Senators to resume debate on postal legislation after taking a day to

first_imgOTTAWA — Senators are to resume a special sitting today to examine a back-to-work bill that would force an end to rotating strikes at Canada Post as the walkouts enter their sixth week.Bill C-89 was debated in the upper chamber on Saturday after the Liberal government fast-tracked the legislation through the House of Commons.But despite an initial plan to continue debate — and possibly hold a vote — on Sunday, senators chose instead to give themselves an extra day to digest hours of witness testimony on the labour dispute.A Senate official says final debate on the legislation is expected to begin by mid-afternoon (2 p.m. ET), likely followed by an early evening vote.The bill could receive royal assent and become law a short time later, which would force striking postal workers back to work by noon on Tuesday.However, the legislation could be delayed by a number of factors, such as amendments.Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers said their negotiators remained at the bargaining table Sunday, hoping to reach contract agreements in advance of the bill’s passage.Negotiations have been underway for nearly a year, but the dispute escalated more recently when CUPW members launched rotating strikes Oct. 22.Those walkouts have led to backlogs of mail and parcel deliveries at the Crown corporation’s main sorting plants in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.Picket lines were up Sunday at Canada Post facilities in northern Ontario, as well as in parts of British Columbia.CUPW vowed to continue the walkouts Monday to back its contract demands.The union wants better pay and job security, guaranteed hours for its 8,000 rural and suburban carriers, and equality for those workers with the corporation’s 42,000 urban employees.CUPW also wants Canada Post to adopt rules that it says would cut down on workplace injuries — an issue the union has said is now at a “crisis” level.The union’s national president has called the back-to-work bill a slap in the faces of Canada Post employees and accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of turning his back on postal workers.“We condemn this hypocritical act by a government that promised to defend workers’ rights, claimed to stand for equality for women, and claimed to stand for expanding and defending the middle class,” Mike Palecek said in a weekend statement on the union’s website.“It’s unacceptable for any government to violate workers’ charter rights.”Palecek said the union would decide this week how to fight the back-to-work bill once it becomes law, adding “all options” were on the table.The former Conservative government forced an end to a lockout of postal workers during a 2011 dispute by enacting back-to-work legislation, which was later declared by a court to be unconstitutional.But the Liberal government’s bill is “different,” Labour Minister Patty Hajdu said shortly after the legislation was tabled in the Commons, in that it does not impose immediate outcomes affecting postal contracts.The legislation would give a mediator-arbitrator appointed by the government 90 days to try and reach contract settlements. Failing that, a settlement could be imposed either through a decision from the arbitrator or by choosing from one of the final proposals put forward by Canada Post or CUPW.Once enacted, Bill C-89 would impose fines of between $1,000 and $50,000 per day on anyone found in contravention of the Act, and up to $100,000 per day against Canada Post or the union if they are found guilty of violating its terms.Canada Post said it expected to make about 30,000 deliveries of parcels to Canadians over the past two days — a far cry from the 500,000 deliveries that a company spokesman said was normal for a late-November weekend.“Weekend deliveries occur during the holidays to keep pace and balance the workload through the week,” said Jon Hamilton.“In 2017 we delivered 3.6 million parcels on holiday weekends.” Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Shocked and outraged Annan condemns killing of two UN police in Kosovo

“The current violence and instability in Kosovo cannot be tolerated,” Mr. Annan said in a statement released in New York on the “inexcusable” shooting of the two officers, one from Ghana and one from Kosovo itself, while they were carrying out routine work in a marked car near Podujevo, in the Pristina region. A UN language assistant who was also shot is in serious but stable condition.Speaking in Pristina, the Kosovo capital, Stefan Feller, Police Commissioner for the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), said he did not wish to link the shooting with last week’s riots, which killed 28 people, injured hundreds, displaced over 4,000 more and destroyed 30 religious sites, mostly churches, and more than 300 homes.”But I must mention that an effort by certain groups of people to perpetrate public disorder in the last few days has contributed to promote an environment that potentially encourages criminal activities,” Mr. Feller added.He said the attackers fled the scene by seizing two passing cars after the police returned fire and reinforcements rushed to the area to give chase. One suspect was hit by police fire and the body of a man with fatal gunshot wounds was later recovered in a nearby village.”Let the death of these police officers be a wake-up call for people everywhere in Kosovo,” he warned. “Each one of us must play a part in rooting out violence by identifying the perpetrators to the police and helping to bring them to justice.”In his statement, Mr. Annan called on all inhabitants of Kosovo to cooperate with UNMIK and the international security force KFOR to support the police investigation, so that those responsible will be brought to justice. The top UN envoy in Kosovo, Harri Holkeri, today reiterated UNMIK’s full commitment to the establishment of “a multiethnic, tolerant, democratic society in a stable Kosovo.” The shooting came on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) intervention that forced the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from the province following fierce ethnic fighting and led to the UN taking over its administration in June 1999. read more

Wimbledon AI tech will examine players reactions to instantly decide best bits

Britain’s Johanna Konta reacts after winning the first set against Greece’s Maria Sakkari during their women’s singles third round match on the fifth day of the 2017 Wimbledon ChampionshipsCredit:OLI SCARFF/AFP Britain's Johanna Konta reacts after winning the first set against Greece's Maria Sakkari during their women's singles third round match on the fifth day of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships The Duchess of Cambridge's gasps will be picked up by IBM Watson when she is sitting in the crowd at this year's Wimbledon “This is not an automatic publish process, it creates a package and the editor then chooses if they want to use it. But it is taking away the time they waste just sitting there and watching that one part of the match.”Provided by IBM since 2015, AI equipment at Wimbledon is installed throughout 10 courts to monitor up to 10 hours of play a day over 13 days. “That’s an awful lot of video content,” Mr Seddon said. “And it’s a lot of digital editorial time. So we actually free up time for the digital editors to go and create other content.” “This allows us to clip the highlights package to be really tight, so it knows exactly when play is happening,” Sam Seddon, head of IBM’s AI unit at Wimbledon, told the Telegraph.  “We asked ourselves how do we create video content that’s available really quickly?,” Mr Seddon said. “What are the most exciting moments in a match? You can sit there as a digital editor in a match and make that decision yourself, or you can turn that question over to an AI system. “Then we had to define what exciting is – well, let’s listen to how excited the crowd are, let’s look how animated the players are, let’s analyse the data and see whether this is a turning point in the match and use of that to generate highlights.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Last year there were 220 million views of highlights across Wimbledon’s digital platforms. “We are continuously expanding what we are doing with AI and this is the most we have ever used at Wimbledon before,” Mr Seddon said.  Tennis is well-known for arousing plenty of passion from players on the court – and now competitors at Wimbledon can expect to have their tense expressions and celebratory body language examined by artificial intelligence technology. Wimbledon’s AI machine will use visual image recognition technology to capture players’ reactions in order to instantly clip highlights for viewers to watch at the end of the game. The Championships is using “more AI than ever before” to capture the best bits in a match, including analysing the players body language through a live video stream and measuring the crowd noise through a microphone in the umpire’s chair. The technology, named IBM Watson, can pick up anything from an agonising gasp to a celebratory cheer – prompting him to automatically clip that point in the match. Each point is then ranked based on crowd excitement and player gestures, enabling the team of 180 people based in Wimbledon’s AI bunker to “automatically generate” the best moments for highlights in just two minutes.This year, for the first time, IBM Watson has been taught “to understand the strike of a tennis ball on a racquet.” Spectators react as Britain's Andy Murray wins against Italy's Fabio Fognini The All England Lawn Tennis Club, who run Wimbledon, said the “excitement formula” used by their AI machine is here to stay and will be used for many years to come.“What’s been the most seismic shift in the past three to four years is making a conscious decision to say that if we do not evolve our traditions then we will be obsolete,” Alexandra Willis, head of communications, content and digital at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, said. “IBM Watson allows us to turn around highlights very quick for fans to watch online. It gives them control to watch and follow the matches and players they are most interested in.” Spectators react as Britain’s Andy Murray wins against Italy’s Fabio FogniniCredit:AFP The Duchess of Cambridge’s gasps will be picked up by IBM Watson when she is sitting in the crowd at this year’s WimbledonCredit: Eddie Mulholland read more

