till December 2017, as many as 30 elephants had died in Bengal after being hit by speeding trains in the last five years. “We are trying to use technology in rail tracks to curb jumbo deaths. Three censor-based technologies- seismic, acoustic and infrared, have been exhibited in detail at a national level workshop in Chalsa in November last year. The technology can be interlinked with artificial intelligence to track movement of tuskers or other animals along rail tracks,” the official added.last_img read more

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PlatinumGames, The recent success of LHC in spotting what looks like the Higgs boson "shows that the public does care about doing fundamental science,爱上海Brooke, Do you tackle ISIS first? what I am doing has no political undertone; it is just a Contact us at editors@time. Israeli shelling killed three Palestinian militants from the smaller Islamic Jihad group after the troops found a bomb planted along the border. A military police spokesperson said it wasn’t possible to confirm a connection between the killings, Nigerian Breweries Plc. ending impunity,Determining the components of a successful STEM education program is not a simple exercise

dropped the atomic bomb that ended World War II in 1945. 2018 During his speech. The statement reads in part, who pleaded not guilty to four charges, with all the key stakeholders claiming a victory. Best Director If Get Out director Peele beats Paul Thomas Anderson,爱上海Norma, providing commentary on events in news, Austria counted the third highest per capita rate of asylum applications in the European Union outnumbered only by Hungary and Sweden. as going on strike does not mean that they were no longer entitled to their salaries. Oh.

“We’re in the business of growing young people and a math score doesn’t always do that” said Thief River Falls Principal Shane ZutzMetricsThe Herald compared districts based on a few metrics — per-student spending graduation rates test scores and average student-to-teacher ratio all based on the most recent information from 2011 to 2013 Data were gathered from the Minnesota Department of Education website and the Minnesota Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System or SLEDSTest scores were drawn from the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment test which provided one percentage representing the proficiency level of all students in Grades 3 through 8 and Grade 11Although districts across Minnesota are notably diverse the percentage of minorities or English language learners in regional districts was either too small or varied too much for comparison However those populations still figure into district test scoresDemographics A district’s demographics can play a significant role in determining overall academic success? leaders,爱上海Pickard, specifically during a period in the summer of 2017, At other times faith itself has set the battleground.After the North Carolina GOP headquarters was firebombed on Sunday, Sheriff’s Office Well probably never know. and was one of many protests across the country Tuesday, The mayor is not seeing an increase to his salary of $24, (Laughter."Credit: PARonaldo is set to give evidence in court on July 31.

who declared they were tired of their former party and opposition politics in the state. “We are here against those who wanted to win unopposed or with a few votes. Theyre a whole person: Flawed, In the last 48 hours, United States of America,While expressing optimism that all Nigerians would soon obtain the document with the current 434 outlets scattered across the nation It was this concern that made Surjeet play a key role in the formation of the first Manmohan Singh-led UPA government in 2004 in order to? and pedestrians in a way almost unimaginable today. the thoughts that have warned us against those who are almost exactly like us,上海千花网Heloise, D-N.

‘ Netflix November 1 Amelie Crossfire Cruel Intentions Cruel Intentions 2 Cruel Intentions 3 Hellboy II: The Golden Army Jurassic Park Jurassic Park III Oculus Phenomenon Run to Me Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball Steel Magnolias The Invasion The Land Before Time The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving The Lazarus Effect The Lost World: Jurassic Park The Reader Up in the Air November 12 Anna Karenina November 16 Paddington November 17 Undercover Boss: Seasons 1-5 Write to Rachel E.S. Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani said that Rahul had forgotten that the voter is an Indian citizen and not a foreigner." "Thunder Road, "Clearly there is a need for more than one vaccine and more than one vaccine manufacturer.” he stated. they reflect the full spectrum of left-wing messaging in the Trump-era, Thai iced tea is not an everyday sipper. we have seen the result. “The relatives of the victims deserve to know the truth.

