Dunking shows the love of basketball

first_imgThis weekend, a guy jumped over a mascot and dunked a basketball. No big deal. Sure, it wasn’t Taylor Swift dissing Kanye at the Grammys or a political statement by Kendrick, but man, was it entertaining.The dunk contest at the NBA All-Star Weekend can be a thing of beauty, and this year it was. It was a phenomenal display of athletic talent by two young men no older than myself. Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine dueled Saturday night and showed the world why nothing beats the NBA’s All-Star Festivities.Who doesn’t want to watch athletes show off their superior athletic talent and do tricks in the air that leave you wondering how it was even possible. The slam dunk is not only one of the most entertaining plays in basketball, but also all of sports.It doesn’t carry the same weight as a Grand Slam or a Hail Mary, but those are special; the dunk is normal. It happens in every basketball game we watch, and yet it got the most special treatment when two spectacular athletes battled each other, topping each other again and again to earn the crown of Slam Dunk Contest champion.The SDC shows the most basic beauty and love for the game, something easily translated across languages and cultures to fans of all ages around the world.Aaron Gordon showed us his stuff when he leaped over Stuff the Magic Dragon, the Magic’s aptly named mascot, doing something seemingly even more impossible each time. He jumped high enough in one dunk to have earned a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics.On the other hand, champion Zach LaVine displayed the power and agile movements of a cat, soaring through the air with grace, speed and force only to slam the ball down at the last moment after executing a series of turns and spins that would make a gymnast do a double take.The roots of the love for the game of basketball were exposed in this contest. There was competition, finesse, grace, power and execution, but most of all there was fun. All of the dunk contest participants and other NBA players sitting courtside looked like they had the joy of young kids playing ball in the park. The show being put on was unlike any NBA game where millions of dollars and playoff berths are on the line; this was purely for the love of the dunk.Nothing is more electrifying to an arena of anxious fans than a dunk. Nothing puts an exclamation point on the game quite like a dunk can do in the final seconds and nothing quite impresses like a dunk if for no other reason than everyone is aware of how physically incapable they are of emulating it. This translates well to our own basketball team that is one of the most electrifying teams in the conference, if not the country. The rate and skill with which the Trojans dunk the basketball is an absolute joy to watch.The team has a total of 86 dunks through the first 23 games of the season, more than doubling their opponents’ total of 41. Freshman dunking phenom Chimezie Metu has 36 dunks. Junior Julian Jacobs is second to Metu with 23 on the year, already surpassing his 19 from last season.This exponential increase in dunking has led to an increase in excitement and is one of many reasons why the Trojans are such a fun team to watch.The glee and fierce competitiveness that comes from a slam dunk is so unique to the game of basketball. Within the select number of athletes who can execute it, there is then another level of athleticism required to make it memorable.During a fast break during USC’s game against ASU, Metu threw the ball off the backboard to himself and finished it with a slam. The creativity or perhaps desperation of this move is something that can stand on his personal highlight reel for years to come.In the same way, LaVine and Gordon have made a name for themselves from the unbelievable performances they gave Saturday night.The dunk is exhilarating, majestic and captivating all in the span of a few moments and that is why the dunk is so special. So for all those who have the capability to dunk, please let this be your go-ahead. We all love it. Thank you for letting us vicariously soar through the clouds for a few moments every time you reach up for that hoop and throw the ball down.Hailey Tucker is a sophomore majoring in broadcast and digital journalism. She is also the sports editor of the Daily Trojan. Her column, “Tucker Talks,” runs every other Wednesday.last_img read more

West Hancock, St. Ansgar, Clear Lake stay steady in this week’s Radio Iowa football poll

