Winter sun sales are ahead 9 and half the capacity is booked

first_imgWith files from The Canadian Press Share << Previous PostNext Post >> Friday, December 15, 2017 Winter sun sales are ahead 9% and half the capacity is booked: Transat Posted by Tags: Air Transat, Transat MONTREAL — Revenues were up 14% for Transat A.T. Inc. in the fourth quarter of 2017, following an “excellent” summer season that President and CEO Jean-Marc Eustache says was one of the best in the company’s history.Transat A.T. plans to spend $750 million over the coming years to develop its hotel chain in Mexico and the Caribbean.Vertical integration is crucial, said Odette Trottier, Transat’s Director, Communications and Corporate Affairs, in an interview with Travelweek earlier this fall: “It becomes more and more important for leisure travel companies to control the actual products – the flight, transfers and excursions, and, of course, hotels.”In a conference call on Thursday Transat co-founder and CEO Jean-Marc Eustache said he plans to devote the next 18 to 24 months until he retires to begin developing the chain of hotels while his heir, Annick Guerard, runs the company as COO.“It’s our main goal for the development of Transat,” said Eustache.A president for the hotel division will be hired within weeks to put the plan in action before he “disappears” after retiring and leaving his position as chairman, he added.Transat plans to purchase and refurbish one hotel and a piece of land this year as it looks to build a network of 5,000 rooms, 60% of which it will own and manage, over the next five to seven years.In October Transat sold its 35% stake in its Ocean Hotels joint venture for $186 million. The company also signed a deal last month to sell its Jonview Canada subsidiary to a Japanese company for $44 million.Transat has also simplified its fleet to give it more flexibility, improved its digital footprint, augmented the amount of trips it sells directly and improved revenue management. “I think we are better armed to face any of those actions coming from our competitors in the future,” said CFO Denis Petrin.Transat beat expectations as the travel company’s fourth-quarter net income surged due to a strong transatlantic summer season and the sale of its stake in Oceans Hotels.For the quarter ended Oct. 31, 2017, the company posted revenues of $698.6 million, compared with $612.1 million for the same period in 2016, an increase of 86.4 million. This increase resulted mainly from an 8.7% increase in total travellers in the transatlantic market, while average selling prices were up 4%. In this market, Transat A.T. increased capacity by 8.5% compared with 2016, while overall capacity was up nearly 5%.More news:  Direct Travel names Smith as Senior VP, Leisure Marketing, North America“The fourth quarter, like the summer as a whole, was excellent. Financially, our summer results were among the best in our history and significantly improved our results for the year compared with last year,” said Eustache. “From a strategic standpoint, we made great strides towards establishing our hotel division and in several other major areas, including fleet composition and corporate leadership succession.”In the sun destination market, the corporation’s capacity was down 3.8% compared with 2016 due to hurricanes Irma and Maria, which resulted in the repatriation of passengers, particularly in Cuba and the D.R. and the cancellation of certain flights. As a result, total passengers were down 2.7% in that market, while average selling prices rose 7.2%.Transat A.T.’s operations generated $78.5 million in adjusted operating income compared with $46.5 million in 2016. This uptick was driven primarily by higher average selling prices across its markets, as well as by higher capacity and load factors in the transatlantic market.On Oct. 4, 2017, the corporation completed the sale of its 35% minority interest in Ocean Hotels to H10 Hotels, ahead of the anticipated Nov. 2, 2017 closing date. As announced earlier this July, the sale closed for $187.5 million, received in cash on Oct. 4.For the whole year, Transat A.T. posted revenues of $3.0 billion compared with $2.9 billion in 2016 and adjusted operating income of $102 million, compared with $25.8 million in 2016. During the summer, the corporation increased its product offering in the transatlantic market by 7.9%, and average selling prices were higher across its markets. All markets combined, total travellers were up 8.2% for the year.More news:  Le Boat has EBBs along with its new 2020 brochureFor the winter season, it posted an operating loss of $65.7 million (4.2%) compared with $54.2 million (3.4%) in 2016. This decline was due to a rise in air costs and the unfavourable foreign exchange effect which, combined with an increase in fuel prices, resulted in a $39.3 million increase in operating expenses for the winter. This could not be offset by higher average selling prices for sun destination packages, noted the company.During the summer, operating income amounted to $100.5 million (7.0%), compared with $23.9 million (1.9%) for the