first_imgBILL NEAL :09 You know the best guy in the whole wide world is my main man Dwayne Woodruff, aka “Da Judge,” but the second best guy in the whole wide world is Attorney Billy Goodrich.I mean c’mon man, we started first grade together. Now I want you all to know that the third best guy in the whole wide world is Attorney Jack Goodrich. Not only that, he’s the best looking and best dressed of all three…just ask him and he’ll tell you. By now you’re wondering what these guys have to do with sports? Well, to be honest, nothing. But I guarantee you they all know why I call them the best guys in the whole wide world!Yea Mon…I’m no fool. Hold up, wait a minute, did I almost forget to tell you that Dom Gambino is the fourth best guy in the whole wide world? Man, this could go on for a while.:08 You want to complain about your Pittsburgh Steelers being 2-3. Do you know that New England is 3-3 and Green Bay is 3-3 and the Jets are 3-3 and the Giants are 3-3 and the self-anointed Eagles are 3-3 and the Cowboys are 2-3. Need I say more?:07 Ok, you want me to believe that all those people knew that Lance Armstrong took performance enhancing drugs and they knew all this time and no one ever said a word until now. Do-you-really-believe- that? Or do you think that maybe “The Powers that Be” just might have something on some of these guys to get them to roll over? Hmm…:06 As promised, I went to the old timers basketball practice and here’s what I found out. “Bum” Coates still got game and yes, he can still shoot the ball. But guess what else I uncovered? “AI” is still sudden death from that wing spot. “Hop” and “Spud”…both former great athletes back in the day, are still rollin’. “Big Bill” is still quiet, but effective on the boards. “Mike W.” and “Chuck” can still run faster with a ball than most people can without one. “Mike Dean” is just cool and “Mitch” is the key to victory with his inside game. And to no one’s surprise, I can still shoot the ball… always could and always will. Don’t believe me, ask the other guys I just mentioned. I shut down the gym with five in a row…all net! I’m just saying!! But the real reason I bring this to your attention is this, No. 1 — When the old timers have a home game here, go out and support them. You can still see some great ball. No. 2 — In the wake of the sudden loss of some of our basketball brothers who loved and played the game, it’s just great to be able to live life and still enjoy the game that brought us all so-much-fun!!!:05 Movie Review Time: You know you love it. Yes, you do…yes, you do! All “Taken 2” is doing is “Taken” your money. I mean, it’s alright, but it’s not close to the original. I give it two basketballs…and that really is because it’s Liam Neeson.:04 And while I have the attention of the artistic side of your brain, how about this…“Back to the World,” “If I were only a Child Again,” “Keep on Pushin’,” “We’re a Winner,” “We People Who Are Darker Than Blue,” “Stone Junkie”…aawwee, you forgot about Curtis Mayfield…excuse me, the great Curtis Mayfield. You know there was “The Man” and his music before and after “Superfly”!:03 Round up—Pitt lost to Syracuse; WVU went back to Texas and got their butts whopped; Ike Taylor and the Steelers gave another one away at the end; Penn State was off; the City League is holding onto a league (more next week); the Pirates are done; “Jeter,” and now the Yankees are done and there may never be hockey again. There, that’s all I got!:02 Don’t forget the Plum Lady Mustangs are holding their “Got Skillz” basketball camp for girls ages 3-8 years old. But here’s what you need to know. Two of the greatest-of-all time will be on hand to teach your girls the game. Three-time NCAA UConn national champion and WNBA star, Ashley Battle and University of Pittsburgh All-American and Big East Hall of Famer, Coach Jennifer Bruce. For more information, call Coach Bruce at Plum Sr. High School. Call now…Do it now!:01 Time is running out to get your tickets to the best time you will have the rest of this year, Jazz at Le Maison Du Paix. For you city league grads…and some of you recent Penn Hills and Woodland Hills grads, that means “The House of Peace.” For your $25 donation, that will go to The Champions Toys for Tots Christmas Party, you get wine and cheese, the Fabulous Allure Models Fashion Show, face masks painted by local artist, Ernie Bey (a keepsake to be sure), photo taken for you and yours on the spot and last, but not least, the legendary Kenny Blake in concert. This is a VIP status dress to impress event to be held at one of the most magnificent locations in Allegheny County that you will never forget. (You must call to buy or reserve tickets. Only 60 tickets available. Call now, 412-628-4856.:00 Double OvertimeAnd this man could get it for you. A fond farewell to one of Western Pa’s all time greatest basketball stars, Mr. Jim McCoy. “Jumpin” Jim McCoy and his late brother Julius came out of Farrell, Pa. and dominated the game on every level. A former Pittsburgh Piper who I had the pleasure of knowing through Connie Hawkins, his Piper teammate. He now takes a starting position on “Heaven’s Hooper’s” and trust me, that already super star team just got taken to another level.~GAME OVER~ :10 SANDUSKY, will you please shut-up!! One or two people might lie on you, but not 40. Just shut up and take it the same way you gave it…say what!!last_img read more

