The Week Ahead Gauging the Housing Market

first_imgThe Week Ahead: Gauging the Housing Market in Daily Dose, Featured, News Case-Shiller S&P/Case Shiller Home Price Indices The week ahead 2018-11-25 David Wharton November 25, 2018 716 Views center_img On Tuesday, the latest installment of the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index will delve into residential real estate values and explore and how the housing market is doing in the final days of 2018. The Home Price Index will post its latest data at 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday, November 27.The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Indices measure U.S. residential real estate prices, tracking changes in the value of residential real estate both nationally as well as in 20 metropolitan regions. The previous edition, covering data for July 2018, showed home prices rising 5.8 percent nationally over August 2017. The index’s 10-City Composite rose 5.1 percent year-over-year, down from 5.5 percent in July 2018.Here’s what else is happening in The Week Ahead.FHFA Home Price Index, Tuesday, 9 a.m. ESTMBA Mortgage Apps, Wednesday, 7 a.m. ESTCensus Bureau New Home Sales, Wednesday, 10 a.m. ESTLegal League 100 Webinar—“Developments in Vacant and Abandoned Property Law”—Wednesday, 2 p.m. CSTPending Home Sales Index, Thursday, 10 a.m. EST Sharelast_img read more

10 Best and Worst Metros for Homebuyers

first_img Affordability American Enterprise Institute Center for Housing cities Home Prices Homebuyers metros 2018-12-03 Radhika Ojha in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the most affordable city for buyers looking to purchase their first home, according to a study by the American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI’s) Center on Housing Markets and Finance.The study ranked the affordability of 50 metropolitan regions in the U.S. for first-time homebuyers by using the ratio of home prices to incomes. The study also factored in the square footage and the price per square foot of living area.The study found that median first-time homebuyers bought homes that were worth 3.3 times their household income. While the 10 most affordable cities had an average ratio of 2.6, the 10 most expensive ones had an average ratio of 4.3.The study also revealed that house prices and incomes were higher in the 10 least affordable cities compared with the 10 most affordable ones, even though homes for first-time buyers were similar in size across the country. It also found that while affordability had remained relatively constant in the most affordable metros, it had worsened in the cities that were ranked among the least affordable ones.With an affordability of 2.3 that has remained unchanged since 2013 and a median home priced at $143,000 against a gross annual income of $60,000, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the most affordable city for first-time homebuyers, according to the study. Cleveland, Ohio, with an affordability of 2.4 and home prices at $134,000 compared with a gross annual income of $56,000 was ranked second, followed by Cincinnati, Ohio (2.6); St. Louis, Montana (2.6);  and Columbus, Ohio (2.7) rounding up the top five most affordable cities.Detroit, Michigan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Houston, Texas; and Indianapolis, Indiana were also ranked among the Top 10 most affordable cities.Six California cities ranked amongst the least affordable metros for first-time buyers in the study. San Jose, California was the least affordable city for homebuyers in the U.S. with an affordability ratio of five which has risen by 0.3 since 2013. Home prices in this metro were pegged at $650,000 against a gross annual income of $126,000. Another California city, Los Angeles was the second least-affordable city in the country. With an affordability ratio that has risen 0.1 points since 2013 to 4.6, homes in LA cost $495,000, while gross annual income is estimated at $103,000. San Francisco (4.6); San Diego (4.5); and Denver, Colorado (4.1) rounded off the five least affordable cities in the U.S. for first-time homebuyers.Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Riverside-San Bernandino, California; and Sacramento, California also made it to this list.Click here to view the full list of metros. December 3, 2018 633 Views center_img 10 Best and Worst Metros for Homebuyers Sharelast_img read more

Canada With cherry trees in bloom company foreca

first_img Canada: With cherry trees in bloom, company foreca … In this ‘In Charts‘ series of mini-articles, Colin Fain of data visualization tool Agronometrics illustrates how the U.S. market is evolving. In each series, he will look at a different fruit commodity, focusing on a different origin or topic in each installment to see what factors are driving change.Looking at the information that the USDA gives us for Southern Hemispheres cherries in the U.S. markets, there are a couple of trends that I would like to write about to put this data into context and see what the upcoming season might have in store.Let’s start with the most obvious trend. We can see from the chart below that Chile used to send a lot more volume to the U.S. than they send today. As a point of reference, during the 2017-18 season, the origin exported a third of the volume they sent in 2010-11. The reasons for this can be many, but hands down the most significant is growth from the Chinese market. China has outstripped the U.S. market considerably, offering better prices even at much larger volumes.US Cherry Prices and Volumes(Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics)The other immediately apparent trend is the volatility of the pricing, which typically begins very high in November but quickly loses ground toward the end of the season in January or February, often at half the price at which it had started.Although in the last couple of years the prices have become relatively stable, it is interesting that the decrease in volume has had a considerable impact, especially if we look at December and January, which are the months with the volume from Chile. In 2010-11, we saw the market offer US$28.67 per case in December and US$20.73 per case in January, If we look at the average monthly price of every year since, we come up with an increase of about US$10.00, with an average price of US $37.25 for December and US$31.31 in January.US Cherry Shipping Point Monthly Historical Prices(Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics)As a reaction to this more attractive market, as well as the opportunities that are being offered from other destinations, we can see that producers from all over the world are more and more interested in commercializing their fruit in the US. In 2015 we saw a trickle of volume start to come in from New Zealand, complemented by the first shipments from Australia in 2016. The most prominent recent growth has come from Argentina, who only sent 400,000 Lbs in 2013-14 and growing by a multiple of six to 2.4 million Lbs in 2017-18.US Cherry Historic Monthly Imports from Argentina(Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics)With the first shipments from Chile already making their way to China, it won’t be long before we begin to see cherries show up in the U.S. After a banner year last season, in which Chile exported twice the volume as the previous year, this upcoming season the origin is expecting a 15-20% drop in volume. That said, this dramatic shift in volume never manifested itself on the U.S. markets, where last season volumes did increase, but only by 20% compared to the previous season. If this proportion holds, then I would expect that we could see prices rise. However, as exporters don’t seem to tie the volume produced to the volumes commercialized in the U.S., it looks like the U.S. has become a secondary market where exporters can manage the markets, and not just be forced to sell what nature provides. If the second scenario is the case, we might well expect to see very similar prices during the U.S. season regardless of the volume produced.In our ‘In Charts’ series, we work to tell some of the stories that are moving the industry. Feel free to take a look at the other articles by clicking here.Agronometrics is a data visualization tool built to help the industry make sense of the huge amounts of data that you depend on. We strive to help farmers, shippers, buyers, sellers, movers and shakers get an objective point of view on the markets to help them make informed strategic decisions. If you found the information and the charts from this article useful, feel free to visit us at where you can easily recreate these same graphs, or explore the other 23 fruits we currently track, creating your own reports automatically updated with the latest data daily.To welcome Mango professionals to the service we want to offer a 5% discount off your first month or year with the following coupon code: CHERRIESThe code will only be good till the 13th of November 2018, so visit us today. Canada’s cherry industry suffers 50% drop in seaso … Dalian Yidu chief wins visionary award at Global C … Experts analyze biggest challenges facing Chile at … You might also be interested in October 30 , 2018 last_img read more