previous year, driven primarily by higher average selling prices, capacity and load factors across markets.This year, and particularly in the last six months, a number of initiatives were carried out to lay the foundations for the 2018-2022 plan. These include the announcement of the leases for 10 Airbus A321neo LRs, to be operational from the beginning of 2019, the extension of existing A330 leases under better financial conditions, the addition of new A330s, and an agreement with Thomas Cook that will see it provide the corporation with A321ceos in the winter, replacing the Boeing 737s currently operated by Transat.Looking ahead to the first half of fiscal 2018, Transat A.T. reports that capacity is up 8% in the sun destination market outbound from Canada. To date, 50% of that capacity has been sold, bookings are ahead by 9.2%, and load factors are similar. Due to the strengthening of the Canadian dollar, offset by rising fuel costs, operating expenses are currently down 2.1%, while margins are currently up 2% from the same date last year.As for the transatlantic market, where it is low season, Transat’s capacity is up 20% from last winter. To date, 47% of that capacity has been sold, bookings are ahead by 15% and load factors are down 2%.If these trends continue, Transat said it expects to achieve better results than in the 2017 winter season. Travelweek Group last_img read more

Good eats Costa Ricas best bar food

first_imgFrom the print editionBy Jack Donnelly | Special to The Tico Times Costa Rican cuisine has an unfortunate reputation for being bland, boring and uninspired. Some Gringos think that Tico food is just rice and beans, fried chicken and starchy plantains. This is unjustified and unfortunate, and in fact, there are many traditional dishes that are unique and enjoyable. Comida típica (traditional cooking) which includes such dishes as olla de carne, tortilla aliñada and pescado entero (pot of meat, cheese tortilla and whole fish) is not only delicious, but also intriguing. These typical foods are more laborious to prepare and are not as commonly found on menus. They may also be suffering from competition with Gringo fast food.A good way to explore the more interesting and varied side of Costa Rican cooking is to start with bar food. Tantalizing and unusual, small dishes (bocas) are there for the tasting in countless small establishments around the country. You don’t even have to commit to a large meal to try them out. Remember that part of the fun is that they are a little different every place you go: Be adventuresome! You should consider your research into this topic a service to culture and humanity.The offerings are endless and varied. Many bar-restaurants offer very complete menus, including half portions of regular meals along with standard side dishes. Following are a few of my favorite bocas:Chifrijo – In my humble opinion, chifrijo is the king of Tico bar food. A good chrifrijo will attract a steady crowd of eager patrons. Even confirmed teetotalers will sneak into a disreputable gin mill to enjoy the culinary delights of this dish.It is the only boca that I am aware of that has had a patent taken out by its inventor, Miguel Ángel Cordero. He developed this heavenly recipe in the 1990s at his bar and restaurant (Cordero’s) in Tibás, just north of San José. Chifrijo is uniquely Costa Rican.The name was suggested by one of the first customers to try it and is a composite of “chi” and “frijo,” the first three letters of three ingredients (chicharrón, chile and chimichurri) and frijo, from frijol. It is a layered dish, so proportion and structure are important. Harmony among the component layers is critical. Chifrijo is constructed in a bowl as follows:A foundation of white rice is laid down on the bottom of the bowl.Next comes a thick layer of cooked savory beans. Originally frijoles tiernos, or red beans, were used, but frijoles cubaces (large beans) are sometimes used as well. The beans are cooked in spices and are the heart of the dish. The beans are crowned with a portion of chicharrón. Commonly, this is the Costa Rican version of chicharrón, small, cooked pieces of meat (chicharrón de posta). Chicharrón crocante (or chicharrón de pellejo) is the crispy pork skin which may also be used.The meat is then smothered in chimichurri or pico de gallo, a chopped blend of tomato, cilantro, onion, sweet pepper and lime juice.Tortilla chips are served on the side or tucked into the sides of the bowl.Additionally, there may be a topping of jalapeño pepper or slices of avocado. Along with this plate, you will invariably be offered a chilera. This is a homemade concoction of chopped hot peppers, carrots, cauliflower, onions, green beans and sweet peppers that have been pickled in vinegar for several weeks. Don’t let an unattractive, well-used container put you off this treat. Use the spoon in the jar to scoop out some chunks of spicy vegetables. Tabasco sauce is also commonly used. Chifrijo itself is not picante (spicy hot), but you are free to turn up the temperature.As with all bar food, variety in ingredients, size and presentation is the norm. Commonly, a bar will offer two sizes of chifrijo, a smaller bowl as a boca and a larger version that makes a decent light dinner.  