Opinion What will compulsory birth registration of unmarried fathers names mean for

first_imgNEW PROPOSALS PUT forward in the Civil Registration (Amendment) Bill 2014 will, for the first time in Ireland, place a duty on unmarried parents to register the father’s name on the birth certificate of their child. Treoir very much welcomes this new Bill, as one of Treoir’s principles is that a child has a right to the identity of both parents.This is the latest in a suite of radical legislation concerning families other than families based on marriage. The Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 allowed for the legal recognition of civil partnerships and rights of cohabitants, and the proposed General Scheme of a Children and Family Relationships Bill published in 2014 proposes legal rights for parents in different types of families. The child’s right to identity features strongly in this Bill also.Now, the Department of Social Protection is introducing what is commonly referred to as compulsory birth registration of both parents’ names in the Register of Births of children born to unmarried parents. The vast majority of births to unmarried parents are registered with the names of both parents on the child’s birth certificate. This is not altogether surprising given that about 60% of births to unmarried parents are to parents who are living at the same address.How will the Bill work?Under the 2014 Bill, when a mother goes to register her child’s birth on her own the Registrar will not register the child’s surname and will ask the mother for contact details of the father. The Registrar will make “all reasonable efforts” to contact the father and invite him to attend the Registrar’s Office within 28 days.The father can complete a statutory declaration stating that he is the father and his details can be entered in the Register. It is unclear from the Bill how the surname will be decided on, but it appears that if the parents are not in agreement then no surname for the child will be entered. There is provision for the surname to be subsequently registered where the parents agree.If, having made all reasonable efforts, the Registrar is satisfied that no contact can be made with the father s/he will complete the registration without the father’s details.Compelling reasonsWhere the mother does not want the father’s name to go in the Register of Births then she must complete a statutory declaration stating that either a) she doesn’t know who the father is, b) she doesn’t know where he is or c) she believes that giving this information would not be in the best interest of the safety of the child. She may have to provide evidence to that effect. Many women suffering domestic violence and those working with them may view the exceptions as too stringent as there is no mention of the safety of the mother, as opposed to the child, as being a “compelling reason” for not registering the birth.If the Registrar is satisfied that one of the “compelling reasons” outlined above exists then s/he will register the birth without the father’s details. If s/he is not satisfied, then s/he will notify the mother giving the reasons for arriving at this decision and requesting the father’s details. If the mother is not happy with this decision she can appeal to a Superintendent Registrar and ultimately the Circuit Court for a decision.Married mothersA second part to this Bill concerns married women who give birth but their husbands are not the fathers of their children. Heretofore, if a mother did not have a decree of divorce or deed of separation, or if her husband would not sign an affidavit to say he was not the father or if the mother did not know where he was, or if it was not possible to get a court order naming the biological father, then the husband’s name would have been entered in the Register of Births. It was not possible to leave the father’s name blank.If enacted this new Bill will address this issue in that the mother can now make a statutory declaration stating that she has been living apart from her husband for at least 10 months and that her husband is not the father of her child. The declaration must also contain the name and last known address of the husband. It may be necessary for the mother to have some evidence that she was living apart from her husband.The Registrar will make “all reasonable efforts” to contact the husband and invite him to attend the Registrar’s Office within 28 days. The husband can complete a statutory declaration stating that he is not the father. The father’s details can then be entered in the Register with an appropriate statutory declaration from the father stating that he is the father.If the Registrar is satisfied that no contact can be made with the husband and is satisfied that the mother has been living apart from the husband for the required time then the father’s details can be registered with appropriate statutory declarations from both parents.If the Registrar is not satisfied that the mother has been living apart from her husband for the required time, s/he will notify the mother in writing of that decision and stating that s/he is obliged to register the birth with the husband’s particulars. The mother may appeal this decision within 28 days to a Superintendent Registrar and the Circuit Court.Fathers’ rightsMany parents mistakenly believe that where a father’s name is on his child’s birth certificate this gives him legal rights to his child. This is not so.Many mothers mistakenly believe that if the father’s name is registered, it will affect their entitlement to One-Parent Family Payment. This is also not so.Having the father’s name on his child’s birth certificate helps to establish the child’s sense of identity as s/he grows up. This is what the Bill is seeking to address. The Tánaiste said “The right of the child to know who both their parents are is a very important right. In recognising this right the Bill is giving every child a greater sense of identity.”The Civil Registration (Amendment) Bill 2014 contains other proposals regarding stillbirths, marriages or civil partnerships of convenience and other technical proposals which are not discussed here.Margot Doherty is a founding member of Treoir and has been working with them for the last 30 years. Over that time she has worked as an information officer, writing many publications and is now the policy officer as well as being Assistant Chief Executive. Unmarried parents and their extended families can contact Treoir for specialist information on the legal rights and responsibilities of unmarried parents, living together or not. To speak in confidence to an information officer call 1890 252 084 or you can email Visit the website and keep up to date with information by following Treoir on Facebook and Twitter.last_img read more