From the pages of Produce Business UK The imminenc

first_img From the pages of Produce Business UKThe imminence of Brexit has led to uncertainty across all industries in the UK. Businesses, including suppliers or traders, as well as employers themselves, have little sense of what is to come, even though a decision is fast approaching. Although the UK supplies 50 per cent of its own food, it imports approximately 30 per cent of unprocessed food from the European Union, making the EU a major trading partner, according to UK government statistics.As politicians grapple with dozens of options, the effects on the supply chain are inevitable. In terms of produce, there are myriad concerns. From farmers reassessing the spare parts that come from the EU to restaurant owners potentially re-crafting their menus, people in the industry are speculating and preparing as much as they can amid the uncertainty.Produce Business UK talked with two top people from different areas of the food industry for perspective on some of the most pressing issues.Who’s affected by BrexitFrom medicine to spare parts, farmers across the country are starting to understand the intrinsic effects of Brexit on their operating systems. Managing director of Borough Market, Darren Henaghan, recently held a meeting with the traders in the market to discuss the affects:“Virtually all of the traders have a relationship with Europe either as an importer or an exporter; even the ones that didn’t realize that they were connected to it. All of them are affected in some way, shape or form.” “For example, a big farmer right in the heart of England, say in the Midlands, didn’t realize that the feed stocks the farm uses are imported either via or from the European Union. Added to that are the supplements they use — nuts and corn — are mainly imported from the EU. Also the medicine; the penicillin, the other treatments they use for the animals; almost all of them are produced in Germany. … Those things are likely to be interrupted if there is a no deal with Brexit.” From a restaurant perspective, Monika Linton, co-owner and founder of the Spanish food company and tapas restaurant chain Brindisa, points out that produce coming from the EU, should Brexit take effect, will be a big issue. “The supply chain obviously depends on the product, but there is a limit to what any business can stockpile,” says Linton, “We can only stockpile things that have a shelf life. So we imagine that the produce that we rely on for the restaurant that has a shelf life, that comes from outside Britain, will be in short supply if there is trouble at the border and there is delay at the border. There is a limit to what we can grow in England. Definitely, there will be certain companies that will probably find that they get really, really hammered for produce.” In terms of the actual products themselves, Brindisa uses British growers for a number of products that might traditionally be considered Mediterranean products, such as  tomatoes or garlic. Linton predicts those growers will not have the capacity to fill the gap. ”There is going to be so much demand,” she says. “If there is going to be a delay at the border that it is going to be very hard to secure supplies even if they are not coming from abroad because I think certain growers will just run out of stock and I think they just won’t be able to meet the needs of the market.” Transportation conundrums to add to the challengesHenaghan from Borough Market explains that simple imports from the EU are efficient now because there is a common rulebook, because there are no borders to trade. For example, anyone can get in a van, drive down to France, fill the van full of cheese and come back into the country. He notes that if that changes, there will need to be new systems in place.“You are going to need an import agent,” he says. “You are going to need tax compliance, all those other things that people outside the EU are very used to, however, here we are not. It also costs money. It is going to be much more difficult for those small producers to develop a critical mass that’s going to be worthwhile.”Linton shares a similar sentiment regarding the disruption that could potentially occur on the road. “Some people are suggesting that there is going to be more of a backlog of lorries leaving the island. The whole cycle has to work really smoothly for the system to function. It is not just a one-way journey. Even if Europe is very keen to export to Britain, Britain might have problems with products going the other way, from the UK to Europe. Anything that delays the system adds costs. If the continent allows them to come over it might be one thing, but if they have problems going back, that is going to be another issue. “Wherever they are delays, it is going to add costs for the transporters, so the price will go up for everybody. Not only could you have the potential exchange rate drop in value for sterling if things going badly, you might have rising costs because everything takes longer.” On the plus side, Henaghan suggests that some of the issues around transportation and logistics also could lead to growth. “If you want to get into the growth industry, buy yourself some warehouse space near Dover and become an import agent. That’s going to be a big growth area if indeed we go to a no-deal situation.”Brexit could severely affect small businesses From a market perspective, Henaghan explains his concerns for the small businesses that trade in the market. “It will be very difficult for the smaller micro-entities — for example, the businesses that have developed a business model where they go and they know the producers in the little tiny farms and they get their produce straight from the producers, bring it back to the UK and then sell it with very little intervention from the state,” he says.Linton shares her views on how Brexit will affect niche industries, such as her own business.  January 14 , 2019 You might also be interested in “I think the political scenarios are really building systems for bigger businesses than what we are. So if you are a bigger business, you will find a way of navigating the storm. If you are dealing with a specialty niche like we are, Spanish food is not as fundamental to everyone’s home life as parmesan is. So the diversity and the specialists like us are going to find it too much of a challenge to maintain the portfolio of foods that we have got. We will have to focus on the food that everybody wants, where we are going to get a bit of an economy of scale. The specialism in the food industry might find that it might be reducing what it does and what it offers because we just won’t be able to have small quantity imports.” Linton adds, “Before Spain became a member of the EU, it was very costly for me to ship because every supplier and every invoice has its own duty and so on. It just made it very difficult to put together small batches. That is truly one of the concerns for me is that we are going to go back to where we started out 30 years where the cost of shipping things is going to be too high, so we end up specializing less.