Pediatricians increasingly being asked about assisted death for kids survey

first_imgThe Canadian Paediatric Society says its members are “increasingly” being asked by parents about the option of seeking medically assisted death for children, while a survey of doctors found nearly half of the respondents supported assisted death for kids with “progressive terminal illness or intractable pain.”Some 2,600 pediatricians were asked to participate in a survey about inquiries regarding assisted death for minors, both by parents and by children themselves. About 40 per cent responded, the society said Thursday.Thirty-five pediatricians said they had “exploratory discussions” with a total of 60 patients under the age of 18 in the preceding year. Nine pediatricians received “explicit requests” for assisted death from a total of 17 minors.Another 118 pediatricians said they had exploratory discussions about assisted death with the parents of sick children, involving 419 kids in all.Forty-five respondents said they had received explicit requests for assisted death from parents, involving a total of 91 children. More than half of the requests involved a child under a year old.A second survey was submitted to almost 2,000 members of the Canadian Pediatric Society and had a 29 per cent response rate.In that survey, 46 per cent of respondents said they would support assisted death legislation being extended to include so-called “mature minors,” a patient under 18 who can understand the nature and consequences of a particular decision.Dr. Dawn Davies, a pediatric palliative care physician and chairwoman of the Canadian Pediatric Society’s bioethics committee, said she was surprised by that response.“I didn’t think that there would be that much support for it,” said Davies, adding that pediatricians who supported the idea did so with many caveats.“There was a lot of ‘Yes, but …’” she said. “Yes, it could be supported, but there would have to be a lot of oversight.”Thirty-three per cent of the pediatricians who responded said assisted death should not be considered for minors under any circumstances.Davies said it’s “far too early” to make any decisions, but the medical community should start thinking about issues involving assisted death for minors and when it could be the more compassionate choice.There needs to be “a recognition that parents are making this request not as a self-serving thing,” she said, “that children have illnesses where there is really profound suffering.”Legislation enacted in June 2016 allowed eligible adults the right to seek out assisted death in cases of incurable illness or intolerable suffering. The bill also ordered an independent review regarding the idea of assisted death for mature minors. The review will be presented to Parliament in December 2018.Davies, who was one of the co-authors of the two surveys, said only two countries — Belgium and the Netherlands — have laws allowing assisted death for children and such cases are extremely rare.“I don’t know how much we can learn from them because the numbers at this point are so small,” she said. “Globally, there does not seem to be a lot of places to look for direction.”In the meantime, as a palliative care physician, Davies thinks there might be fewer requests for assisted death if end-of-life care were improved.“Given that all of us will eventually die, it’s going to be the common experience of our entire population,” she said.“Medical assistance in dying … is accessible to every Canadian, but excellent palliative care has not been similarly enshrined.”last_img read more

Teen sleeps in backyard First World War trench for school social studies

first_imgEDMONTON – Dylan Ferris decided to dig a little deeper for his high school social studies project, which he’s dedicated to the lives of soldiers in the First World War.Ferris isn’t just writing a report. The 15-year-old has built a trench in his backyard complete with sandbags, has borrowed a replica uniform and is even sleeping below ground in freezing temperatures.The idea is to recognize the ordeal soldiers faced and understand the sacrifices they made.“My mum wasn’t too keen on it because it’s her vegetable garden, or it was her vegetable garden. Now it’s a hole,” explained Ferris, who said his mother insisted he come inside Wednesday night when the mercury dipped below -10C.As an air cadet, Ferris visited the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France last year for a ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.But getting his mother to agree to a trench in the yard wasn’t easy. His chief tactic, he explained, was to propose even more outlandish and dangerous projects so the trench would seem tame by comparison.Among them was a home-built airplane. A flame-thrower was another idea he pitched.Next, he had to excavate the dirt. The ground was frozen solid, so help was required from a family friend with a propane heater. Together, they used tarps and pallets to construct a covering to make the ground soft enough to dig.For the clothes, the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum loaned Ferris a uniform from the First World War that they allow museum visitors to try on.Even with the cold temperatures there’s mud everywhere — on the steps to his house, on the landing and in the garage. Ferris cleans it up, but everything quickly gets dirty again.It’s spring break from school right now and Ferris said his plan is to attempt 24 continuous hours in his trench.He spent six hours in it Sunday night, bundled in a vintage sleeping bag and using a sandbag as a pillow. His friend slept nearby in a camper van, and for added authenticity, lobbed mudballs at Ferris to encourage him to keep his head down.Ferris said he enjoys reading in the trench during the day. But he said it’s eerie at night, giving him a glimpse of what soldiers endured a century ago.“I don’t think it can be truly representative, but when I was in there, there’s a lot of truth to the war songs, ‘Oh, I want to go home,’ and ‘Long Way to Tipperary,’” he said.“It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s miserable and, you know, the house is right there. It’s just a longing for home, I guess. Even when it’s right there.”Ferris said he hopes to get a good mark on his project. He may even still build an airplane this summer.“I think the trench will stay there until my mum says I want my vegetable garden back and I have to fill it in.”last_img read more

Lamar Odom Checks Into Rehab For Substance Abuse

Lamar Odom has checked into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, according to sources.The NBA player has been in the news recently about alleged drug use. He was reportedly staying at a Los Angeles hotel two weeks ago, where his friends tried to help him kick his drug problem.Odom was also arrested early last Friday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. The police report said Odom’s car was observed moving in a “serpentine manner” before exiting the freeway.The police report said the ball player initially refused to pull over when authorities tried to stop him, eventually coming to a halt minutes later. Odom showed “objective signs of intoxication and was unable to perform field sobriety tests as explained and demonstrated,” the report said.At the police station, Odom refused to take further chemical tests and he was subsequently booked for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.He was released on $15,000 bail Friday morning.Odom played last season with the Los Angeles Clippers and was pursued in free agency this summer by both the Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers. read more

Rod Stewart free from prostate cancer following secret threeyear struggle with the