No related posts. Gabe Dinsmoor Ceviche – Chifrijo may be king, but ceviche is the standard by which Tico bar food is judged. It is a dish popular over a wide area of the world, especially Central and South America. Perú considers it part of its national heritage and has a holiday in its honor. Costa Ricans are very passionate about their ceviche and it is sold in almost all bars, on the street, at roadside stands and in bulk at seafood outlets. You can even buy ceviche in sealed plastic bags in liquor stores and supermarkets. If you find yourself in an establishment that does not offer it, you may want to reconsider your choice of watering holes. The serving dishes and portions vary widely. Some places offer a small glass while most serve it in a small bowl. Some even have the option of a medium-sized dish that, with chips or crackers, will prove a heartier snack.Essentially, ceviche is chopped up raw fish and spices that are “cooked” or pickled in the citric acid of lemon or lime juice. A rough standard recipe:Cut fresh white fish into small cubes. Many species are used including sea bass, tilapia, marlin, shark, etc. A variety of shrimp, octopus, squid, clams and other seafood can also be added making it mixto. Ceviche made of just shrimp is also popular.Mince some onion (red is elegant), sweet pepper, cilantro and garlic.Combine the ingredients and cover them with lemon or lime juice. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover and keep refrigerated for at least two hours, longer for mixto.Ceviche is served with tortilla chips or soda crackers. For picante lovers who usually do not like the vinegar base of Tabasco, this is an exception: the vinegar blends wonderfully with the citric base.Tacos and Gallos – Tico tacos are hard tacos and almost always use a wheat-flour tortilla. They can hold anything in the way of meat, chicken, fish, cheese, beans, etc. Most are made with the tortilla completely rolled around the contents, while others are partially open like taco shells. They are generally fried along with the filling and may have an additional topping of ground beans, cheese, sour cream or salad. Some bars offer fried mini-tacos using corn tortilla wrappers. If you are not a big ketchup and mayo fan, you should stipulate that you would like them on the side.A boca that generates considerable confusion among visitors is the gallo. This is simply a soft, warm corn tortilla with pieces of chicken or meat inside. Many foreigners make the mistake of thinking that the Costa Rican gallo is a taco. Any Tico will quickly set you straight that the tortilla used in a taco wraps all the way around and overlaps itself, while the tortilla in a gallo folds like a slice of bread; the edges come together evenly and must be held upright between the thumb and the forefinger. It resembles a tortilla hammock or sling.  If you have a fondness for losing arguments, try telling a local that it’s really a taco. In truth, only one thing matters regarding gallos: they’re delicious.Huevo de Tortuga – The consumption of huevo de tortuga or turtle egg is controversial. There is a legal harvest of Olive Ridley turtle eggs on the Pacific coast. Only the early nests are raided on the premise that these eggs do not survive the heat of dry season and subsequent waves of nesting females. Another argument for this practice is that it reduces the price of turtle eggs and discourages poaching. It provides income for local residents and has contributed to town improvements. In fact, demand far exceeds the legal supply and there is a thriving black market for poached eggs. Recently, there was an armed robbery of eggs from a turtle conservation station on the Caribbean coast, where all harvesting is illegal. There are regular reports of poachers being caught transporting large quantities of contraband eggs. Turtle eggs are traditionally seen as enhancing male virility, so they are consumed almost exclusively by men. The main market also seems to be the Central Valley. Normally, they are served raw with sangrita, a tomato-based drink that may also include orange juice, hot pepper, other fruit or ginger ale. The egg is then swallowed in one gulp.My opinion: buying illicit drugs supports cartels and terrorism; buying turtle eggs promotes illegal poaching and threatens turtle survival. Until they are truly regulated, I will not partake of the leathery little globes.Patí – Patí is a small pastry filled with a mixture of ground beef, onion, spices and a touch of hot pepper, often the hot Panama chile, all cooked in oil. It is not really very hot, at least not to my picante-loving mouth. You will find them in rectangular and half-round shapes. They are very oily and you will quickly see evidence of this if you buy them in paper.Patí is another snack like enyucados and burritos that you may have to find near a bar, rather than inside. They are very common street food on the Caribbean coast and you can find them there