Campus Engagement Task Force discusses next steps

first_imgFrom Nov. 1 through Nov. 16, Notre Dame’s Campus Engagement Task Force hosted a series of listening sessions to gather the community’s input on the sexual abuse crisis facing the Catholic Church. The task force also collected anonymous responses through a feedback form through Nov. 16.Jennifer Mason McAward, co-chair of the task force and director of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, said the group was convened to gather thoughts and consider future actions in relation to the crisis.“We had two facilitators who handled each session so there was continuity in leadership and at each session we asked three general questions,” Mason McAward said. “The first was what people’s reflections were on the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. The second question was how Notre Dame might respond educationally, administratively and pastorally. And then the third question related to how Notre Dame might proceed in terms of research and scholarship.”Fr. Gerry Olinger, the vice president of mission engagement and church affairs and the other co-chair of the task force, said during listening sessions, members of the community expressed a consistent frustration with the Catholic Church’s handling of the sex abuse scandals.“Certainly we heard the frustration, the anger that exists on campus and I think throughout a couple pieces: one was certainly about the abuse that happened and certainly real concern for the victims of sexual abuse,” Olinger said. “But we also began to hear as well, the same anger, frustration, expressed around the leaders of the Church who either perpetrated that abuse and or failed to act in the face of that abuse. A very clear desire from campus was the church to take strong action moving forward.”Community members addressed their concerns and recommendations to both the University and the Catholic Church as a whole, Olinger said.“I think both the responses and certainly the recommendations were directed both at the Church and at Notre Dame,” he said. “I think we’re, again, really in the midst of absorbing all of that, processing all of the responses to both the reactions as well as to the recommendations, but I think we did see both.”When asked what recommendations community members had for Notre Dame, Olinger said the task force was processing the responses from the listening sessions and anonymous online feedback forms which community members could complete.“I think at this point, we’re processing all the feedback and as a task force, really kind of thinking about how we want to formulate specific recommendations,” Olinger said. “So I think that’s really the work that’s happening right now and that will be forthcoming.”At each listening session, the task force had two discussion facilitators and two recorders, who took notes on the conversations.“The week of Thanksgiving … the task force really was immersed in reviewing all the data that was provided through the listening sessions and the online forms summarizing those [responses],” Olinger said. “We asked everyone to submit a summary by [Nov. 26] and then on Tuesday, we met with the task force as a whole, really to begin processing through both the processes from campus and recommendations.”The task force is working under a tight schedule, Mason McAward said, with a goal of formulating its recommendations for the University by the beginning of next semester in January.“I think the most important thing that we can communicate at this point is our profound gratitude to everybody who took the time to provide feedback,” she said. “It was a really powerful and profound thing for our task force to be trusted with the thoughts and feedback that we received and we feel so fortunate to have had so much thoughtful feedback.”Tags: Campus Engagement Task Force, Notre Dame Statement, Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, sexual abuse, Sexual abuse scandallast_img read more