“It’s like a perfect combination of negatives. Where you’ve got the business rate, you’ve got landlords asking for loads of money, you’ve got the High Street kind of dying, so you have got no new customers. Then on top of all that, you have got all those Brexit scenarios. Somehow Sainsbury’s will find a way through it because they have got the resources. But the little shop on the corner might not. The specialty deli might not find the way through it. Or the only way through it might be to become more British and not have the headache of trying to rely on foreign shipping. We will see.” Losing talent, losing cultureOne of the major factors predicted to affect businesses in the UK is staffing. Both Henaghan and Linton highlight their concerns regarding losing staff, which is more a case of actually losing talent and cultural diversity. “Staffing is a huge issue,” Henaghan says. “There is almost a caricature made of people in the food industry that people from the EU are almost like cheap labour from abroad. It is not. It is talent. What we are importing is talent. We are bringing skills in and then that helps the broader food scene and the broader population through sharing of those skills.“People who have already made the choice to move to the UK have already proven that they are mobile. They have already taken a 20 per cent hit on their pay because of the exchange rate, if they are in the Euro zone. There might just come a point where they say, ‘You know what, I can get an easier life in Spain; I can get an easier life in France. Come on, get the kids out of school, let’s go and do something there.’ ”Linton says that since the Brexit vote two years ago, they have had fewer CVs of non-British residents coming into the store, in both the wholesale business and the restaurant business. “It’s like a tipping point isn’t it, when you are sort of thinking, well what shall I do with my life? Maybe I’ll go back to Spain. Maybe I won’t go back to Spain. Brexit is just one of those things that makes it tip in a certain direction. You think well, the economy in Spain is actually doing quite well. The economy in Britain is not going to do well. I’ll probably go home.“Then there are those that have been here for a longer time and have their mortgages, they’ve got their partners, and they have got their kids in schools. When you have got your roots actually here, and you’ve got all that sorted out, you really don’t want to go.”Linton adds, “The biggest issue we face is that if people do go, how do we replace them, particularly in hospitality and in restaurants because that is much more of an intermittent type of work. People come here for short term to learn the language, to get away from their country and get a change of scene, learn new skills, etc. Those are going to be the kind of recruits that are going to be harder for us, because they are low-skilled. They are entry-level salaries.” Linton also points out that it is not just the actual labour that the UK is potentially facing a drop in, but all the goods that come with cultural diversity from other countries. “Hospitality is much more friendly and open than in Britain,” she says. “For example, the Mediterranean is famous for its hospitality, and Northern Europe is not necessarily famous in the same way. So we will lose that cultural edge that they have lent us and that have inspired us all these years. For example, we are a Spanish business, with Spanish food. It’s a British company but with Spanish food, so we want to have and learn from Spanish people who know about their food. So that authenticity might be threatened.”That cultural edge also applies to how Britain has evolved over the years into a multi-cultural tapestry of European cuisines. “The culture of food in Europe is historically much stronger than in Britain,” Linton says. “Britain has obviously changed over the decades, but it has changed really thanks to being a member of the EU where this freedom of movement has allowed us all to learn from each other, so I think that will be an issue for us. A lot of the skills that we have, whether it’s cheese mongering, carving hams properly, looking after and understanding other ingredients like olive oil. All that is part and parcel of Mediterranean cultures, and a lot of the continental countries value and understand those products really well. Whereas here we understand our apples and our bacon and the stuff we have always lived with, we need to keep learning from our neighbours about the foods that we have now got used to using in our cooking.”Uncertainty is the biggest challenge of all Talking about Brexit is like talking about the British weather. The continued uncertainty is at the crux of the issue for traders and businesses.Henaghan emphasizes, “Uncertainty is the worst thing in the world when you are trying to run a business because you don’t know what you are trying to cope with, so you can’t price it and you can’t future-plan. This general drip of uncertainty affects businesses’ viability. We have had the thick end of two years now and everything being up in the air. And part of the proposal seems to be to have another period of uncertainty whilst we figure out what the rules are going to be going forward. And that isn’t helpful.”Although the traders could work on preparing for new systems, the major issue is that no one really knows what lies ahead. Particularly for businesses, knowing the factors that will affect them is essential for planning business growth. Problem solving the uncertaintyBorough Market’s second language is French. They also have nine importers from Italy alone, people from all over Europe, as well as other parts of the world such as Turkey and Argentina. One of the reasons Borough Market has been able to enjoy such diversity is because there isn’t a border, Henaghan says.“The fact that you can nip off to Burgundy, get some cheese and put it in your suitcase, or you can buy wine from France and Italy and just simply bring it back,” he says. “If you take the Italians, they are very used to bringing stuff in, and getting their produce from the different parts of Italy and driving it over land. … This is where the market is useful. People from Calabria talk to people from Puglia, talk to people from Piedmont. The solution from the traders here: is to work together better and to scale it up. They just need to know what the rules are so that they can plan.”With a hard border, Linton says: “You can’t plan with vulnerable produce like fruit and vegetables, or even fresh meats and cheeses.”And managing it could mean adapting menus to include less produce items from abroad.“In order to avoid that, what we are going to be doing with our menu planning is to make sure that we have got dishes that are not exclusively reliant on imported produce or stuff that might be in short supply,” she says. “So we might find that we are going to have to have more brassica on the menu, or potato-based dishes, even though potatoes have gone way up in price, as well. We might have to engineer a little bit like that, or use more nuts, like chestnuts or products that are more high protein and you can store for longer. We have to find ways that we are not so reliant on shipping.” Shipping companies drop British flag to avoid Brex … ‘Cooperation, communication and education’ key … LPS19: Despite challenges, Britain and Holland’s f …last_img read more