Fry said: “A prostate cancer diagnosis is a scary thing – you never expect it’s going to happen to you.”Thankfully, mine was caught early enough that something could be done but I know that it isn’t the same for everyone.”Prostate Cancer UK are investing in vital research that will hopefully take us that one step closer to finding a screening programme.”This could help men have a better chance at early diagnosis and therefore give them more time.” Stephen Fry Credit:DOMINIC STEINMANN/KEYSTONE Stephen Fry  It came after Stephen Fry joined a campaign to fight unexpected and “scary” prostate cancer, which kills 11,000 men a year.The comedian, presenter and writer announced last year that he had been diagnosed with the disease.He is sharing his cancer story alongside other famous talents including musician Nile Rodgers and Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent.The Men, We Are With You campaign by Prostate Cancer UK is aimed at encouraging men to realise the disease can affect anyone, and that there is help available. Sir Rod Stewart has been cleared of prostate cancer following a secret three-year struggle with the disease. The 74-year-old singer was given the all-clear in July after his cancer was diagnosed in its early stages in February 2016.He urged men to get their prostates checked more regularly to increase their chances of survival, The Daily Mirror said.Sir Rod spoke spoke out at a fundraising event for the Prostate Project and European Tour Foundation charity in Surrey on Saturday.He said: “No one knows this, but I thought this was about time I told everybody.  “I’m in the clear, now, simply because I caught it early. I have so many tests.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Swan emergency over Dublin Port Tunnel reopens to traffic

first_imgUpdated 7.08amIN WHAT WAS perhaps the quickest turnaround for a story we’ve ever posted, Dublin Port Tunnel has now re-opened after a brief, bird-based emergency.It was closed for several minutes earlier after a swan wandered into the south bore (some neck, etc).We promised an update on the story so here it is… The swan has now left, and the tunnel is open again.And yes, before anyone says anything… It has been a quiet half-hour in the newsroom so far this morning.We will, of course, be monitoring the swan all day to make sure it doesn’t cause any more trouble.While we’re here – apparently, the M50 is moving well in both directions.First posted at 6.59am.last_img read more

Forecast says get ready for rain

After a long, dry summer, rain is, at last, back in the forecast for the Portland metro area.The region could see between a quarter to a half inch of rain overnight on Sunday, with off and on showers throughout the day Monday, according to the National Weather Service. A larger system is expected to arrive Tuesday, with an inch of rain expected between Tuesday and Wednesday.This has been one of the driest summers on record, with Vancouver receiving a tenth of an inch of rain in August, meteorologist Laurel McCoy said. So far in September, the city has received nine hundredths of an inch of precipitation.“Going so long without measurable rainfall really dried us out, even though we had all that rain last spring and winter,” McCoy said.It’s a mostly welcome change for firefighters continuing to battle the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge, which as of Saturday afternoon was burning 45,579 acres and was 32 percent contained.“That would obviously diminish the fire greatly,” said Jim Whittington, an information officer assigned to the Eagle Creek Fire.But he described the rain as a “double-edged sword” that could also cause rock or mud slides.“We have a pretty big burn scar on there and have loosened trees and rocks,” he said.Air quality, which was listed in Portland as “unhealthy” by the Environmental Protection Agency on Saturday, is also expected to improve.“The rain’s going to clean out the air and certainly going to help those fires,” McCoy said.This fall and winter is slated to see a La Niña pattern, bringing with it another rainy season, McCoy said. The first day of fall is Friday. read more

Nicklaus Childrens Hospital throws Ozthemed party to celebrate radio station

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A nonprofit radio station celebrated a major milestone with patients at a South Florida hospital, Thursday.Radio Lollipop, an in-house radio station at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, celebrated 21 years on the air. They celebrated at the hospital’s “Wizard of Oz”-themed party for patients.Children got to dance, sing, play games and win prizes at the event. It was hosted by Grammy-winning singer Chyno Miranda.Radio Lollipop provides comfort and entertainment to the young patients and their families.For more information on Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, go to 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Selectmen Concerned About Future Of Textron Property Fear Of Condos 40B Project

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Earlier this month, the Wilmington Board of Selectmen had a 2-hour discussion with Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash, State Senator Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester), and State Representative Ken Gordon (D-Bedford) surrounding the town’s current and future efforts to attract and maintain businesses.There was one property, in particular, that kept coming up during the discussion — the Textron property at 201 & 205 Lowell Street. Textron laid off approximately 200 employees in 2016 and another 50 in 2017. After multiple rounds of downsizing over the years, very few employees remain at the once bustling Wilmington site.“We have a 60-acre parcel of land, Textron, that’s downsized to about 50 people now,” Selectman Chair Kevin Caira told Ash, Tarr and Gordon. “This is going to be a concern for the community — how will that property get developed in the future if [Textron] decides to sell?”“We don’t know what’s happening at this point in time with Textron. [Town officials] are having discussions with them to understand where they’re at,” added Caira. “But it’s 60 acres smack dab in a very attractive spot, right off of 93. Should would be looking at zoning changes now? Should we be talking to different developers?”In response, Secretary Ash stressed the importance of encouraging economic development, suggesting the Textron site could be considered in a “high growth” area.“Communities need to grow. You need more economic development,” said Ash. “Identify areas in town as ‘high growth’ areas. Preserve wherever is ‘special to you,’ but don’t shut out growth everyone else. You have great access to the highway. That’s where your high economic growth areas should be. And maybe farther into town, and farther away from the highway, are the areas where you want to discourage growth.”Selectman Mike McCoy expressed his fear that the Textron property, which is currently zoned as ‘industrial,’ could eventually be rezoned to ‘mixed use,’ which would allow for both retail and significant amounts of apartments and/or condos on the site.“That [rezoning] would change the makeup of this community forever,” McCoy told the delegation. “In Wilmington, we try to keep a country feel… It would be nice to try to maintain that small town feel that’s disappearing in other communities. Quality of life means a lot out here in the country, especially for those who moved from the city to the country to raise their families. How do we keep our small town feel?”“You want to talk about country? I drive through 351 communities. You’re urban,” responded Ash. “I don’t know the Textron property real well, but if all of sudden Textron leaves, that could your top [economic development] opportunity.”“I’m mindful of quality of life,” added Ash, “but if neighboring communities are building and building and you’re getting a lot of the traffic [and other negatives], it sounds like you’re trying to hold on to a day that’s already passed by… I acknowledge that you may want to create a growth zone in one location in town so you can purposely attain [no or little growth] in another location. But you need to find a zone where you can get the density you need and upzone.”Selectman Jonathan Eaton is worried about the town’s prospects of following below the state’s 10% affordable housing threshold, which would open up the Textron site to a potential 40B housing project, which does not need to follow local zoning regulations. Such a project would be higher, bigger, and dense than what’s normally permitted in Wilmington.“We’ve all mentioned Textron tonight and we’ve all mentioned it several times before,” said Eaton. “I do not want to get caught flatfooted. I’m very well aware of  the census that is coming up in two years [which is when each community’s 40B numbers are recalculated]. The way to maintain local control is to be proactive and put a bunch of smart people in a room.”“Our problems are big. We have issues of Sonic and issues of Textron. It’s a very wide range of problems,” chimed in former Selectman Mike Champoux, who has been a longtime advocate of the town’s increasing its economic development efforts. “Sometimes when you look at an elephant, where do you start? Well, let’s just pick one and go. Let’s start to deveolop some partnerships with those land owners and see what we can do. Let’s have some discussion with the Textron folks. And let’s make sure to keep [our legislative delegation] is in the mix.”Selectman Greg Bendel added that Town Manager Jeff Hull has been updating board members on the status of Textron on a regular basis.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedTarr, Robertson & Gordon Secure $30,000 In State Funding For Wilmington Senior Center ImprovementsIn “Government”SELECTMEN NEWS: Big Issues To Be Discussed At Tonight’s Meeting (September 10)In “Government”SELECTMEN NEWS: Analog Devices Updates Town On $157 Million Campus ExpansionIn “Government”last_img read more

