Qinghai Province in 2013 the art professional entrance examination

12 years in 2013 27, my art professional entrance examination in Qinghai Normal University successfully opened, day was held at Qinghai Normal University in the province’s first undergraduate level of civil aviation flight attendants professional education — music performance (air crew) professional interview, with the pursuit of good in the civil service and management, 540 students from across the province the candidates in the exam date.

December 29th, broadcasting and hosting classes, art classes, music classes, dance classes, ethnic arts and crafts and other five categories of 960 qualified candidates to participate in the examination, compared to last year, the actual number of candidates to enroll in an increase of 41. The exam includes broadcasting class reading related literature, art and various kinds of painting, music, the instrumental dance improvisation, dance performances, ethnic arts and crafts Thangka proportion and slow write characters, flight attendants class talent show and other content. The school began to accept on-site registration from December 23rd, 27, a 30 day formal examination, January 2, 2013 3, January 4th 6 – site marking, a day of exam entry, summary, the relevant candidates are expected in January 12, 2013 – 13 day can be informed of the result of the exam itself. read more

Strengthen the study and training to improve the quality and promote the scientific development of t

to conscientiously implement the spirit of the party’s the fourth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, commission for Discipline Inspection of the seventeen plenary session of the five, to create a learning party, continuously improve the board units, Party Discipline Inspection cadres’ work ability and level, and better for the scientific development of health service and Xining people’s health service. July 1st to 2, the Municipal Health Bureau held a global system of Party Discipline Inspection cadres training courses. From the board Party committees, Party branch, Party branch secretary, engaged in party work, discipline committee, the discipline committee, the discipline inspection team leader, the Discipline Committee of 34 people participated in the training. The training session, invited the provincial health department, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the municipal Party school leaders, experts lecture. Party members,
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The province to form a trinity of TB prevention and control mode of prevention and treatment of fund

March 24th is the world’s twenty-first World TB Day ", the reporter learned from the provincial CDC held a press conference, the full implementation of our province TB prevention and control policies and measures, the end of the disease control and prevention prevention situation control mechanism" alone "," the initial formation of three-in-one "control service mode, the total control funds every year nearly 10 million yuan.

it is understood that in our province, the prevalence of tuberculosis in rural and pastoral areas is higher, more than 80% of patients found in the registration of farmers and herdsmen, mainly in young adults. For a long time, I always adhere to reduce the harm of tuberculosis as an important task to solve the livelihood problems of the long-term task, is established based on government investment fund guarantee mechanism of multi channels, the total funding for TB prevention and control of the province each year to reach nearly 10 million yuan. For the convenience of the people to maximize the enjoyment of preferential policies to accelerate the progress of tuberculosis control, the province to fully integrate the medical resources, and actively promote the designated medical institutions, grassroots medical institutions, disease prevention and control institutions responsibility "and" three-in-one "service model of tuberculosis prevention and control. All kinds of medical institutions responsible for reporting in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and referral; medical institutions responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and reporting of pulmonary tuberculosis patients; basic medical and health institutions responsible for referral and assist the tracking and management of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis; disease prevention and control institutions responsible for TB prevention and control planning and management, epidemic monitoring and disposal, laboratory quality control, prevention and control of technical guidance, publicity and education, performance evaluation etc.. Up to now, the province’s each county (District, city) have designated at least one TB designated medical institutions, to achieve the prevention and control of tuberculosis disease control and prevention institutions to go alone to the combination of prevention and treatment of disease. read more

Rye into Huangyuan farmers get rich golden wheat

in recent years, Huangyuan County, closely around the construction of the province’s agricultural demonstration county of modern animal husbandry work objectives, market-oriented, constantly adjust the structure of the planting industry, promote the development of agricultural products focus on contiguous development. According to the climate conditions of village geography nalon, took the lead in the village built a forage rye seed multiplication base. This year, the village of rye planting area of 2000 acres, has become the province of rye seed multiplication key base. read more

Wang Xiaohui see Sri Lanka delegation

June 17th morning, the Provincial Standing Committee, party secretary Wang Xiaohui met with the delegation to participate in the 2015 green Sri Lanka delegation. Deputy secretary, mayor Zhang Xiaorong and city leaders, Zhang Yonghai, attended the meeting with Mr. Pan Zhigang.