Accor Vacation Club has launched a new onestop tr

first_imgAccor Vacation Club has launched a new one-stop travel service and website for Members, in conjunction with I.C.E. Vacations Asia Pacific, to provide a range of travel-based benefit programs for Holiday Ownership (Timeshare) providers, to benefit Members. “We are very excited about our extended partnership with ICE, and welcome them onboard as our new travel service provider,” said Craig Wood, Accor Vacation Club’s ceo. “We’ve enjoyed great feedback for the cruise product they introduced for our Members … [and] expect a similarly positive response to the many other added benefits, discounts and innovative travel options this new arrangement represents for Accor Vacation Club’s 28,500 Australian-based Members.” ICE has expanded its offerings beyond just cruises to provide a full suite of travel agency product for Members as part of its Discover365 program: great value package holidays, including coach toursmore than 140,000 hotel and resorts to choose from worldwidespecial cruise departuresgolfing and wine promotionscompetitive car hiretravel insurance optionshundreds of international and domestic flight dealsAccor Vacation Club Members can transfer their Première Points to Discovery Points in order to redeem and book selected travel product available on the Accor Vacation Club Travel site. Accor Vacation Clublast_img read more

Wendy Wu Tours has once again decided to give so

first_imgWendy Wu Tours has, once again, decided to give something back to hard working agents, this time putting a private tour for one lucky agent and three of their favourite people, including flights, to the winner’s choice of China, India, Vietnam or Cambodia – valued at $12,000!“This incentive is a great opportunity for our agents to experience Asia with their “Wolf Pack”, whether that be their kids, their parents, their friends – or anyone else. There’s still time to send your clients to China or Southeast Asia in 2018, so take advantage of our marketing tools, and watch your commissions grow,” said Wendy Wu Tours General Manager Steve Richards. From 11 April 2018, every booking you make over $2500, before 15 June 2018, will get you an entry into the Mega Friends with Benefits incentive. Aside from the major prize, WWT is also giving away a weekly $500 mega experience voucher across the whole eight weeks. Simply make a make a booking valued at over $2,500 before 15 June 2018 and you’ll go into the draw to win. agentsIncentiveWendy Wu Tourslast_img read more

Nevada officials reach out to Dbacks on potential

first_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Top Stories Comments   Share   And, though Graves said part of Brown’s strength is hisability to play both right and left tackle, the plan isfor Levi to keep protecting the QB’s blind side.“Right now he’s our left tackle, and until we get a betterone he’ll remain there,” he said. Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Whisenhunt talked about the fact that a lineman will havesome rough plays, but a team that throws the ball as oftenas the Cardinals do will leave a tackle like Brown moreopportunities to slip up.“With all that being said, I think over the last half ofour season this past year, when we needed it the most,Levi played probably his best football,” Whisenhunt added.“He was consistent, it was something that was important toour team and hopefully that was a point where he’sstarting to get it from that standpoint.”If Brown is starting to “get it,” now would be a bad timefor the Cardinals to let him go. Given the amount of moneythey’ve paid him and time they’ve spent coaching him,seeing him turn into the player they thought he’d be foranother team would be as unsightly as watching him try toprotect a QB earlier in the season.Which is why the goal is to bring Brown back for nextseason and beyond.“We would love to have Levi back, and those discussionswith his agent are ongoing,” Cardinals GM Rod Graves said,noting that the intensity of the discussions should pickup over the next few days. “Obviously our objective is totry to get a deal in place for him, to have him with usfor an extended period.” What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Levi Brown has been a target of criticism from analystsand fans alike since being selected with the fifth overallpick in the 2007 NFL Draft.The Cardinals are certain to release Brown, unwilling topay the large amount of money that is due to him thisseason, but are hoping to bring him back.“I think Levi’s been in a tough position ever since he wastaken with the fifth pick of the draft,” Cardinals coachKen Whisenhunt said at the NFL Scouting Combine inIndianapolis. last_img read more

Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute ri

first_img Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Well Gregg, we were all pretty sad after the Super Bowl,and we understand that without good QB play the Cards willhave a hard time making it back. Still, putting them on the same level as the Jaguars andBrowns? Really? The Jaguars and Browns?!But that’s neither here nor there. The point is theCardinals, for all that there is to be excited about, arestill an underdog in many peoples’ eyes. Just as they were in 2008 before, you know, that wholeSuper Bowl thing happened. – / 24 Top Stories D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ The Arizona Cardinals have reason for optimism.They won seven of their last nine games in 2011. They haveLarry Fitzgerald. They have an emerging defense. They playin a weak division.Did we mention they have Larry Fitzgerald?Anyway, even with all the positives, there are stillreasons to be skeptical, which must be why’s Gregg Rosenthal, in an articletitled Who’s next in line to win first Super Bowltitle?, has the Cardinals in a group with the Vikings,Titans, Browns and Jaguars under the header “Nothing onthe Horizon.” Comments   Share   Bummer.I’ve never been more sad in a Super Bowl locker room thanwhen I talked to the Cardinals. They were all so hopeful,but I couldn’t help but think that they would never getback to that point. Without a quality quarterback, theyare as far away as ever. Things change fast in the NFL,but its hard to imagine these teams as serious Super Bowlcontenders in the next two years.last_img read more

The piece released Wednesday shows Kolb on 217

first_imgThe piece, released Wednesday, shows Kolb, on 217 drop backs, has been given 2.84 seconds before he’s gotten rid of the ball. Skelton, on 187 drop backs, has had 2.64 seconds. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories However, that only takes into account the passes the quarterbacks got off. The site’s research shows Kolb, who has been sacked 27 times this season, has had a league-worst 2.49 seconds from the time the ball was snapped to when he was dropped by a defender. Skelton, who has been taken down 14 times this season, has been given 2.64 seconds before a defender got to him.So, what does this show? Besides the line apparently blocking marginally better for Skelton than Kolb, it makes one wonder how the injured Cardinals signal caller was even able to be as effective as he was, given the fact that he was under immediate pressure seemingly every time he dropped back to pass.As ProFootballFocus put it, “Nobody warrants your sympathy more than Kevin Kolb who was not helped by a pass protection unit that saw his average sack coming within 2.3 seconds of the ball being snapped.” Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Thanks to the sack tracker (and our eyes), we know both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton have been sacked often this season.And now, due to the hard work by the folks at, we’re aware of just how little time Arizona’s passers have had to throw the football.Now to explain what ‘time to throw’ is, we record the time from when the ball is snapped to the point where the quarterback has either thrown a pass or can no longer throw a pass (has been sacked or scrambled past the line of scrimmage). The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