More problems for João Félix: he suffers a pharyngotonsillitis

first_imgOn the opposite side, Morata advances in his attempt to be against Liverpool and during today’s training already He made a continuous career on the grass of Cerro del Espino. For its part Diego Costa works to be in the best conditions possible to receive the English and in addition to fine-tuning their aim, at the end of the training with the group (something he has been doing since last Wednesday) he was training alone to continue with his set-up. At the moment the only player discarded for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 is Trippier, operated from a pubalgia. The attack front is the one that is most depleted, while Costa, Morata and João Félix remain without medical discharge. Blacksmith It is another player who remains on the sidelines, with tendinopathy. Arias and Giménez on the other hand they are already training with the group and they are waiting for them in Mestalla on Friday against Valencia, where the Colombian points to the holder. During today’s training Lemar was absent, which conducted an individualized work session. Problems accumulate for João Félix. Portuguese works against the clock to be available next Tuesday, February 18 against Liverpool, but he had to stop his rehabilitation when suffering from a pharyngotonsillitis. The 20-year-old has not been able to work these last two days in the Sports City due to pharyngotonsillitis. The front will follow a medical treatment and sports rest, according to Atlético explained on its website. João Félix marked the date against the English in red since he suffered a right leg muscle injury during the game against Leganés on January 26. However, this sports rest makes its presence in the Champions League even more difficult. last_img read more

Luis Oliver is discharged

first_imgNavarrese businessman Luis Oliver, shareholder of Extremadura, received hospital discharge on Monday after several days admitted to the San Francisco de Asís hospital in Madrid, where he tested positive for the coronavirus after presenting symptoms. Oliver sent the following statement to the media:“Today, March 30, 2020, I have the good fortune to communicate, thanks to the excellent health and medical staff of the San Francisco de Asís Hospital in Madrid, who work, like all of Spain, in extreme conditions, that I have been discharged from hospital for having overcome the Covid-19 virus. They have been ten very difficult and complicated days, nights of solitude in which the fragility of human life is seen up close. I have been fortunate to receive the love and encouragement of hundreds of friends who have sent me their messages of solidarity and affection, of soccer players, agents, managers, presidents, journalists, the media, both from Spain and from America and from my dear Portugal.I want to thank everyone, thank you very much for helping me in such difficult times in the solitude of a hospital, and isolated before the unknown. To all I want to send a message of thanks, I can never forget so much love and support.I must warn of the seriousness of this disease, which is very serious, and leaves us no choice but to wait at home for this pandemic to pass with the least possible human damage.I encourage the many sick and hospitalized people to continue fighting and fighting for their lives, that it can be done !!!!! “last_img read more

Murder suspect still at large

first_imgPolice Station escapeA man who fled Police custody from the La Grange Police Station, West Bank Demerara, holding area on Wednesday last is still at large.Anthony Jhagroo believed to be in his early 20s was being held in connection with the murder of mechanic Yogeshwar Shivcharran, who was beaten at Bell West, WBD two weeks ago and had succumbed to his injuries six days later.The gap in the holding cell through which Anthony Jhagroo reportedly escapedOn Saturday Guyana Times was told that Police are still hunting for the suspect.Reports had indicated that Jhagroo escaped during the wee hours of Wednesday morning when there was a power outage in Regions Three and Four.The suspect supposedly made his way through a gap in the wall of the holding area of the Police Station, despite reports that there were two Police ranks on duty at the time of the escape.The Bell West mechanic, 31, was beaten by a group of drunken neighbours.Shivcharran suffered regular seizures and in a mental episode, he removed his clothing and approached his neighbours, who were consuming alcohol next door.These neighbours reportedly pelted him with beer bottles before beating him to his head and body.On Monday last Police had questioned and released three women in connection with the incident while Jhagroo was held at the Station on Tuesday before he fled the next day.Investigations of the murder and escape are continuing, while nothing is being said of the hole in the wall in the Police Station.last_img read more

