How big is the foreign blog of how to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month

BusinessWeek recently released an article about how foreign top bloggers make money. Blog alliance will be the classification of their articles, and added a lot of content. For reprint, please keep this link. The blog alliance will be divided into two chapters to introduce these blogs, and then in the third chapter to analyze the blog can make so much money through the blog reason.

blog Revenue: more than $1000000 a year

build time: January 2000

alexa rank: 2180

technorati rank: 2 read more

An ordinary railway workers Wangzhuan road Taobao shop

Hello, nice to meet you here, the first self introduction, I am a part-time Wangzhuan ordinary people, from the beginning of 2006 wangzhuan. Monthly income of more than 10000 yuan. And I’m just an ordinary railroad worker. I talk to you about these years Wangzhuan experience today, may have inspired the Wangzhuan novice. For those who already have a huge income, but also to see a lively bar.

you may wonder, a railway worker should be paid ~ may not do Wangzhuan what. In fact, there are a lot of ordinary people like me to create their own wealth. May not be called wealth. I’m a train driver, but not a long-distance runner.. Is that in Dongfanghong type locomotive shunting we called DF7C pull away oh. Because the usual work is ~ ~ ~ the day night rest so I started to do Wangzhuan when they are using the rest time in doing. That year, I first contact is Taobao shop, perhaps a lot of people have done. At first, what all don’t understand, just to quit playing the game addiction began to do wangzhuan. But my income is only 1000 yuan less than. I took out a month’s salary so that my friends from Guangdong with a lot of clothes back to sell on Taobao. But a series of questions baffled me. read more

A hard way to grow the brand Amoy

is here today, the main hope is to share with a brand business exchange some feeling recently, do promotion difficult, more difficult to do the brand! Do their own Tmall or Taobao brand, which is a lot of people in the first time into the business of emotion and dream, but it can really end inside this industry we also need to become an independent school, do a lot of things


one percent, a very mature and high visibility of the shop, a year revenue is more than one million, inside the industry can be said to be very well-known as the network, in recent years in the industry seems to have emerged in many fights for having heard it many times of the Amoy brand, seven princess, Liebo etc.. read more

Guangzhou announced the top 05 tax NetEase ranked in the top sixty fourth

From the April 26th Guangzhou municipal government press conference was informed that the Guangzhou 2005 tax hundred list for the first time announced. Guangdong cigarette factory topped the list with 4 billion 379 million 550 thousand yuan, Guangzhou NetEase Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. ranked in the top 64.

at the same time, Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau also announced this year first tax notice, Guangzhou city ended March 31, 2006 outstanding local revenue of 2 million yuan more than 39 enterprises exposure, local taxes in arrears amounted to 330 million yuan. read more

Angel Dai Zhikang 1000 times the secret of return

Burson interactive brings listed book return 400 million yuan to Dai Zhikang, "a small Empire" was acquired for nearly 50 million yuan in cash. And when he started doing Angel funds, only 1 million yuan.

2013, Burson interactive brought listed book return 400 million yuan to Dai Zhikang, "a small Empire" was acquired for nearly 50 million yuan in cash. And when he started doing Angel funds, only 1 million yuan.


| Shen Lingli

Dai Zhikang, speaking to an entrepreneur, came up to the assistant and said: "the goal he set is wrong, and the next milestone he wants is to go public or sell. But this is the external things, how much money is the result of the target in this place are generally blind." read more

lianmeng com nursery click on the latest advertising

thank you for your partner’s support for the league!

garden nursery ( Shenzhen city homeserver Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, computer products R & D, production and sales has been committed to the field of education. By virtue of international business background and resources, including its Chinese in mainland HomeServer brand, Owinote brand in the Asia Pacific region, as well as in the United States and Canada’s V8 brand, a full range of desktop computer, notebook computer, server and digital products. read more

Do GG and MM alliance feelings

last year when I used my blog to apply for the GG number, has been useless, to a few months ago to do a website. Put the GG advertising, but because the site content and advertising GG my match is not much, the moderator network is a network of part-time and part-time content, so did the GG, but do not like.

so in, network owners forum also see post learning, so that there is such a Ali mother advertising alliance, without demur on MM bar, the registration is very simple GG better. Mom has a benefit is to sell advertising and click on the income, all of a sudden I choose to Wangzhuan advertising. Set the key word, put the code on the site, put 6, the second day, hey, there are 0.96 of the income, and finally tasted the sweetness of the. read more