Uncertain Market

first_imgSince the first diagnosis of COVID-19, the spread of the pandemic worldwide has negatively affected global economic growth. According to the latest release by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), global economic growth will decline by 6% to 7.6% in 2020, depending on whether there is a second wave of infections.Similar trends are also observed for the U.S. economy. Real gross domestic product (GDP) in the U.S. decreased at an annual rate of 5% in the first quarter of 2020. The unemployment rate in the U.S. has reached its highest level since 1929, with a peak of 14.7% in April during the COVID-19 lockdown. The most recent unemployment rate is at 11.1% in June, indicating that the labor market has improved since the reopening of the economy. However, with the current surge of cases in the U.S. since reopening, and as some of the hardest-hit states beginning to pause reopening, it is difficult to predict how long the pandemic’s negative impact on the economy will continue.As cotton and cotton-related products are discretionary items, COVID-19 has significantly impacted demand for cotton. The greatest decline in consumption has been observed in China and India. Retail sales in clothing and clothing accessories in the U.S. experienced an 87% decline in April from the previous year. With the anticipation of a decline in consumers’ consumption of apparel, the recovery of the spinning industry is anticipated to be slow.Slightly lower production, reduced consumption and higher beginning and ending stocks are projected for the 2020 cotton crop globally. World cotton production in 2020 is forecast at 118.7 million bales, 3% (4.2 million bales) below the previous year. Global cotton mill use is forecast at 114.4 million bales in 2020, 11.5% (12 million bales) above 2019, but still significantly lower than 2017 and 2018 levels. The world ending stocks are also projected at 104.7 million bales, the second-highest level on record.U.S. cotton production is projected at 19.5 million bales in 2020, 2% (400,000 bales) below the 2019 crop. However, this number will most likely be adjusted down due to weather-delayed planting in several states and reduced acreage in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s June acreage report. The U.S. planted acreage for cotton was forecast at 12.2 million acres, down 11% (1.5 million acres) from last year. Fifteen of the 17 major cotton-producing states have declined in upland planted acres compared with 2019, with the largest decline in Texas. In Georgia, the planted acres declined to 1.2 million acres from 1.4 million acres in 2019. This decreased acreage nationwide is primarily due to lower prices and provides some opportunity for price recovery.U.S. cotton exports are projected at 16 million bales for 2020, 1 million above the 2019 crop, and the third-highest on record. U.S. ending stocks are projected at 7.3 million bales in 2019 and 8 million bales in 2020. Stocks-use ratio is projected at 43% for 2020, the highest since 2007. This increase in ending stocks in the U.S. creates downward pressure on U.S. cotton prices. The season-average farm price is projected at 57 cents per pound in 2020 compared to 59 cents per pound in 2019 and 70.3 cents per pound in 2018. New crop December futures closed at 62.95 cents per pound on July 2.last_img read more

WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto analysis and match grades