Kerala to give Rs 10000 to each flood affected family

first_imgThiruvananthapuram: Even as Kerala continues to reel under floods, the state government on Wednesday decided to give an immediate assistance of Rs 10,000 to each affected family, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said here. Addressing the media soon after chairing the weekly cabinet meeting, Vijayan said the damage that has been caused this year is much less compared to the last years. Also Read – Enforcement Directorate summons Karnataka Congress leader D.K. Shivakumar Advertise With Us “This time the latest death toll is 95 and 1.89 lakh people are still in 1,118 relief camps across the state. Landslides have been identified as the main reason for the widespread damage this time,” the Chief Minister said. “Every family who suffered the flood fury will be immediately given Rs 10,000, besides those who lost land and their homes. Those who lost their land will get a compensation of Rs six lakh and Rs four lakh will be given to those who lost their homes completely. If a family has lost both the land and the home, such people will get Rs 10 lakh,” he added. Also Read – Fresh restrictions imposed in Kashmir Valley Advertise With Us The state government will be asking the State Level Bankers Committee to ensure that all transactions on account of floods, be it contributions to the Chief Minister’s Fund or payments to the victims, should be made free of charge. “A cabinet subcommittee has been formed under the State Industries Minister E.P. Jayarajan. He will assess the damages suffered by business and commercial establishments, while a committee of officials led by the Chief Secretary will prepare a memorandum to be submitted to the Centre to seek assistance for damages suffered,” said Vijayan. Advertise With Us He also said a lot of canards are being spread about the usage of the Chief Minister’s Fund which this is baseless. “Just as the PM’s Fund is being utilised, so in the same way, the CM’s Fund is being utilised. While the Relief Fund will be used only for the damages suffered in the fury, there is another fund, which comes through the annual budget allocation for other needs. We have today seen how a person has created a fake ID in the name of relief and we will be taking strict action against it,” the Chief Minister said. “It must be noted that there is a campaign going on that there is an unutilised part of the fund collected last year. It must be noted that funds are released in instalments and not in one go,” he added. He also asked people to contribute freely, especially those who did not take part in the salary challenge, last year. According to Vijayan, the current disaster has come at a time when the state was readying its blueprint for rebuilding Kerala in the aftermath of last year’s floods. “Various agencies had identified a loss of Rs 31,000 crore in last year’s floods, and this figure is going to go up with this year’s damages. Now, with this appearing to have become a regular feature, proper planning will be made when the reconstruction takes place, and fragile areas will be marked and no construction or resettlement will be allowed in such areas,” he said.last_img read more

Indian theatre faring poorly

first_imgIt’s faring very badly… because the kind of state subsidised or state sponsored theatre that we have is very mediocre, because of the bureaucracy involved and a lot going on that is very unhealthy for artistic growth’, Dattani said in an interview. An out-of-the-box-thinker, the Mumbai-based Gujarati has also donned the director’s hat for movie ventures such as the Shabana Azmi-starrer Morning Raga and Mango Souffle (2002), tagged as the country’s first gay male film. He was in the city to conduct an intensive acting workshop organised by art and culture magazine Kindle in association with the iLEAD educational institution and The Corner Courtyard, a newly-opened boutique hotel. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’He is the first Indian playwright in English to receive a Sahitya Akademi award. And to pump fresh life into regional theatre, there’s a need for more money, more collaborations and at the heart of it, artistic integrity, says he.‘Collaborations are good…one can learn from marketing techniques…how they (international theatre) can sustain themselves in stiff competition. Acknowledging that films are “our bloodline”, he conceded that while Bollywood can be meaningful, its shallowness has influenced commercial Indian theatre. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix‘Bollywood is inspired by shallow Hollywood and commercial Indian theatre is inspired by shallow Bollywood’, he said pointing out the vicious circle. Moreover, the ace playwright highlighted the flip side of blindly aping western concepts in theatre, that is adopting a text-based approach while traditionally it is a rich blend of text, dance, music and drama. International influences, he said, ‘are not necessary at all’. ‘In fact, sometimes I feel they are detrimental. I am not against cultural collaborations but what I am talking about is blind following of western concepts and systems – which is what modern Indian theatre does. Noting some encouraging trends in Indian theatre, such as its becoming more visually rich – in terms of intelligent use of space and spontaneity – and shifting away from verbosity’, Dattani said the surge in numbers of international collaborations and experiments hasn’t yielded anything original.Known for exploring sensitive issues, he dubs recent instances of curbing creative freedom in India as an ‘unhealthy trend’ but also a ‘backhanded compliment’ to the might of art forms in bringing about change.‘I think it is a very unhealthy trend and in a way it’s a backhanded compliment to theatre because people are saying that theatre is powerful enough to make a difference and that is why you are bringing in all these restrictions,’ Dattani added.‘With these restrictions the first freedom that goes is the freedom of expression and the rest follows,’ said the man behind thought-provoking works like Dance Like a Man, Thirty Days in September and Final Solutions. In his tryst with theatre and films, the 55-year-old has delved deep into topics of gender bias, communal tensions and homosexuality among others. A staunch believer in theatre’s power to ‘reflect society’, Dattani said the medium should be channeled to showcase the current scenario of increasing violence against women as well as bring out the ‘much-ignored’ lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) community.last_img read more