Yiqifa Christmas Carnival 99 online bookstores to double rebate


Hello! Christmas Carnival, 99 online bookstores rebate doubled to 15%, with 100 minus 30


active link page

12:00, a December 10th to December 24th 24:00, 99 online bookstores rebate doubled to 15%. The actual amount paid to rebate settlement orders shall prevail.

two, November 23, 2007 12:00 to 24:00 in December 20th, full of minus in the 30, buy more to send more than.

active link

three, pre deposit of 200 yuan to send $20, multi deposit and more. read more

Ali mother advertising existing several BUG

mom is our new Adsense these grassroots straw, a new application for the station, Baidu GG with the station, is to join the league, I lost a small station in the world, IP is not much, the station is not large, natural advertising mainly rely on the mother, with a mother after the time, found his mother after all is a new alliance, there are some sort of bug, write here about luantan.

first, each page can be more advertising (mom Union has been corrected this morning)

When I apply for a

mother devoted to the forum to find, that is each page can hang 6 pages, my web page is not large, the artists do is poor (find the source), and Ali mother advertising is more beautiful, so in order to make the page not too monotonous, put ads as a the large and small home page, Hang Hang 8 advertising, didn’t think mom was all through the audit, a figure, and smoothly sell advertising, and has sold nearly two months, this morning we get up early in the morning home mom advertising two do not show (the site in the lower left corner), and view the source file can see my mom in the code still exists, but does not show up, I also several stations today also appeared in a similar situation, are not Display more than 6 ads to prove that her mother last night, a technical upgrade, you can determine the number of ads displayed on the same page. read more

Next entrepreneurial hot spot micro video chat

micro video will become a new generation of IM, to ensure that the communication information is not distorted, to support the real life of fragmented time to communicate!

Internet has brought great changes to our way of life, but also brought unlimited business opportunities. APPOOF observation point of view: want to communicate this piece, as we talk about the Internet brings us great changes in communication, while the future direction of entrepreneurship can be discussed.

since the birth of the Internet, our way of communication has been changing. The first EMAIL, to the later IM tools: such as QQ. Internet Co generated during the giant, has also been constantly affecting the development of the Internet pattern. From the perspective of information transmission to analyze the development of this communication mode. read more

Do stand 4 years summed up the offbeat made monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars

spent 4 years standing, a few years ago by the search engine traffic GG advertising, also earning thousands of dollars, but has been hovering around $1000, no matter how hard I try, my advertising revenue or not go, I analyzed the reason, is the limited energy, focus on this aspect. The results will certainly decline, so doing, or only hovering around $1000! Like a prostitute, a whoremaster earn 100, 10 times a day is 1000, 100 is 10 thousand, 1000 is 100 thousand, a woman can do several times a day? read more

The little novice how to resist the temptation to earn profits Skynet

small day I had just started when the network is also curious to see what, see the word forum, day to earn one hundred yuan thousand yuan is also the title of the heart can not help. Of course, just beginning to do Wangzhuan have been cheated, I remember like to find a PW site. The results are not made, but also cheated hundreds of dollars. The time and since then encountered more alluring advertisement, the heart always consider a look at it, that is feasible, where is the profit point, and then summed up a result is basically those ads are deceptive. Needless to say, the temptation of these high profits really have a fatal attraction for the novice, so many cheated. So small day in here to advise those novice friends to work, the sky will not fall, do not think to overnight, that is not reality, with a reason to buy lottery tickets. read more

Do bidding should pay attention to a few taboos

1, a major error in product selection.

if you sell this product, is a common product in reality, and in Taobao can be easily purchased, or in the sale of a lot of bidding, you do not have the price advantage.

generally speaking, we need to do the bidding products must meet the monopoly, the concept of the three characteristics of the huge profits, if your product does not have these three characteristics, it is not suitable for bidding.

2, the page is too rubbish.