Abandoned School in Remote Panta District Gets Modern Housing for Teachers

first_imgAn exterior view of the modern teachers’ quarters for the Corporal G. Woah Public High School in Panta District, upper Bong CountyAs in many parts of the country, the Corporal G. Woah Public High School in the remote Panta District, Upper Bong County, has not been opened ever since it was dedicated in 2014, and the district’s authorities in collaboration with authorities at the Ministry of Education are having difficulty to find teachers, because of lack housing facilities.The School, with an enrollment of more female students, is also having a hard time recruiting and keeping qualified teachers. Vacancies are often filled by volunteers of substitute teachers, and the isolated location deters many of the newly recruited teachers.In order to tackle and motivate qualified teachers against the struggle, Bong County District #4 Representative, Robert Flomo Womba, has constructed four apartments; each self-contained with bathroom facilities, closet and a porch, as well as basic furniture — queen-size mattress, a table and chairs. The apartments also have a generator to provide electricity.On Saturday, May 18, 2019, the teachers’ quarters were dedicated in Bellemu, Panta District, when the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives cut the ribbon to the facilities.Partial view of the Corporal G. Woah Public High School, which has not been occupied since it was dedicated in 2014.Panta District has about 10,300 residents. However, statistics show that because of the lack of a public senior high school since the district was created by an act of the legislature, some of the students, who finished elementary level, either walked over four hours to Zota District to attain public secondary education or choose another area.Panta District, which contained at least 30 towns and villages, is one of the two statutory districts in Bong County District #4.During the dedication ceremony, which was held in the school auditorium, the District Lawmaker, Robert Flomo Womba, said the construction of the teachers’ quarters is in fulfillment of one of his electoral promises to develop minds of the youth.Womba said he has passion to add value to those, who contributed to his education.“Besides the dearth of modern teachers’ quarters, the lack of better incentives for qualified teachers was attributed to the shortage of assigned teachers in the rural areas.Rep. Womba, a Unity Party Lawmaker, expressed the wish that the construction of the teachers’ quarters would motivate qualified teachers to come and teach at the school.Representatives Prince Moye, Robert Flomo Womba and education officials at the event.“Prior to my ascendancy as Representative for this district, I was always interested in development, and so I want to empower the young people. This is one of the reasons I constructed the teachers’ quarters in the rural area,” Rep. Womba said.House Deputy Speaker Prince K. Moye, expressed gratitude to Rep. Womba for constructing the free-four departments as teachers’ quarters.“I was quite impressed when I saw that the buildings were so amazing and remarkably well-done,” Moye said.Margibi County Senator Jim Tornolah, also expressed gratefulness to Rep. Womah. He and other educational stakeholders thanked Rep. Womba for the teachers’ quarters. They promised to ensure that the Corporal G. Wloh Public High School will remain open to the public.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Commercial Drivers’ Strike Paralyzes Traffic in Bong, Nimba

first_imgSome of the drivers set road block in central Gbarnga.Commercial drivers in Bong County on Monday, November 26, staged an early hour strike action, demanding the “reduction in vehicle registration fees and the illegal removal of check points by officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) on major highways, especially at night hours.”A spokesperson for the commercial drivers’ union, Philip Kwenah, told a community radio station that during the administration of the past government, drivers used to pay US$150 for vehicle registration for commercial taxi and US$30 for driver’s license with a three- year expiration date; but at present, drivers pay US$190 as registration for commercial taxi and US$45 for license with only a two-year expiration date.“We are hearing that the government is contemplating stepping up vehicle registration fees for a commercial taxi to US$240 which, we feel, will be detrimental to the survival of the drivers,” Mr. Kwenah said.“Before, vehicle registration inspection was carried out once in a year, but from nearly every two months we have encountered inspection of vehicle registration every two weeks, something which the police are using as a cover up to harass tax paying drivers,” Kwenah said.“The police usually collect our car documents from us under the pretext of inspecting our car documents, and the police will keep them until we give them money before they will release our vehicle documents to us,” some of the drivers alleged.Drivers set roadblocks in an attempt to prevent commercial vehicles from leaving and coming to Gbarnga.Some commercial drivers seen setting roadblocks in Gbarnga City“Our strike will continue until the central government sees reason to reduce the vehicle registration fees, the drivers’ license registration and insurance fees and to also remove all illegal check points by police officers,” he said.As a result of the strike action, commercial motorcyclists have hiked their fares and weekly markets around the highway have been suspended due to the strike action.Investigations conducted by the Daily Observer established that the Jennepleeta and Gbonota weekly markets were not attended on Monday because of the situation, while travelers were stranded and motorcyclists, taking advantage of the situation, overcharged passengers from one point to another.It was established by this newspaper that from Gbarnga to Phebe, which usually costs about L$150, was on Monday doubled to L$300 by motorcyclists and other private drivers.Should the strike action persist, marketeers who have gone in the bush to buy pepper and bitter balls will have to contract private vehicles to bring them to the city.The Regional Commander of the Liberia National Police for Bong, Nimba and Lofa counties Morris Teamah, who spoke on a radio station in Gbarnga, warned commercial drivers not to set roadblocks or they will face the full weight of the law, adding, “If you want to go on strike, it is your right to do so, but remember not to infringe on the rights of others. You want to strike, park your car at your house, but do not disturb other people’s free movement,” Commander Teamah warned.Regarding constant harassment by police that use vehicle inspection as a cover-up to erect checkpoints on major highways, Teamah said the checkpoints were placed to deter criminals who are bent on terrorizing peaceful citizens at night.But observers here, citing the armed robbery of a bank in Bopolu sited right next to a Police station whose officers did nothing to deter the robbers, have dismissed suggestions that the checkpoints serve to deter criminals who Police say are bent on terrorizing peaceful citizens at night. Were this the case, observers noted, the robbery of the bank would have been averted.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Antigua bound Guyanese busted with cocaine at Ogle