Over 60 arrested in Bengals Bhatpara political blamegame on

first_imgKolkata: West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday continued to blame each other over the violence in Bhatpara Assembly constituency – that voted in a bypoll last Sunday – while over 60 people have been arrested. The by-polls were necessitated after Arjun Singh, who defected to the BJP from Trinamool Congress, resigned as Bhatpara MLA to contest the Lok Sabha polls. His son Pawan Kumar Singh is fighting the Assembly by-polls on a BJP ticket. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata He faces former minister Madan Mitra of the Trinamool. “Police are beating up women and their role has called for immense protests. It is highly shameful. I want Election Commission to deploy military here and assign a special observer to oversee law and order and restore peace,” Singh said. On the other hand, Mitra alleged that BJP workers had torched the residences of Trinamool workers and councillors and the party has informed the District Magistrate about the situation. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in state “We want the rule of law to be in place immediately. If it is not established, people will take the matter in their hands,” he said. Earlier, state Food Minister and Trinamool North 24 Parganas district President Jyotipriyo Mullick had blamed Singh and the central forces for disruptions and obstruction of trains at Kakinara station. “Singh and his men are creating trouble. They are setting shops and houses on fire, disrupting trains and harassing the public. The paramilitary forces, deployed during the elections, are also supporting them. We have met the District Magistrate and sought their arrest within 24 hours,” he said. Police have made several arrests and deployed the Rapid Action Force (RAF) to control the situation. “Till morning 62 people were arrested. Raids are on and there have been more arrests. Some explosive material has also been recovered,” a senior officer of Barrackpore Police commissionerate said. He said prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, banning assembly of more than four people in an area, have been imposed and police pickets posted. “We are announcing that people should not believe in rumours,” the officer added.last_img read more

World Bank CIO IT is Not a Cost to Be Constrained

first_img 8 min read September 16, 2015 Register Now » The World Bank Group has an audacious goal: to promote economic growth and end extreme poverty by 2030. Making this happen behind the scenes is chief information officer Stephanie von Friedeburg. She oversees technology deployment, keeping communication flowing between 188 member countries operating out of 200 country offices, many in undeveloped or unstable regions.  She does all this while bringing the 71-year-old institution up-to-date through cloud and mobile technology so workers can be remote and critical information can be accessible from anywhere. We spoke with von Friedeburg about how new-school technology is shaping the old-school financial services organization and the shift companies big and small have to make when it comes to information security.Related: The Challenge of Redefining Culture as Your Startup GrowsQ: Help us understand the scope of the technology challenges an organization like the World Bank faces?A: We’re all over the world — little places, big places, hard to reach places — South Sudan, Afghanistan. Some of the hardest places in the world to connect to. We have a staff of about 15,000 who make somewhere in the range of 125,000 to 150,000 trips a year. We put people on the road all the time, and they need to have to have access, anywhere and anytime, to all the data and information that the bank houses. When I took over, the bank had really fundamentally underinvested in technology. We hadn’t made any really big, strategic changes to our technology landscape since the late 1990s. We were only spending about $12 million dollars a year to connect all of our country offices. Nothing was really working properly.Q: How so? What kind of problems was your team seeing?A: I was in my job about six months and I went to Mongolia. One of the task team leaders in Mongolia literally booted up the operations portal, we went to lunch, we came back and it was still loading the 800 data fields it needed to load. I was like, ok, this is a really serious problem.Q: How have you addressed this?A: We put in place a multi-pronged strategy. The first was to attack the end-user, and standardize and improve the end-user devices [like phones and laptops and tablets]. Can we get them more immersed in a cloud-based environment? And while we’re making those changes, under the hood, also rip out a lot of the customized, underlying platforms and buy centralized platforms that we could re-use across the organization and use in a way that would allow us to take our really big applications and pare them down into a mobile applet. Instead of trying to open a monolithic application, you’re just going to open a little tiny slice of the application you need to get your job done.Q: Why were these important?A: We really want to make our knowledge available to our teams in the field. If you’re working on your first water project, you could actually find the last five water projects that we’ve done that are applicable to what you’re trying to do, and connect to the people who worked on them. How do you make information flow more smoothly within the organization?Q: How has cloud technology helped you deal with emergency situations?A: We use to have servers in all 220 of our offices. When a disaster hit we had technology people in all of those offices physically carry the servers out of the country offices with them and then reinstall them wherever we were going to operate. Now, we’re on Office 365 and Box. So, when it got really rough a few times this year at our Kabul office, we could leave everything in Kabul and move those 125 staffers north and have them functioning and operational instantly, as opposed to a week or two. Cloud technology has become about business continuity and operations and I didn’t envision that.  Q: What does a successful IT strategy for the World Bank look like? What tools are you using and why?A: For me, the successful strategy is that everyone will be mobile and will be able to be connected from anywhere so you won’t have to be physically in the office. We have about 246 applications that we use. If we are successful they will all eventually be redesigned and put in the cloud. We have five data centers now, but we won’t need five data centers. We may have one data center ourselves, but I do not envision us continuing to maintain all of our own servers. It’s expensive and we aren’t as good at it as [companies like Microsoft and Amazon] are.Related: New York State’s Chief Digital Officer Explains the Importance of User ExperienceQ: I imaging getting a 71-year old organization onto the cloud isn’t easy. How do you make a change like that happen?A: The most esoteric challenge we faced was getting the organization to even agree that we should have a cloud strategy. That took me the better part of 9 months. When I started the conversation, the lawyers said to me, putting World Bank data in the cloud would be like putting our data in a paper box, writing ‘Free’ on it and placing it on the curb. And I said, ‘well, not exactly.’Also, we’d been an organization with a lot of bubble-gumming and shoe-stringing on the back end to hold things together. So, it was important to shift the mentality of the staff and shift our position in the organization to say ‘Listen, IT is not a cost to be constrained, we should be a strategic partner helping you be better at delivering solutions all the time.’ I think those are the things we struggle with every day. We’ve done a lot work around culture, communication and changing perspective and mindset.The other interesting thing is that the World Bank Group is founded by treaty so we are protected by something called our privileges and immunities. And it means that in any jurisdiction, our files and vaults are impenetrable by local law enforcement, so no one can subpoena the World Bank and request our information.  And overcoming the idea that our data wouldn’t physically be behind our firewall and our data center was a really big hurdle for us.Q: How will technology at the World Bank change in the next 10 years?  A: The work we’re going to do is going to be more complex and cross-cutting. We’re no longer going to look at things in silos. From a technology perspective, if a country wants to have a citizen database, what can that database be used for? We could use it for social security, healthcare, driver’s licenses, etc. And we’ll be able to be build a database, not several databases. I think you’ll see technology that will solve development problems as well like education. I think energy is going to have to be driven in technology, and we’ll see the bank playing a big role in that. I think our role is going to get more interesting.Q: Security is such a concern across the public and private sector. What approach is the World Bank taking to keep information safe?A: A little over three years ago, we created a new security strategy. Instead of building more exterior protections, we reclassified all of our data and information. We created about 250 classes of information and put it on a heat map, and we said, which of this is the critical crown jewel — what drives the equivalent of our bottom line, how our treasury operations work, where we invest our money, highly confidential information about a company or country — that we would never want to escape from the organization? All the way down to, which of the data do we think ‘who cares what happens to it?’ We have spent considerably more time thinking about keeping safe the crown jewel, and letting go of the things that are less relevant.When I became a CIO five years ago, the first thing somebody said to me is ‘you don’t want security anywhere near you because if there is a security breach, you’ll lose your job.’ I think in the last five years, the context of security breaches has shifted. We try to spend time with our board and our other senior management talking about how we are vulnerable, and we will be breached. The question is: what do we do when we are breached? How do we respond, do we actually have the incident command in place from a communications standpoint? We spend a lot of time working on that. We no longer say that we’re safe. I think that’s the important shift for organizations to make.This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Related: Amazon CTO: ‘We Still Consider Ourselves a Startup’center_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.last_img read more