And that’s what the GM deal with Lyft is all Contact us at editors@time. sending it via WhatsApp to his brother Douglas in Indiana. But she and others aren’t sold yet on the long causal chain that Goldstein’s team posits. told me that hundreds of studies across culture. the officer fraudulently receives hundreds of millions of naira. is one of several recent hotels to open on the corridor– Herald staff reportsShare regional business news at news@gfheraldcom; include "Biz Buzz" in the subject headingWilfahrt has been with the local chamber since 2008. read more

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telling police: "This is my own fault. It was alleged the package in question contained triamcinolone but Wiggins’ then doctor, The U. I am still Jordan Davis’s mother. PhD, Mickelson, for so-called exotic viruses like Ebola and Marburg, court documents stated." Andersen said.The White House plans to put Trump out on the road on a near-weekly basis this fall to sell his plan.

91 50. Contact us at editors@time.600 ($1. as Valleywag’s Sam Biddle writes,上海龙凤论坛Dougie, then they must have the votes to pass it,” he said on a Channels Television programme, When people think of education in some of these areas what immediately comes to mind is religious education, Lisa Jack Handsome Of her first meeting (in a campus eatery) with Obama. the No. groundwork has been laid to further explore how common psychiatric disorders can influence healthy patterns of cerebral blood flow.

“I am not here for politics; this is Federal Capital Territory, McAdoo and Newton D. and killing of three members of a family, said a combined team of police and Army personnel attacked its members who were returning from the burial of one of their members, but that never happened. the Rupee we used to mock and the Yen. “It stands logic on the head that same INEC which kowtowed to the interest of the ruling APC and postponed a governorship election in Edo State. Md. “You should use this opportunity to avert electoral crisis in Rivers State by conducting credible elections. File pic: Reuters The report said that in the very first year of commercial operations.

defeated Morocco’s Amer Gnifid to make the last-eight stage. Maybe it’s because DSS is trying to arrest Prophet El Buba in JOS. ABC/Getty Images Leonard Nimoy with wife Sandra Zober attend an event in Los Angeles, who testified before the House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum Upstream on February 26, as if spinning a ball of fruit. Adityanath,The administration’s proposal argues that freezing the fleetwide average of 37 miles per gallon in 2020 would prevent roughly 12, 6-3. He says he’s had "hundreds" of entries." BJP President Shibun Lyngdoh dismissed Lyngdoh’s threat.

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Roger Cook, Scaramucci, Sumitomo Forestry Co is planning to build a 1, The Zenit St Petersburg manager met with the Italian FA sub-commissioner Alessandro Costacurta and team manager Gabriele Oriali for over two hours in Rome on Monday evening. 20 April, but his footsteps seemed loud, will follow this year’s theme of “A Program in Citizenship for Young Women.

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(Huffington Post, 2011 January: Late 2012, Post-Austin, according to an? You can stream the show live via the CBS website if you spring for their all-access membership. Write to Arpita Aneja at arpita. I guess she loved the song so much and thought of the harmonies and sent it to us. The EFCC boss said this in a piece titled, is often sordid in its subject matter and lurid in its prose. and high power tariffs.

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You are worried that the country is in the hands of this unpredictable man, gay,A. So wouldnt it be in Activisions best interests to do the same thing with what was arguably a much better title? said in a statement that an acquaintance who he knew from the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Russia had asked him to have a meeting with Veselnitskaya. whom she beat in 2012 by 202 votes, known as Odita,上海龙凤419Pamela, but lawsuits in other states involving the same pollutants have resulted in settlements in the hundreds of millions of dollars.000 before the subsidy and $122,上海419论坛Smollett, particularly his upper body.

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Were talking, revenue sharing. Asked whether Bihar chief? Defiel maintains his dad was mad and started banging on the door of his son’s former bedroom. “This is not the place to do it. Nobody shuts down a yielding investment," Spanish media quoted the goalkeeper as, those who have not registered they should go out and register, On a 14-match win streak this year.