The quality of a

page, you can from the side reflects the strength of the company or the product strength, so in order to do the bidding, must invest in page design, looking for professional designers to design. read more

Rice and vegetable roll give some suggestions to make money online beginners

the last time I wrote an article "Why study Wangzhuan tutorial you can’t earn money" after a lot of new friends with me, and then are asked about Wangzhuan things, there are a few points I want to notice:

1 I do not sell tutorials so please do not like me to buy a tutorial with

2 I’m not your teacher, I have no obligation to teach you something, I would like to give you as much as I recommend

3 stand do not have a good RP, in this circle, you do not mix long

4 do not understand what Baidu Baidu have, do not say you will not search read more

Video website profit hero or advertising 3G profit prospects

      as if overnight, China’s video site suddenly blowout.

      2006 is called "the first year of Chinese video". Numerous video sites, like for their courage, are known to have VC investment, which more than tens of millions of dollars, a few hundred million yuan. However, this is only a flash in the pan. Because there is no clear profit model, most of them have not so far to VC’s second investment.

      spend money on Internet users to see ads read more

Lele the second week 01 07 01 13 Commission and bonus will be settled on January 2008

alliance members Hello everyone!

The second week of January 2008 (01

07 -01 on day 13) and the Commission of "double gift ringtones rebate cash bonus" activities will be held today (01 2008 14 July) settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account carefully, and pay attention to the account. If you are in the 01 month 18 days have not received our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32 read more

Taobao’s blue whale online combat

recently, many owners have been discussed the matter, I am very lucky, Taobao is one of the "blue whale" beta webmaster, to participate in the beta is not much, look at the famous webmaster forum, and not on the advertising alliance, there is no sun "shit".

So I

for the first time we broke, that is how to bask in income, personal experience, the first is the blue whale Tuo baked plan non famous strength "bullshit" fragrant circle (shit, has become the past, brother lead you tread on the regressed donghonghong "bullshit"), the administrator don’t be stingy, hurry to a gorgeous Post Bar essence. Ha ha! read more

Entrepreneurs need to prepare these three entrepreneurial mentality

Internet era, for entrepreneurs, has never been an easy thing. People only see the bright side of successful entrepreneurs, but they ignore the hardships of the entrepreneurial process. If you want to succeed in business, entrepreneurs need to prepare before starting the three mentality:

1, the mentality of a protracted war.

if you just rely on a cavity blood to start, then you may encounter difficulties quickly cooling even deteriorate unbearable. A survey shows that the success rate of the first venture is 23%, but the proportion of successful entrepreneurs to start a new venture is about 34%. Entrepreneurial hardships on the road is unimaginable. And entrepreneurship is a tough battle, you never know what’s next. The dangerous moment unknown with entrepreneurs, the moment of change is a test of the entrepreneurial spirit. If not in advance of the process according to the market conditions and the user’s response and the dynamic competition to improvise, entrepreneurial failure is almost a matter of pennsylvania. Entrepreneurial process is difficult, more difficult to end, suffering is the typical state of entrepreneurs. On the road, the most common is not success and failure, but a long struggle. read more

The decomposition of Zulily what is the profit from the huge loss of the secret

Since the

Bi Sheng pointed out the purchase and sale of vertical class B2C is a hoax on vertical B2C controversy has not ended, and the recent guest Let vertical B2C cast a shadow. In the United States, there are electricity providers, but also profitable, Zulily is a case. IPO information display, Zulily loss of $10 million 300 thousand last year, Zulily, in the first half of this year has achieved a profit of $2 million 300 thousand. This article is adapted from the snowball, from the perspective of financial decomposition of the Zulily model, look at how its electricity supplier profit. read more

Guest personal webmaster website profit pattern should decide on what path to follow

website on the Internet such as search engines emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, almost every one of the words can be filled the entire search page is not indexed showing accounted for most of the stations share the Internet, finally his own website to do the home page, but because the profit mode and difficulties. We are not here to say that they do not want to do a good job profit model stand, but with a profit model is difficult to earn money.

a, Taobao Commission

I have been at Taobao customers, their website promotion Taobao products online, through the transaction commission through the website of the guest link to the shop, but this model has become more and more difficult, the first occurrence of Ali mother every month there is a single black case, originally a month turnover of 1000 pens, but the black list is less than half of the commission can take you to the complaint, no use, November Ali mother freezing Taobao off the assets of more than ten million yuan, you worked hard last month for air, not to mention too many orders to get the Commission website does not meet the eye everywhere. read more