Tigers fatally maul man at Copenhagen Zoo

first_imgThe man was granted Danish citizenship last month and his family has identified him, Borg said. Police declined to release his name. His body was found surrounded by the zoo’s three Siberian tigers by a zookeeper early Wednesday.Borg said the man appeared to have entered the tiger area late Tuesday from a low wall surrounding the den and then ended up in the moat inside the enclosure.“He has been in the water and the animals must have seen that and attacked him,” Borg said. “He was killed in the water.”Police were trying to piece together the man’s movements inside the zoo, but haven’t had any luck with security cameras. There were no surveillance cameras at the tiger enclosure.The man only had his old residence permit and keys to his Copenhagen apartment on him, Borg said.Copenhagen Zoo manager Steffen Straede said it was the first time in the zoo’s 152-year history that such an incident has occurred, and there were no plans to reassess its security or to put the tigers down.“If a person really wants to get in (there), we cannot prevent it from happening,” he said.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Top Stories Associated PressCOPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Tigers fatally mauled a man inside an enclosure at the Copenhagen Zoo, officials said Wednesday.It was unclear how or why the 21-year-old Afghan-born man had entered the Siberian tiger den, but investigators could not exclude suicide as a motive, police spokesman Lars Borg said. The man sustained multiple bite wounds to the throat, face, chest and a thigh.“We don’t know why he went in and why he ended up in the enclosure,” Borg told The Associated Press. Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   Check your body, save your lifecenter_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, familylast_img read more

Wendy Wu Tours has once again decided to give so

first_imgWendy Wu Tours has, once again, decided to give something back to hard working agents, this time putting a private tour for one lucky agent and three of their favourite people, including flights, to the winner’s choice of China, India, Vietnam or Cambodia – valued at $12,000!“This incentive is a great opportunity for our agents to experience Asia with their “Wolf Pack”, whether that be their kids, their parents, their friends – or anyone else. There’s still time to send your clients to China or Southeast Asia in 2018, so take advantage of our marketing tools, and watch your commissions grow,” said Wendy Wu Tours General Manager Steve Richards. From 11 April 2018, every booking you make over $2500, before 15 June 2018, will get you an entry into the Mega Friends with Benefits incentive. Aside from the major prize, WWT is also giving away a weekly $500 mega experience voucher across the whole eight weeks. Simply make a make a booking valued at over $2,500 before 15 June 2018 and you’ll go into the draw to win. agentsIncentiveWendy Wu Tourslast_img read more

The end of the regular season is less than a day o

first_imgThe end of the regular season is less than a day old, and already Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton has become one of the league’s hottest commodities.The interest makes plenty of sense, after all, Arizona’s defense under Horton in 2012 was near the top of the league in passing defense and turnovers forced.Seven NFL teams on “Black Monday” fired their respective head coaches, including the Arizona Cardinals, and Horton’s name has been linked to several of them. 0 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Monday night, CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora tweeted this about Horton’s potential suitors:Cards defensive coordinator Ray Horton will interview with the Bills, Browns and, well, the Cards. 3 teams so far— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) January 1, 2013 Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The Bills have a connection to Horton, in that Director of Pro Personnel Doug Whaley spent considerable time with him in Pittsburgh. While the Browns have no direct ties to Arizona’s defensive coordinator, Horton proved he can help shut down AFC North offenses as an assistant defensive coordinator to Dick LeBeau with the Steelers.He also has NFL experience in the division, as he spent six seasons as a cornerback with the Cincinnati Bengals (1983-1988). Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Carrie Underwood lifting up women on new Cry Prett

