Milton man caught driving 116km over speed limit

00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 A 22 year old Milton man will have to dig deep into his wallet after being caught driving 116 km/hour over the speed limit early this morning.Earlier this morning the man was caught driving 186 km on James Snow Parkway in Milton.“A car travelling that speed under ideal conditions would take over 200 meters to stop. Almost three hockey ice surfaces,” says Sergeant Dave Cross.It even prompted Halton’s police chief to tweet. Steve Tanner posted “Last night in Milton young man charged with stunt driving 186 km in a 70 zone. Not smart, not safe, and not acceptable. Slow down. Be safe.”No one was hurt in this case, but residents worry about speeders, saying these are neighborhoods filled with children.“Its concerning you cant always keep and eye on them all the time and if they are going that fast they aren’t paying attention,” says Jennifer Asdrubolini.Police say the ticket they gave to the driver going 186km/hour in a 70 zone is one of the worst speeding tickets they have given out so far this year. For that ticket he will receive a pretty hefty fine of around $2000, he will also have his license taken away for a week but residents who live near by say they don’t think that’s long enough.“If they are going to take it for a week what does that really say it says you can speed and get away with it the first time.”Police say there is only one safe place for someone who wants to drive 186km an hour: on a race car track. read more