Wang Xiao on behalf of the municipal government expressed a warm welcome. He said that Sri Lanka is the Pearl of the India ocean, with the "black tea kingdom" reputation. In the healthy development of bilateral friendly relations under the background of Xining City, and Kalutele Adams in social and Cultural Cooperation Association has established friendly relations, in-depth development of cooperation. read more

Four advice for young entrepreneurs

We all know that

Gu is vice president of the Vc firms in the light, he is now regarded as one of the investors to achieve success and win recognition. Then, some advice for the country to see this young entrepreneurs!

a, entrepreneurial motivation: why do you have a business? What a night may let you can’t sleep or wake up in the morning at the thought of this matter, the direction you are very excited, one thing a day full of passion.

b, the entrepreneurs in the end what to do? Why are you doing? You’d better choose relatively familiar areas to start, only you know you are familiar with the field inside what pain points and profound opportunity, but also some of what kind of challenges. read more

Crossing the the Yellow River elite challenge test yesterday completed Geluyinghao today the Yellow

winter, the Yellow River, crossing the plateau…… Yesterday, more than and 30 players from home and abroad completed test in Guide mother river; today, the fourth session of the "emperor to cup" China · Qinghai International (winter) crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge classic 44 warriors will officially start, "sword" in the Yellow River, crossing the finish.

January 4th morning, Guide square on the huge crowds of people came to watch the waterwheel, crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge classic audience themselves armed up. But let us gasp in admiration, in the icy water of the Yellow River, more than and 30 warriors from home and abroad Pibozhanlang, is to test the water. Watch the game from the Guide County township of Garang came to Mr. Ma said that such a cold day, usually wash your face with cold water will make people shivering with cold, they swam in the the Yellow River, how can athletes endure cold water? He said: "if you don’t see it, you can’t believe it’s true." read more

New urbanization so that people live more comfortable

the improvement of living conditions, the beautification of the living environment, broaden the employment channels…… Today’s new urbanization, to the masses is not only a change of identity, but also a change in lifestyle. In the "government work report", our eyes are "accelerating the new urbanization with the core of human" attracted. Urbanization has been considered to be the only way to modernization, is the steady growth, structural adjustment, promote reform, improve people’s livelihood, the combination of gold is not only a lasting driving force for economic development, but also a major livelihood projects. In promoting the construction of the people’s livelihood project, Qinghai people’s life trajectory will be how to change? Reporters connecting the twelfth session of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress attended the meeting of the people,, director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, said the future of those who are related to the people of the children of Wu Haikun. read more

Lasted 7 months beautiful countryside settled in Gangcha

October 31st, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, according to the "plateau beautiful countryside" activities leading group work arrangements, the provincial civil affairs department responsible for the Haibei Prefecture Gangcha County Shaliuhe town red village twinning work, after 7 months of time, has been fully completed and work.
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Eastern Campus entrepreneurship was heavily supported

The reporter learned from the parties concerned, in response to the state of college students entrepreneurship support policy, Qinghai decided to first come up with 1 million yuan of risk investment fund, to support entrepreneurship competition the first Eastern District of Xining City, and have a dream to help college students entrepreneurial passion of entrepreneurs in one step. September 15th, the campus entrepreneurship contest has begun enrollment. The campus entrepreneurship contest hosted by the East District Government East District Bureau of human resources and social security of college graduates, individual and team I returned to Qinghai and graduated from university college students development after Qinghai network competition can be through special channels for online registration. According to the Bureau of career guidance center in the area about the person in charge, the contest entries must have two basic conditions: entries must present a promising product or service; in line with national policy and industry development direction. It is reported that the contest is divided into initial registration, the final selection, awards three links. The contestants or teams should be based on Market Research and analysis, submit a complete "business plan" as the preliminary work. The final will examine the candidate’s project overview, business highlights, development goals, entrepreneurial team and other aspects of the actual performance. In addition, who meet the policies to support entrepreneurship entrepreneurial projects can be recommended to enjoy first venture subsidies, entrepreneurial space rent, hydropower subsidies, social security subsidies to support entrepreneurship, small loans and other preferential policies; free to participate in entrepreneurship awareness training, business simulation training.   read more