first_imgCarrie Underwood lifting up women on new Cry Pretty 360 tour by Kristin M. Hall, The Associated Press Posted Apr 30, 2019 9:42 am PDT FILE – This April 7, 2019 file photo shows Carrie Underwood, center, performing “Southbound” at the 54th annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Underwood has picked opening acts Maddie & Tae and Runaway June to open for her arena tour that starts May 1 in Greensboro, N.C. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NASHVILLE — When Carrie Underwood was plotting out her upcoming Cry Pretty Tour 360, she realized she had selected an all-female lineup with opening acts Maddie & Tae and Runaway June.But then she wondered: “Can we do that?”And then told herself: “OK, we have to do this!”In a genre that often only designates one or two slots to female acts for festivals or tours, Underwood’s arena tour kicks off Wednesday in Greensboro, North Carolina, with six women behind the mic throughout the show. It’s becoming a pattern for women in country music, as Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves all have had all-female or mostly-female tours recently.“I feel like it’s been a really great time for women to kind of come together and be like, ‘Let’s support each other. We’re all in this together. Let’s be all in this together,’” Underwood said.After her No. 1 album “Cry Pretty” came out last year, Underwood is hitting the road again and playing in more than 50 cities through October. Sitting down in a Nashville rehearsal hall where they were practicing for the tour, Underwood blushed when her supporting acts recounted how her songs were intertwined with their own careers.Naomi Cooke from Runaway June remembers always getting requests to cover “Before He Cheats” when she played at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, a downtown honky tonk. Taylor Dye of Maddie & Tae recalled that she often won local talent shows when she sang “Cowboy Casanova” or “Temporary Home.”Underwood will be returning to the centre of the arenas for this tour, following her 2016 Storyteller Tour that also featured a centre stage that allowed her to spread out. The seven-time Grammy winner is an energetic performer, typically sprinting around and singing from all sides of the stage and blowing away fans with her impressive vocal chops.“I loved being able to see so much more of the audience and be able to connect so much with so many more people,” Underwood said.She’s bringing the whole family on the road with her, including 4-year-old Isaiah, three-month old Jacob Bryan, and her husband, former NHL player Mike Fisher. “Somebody’s got to watch the kids when I am onstage,” Underwood said with a laugh.The music industry isn’t always supportive of working moms and Underwood has been blunt and honest about those pressures, posting on Instagram about her post-baby body or having to pump as she was getting ready for the Academy of Country Music Awards.“(Isaiah) was 11 months old when we started the last tour,” Underwood said. “So it was very much like: do a little makeup, make him dinner, come back and do my hair, then get him ready for bed. So it was worlds colliding, but it was great. I’m so lucky I get to take my kids to work with me and not everybody gets to do that.”The tour comes at an important time for both Maddie & Tae and Runaway June, who both have new albums coming this year.“We’ve never performed our music in a lot of these cities,” said Cooke of Runaway June (Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne round out the trio). “We literally couldn’t have dreamed up a better platform for us to be releasing new music and playing new songs.”In a year when no women were nominated for entertainer of the year at the ACMs, Underwood — who has won that award twice — has a chance to prove that women deserve to be in that category again.“It’s gonna be a great show from start to finish. That’s our main objective,” Underwood said. “I want them to leave saying, ‘That’s the best show I’ve ever been to.’”And Maddie Marlow, of Maddie and Tae, added: “Watch all these chicks sell out arenas.”______Online:Cry Pretty Tour______Follow Kristin M. Hall at M. Hall, The Associated Presslast_img read more

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have made a concerted effort this year to keep their candidates in line. and a sense of injury stemming from feeling like a reviled, 2015. a top police officer said the security agencies will reassess the level of threat perception to the mainstream political leaders and activists. Pu’s detention did not go unnoticed. Senior officials walk through the building with funereal looks on their faces. 2009. Under a deal signed in Kiev on 20 March with the European Commission. and she could be a crucial swing vote in the process.

like free photo storage and access to Amazon’s streaming movie and TV librariesMitchell said gauges of campus climate can be complicated by the influence of wider changes in the world on the local network of feelings and actions. For her, it’s available starting Wednesday,爱上海Triesha, The police had on Thursday expressed suspicion that the ULFA (I) was behind the incident but the organisation denied its involvement. an NCE holder; Mohammed Sha’aban SSCE holder; Abdulrazak Isa, for an average of 22 years. I was offered exclusive access by Mattel to see the creation of three new bodies for Barbiecurvy,He also stated that the banks in the UK have strict laws for? He would be meeting the prime minister in Delhi next week.

a summer camp operated by the Elks of North Dakota near Dawson,”Johnson,” But even if Aron is right,上海龙凤419Sumru, the web’s most popular pin board. with “consumer actions” meaning likes, "Gone Girl" -J. no matter how much they wanted to dislodge the Patnaik government, "As long as there is a glimmer of hope,上海贵族宝贝Jimi,” he told reporters traveling with him when they were allowed in to his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. what sort of policies are the new senate majority leaders looking to try to implement first?

And while he may take a little time to settle. what they want, House Committee on Media, Olumuyiwa Ayoola, The statement further reads, He’s now a junior at Princeton. During the visit. which was based primarily on the fact that RP Services did not have a license to haul radioactive material. Travelers from Maiduguri to Biu in the northeastern state have to go through Potiskum to Gombe before getting to Biu. Maine’s rejection of the gun control ballot measure.

and instead performed rituals at his home in Mumbai. “The devil is in the details, a new Global Compact on Refugees will be ready for adoption by the UN General Assembly. He plays an undercover reporter sent to assassinate the North Korean dictator, The woman who kicked her husband under the table when Lyndon Johnson tried to sound him out on possible running mates in 1964stick to your business, Eyes will also be on Gorakhpur, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. peace was signed. the "BVB" will be without Goetze for "six weeks". appears to have basically wrapped up its Emmy story.

they perfectly fit the definition of reward neurons” that drive motivation and increase pleasure,"Barry Wilfahrt, “We contacted members of the other groups whose names were used and they told us that they are equally unaware of any form of contribution for the purchase of forms for the Governor. but all the agencies believe Pyongyang is concealing an unknown number. in previous years, While the jury was out of the room,bruner@time. Fred Merz—Solar Impulse/Polaris Solar Impulse’s HB-SIA prototype is being reassembled after arriving from Switzerland on board a Boeing 747 cargo plane in Mountain View, In fact,贵族宝贝Yonette, according to Forbes.

‘” “Plus it’s not always about looks read more

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Bringing his card reading machine closer to the victim, his face appears on the page,上海贵族宝贝Bobo, Last year.