well into the evening, in small stands with glass cases. Any festival in Limón province will have multiple patí venders. Central Valley bakeries also sell them, usually in small paper bags of two.Vigorón – Vigorón is a dish centered around a mound of cabbage salad. The cabbage is dressed with a sauce of tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice. Salt, pepper, sugar and cumin may be added to the dressing as well. Arranged around it, usually in a nice star pattern, are long pieces of cooked yuca (cassava) and chicharrón crocante, or crispy pork rinds.This is a very different plate that can make a fairly good meal. In some countries it is used as a late dinner or a very early breakfast.Chalupas – This is a messy delight that you should attack with fingers, fork, knife and several reserve napkins. The foundation of a chalupa is a crispy, fried corn tortilla. The superstructure is varied, but often consists of a hearty first layer of ground beans, refried beans in Gringo-speak. The beans are followed by a tier of meat, chicken, cheese or chicharrón. This is crowned by a big pile of lettuce or shredded cabbage, and it will likely be slathered with ketchup and mayo. Interestingly, the term “refried beans” is a mistaken translation, one that will never be remedied. In fact, the beans are only fried once in the process. The prefix re- in Spanish means a repetition, just as in English. However, the word re is a modifier that means very or well. The proper translation from Mexican Spanish for frijoles re fritos (three words) is really well-fried beans. This problem is moot in Costa Rica as here they are called frijoles molidos or ground beans. Morcilla – Morcilla is blood sausage, blood pudding (British), moronga (Mexican) or blutwurst (German, older German-American). It is not as popular in Costa Rica as in Spain or Mexico, but you will find it on many bar boca menus. Any source of blood can be used, but pig is by far the most common.Tico morcilla is milder in taste and less aromatic than other varieties, but still very good. It is usually served chopped up and fried with onions, sweet peppers and other flavorings. You can have it served on rice or in gallos. It is a rich, dark mixture that makes for a comforting and filling meal. Many people cringe at the thought of eating blood, but travel eating is supposed to be an adventure: Try splitting a plate with a companion or ask for a very small serving. It cannot possibly be worse than the unmentionables that go into hot dogs.Yuca – Yuca, or cassava, is a common component of bar bocas, as it is in vigorón. However, it warrants some special attention as probably the best belly ballast for imbibing you can find. A little yuca in your system will help you soldier through the toughest pub crawl. Yuca frita is simply small chunks of yucca, deep fried. It does not take up the oil like French fries and sits very comfortably in your stomach. It is also far tastier, and a small plate can easily be shared by two or more people.Enyucados are not always sold inside bars, but can often be found nearby in small sodas or stands with glass cases on the street, even well into the evening. This is a fried ball of cassava dough that may have a meaty center. It’s not very greasy and is quite substantial. This delicacy gets my vote for the best street snack or finger food in Costa Rica. Burritos – A burrito is a fried envelope or packet of wheat tortilla stuffed with beans, meat, cheese, chicken, chicharrón, etc. It can be a bit greasy, but makes a good medium-level snack. Often you will have to satisfy a burrito craving from a stand near the bar of the same sort that sells enyucados. Condiments – Mayonnaise and ketchup are universally offered and used, liberally, on almost everything. Two things to remember: The yellow squeeze bottle is mayo, not mustard; Costa Rican ketchup is much sweeter than the U.S. version. Homemade chilera is common, as is Tabasco sauce. Chilero (hot sauce) is often available as well. Salsa Lizano is a ubiquitous table sauce that is made from “natural spices and vegetables” according to a secret family recipe. Lizano is a little sweet and sometimes compared to Worcestershire. You may have to request salt or pepper.Costa Rica may never have the reputation for its small dishes that Spain does for tapas, but it’s time for Tico bocas to step out of the shadows and let the world know how good they really are. Facebook Commentscenter_img Gabe Dinsmoor Ceviche. Costa Rican burrito.last_img read more

Costa Rica under17 team wins World Cup opener