Ferrero sengage à payer pour cause de Nutella trop gras

first_imgFerrero s’engage à payer pour cause de Nutella trop grasSuite à une action intentée en nom collectif par une mère californienne, Ferrero, le fabricant du Nutella s’est engagé à verser jusqu’à quatre dollars par pot de sa pâte à tartiner acheté aux Etats-Unis entre 2008 et 2012. Motif : le Nutella est trop gras.Bien que des milliards de pot de Nutella soient vendus chaque semaine dans les supermarchés du monde entier, la pâte à tartiner à succès fait l’objet d’un débat récurrent. En effet, inventé en Italie en 1944, le Nutella contient du cacao et du lait écrémé mais aussi du sucre et de l’huile de palme dans des quantités régulièrement décriées par les spécialistes. Une composition qui fait aujourd’hui l’objet d’une action en nom collectif aux Etats-Unis. C’est une mère californienne qui a déposé plainte en février 2011 en expliquant qu’elle ne s’était pas rendu compte que le Nutella était aussi gras. Elle a ainsi expliqué que Ferrero promouvait son produit comme “un exemple de petit-déjeuner équilibré et savoureux” et une pâte “plus saine qu’elle ne l’est en réalité”. “J’ai été choquée de découvrir que le Nutella était une nourriture ‘ni saine ni nourrissante’, mais qu’il était à peine mieux que des bonbons, et qu’il contenait des niveaux dangereux de graisses saturées”, raconte t-elle dans sa plainte relayée par l’AFP.Si Ferrero a nié les accusations, l’entreprise n’en est toutefois pas restée là. “Nous pensons qu”il est dans l’intérêt de l’entreprise de résoudre ces questions, et nous avons conclu un accord avec les parties impliquées”, a ainsi déclaré un porte-parole de Ferrero à l’AFP par courriel vendredi. Concrètement, Ferrero USA, filiale du géant italien Ferrero s’est en fait engagé à payer jusqu’à quatre euros à tous les consommateurs qui en feront la demande mais selon des conditions précises.Une composition bientôt mieux détaillée ? À lire aussiVoici pourquoi il faut éviter les aliments ultra-transformésLes demandeurs doivent avoir acheté un pot en Californie entre août 2009 et le 23 janvier 2012, ou dans le reste des Etats-Unis entre janvier 2008 et le 3 février 2012. L’accord ne concerne néanmoins pas le reste du monde. Au total, le groupe réglera ainsi 3,05 millions de dollars, en versant moins de quatre dollars par pot si le nombre de plaignants est trop élevé. En outre, selon le texte publié sur le site, Ferrero s’est également engagé à “modifier certaines déclarations marketing sur le Nutella” et à mieux détailler ses éléments nutritionnels.Le 30 avril 2012 à 12:06 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Dwayne The Rock Johnsons New Training Shoe Is Awesome

first_img Beloved readers, cherished readers, faithful, I fear I must confess something to you all, much as it may pain me to do: I am not as strong as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I have tried to be as strong as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and I have failed to be as strong as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This will never stop me from trying to be as strong as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson but for the time being I have failed to live up to the standard he set and I feel that it is only fair of me to fully disclose this truth to you all.However, it warrants noting that over the last year I’ve been working out in the Project Rock 1, a signature training shoe designed by The Rock himself for Under Armour under the Project Rock collaborative banner. And while I cannot say that this shoe has, through magic or science, made me as strong as The Rock (I am not), I can say with absolute certainty that it’s probably the best training shoe I’ve ever used in the gym. ‘Jumanji’ Video Game Seems Pretty MetaWatch These Movies Before ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Stay on targetcenter_img So forgive me, but when I heard the Project Rock 2 was on the way late last year, I was a bit skeptical. Why? Why would you try to improve upon perfection? CAN you improve upon perfection?Apparently, you can. Because guys, the Project Rock 2 is awesome.Today Under Armour and The Rock himself have announced the next installment of the Project Rock signature training shoe line, the Project Rock 2 (PR2 from here on out). It looks to be an improvement on the PR1 in every conceivable way. Built for and wear-tested by The Rock during his legendary Iron Paradise workouts nonstop over the last year, the PR2 features a lower heel cut than the PR1 and is the first training shoe to include Under Armour’s signature HOVR tech.(Photo Credit: Under Armour)The shoe is built around an upper made of Dyneema webbing and laces, a material 15 times stronger than steel (which is presumably still not as strong as The Rock).The laces run through a mid-foot lock-in that will keep your feet stable during lifting. The shoe has a heel counter to help keep your feet planted and provide extra support to the real standout feature of the shoe: a HOVR foam sole.HOVR foam is a material utilized by Under Armour in a variety of shoes but most notably in its runners. It’s extra lightweight without sacrificing any of the stability or durability of tougher materials. The HOVR foam is supported on the bottom by tribase tech that keeps your foot planted during exercise without sacrificing flexibility. And it’s all capped off by The Rock’s signature Brahma Bull logo on the heel.(Photo Credit: Under Armour)Last year the premiere colorway of the PR1 sold out in a mere 30 minutes. There’s a good chance for a repeat performance this year, so hit up Under Armour’s site as soon as possible to cop a pair of the premiere red-orange colorway. If you miss your shot, don’t stress it. There are sure to be more colors available in the near future. The PR2 won’t make you as strong as The Rock — that’s only going to come with a whole lot of blood and sweat (as Dwayne says, these you give, respect you earn, etc. etc. etc.). But it’s looking like the next great training shoe to help you put in the work to get there.Watch: ‘The Rock’ Named Highest-Paid Actor of 2019 by ‘Forbes’More on‘The Rock’ Unveils In-Ear Headphones With JBL and Under ArmourBest Nerdy Fitness Gear to Rep Your Fandom at the Gym9 Things Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Should Fight Nextlast_img read more

Northern Lights create dazzling spectacle over Alaska

first_imgANCHORAGE, Alaska (WSVN) — A weather camera in Alaska captured the Northern Lights as they danced over Anchorage.Residents across the state were treated to a spectacular show on Monday as the Northern Lights, or “Aurora Borealis”, displayed beautifully multi-colored streams across the sky. — Bree🌿 (@BreeKells_) November 21, 2017Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. WOW! Northern Lights seen last night from Talkeetna, Alaska. Photo credit: Dora Miller. #Aurora #NorthernLights #Alaska— Mark Tarello (@mark_tarello) November 21, 2017 My boyfriend caught the northern lights last night in Alaska 😩😍 I’m sure it was prettier in person The geomagnetic storm, known as “Aurora Borealis”, happens when electrically-charged particles collide with neutral atoms in the upper atmosphere, creating a spectacular show of lights.The most common color is a pale yellow-green, which shows up when the sun’s charged particles collide with oxygen. Other colors like purple and blue are caused by different gasses in the atmosphere.last_img read more

Coast Guard medevacs man experiencing symptoms of appendicitis

first_imgThe U.S. Coast Guard medevaced a man Saturday off a bulk carrier 122 miles southwest of Adak.According to a USCG news release, crewmembers of a Jayhawk helicopter were able to lift the man from the 652-foot carrier and transfer him to a LifeMed aircrew in Adak.The 27-year-old was suffering from symptoms of appendicitis. At the time, the vessel Snowy was in 29 mile per hour winds and 13 foot seas.last_img