The end of the regular season is less than a day o

first_imgThe end of the regular season is less than a day old, and already Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton has become one of the league’s hottest commodities.The interest makes plenty of sense, after all, Arizona’s defense under Horton in 2012 was near the top of the league in passing defense and turnovers forced.Seven NFL teams on “Black Monday” fired their respective head coaches, including the Arizona Cardinals, and Horton’s name has been linked to several of them. 0 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Monday night, CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora tweeted this about Horton’s potential suitors:Cards defensive coordinator Ray Horton will interview with the Bills, Browns and, well, the Cards. 3 teams so far— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) January 1, 2013 Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The Bills have a connection to Horton, in that Director of Pro Personnel Doug Whaley spent considerable time with him in Pittsburgh. While the Browns have no direct ties to Arizona’s defensive coordinator, Horton proved he can help shut down AFC North offenses as an assistant defensive coordinator to Dick LeBeau with the Steelers.He also has NFL experience in the division, as he spent six seasons as a cornerback with the Cincinnati Bengals (1983-1988). Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Top Stories

first_img Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The NFL Draft is a little more than a week away and the Arizona Cardinals continue bringing in prospects for workouts.According to, the Cardinals are taking a pre-draft look at LSU running back Spencer Ware.Ware was part of a “running back by committee” situation in 2012 for the Tigers. The 5-foot-10, 228-pound Ware ran for 367 yards and a touchdown on 94 carries. He was bothered by a deep thigh bruise for a portion of the campaign. Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling As a sophomore in 2011, Ware ran for 707 yards and a team-leading eight touchdowns on 177 carries and was a Second-Team All-SEC selection.According to the report, Ware has already worked out for Indianapolis, Philadelphia and New England. Scout has Ware rated as the 18th-best running back in this year’s draft class.last_img read more

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first_img – / 20 Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Antoine Cason had been a little-used piece of the Arizona Cardinals’ defense. Before Sunday’s game at the Tennessee Titans, the sixth-year corner out of the University of Arizona had recorded just six tackles and no pass breakups or interceptions in five games played after signing with the Cardinals as a free agent following five years with the San Diego Chargers. But after versatile defensive back Tyrann Mathieu was lost for the season in last week’s win over the St. Louis Rams, Cason was forced into a larger role with the Cardinals. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo The 27-year-old couldn’t have responded better. Cason picked off two passes — one came in overtime and he returned the other for a touchdown — while also recovering a fumble and making four tackles to help the Cardinals hang on for a 37-34 overtime win over the Titans. “Those guys have been playing well all year,” Cason said of Arizona’s defense. “I knew I needed to come up big and step up just as good as they’ve been playing all year. Especially in my first week really being in the defense.”Cason was one of few bright spots on a defense that gave up a season high in points and allowed the Titans to erase a 17-point deficit in less than four minutes. And after Tennessee rallied to force overtime, it’s easy to see how the Cardinals’ sideline could have been panicked.Cason credited cornerbacks coach Kevin Ross for preaching to the defense to be confident and trust itself while getting back to the technique that had helped it become one of the league’s best units. “That really helped me,” Cason said. “I’m thankful for the opportunity. It’s great to see the coaches have confidence in me like I have the confidence in myself.” Top Stories last_img read more

San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Dwight Freen

first_imgSan Diego Chargers outside linebacker Dwight Freeney (93) during the second half of an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Monday, Sept. 8, 2014, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) LISTEN: Bruce Arians, Cardinals head coach Your browser does not support the audio element. DE/OLB Dwight Freeney is signing a one-year deal with the #AZCardinals a source said. Still has plenty of gas in the tank. Solid addition.— Rand Getlin (@Rand_Getlin) October 12, 2015 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Freeney will serve in a designated pass-rush role for the #AZCardinals. Was extremely productive last year in limited duty (40 QB hurries).— Rand Getlin (@Rand_Getlin) October 12, 2015 Top Stories — Chris Mortensen (@mortreport) October 12, 2015Freeney, 35, is a veteran of 13 NFL seasons. He spent the last two with the San Diego Chargers, tallying four sacks. His first 11 seasons were with the Indianapolis Colts, where he was one of the most feared pass rushers in the game. He racked up 107.5 sacks while making the Pro Bowl seven times and being named an All-Pro three times.The 6-foot-1, 268-pound Freeney has spent most of his career as a defensive end, though played some linebacker with the Chargers. One of the veteran’s new teammates tweeted out his excitement over the move., as of Monday afternoon the move had not been made official, and all Cardinals coach Bruce Arians would confirm is that there were talks between the organization and Freeney and that something will probably get done one way or another in the next 48 hours.But in terms of Freeney, Arians told Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM the veteran still has something left in the tank.“He’s still around the quarterback a lot and he gives you a lot of edge presence,” he said.Arizona may have had extra incentive to bring Freeney into the fold due to injuries sustained during Sunday’s victory over the Detroit Lions. Linebackers Kenny Demens and Alex Okafor along with safety Chris Clemons all left the game. Initial fears were Demens, who stars on special teams, suffered a torn ACL while Okafor, who led the team with eight sacks last season, suffered a right calf injury that will reportedly keep him out the next two to four weeks. However, Arians said the team has had an eye on Freeney for a while, with the player having interest in the team, too.“In talking with him even back in the summer, we had talked about maybe bringing him in, but it just was one of those things where young guys came around,” Arians said. “It wasn’t an opportunity — now there’s an opportunity.” – / 14 Comments   Share   Dwight Freeney will sign with Arizona Cardinals after passing a physical earlier today, per sources It looks like the Arizona Cardinals are adding to their pass rush. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more