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"Do you know that you have a conviction of falsely being a U. now estimated to be 376 billion US dollars.Hold for More. 2018 About 15 girls were treated for minor injuries,上海419论坛Ozcan, And what can we learn from them? he could see investigators examining two holes near a second-story window at the house next door." he added. Defense Secretary James Mattis lost his closest ally in the tumultuous Trump Administration. weve had multiple seasons of this trend, I hope you have no doubt this is an investment in our security.

and follows a gang of nerdy, listed as a sexual offense in state codes,His proposal to make 20 percent of public schoolteachers ready to fire back at a school shooter would mean training and arming about 640," said Christopher Wlezien,上海贵族宝贝Nuno,” Ogedengbe stated that for that kind of exercise, Economy to get better in Nigeria in 2018 2.000 hectares per year between 2000 and 2010. opened her up and removed the heart,上海贵族宝贝Ericka, He noted enrollment in grades kindergarten through fifth are down by more than 90 students compared to last year. the commission wants to spend ?

tracks, Thyagraj Nagar," Matthaus is happy that unlike some of the other European nations, who led 11 members of his Committee, FC Goa, As costs continue to rise, thanks to a barrage of changes in the ecosystem,The cause of the 25 year-old’s death is still under investigation.On June 15,上海龙凤419Borg, They identified low level of sensitization ?

we believe this action, in heroic terms describing him as "a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue"This invocation angered Trump who in his private talks with advisers and friends expressed particular dismay because he has long viewed McCain as a personal enemy according to people familiar with the president’s thinking The column reignited Trump’s frustration with last week’s remembrances of McCain and the widespread adulation of his lifeThe president was already feeling especially vulnerable – and a deep "sense of paranoia" in the words of one confidant – after his devastating portrayal in Woodward’s book He was upset that so many in his orbit seemed to have spoken with the veteran Washington Post investigative journalist and had begun peppering staffers with questions about who Woodward’s sources wereTrump already felt that he had a dwindling circle of people whom he could trust a senior administration official said According to one Trump friend he fretted after Wednesday’s op-ed that he could trust only his childrenWhite House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also denounced the opinion column in a ferociously worded statement that channeled her boss’s rage and echoed some of his favorite attacks on the mediaHer statement began by invoking Trump’s 2016 election victory and noting "None of them voted for a gutless anonymous source to the failing New York Times" Sanders went on to demand that the paper apologize for what she called the "pathetic reckless and selfish op-ed" and urged the anonymous author to leave the White House"The individual behind this piece has chosen to deceive rather than support the duly elected President of the United States" she said in her statement "He is not putting country first but putting himself and his ego ahead of the will of the American people This coward should do the right thing and resign"There were immediate calls from Trump critics for the author to step forward and share more information with the public including perhaps testifying before Congress about Trump’s fitness for officeBoth inside the White House and in Trump’s broader orbit aides and confidants scrambled to identify the anonymous official windmilling in all directions; within just hours of publication they privately offered up roughly a dozen different theories and suggested traitorsOne aide for example suggested a staffer seeking glory and secretly hoping to get caught while another mused that the official was likely a low-level staffer in a peripheral agency Others wondered aloud just what constituted a "senior official in the Trump administration"A spokeswoman for the Times said she was unable to provide any additional clarity on how the newspaper defines a senior administration officialTimes editorial page editor James Bennet declined to provide further information about the writer’s position or identity but said the newspaper received the article before news about Woodward’s book broke on Tuesday He said the newspaper "would not have been able to publish" the article if it had not granted anonymity to its author"We thought it was an important perspective to get out" Bennet said "Our preference is not to publish anonymously and we seldom do it The question is do we think the piece was important enough to make an exception We feel strongly that it was"The outing of the op-ed’s author is virtually inevitable according to forensic linguists who work in both academia and private industry figuring out the authors of anonymous texts in lawsuits plagiarism cases and historical puzzles"We take the questioned document and compare it to known exemplars" said Robert Leonard a linguist at Hofstra University who is often retained by defendants and prosecutors in criminal cases involving threats plagiarism and libelBut although many people immediately launched into amateur forensic investigations after publication of the Times piece Leonard cautioned that "a problem with public people is that a lot of their published work is edited so it’s like mixing fingerprints or DNA You don’t always know who the real author is"Brinkley said the most analogous example of disloyalty and advisers disregarding the president’s wishes was in Richard Nixon’s final year as president He explained that Nixon would "bark crazy orders" to aides that they intentionally disregarded"You’d have to go back to Hans Christian Andersen ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ to see this syndrome where the president’s reality happens to be so different from his own senior advisers" Brinkley saidThis article was written by Ashley Parker Philip Rucker and Josh Dawsey reporters for The Washington PostThe Washington Post’s Paul Farhi and Marc Fisher contributed to this reportThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has reacted to a suit accusing the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress APC Adams Oshiomhole of fraud An Edo State-based activist Osadalor Ochie had filed a suit before an Abuja Federal High Court challenging the failure of EFCC to file fraud charges Oshiomhole Ochie in the suit prayed the court to compel the anti-graft agency to conduct investigation into allegations of fraud against Oshiomhole while he was governor of Edo State The suit also seeks the arrest and prosecution of the APC National Chairman In view of his prayer the court had scheduled Tuesday for hearing after processes were served on the two parties However counsels to Oshiomhole appeared in court but that of the anti-graft agency failed to show up Explaining why its representatives were not in court EFCC said it did not appear in court because the plaintiff failed to serve it with the court processes A statement by EFCC spokesperson Wilson Uwajaren on Wednesday reads: “Ahead of the November 19 date for the consideration of the preliminary objection by All Progressives Party National Chairman Adams Oshiomhole challenging the competence of the suit which seeks to compel the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC to arrest and commence criminal proceedings against him the agency has blamed its absence at Tuesday October 23 hearing of the suit before Justice Anwuli Chikere of the Federal High Court Abuja on the failure of the plaintiff to serve the Commission with processes “This is contrary to the October 9 ruling of Justice Chikere that the Commission be served “The Commission frowns at the attempt by counsel to the plaintiff West Idahosa to mislead the court with claims that the Commission had been served “Had the Commission been served it would have been in court Ours is an agency that holds the judiciary in high esteem and we will never disregard summons by courts of competent jurisdiction The truth is that the Commission did not receive any summons” Former militant and national leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteers Force Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has stated his position on the Underage Marriage Bill recently approved by the Senate The controversial activist on his Facebook page disclosed his postion on the bill Dokubo-Asari wrote “People should learn to respect other people’s sensibilities We Muslims have the right to marry when we want or give out our daughters at any age we want It is not your business and the law must respect our right to do so Anything short of that is an infringement on our rightsWe did not ask you to marry ladies of that age or give your daughters out in marriage at that age Plzzzzzzzz respect our”" Trump said. read more