Man killed for protesting at cousins sexual harassment

first_imgRelatives break down in tears after hearing the death news of Sultan Ahmed Mintu. He was beaten to death by a stalker of his cousin after protesting at it.A young man, beaten by a stalker for protesting at harassment of his cousin in Narayanganj’s Sonargaon, died at a hospital in the capital on Sunday, reports UNB.The deceased is Sultan Ahmed Mintu, 35, son of Samsul Haque hailing from Sadipur union in the upazila.Locals said Zakir, son of Rafique of Mograpara union, was stalking Fatema Akhter on Friday when Mintu protested at it.Being furious, Zakir beat Mintu with a cricket bat, leaving him seriously injured.Locals took the youth to a nearby hospital and later, he was shifted to a hospital in Dhaka where he succumbed to his injuries on Sunday morning.Inspector (operations) of Sonargaon police station Abdul Jabbar said they were trying to arrest the culprit.last_img read more

UPDATE RNC Resolution Condemns White Supremacists

first_img Share Mark Humphrey, APPeople talk before the start of the meeting of the standing committee on rules at the Republican National Committee summer meeting, Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017, in Nashville, Tenn.12:25 p.m.:The Republican National Committee has unanimously approved a resolution denouncing white supremacist groups without criticizing President Donald Trump, who waffled in his own statements in the wake of the deadly clash in Virginia this month.The resolution asserts, “Nazis, the KKK, white supremacists and others are repulsive, evil and have no fruitful place in the United States.”While the vote was unanimous, some members had grumbled that the resolution was unnecessary and suggested the party reflected unnecessary defensiveness.But the resolution was a priority for Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, who said condemning violence was an American issue, not a Republican or Democratic one.A woman was killed at the white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, when a car rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters.The Republican National Committee is headed toward adoption of a resolution condemning white supremacists, at the strong urging of the party’s national chairwoman but also with groans from some party activists.From this morning:The grumbling reflects a difference between RNC leaders concerned about the party’s image in light of President Donald Trump’s latest rhetorical thicket and newer, more ardently pro-Trump state Republican leaders who say such a statement appears defensive.“It’s amazing that we have been lured into this argument that we’re not racists. It’s absurd,” said Colorado Republican Chairman Jeff Hays. “Why would we feel compelled to do that?”But make no mistake, this is a priority for Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel and committee members who were bothered by Trump’s initial resistance to singling out white nationalists, the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis as the antagonists in Charlottesville.“There’s no debate. We’re affirming we’re the party of Lincoln,” McDaniel told The Associated Press. “We are showing the moral high ground by disavowing hate and violence.”Despite the resolution, there doesn’t appear to be a softening of support for the president within the party’s national organization.Rather, what was to be a sleepy, pro-forma late summer gathering seemed to spark renewed backing for the president despite a series of recent setbacks: the GOP’s stunning failure to repeal and replace “Obamacare”; the furious backlash over his comments about the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia; and the departure of crowd favorite Reince Priebus, the former RNC chairman, as Trump’s chief of staff.“The president was not wrong to point out what the media has failed to point out,” that counter-protesters also “came for a battle” in Charlottesville, Pennsylvania Republican Chairman Val DiGiorgio said.DiGiorgio was standing by the “many sides” comment Trump immediately made after the clash in Virginia, in which a car was driven into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a woman. The president had been criticized harshly by both Republicans and Democrats because he didn’t immediately denounce the white nationalist groups in Charlottesville.Bill Palatucci, a RNC committeeman from New Jersey who sponsored the resolution, said it was important for the committee to formally denounce white supremacists. Palatucci said, “I think he got it wrong a week ago Tuesday, in regards to Charlottesville,” when Trump said during a free-wheeling, defiant news conference that there were “very fine people on both sides” at the demonstration.But even Palatucci, who was a devout supporter of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s 2016 presidential campaign, said, “I support the president’s agenda.” He cited deregulation measures Trump has signed and the president’s plan, outlined Monday, to send additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan to revive the effort to root out terrorist cells.The party’s robust $75 million in first-half 2017 fundraising — more than twice what Democrats raised in the first half of President Barack Obama’s inaugural year in office — has also lifted spirits, as has improving economic confidence.The consensus in Nashville is that the Republican-controlled Congress, not Trump, has let down the party.“There is a level of frustration that Congress didn’t repeal and replace Obamacare,” Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken said. “They want the president’s agenda passed. They blame Congress.”While Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have feuded before and since the failed health care vote in July, there was little talk in Nashville of dumping the veteran Kentucky senator as leader.“I’m not ready to abandon McConnell,” Pennsylvania’s DiGiorgio said. “But I would urge him to come together and get this done.”Trump has complained about McConnell, and other Republican senators who have criticized the president or opposed his efforts. He notably pointed to Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, Arizona Republicans, during an angry speech to supporters in Phoenix Tuesday.Trump’s intraparty attacks have some GOP strategists worried that the fighting could harm Republicans’ chances of holding the Senate in next year’s midterm elections, though that would require Democrats to retain almost all of the 10 seats they occupy in states Trump won last year.Chairwoman McDaniel said Trump’s taunts are the outspoken New Yorker’s way of urging action.“The president wants to see his agenda passed,” McDaniel said. “He’s channeling what I’m hearing from the American people, which is, ‘We gave you the White House. You have the Senate. You have the House. Why aren’t you getting these things done?’”last_img read more