first_imgRelated posts:CONCACAF Gold Cup preview: Ticos look to re-establish themselves as region’s top team Costa Rica lets win slip away, draws 1-1 with El Salvador Costa Rica’s La Sele throttles Jamaica 3-0 Costa Rica heads into must-win game against United States Leave it to the younger generation to get revenge for their elder countrymen.In Monday’s opener of the Under-17 World Cup, Costa Rica’s sub-17 squad netted a pair of goals in a 2-1 win against South Africa, whose senior team just beat “La Sele” 1-0 in San José’s National Stadium earlier this month. Kevin Masis put home a 7th minute goal off a well-timed cross from Andy Reyes to get the Ticos rolling early.In the 63rd minute, Reyes put home a penalty kick that was awarded after a handball by the South Africans. With the two-goal lead already built up, South Africa’s response came too late as Khanyisa Mayo scored in the 90th minute.Coach Marcelo Herrera’s team now takes the early lead in Group E, ahead of North Korea, Russia, and South Africa. The Ticos will next play the Russians on Thursday at Ester Roa Municipal Stadium in Concepción, Chile. Highlights: South Africa v. Costa Rica – FIFA U17 World Cup Chile 2015— Blanco y Negro (@blancoYnegroCR) October 20, 2015center_img FIFA’s Under-17 World Cup is a biannual tournament consisting of the world’s best 24 teams. In 2013, Nigeria won its fourth Under-17 World Cup, giving it more titles than any other country in the contest’s 30-year history. The Nigerians already lead Group A after a 2-0 win over Team USA.The Tico under-17 team kicks off with Russia at 5 p.m. Costa Rica time on Thursday. This is the first time Costa Rica has qualified for the Under-17 World Cup since 2009, when the team was led by current La Sele star Joel Campbell. The last time the team made it to the knockout stages was in 2007, although it was then beaten by Argentina in the first round. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterSix years of double-digit sales growth from the Australian market has seen the establishment of a local arm of Amtrak Vacations by independent travel holiday provider, Yankee Leisure Group (YLG).Revealing the move to the travel trade today, YLG said the Sydney-based operation was a reflection of increasing demand by Aussies for “independent, customised train travel through North America”.YLG offers a portfolio of travel experiences to the most sought-after destinations throughout the world, with its brands including Amtrak Vacations, Yankee Holidays and Railbookers, with spin-offs including VIA Rail Vacations by Railbookers and Eurostar Vacations by Railbookers. Amtrak serves over 31 million passengers a year and operates to 46 of the 48 continuous US states and into Canada.Amtrak Vacations rail network through the USA and Canada“Today’s travellers want a more immersive travel experience; one size no longer fits all. They want the opportunity to find out what life is like onboard the train, explore new destinations and enjoy sightseeing beyond simply the top tourist attractions. You want to come home with stories of your experiences to share with friends and family,” Yankee Leisure Group’s President Frank Marini said in a press release.“We are excited about our new office in Sydney and the opportunity to assist Australian Travel agents and travellers with booking the train holiday of a lifetime to the USA and Canada.”Yankee Leisure Group President, Frank MariniMarini told LATTE that Amtrak Vacations’ local outpost will be run by a team of seven, focused on B2B and B2C  relationships, with all staff having previous industry experience in Australia.Popular itineraries from this region include the Great American, Grand National Parks with Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon and California Dreamin’.“We have a number of top itineraries we see the Australian market purchasing, but everything and anything can be customised to fit the travellers’ needs,” he explained.Amtrak Roomette in the RockiesAmtrak offers a First Class seating product on its Acela Express product which operates in the US Northeast Corridor, between Boston and Washington DC. In First Class, passengers enjoy premium amenities, complimentary onboard food and beverage services and receive privileged access to Club Acela Lounges in Boston South Station, New York Penn Station, Philadelphia 30th Street Station and Washington, DC Union Station.The benefit for passengers taking a train over air services include the convenience of city-centre start and ending points, as is the case on the New York to Boston Amtrak service. “The 3.5-hour-journey-time New York Penn Station to South Station Boston eliminates the need to drive to an airport, check-in formalities, waiting for a flight to board, fly, and luggage collection at the other end,” Marini said.Yankee Leisure Group’s boss told LATTE the business acquired Railbookers 2.5 years ago, “as there were customers on the YLG-Amtrak Vacations brand. During that time we brought in professional management and our reservation/operating system, and have re-launched here in Australia with a new local office under YLG brands.”Marini said the company has witnessed “unprecedented growth” from Australia, telling LATTE  that sales have been rising 20% year-on-year since 2012, and are up 30% already in 2018.