first_img Comments   Share   Asked Monday what his team must do in order to have success in the playoffs,  Arians said nothing special.“Just play to our own strengths,” he said. “When we play with passion and energy, we don’t miss tackles. We do a much better job following bootlegs and things like that. We’re more focused. Offensively, just catch the damn ball. It’s not like we’ve dropped a lot of balls this year, but we dropped a bunch in that game (vs. Seattle), which was a total lack of focus.” – / 39 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories center_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 3. Arizona CardinalsFPI rank: firstEPA rankings: first offense, third defenseComment: Coach Bruce Arians wrote off the Cardinals’ 36-6 defeat to Seattle as a “good wake-up call” heading into the playoffs. He might be right, but there is little precedent. This was the third-worst Week 17 defeat for a playoff team since the NFL realigned to eight divisions in 2002. Only the 2005 and 2009 Cincinnati Bengals lost by more in Week 17 before entering the playoffs.Carson Palmer has been much better for this Cardinals team than he was for those Bengals teams. He led the league in Total QBR (82.1) and was the most consistently productive quarterback in the NFL this season. While he made it through the regular season without suffering another knee injury, an injured right index finger did affect him in the final two games. The bye week gives Palmer’s finger time to heal while letting his 36-year-old body rest following a 16-game grind. That should be big for Arizona.Prior to Sunday’s defeat, the Cardinals had won nine games in a row — with one of the victories coming over the Seahawks in Seattle.Arizona finished the season ranked first in the NFL in total offense, averaging 408.3 yards per game, and second in points per game at 30.6. The Cardinals are also fifth in total defense, allowing 321.7 yards per game, and seventh in points allowed per game, at 19.6. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) throws against the Seattle Seahawks during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) The regular season is a thing of the past. Now, it’s time for the playoffs.The Arizona Cardinals enter the postseason with a 13-3 record to go along with the second seed in the NFC. They are the favorites to win the Super Bowl according to the Las Vegas oddsmakers, and could very well be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at Levi’s Stadium next month.Time will tell, but as the playoffs get set to kick off, ESPN NFL writer Mike Sando, in his playoff team rankings (ESPN Insider), has the Cardinals sitting third behind No. 1 Seattle and No. 2 Carolina.last_img read more

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first_img Top Stories The Patriots have had one of the NFL’s top three records in each of the past six seasons.Belichick is the greatest coach in NFL history. It’s not even debatable at this point. Other coaches have had bigger impacts on the game thanks to innovative schemes.Carroll, who has previously headed the football programs of both collegiate and professional teams, is 93-67 as an NFL coach in a single season with the Jets, three with the Patriots and six with the Seahawks. He’s made two Super Bowl appearances, winning in 2014.No team plays harder than the Seahawks. It doesn’t matter what the score is (see: Seattle’s playoff loss in Carolina last season), Carroll’s teams never seem to give up.As for head-to-head performance, Arians is 2-4 in his career against the Carroll and the Seahawks. He lost the lone game he coached against the Pats in 2012 as the interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. – / 20 Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   One of the Valley’s most recognizable sports figures – famous for his clever quips, Kangol hats and an elite football team – was named the third-best head coach in the NFL by USA Today’s Steven Ruiz.Just a day after Ruiz called the Cardinals’ offensive personnel the second-best in the league, the man who led the Cardinals to the NFL’s second-best record in 2015 sat just behind the Seahawks’ Pete Carroll (2) and the Patriots’ Bill Belichick (1) on the columnist’s coach ranking. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians celebrates after an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Green Bay Packers, Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals won 26-20 in overtime. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Is there a more aggressive coach in the league? Arians isn’t jumping on the dink-and-dunk trend most NFL offenses are now favoring. The Cardinals offense is going to attack defenses downfield and do it relentlessly. And that mindset has carried over to the defense. No team captures the personality of its coach more than Arizona. Arians also produces results. His teams have never won fewer than nine games, and that includes his 12-game stint as the Colts interim coach, when Indianapolis went 9-3.Arians is 34-14 in three seasons as the Cardinals’ head coach. He’s led Arizona to the playoffs in his past two seasons and had the NFL’s second-best record last year.As Ruiz noted above, Arians enjoys the luxury of coaching one of the most potent offenses in the league, one that led the NFL in yards in 2015. His defense, with four Pro Bowlers including Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson, was 8th in yards allowed.Belichick, meanwhile, coached a Patriots defense that just cracked the top-ten in fewest yards allowed in the NFL (5430). His offense, headlined by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, had the NFL’s sixth-highest yardage total (5991). He has four Super Bowl rings (’01, ’03, ’04, ’14), and is 223-113 (.664) in 21 years as an NFL head coach.last_img read more

FILE In this Aug 4 2011 file photo Arizona Ca

first_imgFILE – In this Aug. 4, 2011 file photo, Arizona Cardinals’ Todd Heap warms up at NFL football training camp in Flagstaff, Ariz. Police say Heap was behind the wheel of the truck when he accidentally struck his 3-year-daughter while moving the vehicle forward outside their home in Mesa Friday, April 14, 2017. Officials said the girl was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. Mesa police said impairment was not a factor. (AP Photo/Matt York) Prayers go out to Todd Heap and his family! Very sad situation— Antoine Bethea (@ABethea41) April 15, 2017 Cannot stop thinking of Todd Heap & his family. It’s pain that is literally unimaginable; the mind doesn’t even let you go there. 🙏 🙏 🙏— Mark Dalton (@CardsMarkD) April 15, 2017 Prayers for Todd heap and his family.. can’t imagine— Tyrann Mathieu (@Mathieu_Era) April 15, 2017 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo I can only imagine how heart broken this father is. Prayers towards Todd Heap and his family 🙏🏽— cameron jordan (@camjordan94) April 15, 2017 The NFL community reached out to former Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap on social media after he accidentally hit and killed his 3-year-old daughter behind the wheel of his truck Friday. Absolutely gutted for Todd Heap and his family. Thoughts are with them in this incredibly tough time.— JJ Watt (@JJWatt) April 15, 2017 Top Stories Heavenly Father please be with the Heap family……….— Eric Weddle (@weddlesbeard) April 15, 2017 Prayers for Todd Heap & Family 🙏🏾— Tyrod Taylor (@TyrodTaylor) April 15, 2017 Team statement on the Heap tragedy.— Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) April 15, 2017center_img — Bruce Arians (@BruceArians) April 15, 2017 Statement from the Baltimore Ravens organization:— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) April 15, 2017The 37-year-old Heap played 12 seasons in the NFL, spending his last two seasons with the Cardinals after 10 with the Ravens. Heap had 32 receptions for 377 yards and one touchdown in Arizona. He was a standout at Arizona State University, breaking the record at the school for most receptions by a tight end at 115. He was drafted in the first round at No. 31 overall by the Ravens in 2001. Heap was a two-time Pro Bowler and made the All-Pro team in 2003. 6 Comments   Share   Praying for the Heap family during this tragic time. May God bring them strength 😔☝️💔— Ottis OJ Anderson (@OJAnderson24) April 15, 2017 Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Praying for Todd Heap and his family. It could happen to anybody, and I can’t imagine the grief.— Chad Greenway (@chadgreenway52) April 15, 2017 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires I am saddened to hear of the tragic news surrounding the Heap family. My thoughts and prayers are with them in this difficult time.last_img read more