Uber Partners with DC on the Future of Urban Mobility

first_imgBy Hamzat Sani, Special to the AFROUber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi made his first trip to Washington, D.C. memorable. Clad in a pink dress shirt and pocket square, a seeming nod to DC’s popular Cherry Blossom season, the 48-year-old executive from Iran unleashed a series of announcements bound to change the landscape of mobility in the District.At the future site of Uber’s Greenlight Hub in the East River Park Shopping Center on Minnesota Avenue, the former head of Expedia joined Mayor Muriel Bowser and Stephen Goldsmith of the Harvard Kennedy School for a conversation on the future of mobility moderated by Robert Puentes President and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation.DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (left) and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi (right) discuss the future of mobility in the District. (Courtesy Photo)Community stakeholders, transportation nerds and a full bullpen of local and national media gathered to hear Mayor Bowser, Khosrowshahi and Goldsmith discuss everything from the importance of social equity and job creation for the city’s underserved communities to the future of autonomous vehicles in the urban landscape.Khosrowshahi got the ball rolling announcing that starting April 11, D.C. Uber users would be able to start ordering a JUMP eBike right from the Uber App. Uber Bike by JUMP is part of a the rideshare company’s larger strategy to become a global marketplace suite of Urban mobility options. Uber purchased JUMP on April 9 after a successful pilot partnership between the two companies in the San Francisco and D.C. markets.Next, the Uber CEO announced the SharedStreets Pilot, a collaborative project bringing both national and local stakeholders. The pilot will allow agencies to share, compile and analyze data on curb usage in Washington, DC to better enhance the transportation experience for multimodal users.Stakeholders include  the National Association of City Transportation Officials, the Open Transport Partnership, the DC Departments of Transportation and For Hire Vehicles.Uber announced a host of other projects it has in the works, including Uber Health a service that could allow patients to receive medication delivery while abiding HIPAA regulation. A significant theme was the company’s role in serving under-resourced communities such as Ward 7.Bowser and Khosrowshahi made it clear that it was no accident that Uber located its DC Greenlight hub on Minnesota Avenue where a large number of the rideshare company’s contractors are located.  Deputy Mayor Courtney Snowden noted how essential it was for the city and the company to work together in providing transportation and delivery services throughout DC, including east of the river. “Every day Washingtonians rely on diverse modes of transportation to get to work, take their children to daycare, and to get access to quality healthcare. That is why, we are partnering with companies like Uber to help us use technology to move the needle on the intractable challenges faced by our communities.”While Uber works on shaping the future of transportation Khosrowshahi noted that services like Uber Eats and Uber Pool are highly utilized by communities like Wards 7 and 8, with often no other food or delivery options. Many food delivery companies in DC do not serve East of the River residents.In a poignant personal anecdote, the Mayor summed up the possibilities presented by enhancing partnerships with mobility companies like Uber. “I was surprised,” Bowser said. “My 8- plus-year-old parents are so willing to adopt technology. Them adopting that technology will allow them to age in their homes longer and longer. My mom will go down to arena stage using rideshare or be able to have delivery to their homes using delivery services.“The official word on the D.C. partnership with Uber promises to be one that will enhance the urban mobility experience for everyone. Time will tell whether transportation investments and private sector partnerships will create equitable outcomes for those who call the District home.last_img read more

1984 riots Two convicts get interim bail from Delhi High Court

first_imgDelhi high court on Tuesday granted interim bail of 60 days to Captain Bhagmal, one of the three convicts serving life term in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case, on medical grounds. A Bench of justices Sanjiv Khanna and Ashutosh Kumar said Bhagmal will remain on bail for 60 days from the date of his release and listed the matter for further hearing on July 1. It also extended the interim relief by 30 days to convict Balwan Khokhar on the same ground.  Also Read – Company director arrested for swindling Rs 345 croreThe court, however, asked Bhagmal to furnish a bail bond of Rs 50,000 with one surety of the like amount. It further directed retired naval officer Bhagmal not to leave India without prior intimation to the court. On April 15, the court had called for a medical report on Balwan Khokhar after it was informed that the convict broke his hand after a fall in the jail. The court had on that day refused to grant bail to co-convict Girdhari Lal. The trio and two others were held guilty in a case relating to the murder of five members of a family in Raj Nagar area of Delhi Cantonment on November 1, 1984, a day after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.  Also Read – Man who cheated 20 women on matrimonial websites arrestedThey also challenged their conviction and award of life sentence by the trial court in May 2013. The trial court had acquitted Congress leader Sajjan Kumar in the case but awarded life term to Bhagmal, Khokhar and Girdhari Lal. The court had also awarded three years jail term to two others — former MLA Mahender Yadav and Kishan Khokhar.  The high court had in September 2013 denied bail to Bhagmal. The convicts have filed their appeals before the HC while CBI has also filed an appeal demanding death sentence for the trio, saying they were engaged in “a planned communal riot” and “religious cleansing”.last_img read more

WBSEDCL bags IPPAI award for one of the best innovations

first_imgKolkata: West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) has received an award for ‘one of the best innovations’ for ‘Energy storage through Hydro’ at IPPAI Power Awards, organised by the Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI) on November 24 at Belgundi Belgaum in Karnataka.The award has been conferred in recognition of WBSEDCL’s innovation and sustainability at the 900 MW Purulia Pumped Storage Project (PPSP) and its futuristic approach for the upcoming 1,000 MW Turga Pumped Storage Project and proposed 900 MW Bandu Pumped Storage Project. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeBoth Turga and Bandu projects will be developed in Purulia district, adjacent to the site of the pumped storage project. A Press statement issued by the CPRO, WBSEDCL, says this is another jewel in WBSEDCL’s crown and it will encourage the organisation to ensure quality power and better service to consumers across the state. It may be mentioned here that the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been roped in to construct the 1,000 MW Turga pumped storage project at Purulia, which will be carried out by the state Power department. JICA has agreed to provide a loan of Rs 5,000 crore for the project. The state cabinet has already approved the total project cost of Rs 6,922 crore.last_img read more

NextGen WiFi Is Here

first_imgMarch 16, 2009 As if it isn’t hard enough keeping track of all the next-gen Wi-Fi terms (802.11n, draft-n, and so on), you then have to figure out what the heck they mean. In the Wi-Fi space, draft-n is the new, faster, stronger, more reliable form of Wi-Fi. More than 25 percent of the Wi-Fi devices shipped in 2008 supported draft-n, says Edgar Figueroa, executive director of the Wi-Fi Alliance. He points to ABI research that estimates by 2012, 90 percent of all devices will support it.Fortunately, old and new versions can work and play in harmony. So while “there probably won’t be a time when it’ll be absolutely necessary to upgrade,” says Figueroa, “the market is naturally moving toward the best technology.” And next-gen is where it’s at.Draft-n gear can provide significant improvements to your network, including five times the throughput (up to 250 Mbps) and twice the range (up to 200 meters). So if you’re trying to decide if it’s time to upgrade your office to draft-n Wi-Fi, consider these questions:Do you have 15 or more employees using entry-level gear or 40 or more employees using enterprise-level gear?Are you expanding your office size?Does your office setup have hard-to-reach coverage areas–for example, numerous floors or rooms within a building?Do you frequently use real-time or high-bandwidth applications, such as web conferencing, VoIP or streaming HD video?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it might be time to upgrade. The good thing about draft-n is that it’s backward compatible, meaning it works with previous versions (and vice versa). This allows for an easier, gradual transition. So if you’re not in the financial position to upgrade all your Wi-Fi devices at once–who is really?–you can switch out a few, or even just one, at a time, Figueroa explains. “Yet that device offers benefits to all the old devices already using the network.” Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. 2 min read How Success Happens This story appears in the April 2009 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Listen Nowlast_img read more

