Do bidding should pay attention to a few taboos

1, a major error in product selection.

if you sell this product, is a common product in reality, and in Taobao can be easily purchased, or in the sale of a lot of bidding, you do not have the price advantage.

generally speaking, we need to do the bidding products must meet the monopoly, the concept of the three characteristics of the huge profits, if your product does not have these three characteristics, it is not suitable for bidding.

2, the page is too rubbish.

The quality of a

page, you can from the side reflects the strength of the company or the product strength, so in order to do the bidding, must invest in page design, looking for professional designers to design. read more

Rice and vegetable roll give some suggestions to make money online beginners

the last time I wrote an article "Why study Wangzhuan tutorial you can’t earn money" after a lot of new friends with me, and then are asked about Wangzhuan things, there are a few points I want to notice:

1 I do not sell tutorials so please do not like me to buy a tutorial with

2 I’m not your teacher, I have no obligation to teach you something, I would like to give you as much as I recommend

3 stand do not have a good RP, in this circle, you do not mix long

4 do not understand what Baidu Baidu have, do not say you will not search read more

Video website profit hero or advertising 3G profit prospects

      as if overnight, China’s video site suddenly blowout.

      2006 is called "the first year of Chinese video". Numerous video sites, like for their courage, are known to have VC investment, which more than tens of millions of dollars, a few hundred million yuan. However, this is only a flash in the pan. Because there is no clear profit model, most of them have not so far to VC’s second investment.

      spend money on Internet users to see ads read more

Lele the second week 01 07 01 13 Commission and bonus will be settled on January 2008

alliance members Hello everyone!

The second week of January 2008 (01

07 -01 on day 13) and the Commission of "double gift ringtones rebate cash bonus" activities will be held today (01 2008 14 July) settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account carefully, and pay attention to the account. If you are in the 01 month 18 days have not received our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32 read more

Taobao’s blue whale online combat

recently, many owners have been discussed the matter, I am very lucky, Taobao is one of the "blue whale" beta webmaster, to participate in the beta is not much, look at the famous webmaster forum, and not on the advertising alliance, there is no sun "shit".

So I

for the first time we broke, that is how to bask in income, personal experience, the first is the blue whale Tuo baked plan non famous strength "bullshit" fragrant circle (shit, has become the past, brother lead you tread on the regressed donghonghong "bullshit"), the administrator don’t be stingy, hurry to a gorgeous Post Bar essence. Ha ha! read more

Entrepreneurs need to prepare these three entrepreneurial mentality

Internet era, for entrepreneurs, has never been an easy thing. People only see the bright side of successful entrepreneurs, but they ignore the hardships of the entrepreneurial process. If you want to succeed in business, entrepreneurs need to prepare before starting the three mentality:

1, the mentality of a protracted war.

if you just rely on a cavity blood to start, then you may encounter difficulties quickly cooling even deteriorate unbearable. A survey shows that the success rate of the first venture is 23%, but the proportion of successful entrepreneurs to start a new venture is about 34%. Entrepreneurial hardships on the road is unimaginable. And entrepreneurship is a tough battle, you never know what’s next. The dangerous moment unknown with entrepreneurs, the moment of change is a test of the entrepreneurial spirit. If not in advance of the process according to the market conditions and the user’s response and the dynamic competition to improvise, entrepreneurial failure is almost a matter of pennsylvania. Entrepreneurial process is difficult, more difficult to end, suffering is the typical state of entrepreneurs. On the road, the most common is not success and failure, but a long struggle. read more

The decomposition of Zulily what is the profit from the huge loss of the secret

Since the

Bi Sheng pointed out the purchase and sale of vertical class B2C is a hoax on vertical B2C controversy has not ended, and the recent guest Let vertical B2C cast a shadow. In the United States, there are electricity providers, but also profitable, Zulily is a case. IPO information display, Zulily loss of $10 million 300 thousand last year, Zulily, in the first half of this year has achieved a profit of $2 million 300 thousand. This article is adapted from the snowball, from the perspective of financial decomposition of the Zulily model, look at how its electricity supplier profit. read more