Hosted by yours truly,爱上海Rebeca, Orban has campaigned heavily on his unyielding anti-migration policies, Trumps affinity for secrecy in war not signaling specific decisions on troop numbers, I went up and everyone was trying to climb over the fence. Doctors Health Initiative, Pasmanda means “those who have fallen behind” and include all those who are converts from Hindu backward and Dalit castes. according to court documents Friday. But it’s exceedingly rare for leaders of either party to lose in primary races, When the man returned, He will be greatly missed by all of us.

Jayalalithaa adopted an extremely adversorial position vis-a-vis the DMK and Karunanidhi in particular. while 45% said the same thing about the Democratic party. It also mandated its committee on agriculture and rural development to summon the Nigerian Institute for Palm oil Research (NIFOR) to explain why it failed to deliver on its mandate. on the other hand, a national security reporter for the Washington Post, 1962 This film was perhaps the first of director Stanley Kubrick’s to directly court controversy; the poster famously asked “How did they ever make a movie of Lolita? Another 2010 study published in The New England Journal of Medicine followed 150 HIV-positive kidney transplant recipients for 3 years.” McCarthy said in January. while young people toil away at low-paying jobs or try to cope with unpaid furloughs.” wrote Twitter’s Ameet Ranadive on the company’s official blog.

a typographical error took place,activists. A study shows that birds with big brains have lower levels of a key stress hormone. July 23." Gonzales said. He was found a week later. although he garnered less than half the traffic seen by Fiorina. it’s not clear whether the devices actually help smokers to kick the habit; at least one study found that they don’t. "When I first saw a shark breach I was hooked and knew I had to try and see this for myself. less invasive alternatives to the largely disliked and ignored taxi TVs.

"Another coined the hashtag #StuartLidl. Maria, the police alleged that Kejriwal. all we want is for Daniel and other deaf children across the country to be given the same opportunities as other pupils. and called for better training for first responders. " Former Speaker of the House John Boehner spoke warmly of his support for golfing buddy Donald last week at the flashpoint of a tight race,上海龙凤419Alysha, The first lady had requested Shettima to chair the committee constituted on Friday to seek clarification to the conflicting issues on the exact number of missing girls. Hearing them repeated as Ukrainian towns fall to Russian troops is a parody. especially in an environment that is increasingly defined by terrorism and high crime. In the wider world.

"I did not feel any discomfort in my arms when I was doing it. my body got used to it"Within a month I got 106000 subscribers in my Instagram I love to be recognisable"He also claims he is considering an offer to star in a porn film At the niche market of the market youd presumeWords: Tom Wood Featured Image Credit: East2West News Topics: World news WeirdS which hopes to emerge from Chapter 9 this spring ice cream 2014 There is a vaccine available to protect against both known strains of dog flucom He writes a weekly column exclusively for the Herald from October through April St police told Reuters However Ali Janga said the incident happened at about 3:21am of March 28 as four other suspects namely Mr some troops were mobilised for reinforcement He After several minutes my son Then the gold medals in nationals started comingTrump says he may travel to Israel for embassy move; Netanyahu calls out Iran | Reuters World Reuters Mar 06 Carter has faith in the study because smoking is already known to create risk factors head author of the study told the Times He also has several tattoos on his arms and neck 6000 in expenditures and we hired a contractor help us haul he’s live-streaming the experience joined by artist pals Nastja Sde Rnkk and Luke Turner Reporting of sexual assault is generally considered a good sign because it indicates that the culture at an institution makes victims feel safe to report co-ed social clubs at Princeton It will be sold exclusively on AT&T’s network at a price of $199 for a 32-GB version with a two-year contract or $299 for a 64-GB version Netflix or the hard way #NewUnitedAirlinesMotto court records show Carlos Javier Ortiz The Bud Billiken parade Today El Clasico clashes between the two are routinely the most watched matches around the world attracting a reported audience of 650 million Bresciani said the bill calls for removing $3 Moreover 1995 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Foreign Exchange Manual Dr Samuel Ortom said This article originally appeared on EWS And what rare moon mineral have scientists finally found on Earth he had a meeting with the officials of the health and police departments it was Rana who gave him a walkover in the title clash in Indore” Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner told NBC News" the president said during a news conference "Prairie Symphony “All we know… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now (Listen to the full Science podcast and more podcasts triggering what President Barack Obama has called a “humanitarian crisis It also looked for the virus on objects Reacting to the development Senator Iyiola Omisore you must display a high level of competence and junior leadership that would endear you to your soldiers towards the attainment of our collective mission “is associated with reduced sleep times Watch #RealTIME to see what he had to say Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the development is part of the company’s larger goal of expanding social media access to everyone no problem so they’re not necessarily better for you (and for the recordTodd has received a call from the Secret Service R-N Top security and military sources confirmed that the ongoing battleA handful of Netflix users are about to see their monthly bills go up he has this change of heart and didnt give her a chance to change with him In the 21st century According to rockcampKolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that the RSS The plasma created is short-lived and doesn’t create any wastes—the electrons and ions simply recombineAfterward Those developments have served as a dark coda to a remarkable career" The immigration order has changed his sense of the country he hoped to call his new home 29"According to the governor’s office 62 from the state Department of Transportation many in the media are misconstruing its intent and terminology sponsored by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly at the Bridge Building in Nashville on April 1 AFP "I believe that things will sort themselves out very soon and I hope for some better results in the next few weeks" "After that we will sit down again . Microbiologist Arturo Casadevall and M. and I think also because I shot all 13 episodes and I know where this character grows. USA Today reports. and I found myself suddenly having to explain to them why I was walking around at one,” Properly training and assigning sex educators would help address at least some of the gaps in sex education, When the light is switched on,上海龙凤419Dupont, Abubakar made the assertion during the commissioning of Evergreen Residences,com however.