LGBTI domestic abuse Heres a global list of where you can go

first_imgGay Star News is launching an online resource for international LGBTI people experiencing domestic abuse.During this dedicated content series, we’re giving power to survivors of domestic abuse. We’ll also offer helpful links in contacting relevant services in your area if you need them – scroll down for our global list. Domestic abuse takes many forms, and it does not always mean someone violently attacking their partner. Emotional manipulation, financial control and family abuse may not always be obvious, but it’s still damaging.Across the season, we’ll meet people like a young man kicked out of his home by religious parents after coming out and a lesbian asylum seeker who fled Uganda, but came to the UK and experienced domestic abuse.What is domestic abuse?It’s important to note domestic abuse disproportionately affects women.According to the Office of National Statistics report, one in four women are likely to experience it in their lifetime.It also has a huge effect on lesbian, gay and bisexual people.Earlier this year, Stonewall found one in ten (roughly 11%) LGBT people experienced incidences of domestic abuse from a partner this year.This number jumps to 19% for trans and non-binary people.These figures compare to 6% of women and 3% of men in the general population.SafeLives published a report on LGBTI people experiencing domestic abuse on Tuesday (11 September) called Free to be Safe.The report states LGBTI survivors of domestic abuse are almost twice as likely to attempt suicide than non-LGBTI people. They’re also more likely to experience controlling behaviour, harassment, sexual abuse and physical abuse.Free to be Safe report. | Photo: SafeLivesThe Stonewall results also show one in six (16%) young LGBT people (18-24) have experienced domestic abuse from a partner in the last year.Black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT people are also more likely than white people to experience domestic abuse.Furthermore, 15% of disabled LGBT people said they’ve experienced domestic abuse in the last year.Domestic violence vs Domestic abuseSome people may refer to it as domestic violence. But according to experts in the field, ‘domestic abuse’ is more all-encompassing.‘Domestic violence’ also implies the act is simply physical, but it is not.There are many different types of domestic abuse and a few different types of people can perpetrate it. These include an intimate partner, ex-partner or family member.The abuse can encompass – but is not limited to – psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional.‘Coercive control’ is also classified as domestic abuse. It’s a pattern of behaviour which seeks to make someone feel controlled, dependent, isolated or scared.This could be in the form of isolating someone from their friends, repeatedly putting someone down and threats or blackmail.Domestic abuse can even include things liked forced marriages, honor-based violence or exorcisms.Photo: ep_jhu / FlickrIt can also include digital abuse. According to the US National Domestic Violence Hotline, it’s ‘the use of technologies such as texting and social networking to bully, harass, stalk or intimidate’ a partner or family member.(Visit the National Domestic Abuse Hotline website for a full check list).Peter Kelley is the Services Manager at Galop – the UK’s leading domestic abuse charity for LGBTI people.He told Gay Star News: ‘It’s never your fault if you are being abused, no matter what anyone else may say!’Kelley compiled a step-by-step guide for people to recognize the warning signs of domestic abuse.LGBTI domestic abuseMark Delacour was the Development and Engagement Manager for Broken Rainbow – an LGBTI domestic abuse charity that shut down in 2016.He is now Head of Communications for METRO – a domestic abuse charity for LGBT women in south-west London.He told Gay Star News: ‘Domestic abuse is still something that remains a taboo in our communities.‘It comes with an assumption that abuse in a domestic context can only be something that would happen in a heterosexual relationship where the man is the perpetrator and the woman the victim. Also that domestic violence is just between partners.‘But this simply isn’t true.‘Everyone across our wonderfully diverse spectrum of gender identity and sexuality can unfortunately be abusive. With partners or family members, using psychological, sexual, physical, financial and emotional ways of exerting inappropriate control in relationships,’ he said.Photo: torbakhopper / FlickrDelacour said ‘serious internal issues’ led to Broken Rainbow shutting down. Many feared its vital helpline would also cease to exist, but LGBTI domestic abuse charity Galop took the reins.During this content series, Gay Star News is working closely with Galop, SafeLives, Women’s Aid and METRO.–––If you are experiencing any signs of domestic abuse, remember – you’re not alone.Are you in the US? Contact The Anti-Violence Project hotline: 1-212-714-1141Are you in the UK? Contact Galop, who run the National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0800 999 5428If you want to share your story of domestic abuse, please contact James Besanvalle or Joe Morgan. Here’s a list of global support services for LGBTI people (in alphabetical order)AustraliaQLifeLGBT counselling and support. Call 1800 184 527 between 3pm-midnight or chat and order resources via SamaritansSuicide and crisis prevention hotline – call 135 247 from within Australia or check health support and mentoring for LGBTI youth: prevention and crisis support for all Australians: free on 13 11 14 from within Australia.Suicide Call Back ServiceNot specifically LGBTI, but LGBTI-friendly: Call 1300 659 467 if out of hours and in need.Twenty10LGBTI counselling and support in New South Wales 02 8594 9555.Victoria AIDS CouncilComprehensive information on all matters of sexual health for LGBTI communities: Social Welfare SocietyThe website states: ‘Bandhu Social Welfare Society offers counselling services, general physical and emotional wellbeing and support and they have a legal support officer.’ Phone 01675130045 or 0171663667 and email [email protected]BrazilCVV Suicide HotlineCall 141 from within Brazil – operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Operated by Centro de Valorização da Vida (Facebook CVV141)CanadaLGBT YouthlineCall toll free on 1-800-268-9688 or text 647-694-4275 – and check youthline.caPFLAGCanadaHelping LGBTI people, the questioning and their families. Call toll-free on 1-888-530-6777 or check for resources.Trans LifelineFor transgender people in a crisis, whether struggling with gender identity or thoughts of self-harm. Call 877-330-6366 within Canada. Translifeline.orgChinaBeijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Beijing psychological assistance hotline – 座机用户请拨 (landline users call) 800-810-1117手机用户请拨 (cell phone users) 010-82951332. women and children psychological counseling hotline4006012338 中国妇女儿童心理咨询热线 LGBT Centre: Kong – Rainbow of HK: Schwulenverband in Deutschland (LSVD)The largest LGBTI rights group in Germany. Reach out via their contacts page.GreecePsychological Helpline for LGBTQI+ people, their families & educators‘11528-By Your Side’ offers psychological support to LGBTQI people, family, educational community and any individual who wonders and looking for scientific answers, about sexual orientation and gender identity. Staff speak English, French, Spanish and Greek. ‘11528-By Your Side’ helpline operates Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 21:00 (except public holidays) www.11528.grIndiaSangamaTelephone +91 099 4560 1651/52 and SangamaThe Humsafar TrustMumbai-based NGO working with LGBT issues, counselling, sexual health. Drop-In Centre for gay men and lesbians. Meets on Friday 6pm to 9pm. Telephone +91 022- 26673800 or email [email protected].Sappho for EqualityKolkata-based charity for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women ‘who are feeling unsafe, alone, under pressure, socially ostracized and need counseling’. Helpline: +91 33 2441 9995 (12pm – 8pm, except Mondays)IrelandGender Identity Family Support LineTelephone 01 907 3707 – check Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) for more information –www.teni.ieNew ZealandOUTLine: Call 0800 688 5463 10am to 9pm weekdays, 6pm – 9pm weekends. ‘Our volunteers welcome your call to discuss topics around sexuality, gender identity and diverse sex characteristics.’ Website: Initiative for Equal RightsFor the mainland office, phone +234-8125549015 or for the Lekki office phone +234-8099111134. Email via their contacts page.House of RainbowLondon-based charity for LGBTI Nigerians seeking advice on sexual health, hate crimes or counseling. Email [email protected] or telephone +447521130179RussiaLGBT NetworkEmergency advice and support – 8-800-555-73-74 and lgbtnet.orgRainbow House Hotline Russia LGBT NetworkCall free within Russia on 8-800-555-08-68. Offering support, legal advice and counselling. радужныйдом.рфSingaporeOogachagaCounselling services for the LGBTQ community by phone 6226 2002/ Whatsapp 8592 0609 (Tue, Wed and Thu: 7pm–10pm, Sat: 2pm–5pm) and email [email protected] – website: oogachaga.lgbtSouth AfricaOUTHelping LGBTI communities for over 21 years. You can access the helpline Monday-Friday during office hours by dialing 0860 OUT OUT (0860 688 688). Reverse charge calls are accepted. Tongzhi Hotline Association: the Invisible HelplineSee the Invisible ( is a campaign to highlight mental health issues. It includes a helpline for those dealing with depression and other mental health issues, run in conjunction with SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda): 0312 319 310SMUGSexual Minorities Uganda – 0392 174 432.United KingdomAntidoteDrug and alcohol advice for LGBTI communities – call 020 7833 1674 during office hours. service operated by the NSPCC for anyone under 18 wishing to discuss any issues or problems. Call free from within UK on 0800 1111. LGBT charity Galop runs the National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0800 999 5428.LGBT SwitchboardUK’s longest running advice and support switchboard for LGBT people. Call free from within the UK on 0300-330 0630 or check switchboard.lgbtLondon FriendSocial and support groups for LGBTI people: resource and support for young people questioning their gender identity or seeking support with trans issues. Call 0344 334 0550, email [email protected] or check LGBT+ NetworkStaffed Mon-Fri 7-9.15pm. Call 0115 9348485 or text 07481 344040. Email [email protected]. www.nottslgbt.comSamaritansCall 116 123 from within UK or Republic of Ireland or email [email protected]samaritans.orgUnited StatesGLBThotlineCall 1-888-843-4564 or check for online chat and other hotline numbers.JQ InternationalA resource and social service referral line for LGBTQ Jews, their families, and allies. 855-JQI-HLPS (855-574-4577) – [email protected]. Website: jqinternational.orgThe Trevor ProjectCrisis intervention and suicide prevention: – 1-866-488-7386National Suicide Prevention HelplineOffers advice and support to anyone feeling suicidal, for families or loved ones. 1-800-273-TALK (8255)Trans LifelineFor transgender people in a crisis, from struggling with gender identity to thoughts of self-harm. Call 877-565-8860 from within the US. Translifeline.orgThe Gay & Lesbian Switchboard of New YorkLong-running helpline providing peer support and information: 212-989-0999Fenway Health HelplineInformation, help, and referrals to LGBTI callers (25+): 617-267-9001 or toll-free 888-340-452 – Under 25s can call 617-267-2535 or toll-free on 800-399-PEER. Fenway Health is based in Boston, Massachusetts.SAGE – LGBT Elder HotlinePeer-to-peer support for LGBT elders – 1-888-234-SAGE. sageusa.orgKnow of other helplines? Let us know by emailing [email protected]Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . GAYSTARNEWS- This is how to tell if you’re in a domestic abusive relationshipGay Irish leader Leo Varadkar condemns Catholic Church’s ‘legacy’Domestic violence in same-sex relationships highlighted in new track by gay singerRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Musicians liven the streets of San José