first_imgA Guyanese woman who was destined for Antigua, was on Wednesday morning nabbed at the Eugene F Correia International Airport, Ogle, East Coast Demerara, with close to 10 pounds of cocaine in her suitcase.The 24-year-old woman from Georgetown was about to board a Liat flight early Wednesday morning when members of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) detected the anomalies while her suitcase was in the scanner.A search was subsequently conducted during which several packets of the illegal substance were unearthed in the sides of her suitcase. She was immediately arrested and is assisting ranks with their investigations.The illegal substance was taken to CANU’s headquarters where it was weighed and amounted to 4.2 kilograms. Charges are expected to be laid shortly.Over the years, the drug enforcement units have been making strides in curtailing the amount of illicit drugs passing through Guyana’s main ports of entry.Only recently, the Guyana Police Force burnt $196 million in illicit drugs –$147 million in marijuana and another $47 million in cocaine. The 294.2kgs of marijuana were netted over a two-year period between 2015 and 2016, following a number of busts.On the other hand, 55.3kgs of cocaine was dumped into the Atlantic Ocean. Of the amount, 40 kilos were discovered in false bucket bottoms at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on March 19, 2015. Another six kilograms was liquefied and placed in El Dorado five-year-old bottles to be exported to the United States.last_img read more

Jagdeo warns: “Guyanese being fed false hopes”