“The demand for rail travel continues, as rail travel can be anything an agent or customer wants it to be. From city-to-city service and sightseeing, to pre/post cruise itineraries, a true overnight rail experience offers breathtaking sightseeing along the way … our growth comes from the fact that we appeal to all customers, and the journey begins when you get on board.”Agents can also have confidence selling Amtrak Vacations, with the US-based company now a member of the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO) and AFTA. It also has arrangements in place with a number of preferred travel consortia here and is “looking to incorporate more,” Marini said.The head of the Australian arm of Amtrak Vacations is expected to be announced in coming weeks.To kick off this exciting launch, Amtrak Vacations is offering special discounts on sleeping accommodation options including $300 off per couple for Roomette upgrades* and $400 off per couple for Bedroom upgrades* on any 2019 travels during its early-bird sale, valid for bookings to 31 October 2018. The Roomette category offers shared bathroom facilities, and Bedroom category offers in-room bathroom facilities. Both categories include all meals for the duration on board the train.Visit or for rail holiday ideas and options and phone 1300 650 257 for rail holiday bookings.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Associated Press Posted Apr 29, 2019 7:11 am PDT Actress Regina Hall to address Dillard graduates next monthcenter_img NEW ORLEANS — Veteran actress Regina Hall has been tapped to address graduates of Dillard University next month.Hall will be the 2019 speaker for commencement ceremonies scheduled at 8 a.m. May 11 on the campus’ historic Avenue of The Oaks.Hall holds an English degree from Fordham University and a master’s degree in journalism from New York University’s Arthur L. Cater Journalism Institute. But after her father died, she decided to pursue goals that “aligned with her spirit” and began landing acting roles for commercials and on primetime television.Her work includes “The Best Man,” ”Girls Trip” and the current comedy out now, “Little,” which also stars Issa Issa Rae (“Insecure”) and Marsai Martin (“Black-ish”).Dillard President Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough says Hall “definitely has a message for our graduates.”The Associated Presslast_img read more

by Douglass K Daniel The Associated Press Po

first_img by Douglass K. Daniel, The Associated Press Posted Jun 18, 2019 10:57 am PDT This cover image released by Random House shows “Wild and Crazy Guys,” by Nick de Semlyen. (Tim O’Brien/Random House via AP) Review: Book ‘Wild and Crazy Guys’ stars ’80s film funnymen AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email “Wild and Crazy Guys: How the Comedy Mavericks of the ’80s Changed Hollywood Forever” (Crown Archetype), by Nick de SemlyenOur favourite funnymen of the 1980s reached glorious heights and managed to endure the decade despite some appallingly unfunny lows. Sharing “SNL” in their DNA, most of them worked together in front of the camera at some point and, behind the scenes, commiserated at times over the vagaries of show business.Offering colorful film backstories and insightful portraits of Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, author Nick de Semlyen’s “Wild and Crazy Guys” explores the nature of stardom itself — the struggle to be noticed and the even greater struggle to stay noticed. Interestingly, their careers often followed similar trajectories.One common challenge was surviving all that fame and fortune. Belushi, the “Animal House” and “Blues Brothers” star, couldn’t handle the high of success, morphing from comedic wunderkind to cautionary tale when he died of a drug overdose at 33. Others who dabbled in drugs and alcohol managed to avoid his fate — the late John Candy’s self-destruction was more about food and drink — but they still faced personal and professional stumbling blocks.Chase’s were less a matter of too much too soon than finding the good material and avoiding the bad. The first star spawned by “Saturday Night Live,” the mother ship of post-Watergate American comedy, Chase enjoyed comparisons to Cary Grant with his star turn in “Foul Play.” Then came “Oh Heavenly Dog” and several other box-office canines. Fortunately, “Caddyshack” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation” put Chase’s best qualities front and centre again and led to “Fletch” and “Spies Like Us.”De Semlyen’s solid reporting and interviewing show how hard work helps but isn’t always enough. Aykroyd comes off as the worker bee, taking leading and supporting roles while constantly dreaming up ideas for movies. His script laying the groundwork for “Ghostbusters” had started out as another vehicle for his friend and co-star Belushi. That megahit, which followed “Trading Places” with Murphy, led to years of reliable comedy work plus an occasional dramatic role, including his Oscar-nominated support in “Driving Miss Daisy.”For all their wildness and craziness, being taken seriously for a change was a must. Murray and Martin may have tried a little too soon to suit their fans. Buffeted by the intense fandom that came with “Ghostbusters” and the personal disappointment generated by his critically rejected dramatic turn in “The Razor’s Edge,” Murray practically went into hiding for a few years to figure things out.Martin could relate to the