first_imgHere are match grades, courtesy of SN’s Steven Muehlhausen and Andreas Hale.MORE: Join DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearWWE NXT Takeover Toronto gradesStreet Profits def. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly to retain NXT tag titlesMuehlhausen: The action started extremely slow, which took the air out of the crowd, who were chanting for both teams when it started slow. The last ten minutes were really good with Montez Ford standing out among the four participants. He’s got the potential down the line to be a star on his own. The air he got on the five-star frog splash to pin Kyle O’Reilly for the pinfall demonstrated how amazing of an athlete he is.Surprised the Street Profits retained the titles. The Undisputed Era is the hottest faction in NXT, and them winning the belts looked to be the logical step.Grade: BHale: We were all aware of the talent that Ford, Fish and O’Reilly possess. But Angelo Dawkins has become a revelation since teaming up with Ford after spending years toiling in relative obscurity in NXT. Dawkins had some excellent spots and showcased exceptional mat skills throughout. The match itself was well done with some creative spots and near falls. It’s hard to say the right team won, but the Street Profits have really just arrived and are deserving of a solid run with the titles. That and the fact that Montez Ford is an undeniable star. Grade: BIo Shirai def. Candice LeRae Muehlhausen: This match exceeded expectations as the women put on a spectacular showcase. Shirai exemplified why she’s perhaps the best in the world and LeRae showed she’s underrated talent inside the squared circle.Shirai’s heel turn fits her to a tee. Having the cocky mannerisms when she performs a move only adds to the character and in turn, you want to see someone get the best of her. Don’t discount what LeRae did as well. Her selling of the neck from the brainbuster suplex was exceptional because selling is a lost art in this day of wrestling.The finish was well done as it fits Shirai’s new persona and keeps LeRae strong even in defeat because she had to be put unconscious and never gave up.Grade: A-Hale: For the uninitiated, Candice LeRae is one of the more remarkable talents that has yet to truly shine in NXT. Her run on the indie scene — especially her PWG tag team championship tenure with Joey Ryan, where she wrestled men — saw the wife of Johnny Gargano showcase an uncanny ability to take bumps and seamlessly put together offense. As for Shirai, the heel turn has been nothing short of spectacular. She wrestles with a new attitude and her moveset has been altered to reflect her demeanor. The result was one of the finest women’s matches in quite some time. Considering that there hasn’t been a non-title women’s match on an NXT TakeOver in years, the fact they had this spot meant that they absolutely needed to show up. And they did…in spades. This feud is far from over and it’ll be interesting to see how high these two can go. Grade: A-Velveteen Dream def. Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne to retain the NXT North American title Muehlhausen: Expectations were high, considering the talent of all three individuals. This was hampered by the fact the women’s bout was fantastic. Dream, Strong, and Dunne didn’t do anything wrong. The story was decent for it to be good, but they couldn’t get out of neutral and into another gear.A surprising finish in Dunne taking the pin. He’s the better talent of three and a guy you can build a company around. If Dream is going to retain, Strong should’ve taken the loss.Grade: BHale: For a match that was thrown together in less than two weeks, this was all about the wrestling with a side story of Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne revisiting their feud when Roddy turned on Dunne and joined The Undisputed Era. Dream is what NXT is all about as he continues to develop his in-ring ability to match his out of this world charisma. Strong and Dunne beat the hell out of each other and Dream managed to do more than enough to avoid being an afterthought. The finish was creative and the fans were engaged throughout. What more can you ask for with a match that had little momentum heading into it aside from the superstars involved?Grade: B+Shayna Baszler def. Mia Yim to retain the NXT Women’s title Muehlhausen: You could have had the greatest reason for Yim to want the title match and the match still wouldn’t have been any good. Baszler and Yim were slow in a lot of spots, especially the running knees. More importantly, the crowd was dead because they knew Yim had no shot at becoming the champion. And when you don’t have the belief of the fans, then you have nothing.Grade: DHale: Honestly, this is getting old. It’s not that Baszler is a bad wrestler, it’s more about the predictability of her matches. They follow the same beats and never hit another gear. I’m all for methodical catch/submission wrestling but we’ve seen this same match from Baszler for nearly two years. Mia Yim simply wasn’t the one to force her to kick it up a notch. And if Io Shirai and Kairi Sane couldn’t do it, I’m not sure who can. Maybe Candice LeRae? It also didn’t help that this match came after a trio of high energy showdowns. It is what it is. Grade: DAdam Cole def. Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT titleMuehlhausen: An instant classic between arguably the two best wrestlers on the WWE roster. You saw believable falls, fantastic wrestling a great story, which is what you the talent to do. Summerslam weekend for WWE began with what appeared to be a slightly above average NXT Takeover show until Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano delivered the best WWE match of the year with Cole retaining the NXT heavyweight title in a two-out-three-falls match from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.Altogether, NXT Takeover was perfectly timed out, coming in slightly under three hours. The only bout that lagged was the women’s title affair between Shayna Baszler and Mia Yim and every match ended right when it should have. The first fall had great action, and after about 20 plus minutes, a disqualification happens just to get to the second fall, which was a street fight. Too cute of a finish. Could have been more creative and still had Cole win the fall.Why Gargano didn’t immediately win the second fall is a head-scratcher. Gargano hits Cole with a couple of chair shots, and one to the face and yet, a match occurs like the beating Cole took meant nothing. Just like the first fall, the second fall was unnecessary when Gargano lawn darted Cole headfirst into a chair.What a final fall inside a steel cage. Both guys used every imaginable weapon hanging on top or on the side of the cage that was surrounded by barbed wire all around the top of the cage. They executed Canadian Destroyer’s and every move under the sun to show how bad they wanted to be the NXT champion, highlighted by the end when both guys were on a table on top of the cage with the barbed wire in tow when Cole slammed Gargano threw two tables to win hold onto the belt.By far the best match in WWE in 2019. The one that’s hurt WWE this year has been telling believable stories that fans can sink their teeth into. Cole and Gargano did just that for over 60 minutes to cap off their historic program.Grade: A+++Hale: This has been a spectacular rivalry between Cole and Gargano that culminated in a brutal slobberknocker that ended with a dangerous high spot after engaging fans with ridiculous spots and an excellent hour worth of storytelling between two guys familiar with how the other operates. I do have a qualm, however. The two out of three falls stipulation sucked the drama out of the first two falls because you absolutely knew that it would end up in the cage. Because of that, I was stuck waiting for the third fall because that’s when things would really heat up. Also, we already did this two out of three falls thing, right? Maybe an Ironman match would have been a better stipulation, but these two are so good together that it really didn’t matter all that much because their chemistry is absolutely stellar. .center_img This match fell short of their second match when Cole won the title and didn’t quite have sprint that the first match had. And that’s fine because the finish here was all about Gargano’s hubris getting the better of him once again, as it did in his feud with Ciampa. Gargano wanted to exact punishment on his rival and ended up paying the price by being unable to regain the title. Where Gargano goes from here is anybody’s guess, but he’s undoubtedly had the greatest NXT run in the short history of the promotion. As for Cole, the Panama City Playboy continues his run and it’s getting increasingly hard to keep him heel. He’s just that damn good.Grade: A-last_img read more