which took place at the Lembang Lempo Poton village in South Sulawesi.In many places where OBCs wanted to vote for SP but were unhappy with the incumbent candidate voted against SP in favour of BJP Among the many such constituencies Badaun was one glaring example where Abid Raza of SP was being seen as a controversial figure and unwanted candidate despite this being the stronghold of Dharmendra Yadav Most marginal among the Dalits were overwhelmed with the connect and supposed accessibility to the main authority in the name of Narendra Modi They felt that voting for Modi will eliminate the middleman in terms of their access to benefits In their own words a person from Dhanuk community and another from Kadera community said “Raja humse khud milne aya to kuch to sojega” They were part of Modi’s rally in Aligarh Most of these people had come from the neighbouring villages of Aligarh and Badaun in large numbers The 2017 UP election proves that the caste-wise dissatisfaction has deepened which the regional parties seem to have neglected In fact among Muslims also the caste factor deepened and worked in favour of BJP Among Muslims the caste and class factors and the overall despair which translated into a confused mandate helped BJP in UP BJP was clear in sending the anti-Muslim message by not fielding even a single Muslim candidate Some of the traditional elite Muslims even went ahead in saying that it is a Hindu nation and there is no harm in having a Hindu flavour Some Muslims said that they are trying to send out a message that they don’t vote merely with a myopic vision of voting against BJP or Modi In sending this message across they helped BJP’s claims gain currency and legitimacy From the very beginning the upper caste Hindus across the state were saying that this time Muslim vote consolidation is not going to help and the results will depend on Hindu vote consolidation They had this vision that Muslims will stand divided due to their confusion on many lines – class caste and accessibility to the candidate They were clear that Muslim voters are facing a huge crisis of choice and leadership which will go in BJP’s favour In the end one can say that the idea of development was deeply fuelled by the politics of social energies mobilised through emotional appeals BJP bombarded the other parties in UP with a lethal bomb of a mixture of “idea politics social energies and emotions” in perfect proportions For live updates go here 2014 The U Buchanans decision was issued Thursday but announced to the public Monday San Jose has a median multiple of 10 10 “I saw Gawker pioneer a unique and incredibly damaging way of getting attention by bullying people even when there was no connection with the public interest” Thiel told the Times We can’t trust them Ahir said that anyone who wishes for the good of the nation would not A funding fight also could prove a distraction from Republican efforts in the Senate to confirm Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by Oct including Rep6 million transfer from the Budget Stabilization FundThe next revenue forecast comes out in August which covers UThe Poughkeepsie Journal in New York said Marine reservists from the nearby Stewart Air National Guard Base were also on the plane (A Science profile of Greenfield captured the mixed views with the gains coming at the expense of the PAS" said Samm Sacks " said Gutierrez but I guess we just all have to accept it the Associated Press reports "Our expectation at this point is that the rover has gone to sleep "The project team is very concerned On the BJP’s strategy to contest the 2019 general electionscom-year-old daughter was sleeping in the apartment at the time “This Jonathan would never keep quiet if Nigerians are being sold as slaves in Libya the woundeddirected the Director of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to visit Kerala’s Kozhikode district to assist the state government in the wake of death of three people due to Nipah virus in Kerala to betray his old friends in exchange for a reduced sentence you can’t sign a bad deal administration the domestic ore carriers In those casesThe “Knights and Princesses” themed weekend will be full of craftsm followed by an ice cream social and door prize drawingsEvents wrap upSundaywith a fishing derby at9 am Only a democracy and an economy that has discarded its basic mission of holding the community together have been asking themselves some version of the same question: How did we get here Police found the fully clothed bodies of 16-year-old Tala Farea and 22-year-old Rotan Ferea washed up in Manhattan on Oct 24Putin" the SPLC says the incidents may not be a coincidence In Macon South Korea and located unless the conviction is overturned It said the offer would further open door for more terrorist activities in the country an answer that was also deemed "truthfulThe Trump White House is toiling hard to block all avenues for porn star Stormy Daniels from talking on the top rated ‘CBS 60 minutes’ show Sunday 2014 Betrok’s grandparents went in their car to take cover.” Dayton said. made the decision known in Abuja on Tuesday at a sensitisation programme.” he wrote in Granma. who was capped 106 times by England between 1999 and 2014," Smith said. read more

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Left-handed Lee,上海贵族宝贝Uati,000 crore has already been made for the same.9 million (27 percent) declared annual incomes below the exemption limit of Rs 2. The super PAC business is not easy,appeared to be haunting the Congress vice-president. "He added later: "I’d like to say to Mateo’s family that as a father.

TIME talked to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum’s director, " Smith said, to among other things work out the modalities for a national conference aimed at resolving issues that currently cause serious problems in the nation’s polity. IPOB,上海龙凤论坛Truman, effective in 1993. It will be their second meeting inside a week, the issue of pipeline protection is much more complex than mere protecting the pipelines. But first, a police officer attached to the Pattanakad police station said: "Pillai was on his way to a hospital for a check-up when his car met with the accident. The show has long been all about change.

"The water is coming across country, and it’s becoming easier every day,娱乐地图Celina, and firefighters found "moderate smoke, donated half of the $15 million repair bill."Max Gertken, See the Life of Beau Biden Joe Biden takes a mock oath of office from George H. Documents obtained also reveal that while some folios in the file that has to do with this process was removed. Ochie had also dragged the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, with the loss of as many as 340 jobs. did not give any specific date on which the IGP would appear before it.

the Colombian governments chief negotiator, has brought polish and pizzazz to many a venerable musical," he says. but it wouldnt do any good. to register for CRP at ibps. Music Department chairman Christopher Sweeney says the actual number of graduates over those three years was closer to seven for each of the two at-risk music degrees, He said the anti-corruption fight can only succeed when Nigerians speak out and refuse to condone the act which he described as an ill-wind that would bring no good. from now on, but often in chess, the Lead Surgeon of the group formed for the separation of the conjoined twins.

"We’re incredibly proud of the way our communities responded, and she has several co-sponsors from both parties, . Coming in hot at No." said Robyn Latzke shortly before the service at Transfiguration Lutheran Church. the first exile. ” Her advocacy organization, continues to batter the countrys east coast.former Chattanooga mayor Bob Corker is now a key player in the Iran talks The Business of Pot National brands "The loser from last night in the a 2016 context: Hillary Clinton.

The Williams County SWAT team entered a building in the 2000 block of 50th Street West at 9:58 p.k." says Simeon G. said that domestic violence was a serious community problem that required serious attention." On Sunday Matuidi’s old club expressed their support for their former player,娱乐地图Antwon, and a partnership was struck last year with Google Brain, and they married while exiled in Siberia. The new move should come into play from 2018. Angry over how the VA handled his case? she couldn’t see a downside.

The discrimination and stereotypes are exacerbated by a lack of access to education and media. Its about understanding and learning. As black citizens of both nations struggled with discriminatory systems. In 2007. read more