first_imgClass 2A1. Waukon (6-0), LW #1 @ #4 Waterloo Columbus2. Clear Lake (6-0), LW #2 @ Forest City3. Algona (6-0), LW #3 vs Estherville Lincoln Central4. Waterloo Columbus (6-0), LW #4 vs #1 Waukon5. Des Moines Christian (6-0), LW #5 vs PCM Monroe6. Greene County (6-0), LW #6 @ Atlantic7. OABCIG (6-0), LW #8 @ Shenandoah8. Nevada (5-1), LW #10 @ West Marshall9. Benton (5-1), LW #7 vs Roland-Story10.Monticello (5-1), LW (X) vs Anamosa Class 3A1. Western Dubuque (6-0), LW #1 vs #3 Xavier2. Solon (6-0), LW #2 @ Mount Pleasant3. Cedar Rapids Xavier (6-0), LW #3 @ #1 Western Dubuque4. Lewis Central (6-0), LW #4 @ Harlan5. Dallas Center-Grimes (5-1), LW #5 vs Boone6. North Scott (5-1), LW #6 @ Clinton7. Sergeant Bluff-Luton (5-1), LW #7 vs Spencer8. Independence (6-0), LW #9 vs Charles City9. Norwalk (5-1), LW #10 vs Bondurant-Farrar10.Glenwood (5-1), LW (X) @ Adel ADM Class A1. West Hancock (6-0), LW #1 vs West Fork2. Saint Ansgar (6-0), LW #2 @ #7 South Winneshiek3. North Tama (6-0), LW #3 vs GMG Garwin4. South O’Brien (6-0), LW #7 @ LeMars Gehlen5. Grundy Center (5-1), LW #5 @ Mason City Newman6. MFL MarMac (6-0), LW #8 @ Lisbon7. South Winneshiek (5-1), LW #9 vs #2 Saint Ansgar8. Earlham (5-1), LW #10 vs Southwest Valley9. Edgewood-Colesburg (5-1), LW (X) vs Alburnett10.Woodbury Central (5-1), LW (X) vs Logan Magnolia Class 4A1. WDM Valley (6-0), LW #1 vs C.B. Abe Lincoln2. Dowling Catholic (5-1), LW #2 @ Sioux City East3. Cedar Falls (6-0), LW #3 vs Waterloo West4. Bettendorf (5-1), LW #4 @ #5 CR Kennedy5. Cedar Rapids Kennedy (5-1), LW #5 vs #4 Bettendorf6. Ankeny Centennial (5-1), LW #6 vs Fort Dodge7. Southeast Polk (4-2), LW #7 vs Sioux City West8. Ankeny (3-3), LW #8 @ DSM Lincoln9. Waukee (3-3), LW #10 vs Ottumwa10.Des Moines Roosevelt (5-1), LW (X) vs Marshalltown Class 1A1. Dike-New Hartford (6-0), LW #2 @ Jesup2. Van Meter (6-0), LW #3 @ #10 Panorama3. West Branch (6-0), LW #4 vs Northeast Goose Lake4. West Lyon (6-0), LW #5 @ #7 West Sioux5. Western Christian (6-0), LW #7 @ Sibley-Ocheyedan6. South Central Calhoun (6-0), LW #6 @ Madrid7. West Sioux (5-1), LW #1 vs #4 West Lyon8. Iowa City Regina (5-1), LW #8 vs North Linn9. Treynor (6-0), LW #10 @ Missouri Valley10.Panorama (6-0), LW (X) vs #2 Van Meter Radio Iowa High School Football Poll 10/7/19 Eight-man1. Don Bosco (6-0), LW #1 vs Dunkerton2. Turkey Valley (6-0), LW #2 @ West Central (Maynard)3. Remsen St. Mary’s (6-0), LW #3 @ West Bend-Mallard4. Audubon (6-1), LW #5 @ West Harrison5. Easton Valley (6-0), LW #7 vs Lansing Kee6. CAM (6-0), LW #10 vs Boyer Valley7. Coon Rapids-Bayard (5-1), LW #4 vs Glidden-Ralston8. Newell-Fonda (5-1), LW #9 vs #10 Harris-Lake Park9. AGWSR (5-1), LW (X) vs Baxter10.Harris-Lake Park (5-1), LW #8 @ #8 Newell-Fondalast_img read more

“These matches have to be won by heart or balls …”