first_img– maintains US$5000 per household unrealistic As the conversation and debates continue in relation to how the revenues from oil should be spent, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has opined that Guyanese are being fed false hopes.Warning citizens not to be fooled by the proposal being touted that every household would get US$5,000 annually, he has described this as far from becoming a reality.A former President himself, Jagdeo noted that the debate has now shifted from whether there are enough resources to fund such a proposal to how much should be given out.“I am so unhappy that we have shifted…the debate to how much we are giving out, rather than whether we have money to give out from 2020,” Jagdeo stated.Warning that this is just another false hope be peddled with the probable intention of garnering political support, Jagdeo has said that monies accumulated from oil alone cannot deliver on that promise.He explained that if 200,000 households were to benefit from US$5,000 annually, that totals some US$1 billion, but Guyana will receive less than that.“That is over 300 percent of what we are collecting.How could US$1 billion be 2 to 5 percent of total revenue? And that is in the newspaper and nobody challenges it,” he declared.“It is just like people are just saying these weird things and (they pass) off for analysis and good economics; and there is a whole debate surrounding it. Just look at the numbers!” he admonished.Jagdeo reminded that, given the expenses to be repaid to ExxonMobil for oil production, along with the need to service the Natural Resource Fund, there will be no money to give out.He noted that it could take as much as five years before Guyana starts to see major earnings when oil production starts in 2020. This is based on projections that 75 percent of revenues would cover most of the cost of production, including a US$460 million pre-contract cost.“That’s why most people believe we are not getting big bucks until 2025. That’s when you start getting more money, not 2020! I pointed this out already,” he stated.Jagdeo noted also that, in the early years, Guyana is projected to collect some US$300 million.He is in favour of conditional cash transfers as a means of improving the livelihoods of Guyanese, as opposed to simply distributing money when oil revenues begin to flow. “I support conditional transfers. We’ve done that before, and we need to help poor people,” he said.Asked to elaborate on the Opposition’s utilisation of conditional cash transfers while in Government, Jagdeo referred to a $50 million partnership with the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited (GBTI) on the Women of Worth (WoW) programme. This, he said, was an initiative through which single-parent women could receive interest-free loans.He suggested that as a means of introducing concessional transfers, pensioners could also be given a tiny amount every month, to enable them to get tested for diabetes, hypertension, and other non-communicable diseases, to reduce the cost burden on the health sector.The Opposition Leader has put forward other issues he had with the idea of cash transfers, and recommended that portions of the oil revenue be injected into education and job creation.He said, “What about the years when oil prices sink so low…for long periods, like it has happened in some countries, and people….think they’ll get this money all the time? We have to help them create jobs, we have to help them with education.”He continued: “So why not put the money into paying for scholarships? We take $100 million or $50 million and we put it to help our kids who do well go to the best universities around the world; and upgrade our university to a topnotch university with a global standard by bringing in new lecturers. That sort of thing would help us in the long run.”Jagdeo’s comments have resulted directly from the proposal made by Working People’s Alliance (WPA) executive member Professor Clive Thomas that the Government should make annual cash transfers to every household when it begins to receive its net inflow of revenue from oil production.Alliance for Change (AFC) Leader Raphael Trotman has not outrightly rejected the proposal, but has said it is possible for such a plan to be structured so that Guyanese receive benefits.“We want to ensure that our young people have educational grants. We want to ensure the people who receive cash transfers are registered in our tax system and have paid taxes; and not (now) turning up (to) say, ‘I am here to collect’,” Trotman suggested.Finance Minister Winston Jordan has also stated that the monies could be used to improve various sectors in education, health, youth, and small business development.“I would rather hear more debate about using our resources to create opportunities for people, so that they themselves could have lasting incomes as opposed to short-term incomes,” he said.last_img read more

Mwalala wins May/June Coach of the Month

first_imgBandari launched the month with a 1-0 win over Ulinzi stars before drawing 0-0 against Posta rangers.The Dockers then managed a 2-0 win over Vihiga United followed by a 3-1 victory at home against Chemilil Sugar, then a 3-1 win over Tusker FC then a 3-0 win over Zoo FC.They followed up their brilliant campaign with 0-0 draw against Mathare United before drawing 0-0 against Sofapaka then wrapped up the season with a 2-2 stalemate against his former employer Nzoia Sugar.Bandari FC head coach Bernard Mwalala wins the Fidelity Insurance Coach of the Month Award for the second time this season. Photo/AROSHEE“I am so grateful for winning the award twice; I give gratitude to my fellow technical bench and players. That Month was very tough because we played nine games back-to-back, the other coaches have me a run for my money and what gave us motivation,” elated Mwalala said after receiving the award at the team’s training backyard in Mbaraki Sports Club.Bandari have had a busy season after the league, heading to their first Kagame CECAFA Cup in Kigali where they were eliminated after drawing all their matches.He added; “It was a good experience in CECAFA being our first, to me it gave me an opportunity to know where to improve, so I’ll concentrate on improving my attacking. We have a busy season ahead of us; our focus is to take on a match at a time, up next is our first CAF Confederation match at home then think about the league.”Fidelity Insurance Mombasa Branch Manager Nhaaman Shariff (right) presenting trophy to Bandari Coach Bernard MwalalaFidelity Insurance Mombasa Branch Manager Nhaaman Shariff said the firm is committed to renewing the sponsorship, urging Bandari to go for the title this season.“We were here sometime back, and coming back is a signal that the team is doing well. You did well in Cecafa and finishing second in the league is a big achievement, we wish you all the best in the 2019/20 season and if you do well we will be back to celebrate with you.”To win the award, Mwalala got 19 points from a vote conducted by the Sports Journalists Association of Kenya (SJAK) Football Commission beating a tight competition of Tusker FC’s Robert Matano and the then Sony Sugar coach Patrick Odhiambo who each got 18 points.Bandari team celebrating their winning coach Bernard Mwalala. Photo/AROSHEEMwalala despite not clinching the KPL title, he guided bandari to lifting the Shield.Mwalala becomes the fifth recipient of the award in the 2018/19 season after Paul Ogai Western stima,Mathare utd Francis Kimanzi and John Baraza of Sofapaka.Bandari will open their CAF Confederation Cup against Sudaneese side Al Alhy Shandy on the weekend of August 9.0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Bandari’s Bernard Mwalala named May/June Fidelity Insurance Coach of the Month. Photo/AROSHEEMOMBASA, Kenya, Jul 26- Bandari’s Bernard Mwalala was on Friday belatedly named the May/June Fidelity Insurance coach of the month award winner.Mwalala guided the coastal-based side to bagging five wins and four draws in nine matches played.last_img read more