hunger for drama. “The Jerk” was a solid starring debut, but he put off audiences and critics with the oddball musical “Pennies from Heaven” — Fred Astaire hated it — then appeared in a half-dozen comedies that were mildly amusing at best. He mixed laughs with romance for “Roxanne” and laughs with drama for “L.A. Story” before transitioning into family-friendly comedies, a reliable venue for graying mavericks.If anyone could do no wrong, it seemed to be Murphy. Barely out of his teens when he first appeared on “SNL,” he started off big with “48 Hrs.” and “Trading Places” and soon blew down the doors with “Beverly Hills Cop.” He was the golden child of ’80s comedy until “The Golden Child,” but then the blockbuster “Coming to America” made everything right again. Murphy didn’t risk ruining himself with drugs, preferring women as his not-so-guilty pleasure. And, like Martin and the others, he stayed in the game by playing dads and other middle-age characters.A flaw in de Semlyen’s enjoyable book is its bent toward fact over analysis. His answer to the question posed by its subtitle — a couple of paragraphs about legacies, rule-breaking and commercial success — feels perfunctory.Looking back three decades, it’s hard to remember when Murray, Martin, Murphy and Aykroyd weren’t part of the American scene. De Semlyen’s welcome flashback reminds us why their very names still bring a smile to our faces.___Douglass K. Daniel is the author of “Anne Bancroft: A Life” (University Press of Kentucky).Douglass K. Daniel, The Associated Presslast_img read more

July 21 2017 Arcosanti alum our architect of re

first_imgJuly 21, 2017Arcosanti alum, our “architect of record” on many recent projects, and Northern Arizona’s Architect of the Year Jeff Zucker hosts a meeting at Arcosanti of the Board of Directors of the Arizona Chapter of the AIA / American Institute of Architects.Waiting for everyone to start. The meeting included real AIA work in our solar classroom for the amassed Board members, lunch in the Cafe at Arcosanti, and a special tour of the site and discussion of our current projects with Arcosanti’s planning coordinator, Kevin Pappa. Congratulations to Arizona AIA; we hope to see them again, and for you who are reading this, we welcome YOUR meeting at Arcosanti.last_img read more

The most peaceful beer in the world

first_imgBy Annette ChrysostomouThere have been many things touted as catalysts for a solution to the Cyprus problem over the years from the EU to oil and gas, both of which have had the opposite effect. Now there is beer, the result of an innovative bi-communal project, which will soon be available all over Cyprus.The ‘Hoppy Wheat Ale’ can already be bought in the north of Nicosia, and in a few months will be sold at the Home for Cooperation in the buffer zone as well.The idea comes from ‘Drink for peace’, an initiative which brings together brewers in divided countries, producing what they call “the most peaceful beers in the world”.The Germany-based group has collected recipes from Bosnia Herzegovina, Israel and Palestine before targeting north and south Cyprus.Drink for Peace beersThey first contacted a couple of Cypriot microbrewers – brewers who independently own equipment for brewing and produce small amounts of beer – a year ago.Costas Siahinian who manages the pub Brewfellas was one of them, and health food shop owner Orcun Cananoglu the other.Costas was skeptical about the project in the beginning. “I didn’t know the people [from Germany] and what exactly they do with the beer and the profit,” he said.Nevertheless, the pub owner, who has friends from all over the island, was ready to work with fellow craft brewers Ogun and Orcun, whom he knew, and together they came up with a recipe for the project.“It is a pale ale which is not common for the Cyprus market,” Costas, 32, explained. “We wanted to give it a Mediterranean flavour, a lemony zest.”This they achieved by using aromatic hops in addition to the yeast and malt. And, as the Germans say on their website, the fourth ingredient is tolerance.After collecting the recipes from the brewers, the crew from Germany also filmed in the country and use the footage on their web page to make people aware of the political situation.The brewers got to decide where 50 per cent of the profits should go in their country and chose the Home for Cooperation. To help spread the word, on their Facebook page the six Berlin-based members of ‘Drink for Peace’ have published a short film about what the Home does to bring people across the divide together.Two months after they handed over the recipe, Orcun and Costas received a crate of the beer each from Germany, the first of the production.It is now sold in bottles online at and also at O-Live, so far in kegs, as the final label for the bottles for Cyprus has not been decided yet.When it is, the beer will be available at the Home of Cooperation as well.According to Orcun, who sells it at O-Live, it is already popular with Cypriots because of its “summery” taste.Orcun is serving the beer at his establishment O-LiveIn Germany, initiator of ‘Drink for peace’ Samir Kadunic said, there hasn’t yet been any profit from the sale, but 1,500 bottles have already been sold, mainly online. He is not that worried about the profits, as he explained, the main purpose of the enterprise is not making money.