first_imgSaúl Ñíguez attended the microphones of Movistar after the tie between Atlético and Espanyol. The midfielder, author of the goal of The rojiblanco team lamented the first half of the team and valued the second. It was all very close. “The game has been very disputed in both areas, with little play in the middle and with a lot of competitiveness. In the first part we have not entered as we had to enter and in the second it has been the opposite. Then having clear chances was difficult because both sides. Each ball was a great dispute and could not be. “ That face B is a lot of ballast … “It has happened many times and we have repeated that we do not want it to happen. But at bad times, if it comes out, we have to know how to take the matches forward. You will not always be well, with positive dynamics of taking the initiative, but when it happens is when you have to take them out. When everything goes well, it’s easy to take them out. When not, you have to take them out with balls, with your heart, whatever it takes. “It costs a lot at home: “It is something to improve, it is what is depriving us of being higher. We have to improve, but it is already late. There are fewer days left, less room to solve this problem and I do not know exactly how to solve it as soon as possible.”But do they feel they are getting better? “Yes, because of the arguments we put in the field. The dynamics are good, if we had started as in the second part, being the rival in the situation that is, it would have been a good option to win.”Savic: “Embarba elbowed me and it was a red copy”Too many draws … “We will do the accounts when the League ends. We tried to recover after getting 1-0, we left in the second half well and Saul’s goal came. We wanted to win, but it could not be done. We have to look forward because there is a lot left to the fight for the Champions … “He suffered a blow from Embarba in the first part: “It is a red manual. The player jumps, does not look at the ball and elbows me in the mouth. I do not understand what the VAR is for if these plays are not reviewed is an exemplary red.”Why does it cost so much at home? “That says the statistics. Espanyol has a lot of need, has come out with all its weapons and hopefully this point serves us for the purpose …”.The fight is pressed above: “There are many teams in one or two points and we know it will be tough until the last day. Hopefully we can catch a winning streak and separate a bit from these teams.”It has cost to enter the match: “They have come out with a lot of intensity and we have not created many occasions. In the second part we have come out better, but it is a shame not to have been able to win.”The good news is that Costa, João are recovering … “It is important that everyone returns, because we are going to need everyone. Diego and João are picking up pace and are decisive players who can solve a match in any situation.” What did they change at rest? “We changed tactical things and the attitude of each player. They were balls played above, balls that you do not control. It is fine in the first plays, but with the passing of the minutes their centrals earned more, we did not win the first or the second day and in the second part we have been able to do it “.Espanyol showed that life was played. “We also need to win. They want to win and they are nervous about their situation and we want to win and be up and we also play without the peace of mind of having the position secured, everything is very close. We all need the points.”They click again. “It is costing us a lot. The support of our people shows a lot and we have to learn. There is less and less time left and away from home many points are decided.” Then, the Atlético player went through a mixed zone.A two-sided Athletic, one in each half … “In the first half, more than the game, which has been direct and was not the best option because we won the first play and we were away for the second. They felt comfortable, then they found the goal and we continued the same In the second one it has been different, we have changed to look for superiorities and find spaces We have felt better, especially for 20-25 minutes, we have managed to score the goal, create chances and be in their field. clear but we were comfortable. It’s the two-sided Atleti, who had not seen each other for a long time and we don’t like him coming back, but we have to know that there will be matches like that and we have to win them the same, even if it gets complicated. , know how to read them to get ahead because we need it … “.last_img read more

State airquality regulators invite public to review PM25cleanup plan documents

first_imgThe documents made available for public review by the state Air Quality Division show several measures that state and local air-quality regulators are considering including in the State Implementation Plan that will help reduce air pollution in the Fairbanks-North Pole area, which can become especially hazardous during cold winter days. (Patrick Cotter/PDC Engineers)State air-quality regulators are inviting people who live in and around the borough’s air-pollution-plagued Non-attainment Area to take a look at a series of draft documents that outline the problem and proposed solutions. A local air-quality advocate says it’s important residents read the documents, to understand more about what’s being proposed to help clean up the area’s air — and to participate in finding solutions to the problem.Listen nowState Air Quality Division Director Denise Koch says the documents made public by her agency Thursday are drafts that when completed later this year will form the basis of the so-called State Implementation Plan, or SIP, that will lay out how the Fairbanks area can reduce its PM2.5 emissions.“These are the building blocks, if you will, of the SIP,” Koch said.Koch says agency officials posted the documents to promote a two-way of exchange of information between them and the public. She says some portions of the documents are incomplete and require information they hope area residents will help them fill in.“There are data gaps,” Koch said. “And we’re asking the public for additional information.”The documents dozens of references to those gaps, such as how much Number 1 and Number 2 fuel oil is used locally, broken down in to residential and non-residential use. Koch says the agency also wanted to make the documents available to inform people about how it will oversee local efforts to reduce PM2.5 emissions to attain federal air-quality standards in what’s now called the Serious Nonattainment Area.“We want complete transparency,” Koch said. “We know that this is a very important issue to the community, and we want people to be able to look at our early thinking.”Longtime local air-quality advocate Jimmy Fox says he’s already reading through the documents, and he urges all other area residents to give them a look, so they can appreciate the complexity of the problem and understand the measures the Air Quality Division is planning and considering.“This is the chance to kind of kick the tires on these draft documents and help the state come up with an implementation plan that we can live with,” Fox said.Fox says it would behoove residents to get to know the many different strategies that’ll be employed under the SIP to clean up the air in the nonattainment area – and that are sure to raise eyebrows. They include such measures as requiring installation of emissions-control technology on so-called stationary sources such as powerplants, which would boost the cost of electricity for ratepayers. Also, possible requirements on the use of ultralow-sulfur heating oil, a costlier but cleaner-burning fuel.“What I’m reading here is that preliminary estimates is that switching to that (fuel) to help address the problem would cost the average household and extra three to four hundred bucks a year in heating oil costs,” Fox said.Fox says the locals can help the state understand more about the situation here in Fairbanks, and could provide information to regulators that would help them develop a better plan that would work for this area.“What makes this plan successful is our ownership of that,” Fox said, “And I hope that all the citizens in the borough don’t shy away from this opportunity.”Fox says some portions of the documents are fairly technical and can make for dense reading. But he says overall, they should be pretty understandable to most folks.Koch says the Air Quality Division wants comments on the documents before May 23. They can be found on the division’s website, which is accessible off the state Department of Environmental Conservation homepage.last_img read more