first_imgIt’s not always easy to attend concerts at San José theaters. Some venues are just too far away. Others get expensive when you add taxis or parking to the price of tickets. And many performances don’t start until 8 p.m., which is too late for some people. We can still enjoy good music, though, in the streets and parks of San José and other cities.On San José’s Central Avenue, musicians perform on a made-up stage in front of the Culture Ministry’s Architecture Conservation building across the street from Lehmann’s. These are not amateurs plucking away, but musicians who want to build their reputations and earn money from the sale of their discs and donations.  As soon as they start strumming, crowds gather. Some stay awhile, watching and listening.  Others barely pause. Some toss coins into the box or container. Others enjoy the music for free. But the music brings cheer to strollers, shoppers, tourists and even working people rushing to appointments.The most unusual street concert is that of Edgar Rodríguez and his harp. Rodríguez came here three years ago from Colombia, where he studied music at the Luis Calvo Academy in Bogotá and played professionally. In Costa Rica, he met fellow Colombian Rodolfo Díaz, who plays the guitar, and they teamed up. Their music is light and trill, an unusual but delightful sound almost like bells ringing. They also play hotels, restaurants and private events, and sell their albums.  Punto a Punto is the name of another group that often plays on the Central Avenue in San José near the Culture Ministry building. Led by Jorge Herrera, the group includes four or five musicians, and not always the same ones. They sing and play guitars and the songs range from tangos and waltzes to traditional folk tunes. Herrera’s father Hector was a musician, too, but Jorge first learned to play the guitar at the Fernando Centeno Guell school for the blind. “Many musicians here are no videntes,” says Herrera, indicating several of his blind companions. He also studied at the music conservatory of the University of Costa Rica. He’s been playing professionally since the 1970’s, and with various partners has played in other Central American countries as well as throughout Costa Rica.Another blind musician who has been playing the keyboard in San José for many years is Johnny Pérez Pérez. He sings and plays a wide selection, and he is well known around town, although he is not much for talking. He prefers to get on with his music.Peruvian musicians are easy to identify for their colorful ponchos, and the sound of their instruments, which include sets of bamboo pipes called a zampoña which produce a hollow, flute-like sound. Marcos Rosas, the leader of one such group, studied music at the University of San Marcos in Peru. He and his companions set up their concerts in parks and festivals and have albums for sale at reasonable prices.On Sundays, long-established municipal bands hold free shows in the band shells in many cities at around 10 a.m. San José, Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago are just a few (Cartago’s modern open-air theater lists musical events on its website, Sundays, especially in summer (Nov.-May), are days for musical or theater programs in the parks. So enjoy the music, in the street or in the park. It’s all part of Tiquicia. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