Dreaming of a holiday within walking distance of c

first_imgDreaming of a holiday within walking distance of crystal-clear waters? Don’t want to deal with choppy waters or breaking waves? What you’re after is a lagoon holiday. The perfect place for water sports, snorkelling, to take a boat out or just have a good old swim – lagoons are the most calming way to have an aquatic adventure.Here’s your daily source of travel inspiration as we take you through the 10 most beautiful lagoons in the world, in no particular order.Aitutaki Lagoon – Cook IslandsThis lagoon is famous for being one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world, complemented by the culture of the magnificent Cook Islands.Railay Beach Lagoon – ThailandThailand is an Australian favourite when it comes to holidays – and why shouldn’t it be? Just look at that gorgeous sapphire water. Blue Lagoon – IcelandIf tropical destinations aren’t your thing, maybe a visit to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is exactly what you need. Not all lagoons need to be in hot countries!Nanuya Levu – FijiOne of the best ways to view a Fijian sunset is relax beside this stunning lagoon called Nanuya Levu. It’s ringed by palm trees and is instantly calming.San Alfonso del Mar – ChileThis lagoon is completely man made! San Alfonso del Mar has transformed the Chilean beach into a double-barrelled aqua park, with the real beach on one side and a glorious lagoon on the other. The lagoon, developed by Crystal Lagoons, is energy-efficient too, using up to 100 times fewer chemicals than a regular swimming pool system, and 30 times less water than a golf course.Teti’aroa – French PolynesiaTeti’aroa in French Polynesia is your place to see unique corals and other underwater flora. Marlon Brando owns the island of this lagoon, turning an inaccessible location into an eco-friendly, super-luxurious resort. This atoll used to be the used as a summer dwelling for the chiefs and kings of Tahiti.Lord Howe Island – AustraliaThe waters around Lord Howe Island are home to more than 500 species of fish, 90 coral species and many seabird colonies. It is an archipelago with 28 islands, all encased in a stunning blue lagoon.Blue Lagoon – CroatiaBlue Lagoon in Croatia has no coral reefs, as it was formed between a number of small islands separated by the lagoon between them. This does not impact its beauty, as the Adriatic sea is crystal-clear and shallow, so all the sea life is visible.Comino – MaltaThe island of Comino in Malta is car-free and practically uninhabited, meaning this lagoon is almost untouched. Wild plants such as thyme grow all around the area, so a swim in the lagoon can be accompanied by the tantalising scent of fresh herbs.Ko Olina Lagoons – HawaiiThese Hawaiian lagoons were human-made to create a relaxing place for non-surfers to enjoy the water. The stone walls protect the lagoon from the open sea, making it a perfect location for snorkelling and shallow diving. For more information, contact PEPR Publicity.last_img read more