Guest personal webmaster website profit pattern should decide on what path to follow

website on the Internet such as search engines emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, almost every one of the words can be filled the entire search page is not indexed showing accounted for most of the stations share the Internet, finally his own website to do the home page, but because the profit mode and difficulties. We are not here to say that they do not want to do a good job profit model stand, but with a profit model is difficult to earn money.

a, Taobao Commission

I have been at Taobao customers, their website promotion Taobao products online, through the transaction commission through the website of the guest link to the shop, but this model has become more and more difficult, the first occurrence of Ali mother every month there is a single black case, originally a month turnover of 1000 pens, but the black list is less than half of the commission can take you to the complaint, no use, November Ali mother freezing Taobao off the assets of more than ten million yuan, you worked hard last month for air, not to mention too many orders to get the Commission website does not meet the eye everywhere. read more

Wangzhuan expert in making money burgeons bring more opportunities to make money for you

in today’s network, the survival of a variety of "guest": podcasts, Posts guest, Witkey, passengers, etc., transferred off test. "Guest" comes from the English word "Er" transliteration, meaning people in jobs, in general, on the network "guest" from the earliest hackers (hacker), the progressive development of Witkey (Witkey), podcasts (Podcast), inker (Inker) etc.. As the development of China’s Internet is more to learn from foreign experience, so in the name of the occupation are mostly transliteration, or the combination of Chinese and Western approach. read more

Excellent network co founder Zhang introduced the story sharing community echo

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams now has a great project Medium information structure, and want to make a high-quality content platform. China now has a similar form of Medium products, such as Jane book. I recently learned about the echo platform, the difference is that it wants to make a living community.

community users share stories that will be published in a specific topic group, and other users will see a series of topics that are contributed by different people when they browse the group. The echo team says the target groups in their communities are young people, especially those who are 85 to the next 90 years. read more

Baidu to promote the theme a reading room two days

Baidu theme promotion, we first look at a group of pictures



now the status quo, the network advertising alliance scarce, scarce upstream. Baidu alliance is very unsatisfactory performance.

when Google and Yahoo are in the large-scale expansion. Baidu action is still very limited,

1. Baidu alliance should not rely on the advantages of the price to occupy the market, the price fluctuated, not as smooth price. Give a stable, long-term, stable feeling.

2. cancel search alliance, since it is necessary to do the Content Alliance, it is necessary to give up the search alliance, the search is limited to a small number of cooperative sites, navigation sites, software tools and Internet cafes, all other canceled.

3. alliance, should not appear this bold, a look and feel of the baidu formal and authoritative inconsistent.

4. Content Alliance to strengthen the title propaganda. Or does not display the content, directly to the title, but also can be customized.

5. in order to reduce the difficulty of the baidu program response, the first direct classification, but also on the baidu of the content of the alliance to conduct a rigorous audit, divided into 32 categories, and then display the appropriate advertising.

6. organized a number of civilian activities, so that more directly know the content of the baidu alliance. And take the initiative to participate in regular interaction.

7. for the upper reaches of the advertising opportunities, at present the enterprise network traffic or investors, can be put in the league is not much, baidu should seize this opportunity to quickly occupy the dominant position in the campaign.

cannot rely on the power to rest on our laurels, as the alliance with GG, the future of the Yahoo, pull open the gap
read more

Wangzhuan teach you a few tricks to judge the Wangzhuan liar method

Since the

register from 2008 A5 station network, also sent hundreds of articles, I am also a lover of what is called Wangzhuan Wangzhuan,? I personally put him to the network to make money, that is through the Internet to make money I think it is Wangzhuan, including to A5 so powerful station. Now the Wangzhuan liar a lot, but there are many, I teach you the recipe for judging the Wangzhuan liar method;

, what is the Wangzhuan liar


1, those who do not pay commission is a liar project. read more

The 5 most common mistakes in search engine optimization

I think, the search engine optimization of the most common problems of some sort out, to those who want to get a higher ranking in the search results as a reference, it is necessary. I made 5 mistakes in the most common search engine optimization and the corresponding solutions in the following, it is also the site of several designers most likely to make major mistakes, is the so-called "close difference".One of the

solution:Optimization on the homepage of the

should be limited to a maximum of three important keywords. If your keywords are too hot, you can only focus on one or two keywords in order to improve your competitiveness. In the home page, title, META tags should focus on the three most important keywords to optimize. Like ABAKUS’s homepage (index page), is around the’Internet Marketing ‘,’ Web promotion to optimize the phrase "and" search engine optimization "these three words, has received very good results.