Costa Rica animal welfare bill gains momentum as horrifying abuse cases circulate

first_imgThe dog was rescued and taken to a veterinarian by someone who saw the dog hanging from the bridge. It is being treated by Rescate Animal staff who performed emergency surgery due to severe neck lacerations. They also are treating the dog for psychological trauma.The group also reported the case of “Caracol,” which also suffered a neck injury afte being tied up permanently with a nylon cord.On Tuesday, the “Cartago Pro-Animal Welfare” group reported the death of a dog from machete wounds. According to a Facebook post, the dog received several injures after defending his owner from a man who entered the woman’s home and attempted to attack her.The dog was taken to a nearby vet, but died hours later. Reports of animal cruelty have made headlines in the first few days of 2015. This month, animal rescue center Zoo Ave received an injured toucan that lost more than 50 percent of its beak when a group of teenagers hit it with a stick  in the Alajuela canton of Grecia.An Indiegogo campaign raised more than $6,000 to fund a prosthetic beak for the bird, reaching its $5,000 goal in less than 48 hours. Graphic designers from Veritas University and  private companies joined the effort to model and print a new beak using 3D printing technology.Another animal welfare group, Rescate Animal, this week reported two dogs in communities in the province of Cartago that suffered severe injuries to their necks after being tied up.The first is “Neck“, a dog whose owner tied him up with a wire and threw him over a bridge in Cervantes, a community east of Cartago. This week, SENASA reported that in 2014 they responded to 1,200 animal abuse complaints in the Greater Metropolitan Area alone.Among those cases, 390 dogs were victims of abuse or neglect, and some were used for fighting.“We are very pleased with the work done in coordination with the Humane Society and the American Stafford Costa Rica Association, as it has allowed us to rescue them from abusive situations and give them a second chance to live,” SENASA Director Allan Sánchez said. Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rica’s Solís tables Animal Welfare Bill in favor of highway construction project Animal abuse reports on the rise New cases of animal abuse spark criticism of President Solís, lawmakers President Solís signs new Animal Welfare Law Recent cases of aggression against animals in Costa Rica have prompted animal rights advocates and everyday citizens to pressure lawmakers to pass an Animal Welfare Bill currently awaiting discussion in the Legislative Assembly.Broad Front Party lawmaker Edgardo Araya Sibaja, who chairs the legislative environmental commission, said Monday that after receiving recommendations from several groups lawmakers finally are ready to send the bill for discussion and a vote as soon as next month.The bill was drafted during the previous administration, but President Luis Guillermo Solís in December included it as a priority for his term.The bill calls for prison sentences of up to six years for those convicted of causing the death, suffering, injury or torture of animals. However, several sectors oppose the proposal, calling its language vague and warning it could lead to the conviction of workers charged with handling animals at their jobs or in recreational activities.“The latest reforms were drafted primarily to avoid criminally punishing several common practices in the handling of farm animals. In this particular case the goal is to sanction acts against farm animals according to regulations of the National Animal Health Service [SENASA]; for all other animals the bill aims at punishing those acts considered as abusive according to veterinary practice,” Araya said.As lawmakers returned from holiday vacation this week, talks began to convince top party legislators to expedite discussion of the bill, which currently sits in the top 10 on the Assembly’s agenda. Araya said that if consensus is reached among top legislators, the bill could be passed in two or three weeks.The main opposition comes from Libertarian Movement Party legislators who are demanding changes to the bill’s original draft to protect the interests of those who work with animals.Other legislators filed motions against provisions of the bill that would ban Costa Rican-style bullfighting, horse parades and other recreational activities that include animals. The ruling Citizen Action Party’s (PAC) Ottón Solís filed two motions; the Broad Front Party’s Ligia Fallas filed one; and a group of National Liberation Party and PAC lawmakers filed four others.The Libertarian Movement Party’s top lawmaker, Otto Guevara, filed 50 of the total 56 motions to amend the bill and is using his Facebook profile to push his agenda. Guevara, however, insists his party does not oppose the bill.“We Libertarians agree with the spirit of the bill to include abuse and neglect of domestic and wild animals as offenses in our Penal Code. But the original draft includes certain livestock activities, which could mean that some practices necessary for farming would be considered crimes,” he wrote.last_img read more

PHOTOS World Surfing Games take over Jacó

first_imgRelated posts:Scoring the World Surfing Games: A guide Costa Rica surf squad will bring out its brightest stars for World Surfing Games World Surfing Games preview: Can Costa Rica win second consecutive title? VIDEO: Jacó surfboard artist’s work dazzles above the lip Rebecca Males/The Tico Times Rebecca Males/The Tico Times Rebecca Males/The Tico Times Rebecca Males/The Tico Times Rebecca Males/The Tico Times Rebecca Males/The Tico Times Rebecca Males/The Tico Times Rebecca Males/The Tico Times Rebecca Males/The Tico Times The 2016 World Surfing Games are underway all this week in Jacó. Here’s the view from the beach on opening day, Sunday, Aug. 7: Facebook Comments Rebecca Males/The Tico Timeslast_img read more

Shamwari Group Presented with 3 World Travel Awards

first_imgAt the 19th World Travel Awards Grand Final Gala Ceremony in New Delhi, India, which took place on 12 December 2012, Shamwari Group was presented with three awards for 2012 – the World’s Leading Conversation Company and the World’s Leading Private Game Reserve for Shamwari Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape and the World’s Leading Eco-Lodge for the eco-luxurious Dwyka Tented Lodge at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve situated outside Cape Town, South Africa.Comments Shamwari Group General Manager, Joe Cloete: “It’s a great honour to be presented with three prestigious awards for Shamwari Group and a beautiful way to end a successful year of conservation awareness. For 2013 we plan on continuing to fly the conservation flag and educating the next generations of ‘caretakers’ of our planet.”Established 19 years ago, World Travel Awards is committed to raising the standards of customer service and overall business performance throughout the international tourism industry. Source = Shamwari Grouplast_img read more

Barbados signs a visa waiver agreement with China

first_imgThe Caribbean nation Barbados has signed a visa waiver agreement with China, which would allow citizens of both the countries to enter each other’s territory with an ordinary passport and no entry visa.Following the initialisation of a reciprocal agreement three years ago that removed visa requirements for holders of diplomatic, official and service passports, the agreement was officially signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Maxine Mclean and China’s Ambassador, Wang Ke.Describing the signing as a ‘significant bilateral achievement’, McClean stated, “This visa waiver agreement signed today marks a milestone in the relationship between Barbados and the People’s Republic of China and it is fitting that it should take place as we are making preparations to celebrate 40 years of bilateral relations in May of this year.”She further said that the government anticipates the agreement to make Barbados a more attractive destination for the over 70 million Chinese tourists who travel to their country and the region each year. She surmised that the agreement would also assist in the government’s efforts to diversify the tourism market and contribute to strengthening the vital tourism sector and by extension the economy.Wang Ke, agreed that the signing of the agreement was another milestone in relations between the countries and said it would make a significant contribution to people-to-people exchanges and bilateral cooperation.Wang recommended that the country’s tourism authorities and travel agencies engage and explore opportunities for collaboration in order identify China as an emerging tourist market and plan strategies to attract Chinese tourists. She expressed the hope that the agreement would lead to an increased number of Chinese tourists to the island and also welcomed more Barbadian travellers to experience China and it’s the ancient oriental civilisation.last_img read more