Liverpool leave title rivals breathless

first_imgThe European champions’ relentless tempo has overwhelmed Norwich, Southampton, Arsenal and Burnley, sending a message that they are determined to make amends for narrowly failing to pip City to the trophy last season.Arsenal’s Dani Ceballos is new to English football after joining on loan from Real Madrid and the Spain midfielder admitted to being gob-smacked at the intensity Liverpool displayed in their 3-1 victory against the Gunners in August.“I had never seen anything like it. I’ve not seen up until now a team that plays better, that presses better. That game had quite an impact on me,” Ceballos told the Daily Mail.“They suck the air out of you. You spend so much time defending and when you want to catch your breath and get on the ball for a bit, they’ve taken it from you again.“I think Jurgen Klopp now has the team he first had in mind when he started four years ago.”That glowing testimony underlines the size of the task facing City as they try to stop Liverpool winning their first English crown since 1990.City may have won the last two Premier League titles in scintillating fashion, but Liverpool look better than ever this term and Newcastle are unlikely to halt their progress at Anfield this weekend.With City playing Norwich in Saturday’s late game, the champions could be five points behind Liverpool by the time they kick off at Carrow Road.Pep Guardiola’s team are unbeaten and have already thrashed West Ham and Brighton, but their lone slip — a draw against Tottenham — allowed Liverpool to seize pole position and they can’t afford another against second bottom Norwich.Across Manchester, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s United can only dream of gate-crashing the title race after a disappointing start showed how far they have fallen off the pace.– Maguire in spotlight –United have won only once in their first four games, adding to the incentive for their England defender Harry Maguire to inspire a victory against his former club Leicester.Maguire is the world’s most expensive defender after his £80 million close-season move from Leicester, but he is yet to play like it, as his creaky showing in England’s midweek Euro 2020 qualifier against Kosovo emphasised.Leicester will arrive at Old Trafford above Maguire’s men in the table after an impressive unbeaten start.But, whatever his shortcomings in some areas, Maguire’s personality has made an impression on his new team-mates, who expect him to come good soon.“It’s been seamless,” said United reserve keeper Lee Grant. “Harry has definitely slotted straight in, in terms of the social side and in terms of his mentality and attitude, which has been first class.“The most important thing, though, is his quality and he was able to show that against Chelsea. We could all see he is quite at home in front of the Old Trafford crowd and quite at home as a Manchester United player.”Mauricio Pochettino must hope the closure of the European transfer window lifts the mood at Tottenham, who host fourth placed Crystal Palace looking to secure only their second win.Pochettino was concerned that speculation over the futures of several Tottenham players, including Christian Eriksen, had unsettled his squad.But Eriksen remains with Tottenham in the final year of his contract and Pochettino said: “He was always happy. He never said he wasn’t happy here.“Everyone of course has aims, goals, challenges. His qualities are there and important for the team.”Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham will become only the third player aged 21 or younger to score two or more goals in three consecutive Premier League games, matching the achievement of Cristiano Ronaldo and Dele Alli, if he bags another brace at Wolves.Fixtures (1400 GMT unless stated)SaturdayBrighton v Burnley, Liverpool v Newcastle (1130 GMT), Manchester Utd v Leicester, Norwich v Manchester City (1630 GMT), Sheffield Utd v Southampton, Tottenham v Crystal Palace, Wolves v ChelseaSundayBournemouth v Everton (1300 GMT), Watford v Arsenal (1530 GMT)MondayAston Villa v West Ham (1900 GMT)0Shares0000(Visited 29 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Liverpool winger Mohamed Salah has inspired his side’s blistering start © AFP / Ben STANSALLLONDON, United Kingdom, Sep 13 – Liverpool’s sizzling start to the Premier League season has left their title rivals breathless and the red-hot leaders are expected to maintain their perfect record against Newcastle on Saturday.Jurgen Klopp’s side have seized the early initiative in the Premier League with four successive wins to open up a two-point lead over second placed Manchester City.last_img read more