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Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 2360256

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Webmaster discussion how to use QQ want to make money

Many webmaster think

SEO is difficult to do, do promotion is very difficult to do! I don’t answer, I went straight to the topic! Talk about using money making idea: we want to do Taobao know, Tata voice rang, mind is always happy, I also do Taobao, this is the place of our weakness share, give you an idea, can let those who sit on the computer side waiting for business people to bring me income.

first, you already have their own website and has been linked to good advertising, is actually the best English station, because the cost is relatively high on a bit, and then you want to find the best of their landing, a big mass, but also Never mind, you can send messages to strangers, probably "your product I have 10 discount?" means that you are allowing sellers to buy things on the OK, then you’re in the automatic reply which play: I can’t accept the message now, you can use XXXXXXX to contact me, 10 sellers at least 9.5 will go to see. Of course, in your page, relative to your income came, did not pit people what the big deal let white people a joy, what I’ve done in the past, the results were OK, this is just an idea, you can According to it to derive a new promotion, in short, through these channels let us make money. read more

Free access to the value of 100000 HopHunt PPC advertising costs

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How to earn a dollar from Clickbank

Hello everyone, welcome to the Internet dollar pass.

really can not think, just open the mailbox. See about 17 friends sent me a message, said hello to me, saying that you want to learn how to make money?. Thank you for your concern, welcome your arrival, I am very happy. Because the answer is more time, I would like to talk about the Internet dollar pass, thank you. By the way, share my thoughts.

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Analysis of the three major premise of website profit model

currently website profit pattern classification of
the website profit pattern in the author’s opinion can be divided into three categories:
1, information model

this means that through the provision of a variety of information services to achieve the purpose of profit, here can also be broken down into several categories. The first is the Sina model, also is to provide various information for users, such as news and information, attracting a large number of Internet users access down (the page becomes a like on billboards downtown.), so that the page has a high commercial value. The second is the information website model, that is, users publish information, to establish a platform for the communication of information, that is, put up a bridge. His value lies in the fact that the bridge reduces the cost of the traditional mode of communication.
mode line line mode is very funny, this way is more use of offline operation to make money, for example, many dating sites, in fact he websites such as VIP and other members of little money, but a lot of dating sites to engage in offline activities, such as the party, collect tickets and other expenses. Such as Ctrip, eLong is this pattern, their main income from the line tickets, hotel booking, tourism and other income, the website for them, but it is the display counter. The characteristics of
this pattern is his profit is through offline transactions or activities to achieve the
note: standard here is on the website’s point of view, gains from website evaluation method. Rather than from the user’s point of view or global perspective. For example, users want to buy a car, the car network, find online advertising, and under the car, the process from the global view is both online and offline, but from the car network, Internet users on-line car, find ads, determine the purchase intention, here car network task has been completed, there is only one information model.
see the following website to see all kinds of profit model three premise website profit.
Web profit premise, your website audience clear
audience base read more

How to operate the classified information station

It is necessary to be patient and persistent!

can also release called information, such as public welfare activities, how to engage in the estimation of those of you who know better than me….

flow, then how to do?

page in addition to put N text ads position, can put at least 6 small picture advertising. At least a month about $1000 can get around it

because access to classified information website in general should be more than 18 year old people, to determine a good location, see what they need to get information. This time, your action must be fast. In the early stages of development must always look at the local job recruitment and the sale of newspapers and magazines..

can enrich your information. I do not know how others do, but if I do, it will make a simple certification, so that the credibility of the up, the flow will come up. Internet users are willing to come here to find things, businesses are willing to release information here… No matter how, for visitors must be free. To release information about whether to charge a service fee, large flow, can charge 1 – $5 each piece of information. The cost of small ads is also higher than this, so the price is very competitive) why can you charge? Because you are better than others, the site is more honest than others, the information is more accurate than others, more professional positioning. read more

Limit letter to the owners do not use any cheating tools

thieves and crooks are hateful, but life is an objective existence, cheating and cheating is also the same as the others hate, hate and hate, but not very defensive. It is impossible to eliminate, and prevention is a responsibility of all our advertisers. The network advertisement cheating serious case, I Alliance on advertising system has been upgraded to further enhance the advertisement flow depth tracking function, provides the reference for the traffic parameters more false judgment, completely preventing cheating. read more

16388 audio and video network to find the webmaster cooperation A variety of cooperation

      16388 video net is made by Guangzhou Yi network technology Co., the company engaged in the development and operation of audio-visual media products online marketing business of professional e-commerce website.16388 video network "brought together world record", its service tenet is that throughout the country.

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PTV network TV

four key siege IPTV


made a specification or standard is not timely, not perfect, it has become a major bottleneck restricting the development of IPTV. Huang Tiejun said that with the development of IPTV, there will be a number of manufacturers of set-top boxes, content providers to provide services is certainly more than one. "However, because IPTV has not yet established the relevant standards, my set-top box can only support my own content, which is obviously not good."

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