Black Catholic History Month seeks to promote cultural awareness at Notre Dame

first_imgDuring the month of November, American Catholics will observe Black Catholic History Month. Notre Dame will also participate in this commemoration. Deacon Mel Tardy, who is a member of the committee planning the events at Notre Dame, said the event was established by the National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus, which is a gathering of African American priests, deacons, bishops and seminarians, because many individuals felt like the experience of African American Catholics was being overlooked.“The Clergy Caucus selected November as Black Catholic History Month because the stories of African American Catholics were not being told and how the Church relates to African Americans in particular was not being addressed,” he said. “They felt that some attention to the history would be good.”At Notre Dame, the month will be celebrated in a variety of ways, including Masses, a panel discussion titled “Is Black Lives Matter a Pro-Life Issue?” and a closing ceremony with Bishop Fernand Cheri of New Orleans. The kickoff event for the month was a Mass this past Sunday in Dunne Hall. The goal of these events is to educate Notre Dame students, faculty and staff about African American Catholicism.Eric Styles, the rector of Carroll Hall and member of the organizing committee, said he hopes the month will dispel stereotypes of what it means to be Catholic in the United States.“A lot of assumptions are made about what Catholicism is and that usually translates in the United States to being white American and that’s not always the case,” he said. “So, [a goal is] making students more aware of that, making faculty and staff more aware of that and celebrating the diversity that is already in the Catholic Church.”Tardy spoke of his desire for the month to demonstrate the unique aspects of African American Catholicism.“I would like to see that more people would be aware of Black Catholic History Month and why it’s significant, that people would understand that there are some unique gifts and forms of expressions that come out of the African American experience that are viable for the Catholic liturgy and for Catholic religious thought and imagination,” he said.The goal of these events throughout the month is to open a dialogue for further change at the University level. Organizers said they hope this dialogue will take root in classes being taught about African American Catholic theology and influence how community members view certain social justice issues that affect African Americans and in creating an inclusive community within the liturgy at Notre Dame for more than just November.Becky Ruvalcaba, Campus Ministry’s assistant director of multicultural ministries and chair of the committee that planned the events of Black Catholic History month at Notre Dame, said in an email her goal for the month is to present a genuine view of the Catholic Church.“We desire that the celebration not just be for a month. That as we grow in love and understanding of the world church in and through the Black Catholic community; that we, as part of that universal church, come to represent it here at the University of Notre Dame authentically in our liturgical celebrations, in social teaching, and in Christian living,” she said. “In the end, my vision is to work and live in a truly authentic representation of God’s Church: where all of his children … stand hand in hand worshiping and praying as one.”Tags: African American community, Black Catholic History Month, Campus Ministry, Catholicism, Diversitylast_img read more

Massage Therapy For The Childbearing Year

first_imgSubmitted by Organic Wellness MassagePregnancy is an amazing time which holds many changes.  Some of the changes are exciting and welcome, but others are much more of a challenge.  Extra weight gain, postural changes, hormonal imbalances and emotional stress can lead to back, neck, pelvic pain, and fatigue.  Pregnancy massage is a therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the dramatic structural, physiological, and psychological ways a woman is changed and challenged throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Massage can help alleviate some of the usual complaints of pregnancy.Potential Benefits of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy:Alleviates stress on the weight bearing joints (low back, ankles, pelvis)RelaxationReduces neck and back pain caused by improper balance and postureEases constipation, gas, and heartburn as general relaxation stimulates intestinal movementReduces excess fluid retentionSlows the progress of varicose veins through enhanced circulationRelieve headaches caused by tensionAlleviates leg crampsDevelops the sensory awareness necessary to kinesthetically embody the birth processAids in a speedy postpartum recoveryExperience A Comfortable PregnancyIn a study by the Touch Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida; and Duke University Medical School, Durham, North Carolina, twenty-six pregnant women were assigned to a massage therapy or a relaxation therapy group for 5 weeks.  The therapies consisted of 20-min sessions twice a week.  Both groups reported feeling less anxious after the first session and less leg pain after the first and last session.  Only the massage therapy group, however, reported reduced anxiety, improved mood, better sleep, and less back pain by the last day of the study.  In addition, urinary stress hormone levels (norepinephrine) decreased for the massage therapy group and the women had fewer complications during labor and their infants had fewer postnatal complications (e.g., less prematurity).Pregnant Couple Massage Classes AvailableLearn self-care techniques and general pregnancy massage to support your partner through this wonderful, challenging time. Partners will learn a basic 20-minute massage sequence, including special massage strokes and techniques to maximize relaxation during labor.  Group and private classes available.  For more information, click here.About your Instructor Adriana Hutchings, LMPAdriana’s therapeutic technique combines her knowledge of anatomy with a holistic approach, assisting her clients in achieving optimal health and well being. She is nationally certified massage therapist as well as being nationally certified in pregnancy massage and labor support.  Adriana has been working with expectant couples for over 6 years and received her training from Kate Jordan who is the leading expert in pregnancy massage in the United States. Facebook22Tweet0Pin0last_img read more