should be around three of the most important in the home page (and is the most appropriate keywords) are optimized, and remember the best keywords not more than 3. If the keyword is a very popular field, then you can only focus on one or two keywords optimization. However, if your business does belong to the category of "targeting the market," then you can choose not more than 4 to 5 keywords to optimize. Make sure that the length of your web page title is not more than 7 words (between 30 and 40 letters). In the web page text should be guaranteed at least three times more than the key words. Do not forget that each page for the search engine is a potential bridge page". So for other keywords you can be in other pages
read more

Rookie guest a year’s experience

in recent years on the Internet the most fire is nothing more than Taobao mall, there are a lot of friends will be needed to buy their goods in there every day, there are a lot of people rely on the Taobao store to obtain a relatively good returns, and a lot of friends shop sales than the store to sell better, so Taobao in a short period of time has accumulated a lot of popularity, Taobao also launched in the success of the birth of Taobao customers for Taobao customers in this industry, many webmaster friends are now done, and the benefits are far more than the site is much higher, so today to talk about what the early Taobao guest novice to do some attention, let you novice friends to take some detours. read more

Some opinions on the Google Adsense K number

on the Adsense K number of research account related issues: Online spread is to change IP, personal experience is as long as the basic will not be connected to clear cookies!

key issues

Google Adsense why K you number


the only reason: you have damaged the interests of Google or you can not bring benefits to the googel as well as advertisers complaints!

what causes damage to the interests of Google!

answer: cheat and invalid click!

cheating all K?

answer is: No, cheating is divided into the realm of read more

Seven principles of communication in entrepreneurial team work

every manager, are starting from the management rookie. Every experience of management comes from a painful experience. Therefore, we must not fear of disease seek medical treatment for the management, we should learn the anatomy of their experience and lessons, will get their own summary.

some people say that management is communication, communication, communication. For the entrepreneurial team, in the whole process of entrepreneurship, management is still the core task of mutual communication. read more

09 years how to make money owners how to make money

webmaster how to make money? How to make money?. Make the two words all of an industry for having heard it many times, no matter the celebrity or a green hand rookie. In fact, I like to discuss and write a bit of money to do the topic of the webmaster, although I am still a poor one, oh! Look at this article you do not want to mind oh. 09 years to make money is no longer suitable for the law of N years, Fudge has no longer seem so useful.

webmaster how you want to make money first, please forget those that have been successful mode of Internet media: a flicker out of the new concept, a risk investment, burn smashing popularity, run overseas listing! Now you have to understand that this model is wrong, is suddenly out of the child’s media you cheat, because of this forget a pattern is the key link, it is to make money. To make money, you can not rely on dreams, you need to really help a certain class of people or businesses to make money, or to meet some of their strong spiritual needs. read more

Analysis of the independent blog Wangzhuan

blog is only a few years ago began to rise up to the Internet, and now people are not satisfied with the major portals to provide blog platform, have built their own independent blog. The place on their own GOOGLE, Baidu, Ali mother advertising network, earn money. But the only way to make money on an independent blog site is not just that.

1 GOOGLE, Baidu ad. In advertising, most of us are preferred to provide advertising GOOGLE, browse the internet almost every site has put a lot of GOOGLE advertising. But the feeling of users of such advertising has been numb, and 90% of people can distinguish between advertising, do not believe that such advertising. So lead to our website traffic is high, advertising hits low. With the toss of GOOGLE, Chinese advertising has begun to transfer to Baidu. My blog: carbon fiber blog focused on the carbon fiber industry review, carbon fiber, the word Baidu index is not high, only more than and 400 points, but not to say that the value is not used. Keywords carbon fiber, carbon fiber reinforced, carbon fiber composite. These add up to more than 1 thousand. It doesn’t look like much, but if you use GOOGLE, Baidu ads to earn income, then certainly not high. But more than these Wangzhuan way. Ali mama. read more