Gault Millau Switzerland and sponsor Carl F Buche

first_imgGault Millau Switzerland and sponsor Carl F. Bucherer have named the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz  “Hotel of the Year 2018”. In an official ceremony held on Monday 28 August, the hotel was awarded the prestigious title by Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer, and Urs Heller, chief editor of Gault Millau Switzerland.The Kulm was praised by the judges for its exceptional culinary offerings, outstanding service standards, stunning location with breathtaking views of the Engadine Valley, striking new rooms by Pierre-Yves Rochon and its wide-ranging health and fitness offering, including its modern spa.Gault Millau, founded in 1969 by two French restaurant critics, is among the most influential restaurant guides on the international gourmet scene and places great emphasis, therefore, on the cuisine offered by hotels when making its annual award selection. The Kulm Hotel stood out in 2017 for a variety of reasons including the opening in January of the Kulm Country Club, which had an innovative launch concept that saw different Michelin starred chefs from around the world, such as Daniel Humm, Nenad Mlinarevic and Mauro Colagreco, “pop up” to cook in the restaurant.Planning is already in place for more guest chefs to visit the Kulm in the upcoming winter season, including Germany’s two-starred Michelin chef Tim Raue with his Asian-inspired cuisine who will be at the K – the Kulm’s fine dining restaurant.The last year also saw the F&B operations at the Kulm Hotel taken over by a new head chef, Mauro Taufer, who came to the property with excellent experience gained at the Hotel Gritti Palace and Hotel Danieli, both in Venice, as well as a warm and welcoming professional style, and an aptitude for hiring the right talent for the right job.Taufer oversees the Kulm’s varied culinary concept, which includes five restaurants (the half-board Grand Restaurant, the Gourmet Restaurant the K, the Italian Pizzeria, Chesa al Parc serving local Engadine specialities and the Sunny Bar, which plays host to Peruvian chef Claudia Canessa in the evenings), in addition to the newly-opened Kulm Country Club. Furthermore, the Kulm’s “Dine Around” programme operated in conjunction with sister property Grand Hotel Kronenhof means that guests have access to another three restaurants. Two of these restaurants, the Grand at the Kulm and the Grand at the Kronenhof, provide half-board meals of an exceptional standard for guests.The ongoing investment in the Kulm Hotel was also an important factor in choosing the property as “Hotel of the Year”. Some of the major innovations of the last decade are the 2000-square-metre Kulm Spa St. Moritz, which was unveiled in 2012 following a CHF12 million investment; the refurbishment of the NeuKulm building with interiors by internationally renowned designer Pierre-Yves Rochon and, of course, the opening of the Kulm Country Club, created from an historic Ice Pavilion that had lain unused since the 1980s.And last but by no means least, Gault Millau recognised the enormous input, energy and friendly nature of the Kulm team, led by Heinz E. and Jenny Hunkeler, who are the only General Managers ever to pick up the coveted Hotel of the Year award twice. The Hunkelers have been at the helm of the Kulm Hotel since March 2013 and were previously at sister property Grand Hotel Kronenhof, when it was named GaultMillau Hotel of the Year in 2009.On accepting the award, Heinz E. Hunkeler said, “We are delighted to receive this outstanding award on behalf of the entire team at the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, who work tirelessly alongside us to ensure that our guests have an outstanding stay with us. From the moment they arrive to the moment they depart, the concierge desk, the house-keeping team, the kitchen and restaurant staff, and the spa team, do their utmost to look after the guests, a fact that is reflected by the hotel winning the highly respected Gault Millau “Hotel of the Year” title.”last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterSix years of double-digit sales growth from the Australian market has seen the establishment of a local arm of Amtrak Vacations by independent travel holiday provider, Yankee Leisure Group (YLG).Revealing the move to the travel trade today, YLG said the Sydney-based operation was a reflection of increasing demand by Aussies for “independent, customised train travel through North America”.YLG offers a portfolio of travel experiences to the most sought-after destinations throughout the world, with its brands including Amtrak Vacations, Yankee Holidays and Railbookers, with spin-offs including VIA Rail Vacations by Railbookers and Eurostar Vacations by Railbookers. Amtrak serves over 31 million passengers a year and operates to 46 of the 48 continuous US states and into Canada.Amtrak Vacations rail network through the USA and Canada“Today’s travellers want a more immersive travel experience; one size no longer fits all. They want the opportunity to find out what life is like onboard the train, explore new destinations and enjoy sightseeing beyond simply the top tourist attractions. You want to come home with stories of your experiences to share with friends and family,” Yankee Leisure Group’s President Frank Marini said in a press release.“We are excited about our new office in Sydney and the opportunity to assist Australian Travel agents and travellers with booking the train holiday of a lifetime to the USA and Canada.”Yankee Leisure Group President, Frank MariniMarini told LATTE that Amtrak Vacations’ local outpost will be run by a team of seven, focused on B2B and B2C  relationships, with all staff having previous industry experience in Australia.Popular itineraries from this region include the Great American, Grand National Parks with Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon and California Dreamin’.“We have a number of top itineraries we see the Australian market purchasing, but everything and anything can be customised to fit the travellers’ needs,” he explained.Amtrak Roomette in the RockiesAmtrak offers a First Class seating product on its Acela Express product which operates in the US Northeast Corridor, between Boston and Washington DC. In First Class, passengers enjoy premium amenities, complimentary onboard food and beverage services and receive privileged access to Club Acela Lounges in Boston South Station, New York Penn Station, Philadelphia 30th Street Station and Washington, DC Union Station.The benefit for passengers taking a train over air services include the convenience of city-centre start and ending points, as is the case on the New York to Boston Amtrak service. “The 3.5-hour-journey-time New York Penn Station to South Station Boston eliminates the need to drive to an airport, check-in formalities, waiting for a flight to board, fly, and luggage collection at the other end,” Marini said.Yankee Leisure Group’s boss told LATTE the business acquired Railbookers 2.5 years ago, “as there were customers on the YLG-Amtrak Vacations brand. During that time we brought in professional management and our reservation/operating system, and have re-launched here in Australia with a new local office under YLG brands.”Marini said the company has witnessed “unprecedented growth” from Australia, telling LATTE  that sales have been rising 20% year-on-year since 2012, and are up 30% already in 2018.“The demand for rail travel continues, as rail travel can be anything an agent or customer wants it to be. From city-to-city service and sightseeing, to pre/post cruise itineraries, a true overnight rail experience offers breathtaking sightseeing along the way … our growth comes from the fact that we appeal to all customers, and the journey begins when you get on board.”Agents can also have confidence selling Amtrak Vacations, with the US-based company now a member of the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO) and AFTA. It also has arrangements in place with a number of preferred travel consortia here and is “looking to incorporate more,” Marini said.The head of the Australian arm of Amtrak Vacations is expected to be announced in coming weeks.To kick off this exciting launch, Amtrak Vacations is offering special discounts on sleeping accommodation options including $300 off per couple for Roomette upgrades* and $400 off per couple for Bedroom upgrades* on any 2019 travels during its early-bird sale, valid for bookings to 31 October 2018. The Roomette category offers shared bathroom facilities, and Bedroom category offers in-room bathroom facilities. Both categories include all meals for the duration on board the train.Visit or for rail holiday ideas and options and phone 1300 650 257 for rail holiday bookings.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

More Brits have booked flights abroad during the w

first_imgMore Brits have booked flights abroad during the winter months, figures from cheap flights carrier easyJet have revealed.The airline has experienced a 17 percent increase in the number of passengers booking flights to European destinations this winter.According to psychologist Dr David Holmes, of Manchester Metropolitan University, a winter break benefits a person’s “mind, body and soul”.”Visiting countries with longer, brighter sunlight hours and/or taking an active holiday such as skiing or snowboarding is the perfect way to lift our spirits,” he said.”Physical activity increases the level of endorphins in our body which help boost feelings of control and happiness.”Ski destinations in Europe have enjoyed heavy snowfalls this year, with a number of resorts in Italy and France having opened a month ahead of schedule.easyJet flies to a number of airports close to ski resorts, including Geneva, Grenoble and Innsbruck.The airline recently announced that it has chosen the Alzheimer’s Society as its 2009 charity partner.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedCourchevel hosts Dali exhibition for skiersSkiers looking for a cultural destination this winter may head to Courchevel as the resort hosts a Dali exhibition.Brits hop on winter flights to EuropeBritish tourists are fleeing the UK to remedy their winter blues with some holiday cheer, according to easyJet.More cheap flights on offer from StanstedMore cheap flights on offer from Stanstedlast_img read more