Chinnery inquest over

A coroner’s jury looking into the police shooting death of Andreas Chinnery came back with 18 recommendations. Eight of which are directed at Hamilton Police.Brittany Gogo spoke to the Chinnery family about the inquest now that it’s finally over, as well as Hamilton Police.It’s been five years since Andreas Chinnery was shot and killed by Hamilton police and his family has spent those five years wondering what really happened.The two officers who responded to Chinnery’s Barton Street East apartment in February 2011 told the inquest they heard yelling, threats and swearing and loud banging coming from inside.They said the 19 year old came to the door with a baseball bat and when he didn’t drop it, two shots were fired.The five day inquest heard from 20 witnesses, testimony that was difficult for the family to hear, including his mental health struggles.The use of force lead the jury to make a number of recommendations directed at Hamilton Police, including more training for officers and dispatch on mental health.Some changes have already been made since Chinnery’s death.Those changes come too late for the Chinnery family but they’re hoping these recommendations prevent others from losing loved ones.And now that the pain of the inquest is over, that’s exactly how the Chinnery family is remembering him.One of the recommendations to Police was the use of lapel cameras as a way to gather more information about an interaction. Hamilton Police say they are studying their use and waiting for feedback from a pilot project in Toronto.Both of the officers in the Chinnery case were cleared by the provinces Special Investigations Unit. read more