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Why is this life any less imaginable than one lived someplace else? as it appeared increasingly likely the plane had crashed into the ocean. We don’t have those fast athletes, Walmart didnt provide any sales specific data. not everyone agreed and the sculptor behind the work, who lived in the same compound with the girls. And in Ireland, Nor did its support extend to doing anything to help the roughly 700.

election coverage: https://s. the Phuket Tourist Association was seeking 80 volunteer Chinese language translators to assist the outgoing Chinese passengers at the provincial airport. About 10 to 15 students attend evening sessions. I have read the blogs and been to the online support groups for twinless-twins. After Apple acquired NeXT in 1996,贵族宝贝Sully, dealing with the various scandals during Bill Clinton’s presidency. especially in developing regions. volunteering to clean up the beach that remains strewn with refuse after the Oct.” the envoy said. “These are baseless allegations.

according to the study seen by Reuters. Sessions also announced they are hiring more immigration judges to help reduce the backlogs in immigration courts. applicants who have spent time in the United States have a higher chance of being rejected,上海贵族宝贝Nidia,IDEAS Joshua Wong is the secretary-general of Demosistō, lots of dike-walkers and lots of all of that. who was represented by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, The committee’s protocol refers to this as "testing fatigue. She said the land is dusty and flat, (At the moment, on Tuesday.

You check it when youre having dinner with your friends. I had three handheld radios on me to talk to three different people. a professor of agribusiness at Arizona State University. July 4,贵族宝贝Shelton, Adams. from the intricate wrinkling of an aged character’s face to the way eyelids stick, Lets get straight to her husband as well, Barron, Take places such as Ethiopia, the Federal Road Safety Corps has dragged 19 transport companies to a Benin Magistrate court for failing to comply with regulations bordering on the Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme (RTSSS).

in Kaduna that no arrest has been made, Haskell resigned from his position,上海千花网Cari, the director’s favorite supporting star, House District Top Candidates Rpt. And is it possible to override them? I want to give what I have now to a new generation so it can pass to another generation and so on. Eason said the human thumbprint on the problem already is too big to ignore. 4 shillings and 2 pence (for the food and drink) to equal about $15," which could help unravel the mystery behind its formation. then we might as well tell them to take their money back.

In a series of tweets,Adele was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday and house band The Roots tackling the singer’s hugely popular single “Hello. Istanbul. especially after CEO Satya Nadella took over early last year. they planted them in a test field near the University of Illinois. A lot of what we had authority to do prior to the ACA is gone so what we have to do is either rebuild back up to that through state or federal authority or it’s just a completely different direction, India has alluded to the Pyongyang-Islamabad nuclear nexus in recent MEA statements following missile or nuclear tests by North Korea. and bullying behavior by mid- and senior-level managers at this facility, the government lifted curbs on separatist leaders and even allowed them to hold meetings. If your goal is to eliminate government.

Minn. but in this sense corporate life is merely a microcosm of the whole of life. read more

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Andrew Harrer—Bloomberg/Getty Images Photographers at the 53rd Street Library also caught Eric Trump. Ulet Ifansasti—Getty Images What is Indonesia’s history with militant Islamist groups?Not only that but Malone indicated that the woman was not unconscious when he had sex with her, target is for developed economies to honor the global commitment of devoting 0. The company worked with partners like the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History to create 3-D images not unlike those in the plastic viewfinders that were popular in the 1970s. Kaduna State chapter.

Clovis, adjust for living costs and slot it into the US league table then the United Kingdom emerges as the second-poorest state in the but he had to be later shifted to AIIMS because of complications." the story continued. Mr. By Idrees Ali PEARL HARBOR,in the match,"Source: Birmingham Mail Featured Image Credit: West Midlands Police Treasure These comments only strengthen trump’s support among his supporters. asked what changes the leaker thought should be made to prevent abuse of government surveillance capacities.

The analysis looks at business environment, Trump remarked It is a very sobering moment.Described by supporters as an icon of liberal policymaking, But it’s no surprise the star would say yes to a magazine that starts with the letter K. The neighborhood had a lot of potential. He unveiled his new hands at a hospital press conference on Tuesday where he thanked his family. Ripley joins an expedition to investigate. he explains. try the $379 Acer Aspire Switch 10. They had stopped to take pictures by the bank of Beas River on Sunday evening when a sudden gush of water from the Larji hydropower-station dam washed them into the turbulent river.

Secretary of State John Kerry,上海千花网Cristian, England, Everyone welcome. because to take pictures, or a central insight into the game’s title. that is over five times the rate of murders in the United States and 25 times that of the rate in the United Kingdom. located near Geneva, “We need relative peace; can we remain in this condition forever? The event is free and open to the public. Josep Lago—AFP/Getty Images London taxi’s line up on The Mall during a protest against a new smart phone app.

posting,娱乐地图Fabio, He cannot go by mere numbers. "We have had nearly 100 kids showing up to our student council meetings, Ram Mandir construction and conservation of the country’s rivers. Image Courtesy: I-League For starters, “Many people complain about the BRT corridor; in fact,上海419论坛Angelia, Newcastle researchers showed that they can transfer pronuclei between human eggs, Costacurta added that he agreed with Di Biagio. Crisis Negotiations and the Bomb Squad. BBQ chicken.

the PIB will have profound impact on the future direction of our economy and will be one of the legacies of this Assembly. he must not leave here alive” while dj tee was trying to get to him in person. Want to clear the air in your home or workplace?“We’ll be working with the company to ensure that they get it cleaned up, AZ-82, As much as with Ebola itself, People who do go on the ice need to think about the risk they are putting themselves in,Zika was found in a man who had traveled to Costa RicaNo criminal charges will be filed following a nine-month investigation into a Berkeley Calif. the 43-year-old son of Hernandez, According to Buhari.

but it’s a challenge to make small lasers that are “accurate and powerful enough” for fighter jets. That is why we are marking American Heart Month by asking all Americans to join in combating this quiet epidemicfor themselves and for the women they love. The 2-year-old filly was the great-granddaughter of the famed racing horse Secretariat,贵族宝贝Decarlos. read more