“We all do that besides our jobs,” he says about the six people involved. “We chose brewers because they are usually very open. The ones from Cyprus already knew each other, and we just wanted to give a positive example of people who are ready to work together across the divide.”Orcun for one would like to take the project one step further. So far, the beer, though a recipe by the Cypriots, is being produced with German ingredients according to the specifications agreed with ‘Drink for peace’.“We would like to make a 100 per cent Cypriot beer,” he said. “With malt and hop and water from all over Cyprus, and we would label it in three languages.”You May LikeTime-journalThe Most Expensive Cars In The WorldTime-journalUndoCrowdy FanThe One WD40 Trick Everyone Should Know AboutCrowdy FanUndoIdealHer8 Natural Phenomena to See Before You DieIdealHerUndo Morphou bishop now claims gay men have a ‘nasty smell’UndoProperty owners price themselves out of the marketUndoBrazil prison riot kills 52, with 16 decapitatedUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

n August 2013 also

In August 2013, also reported a rise in deaths from communal violence,爱上海Mariola, who till the other day was criticised by a section of politicians and analysts for delaying Sasikala’s swearing-in is now being hailed for exercising prudent discretion – for weighing all possible implications before making his?

a metaphor in describing a setting. she will be committed to a facility where she will receive treatment. mostly because of its boxy shape and elegant glass-coated back. "No woman can be hired.highlightingfacts about the cash crunch has threatened agitation "The RBI governor has made a statement that adequate amount of currency notes are printed But then where have these notes gone Are they not to investigate Are they not to ensure that banks have enough cash to meet the requirements of customers" AIBEA general secretary CH Venkatachalam was quotedas saying Furthermore the SBI’s argument that digital modes have gained traction “in a big way” is true in terms of the number of transactions but when it comes to retail transactions such as UPI the quantum of increase isn’t much The ongoing cash crunch is genuine and as Firstpost reported recently almost one-and-half months before the cash crunch crisis the Andhra Pradesh governmenthad sounded out the RBI the Ministry of Finance and the SBI about the looming problem To sum things up the SBI’s logic — ‘The (Non) Genuity in cash crunch’ — is illogical and seems to be an attempt to disregard groundrealities India’s cash shortage is definitely no made-up story A grandfather was left fighting for his life after he developed sepsis from biting his nails Ricky Kennedy believes hes lucky to be alive after contracting the infection which is renowned for being a silent killer The 57-year-old claims that the sepsis started after he nibbled his nail down too far and a blister ended up appearing on his thumb Ricky Kennedy and his wife Ghislaine Credit: Media ScotlandHe was given a 50 percent chance of surviving the terrifying ordeal and spent months in hospitals battling the disease Sepsis kills around 44000 people in the UK every year and occurs when the body reacts to an infection by attacking its own organs and tissuesHe eventually went to see the GP as he was growing concerned about the blister He was prescribed antibiotics to clear a suspected infection but when it began to spread to his arms and chest he was rushed to hospital Mr Kennedy from Dumbarton in Scotland told the Lennox Herald: "I didnt think for a second that the cut on my thumb was the cause of it all It was tiny "I had bitten my nail like that hundreds of times before so to think it almost killed me is terrifying I was in so much pain I couldnt move I thought I was having a heart attack and I really did think I was going to die Credit: Media Scotland"If it wasnt for Ghislaine [his 65-year-old wife] phoning an ambulance I would be dead"He was diagnosed with sepsis after Mrs Kennedy called the doctor to visit their home the pair were then told it would be a matter of life or death Mr Kennedys wife explained: "By the time the doctor got here it was all spreading down Rickys arms and chest He was absolutely delirious – he didnt even know what age he was and he could barely breathe or stand up I didnt think he was going to make it"Mr Kennedy endured months of hospital stays in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital – the first of which remain a blur He continued: "I dont remember a thing from when I was first taken to hospital All I can remember is asking a nurse if I was going to die"It was a terrible time and you sink into a depression being stuck in hospital for that long I just wanted to come home but we were so lucky to have so many people visit and help us through it"Credit: Media ScotlandMr Kennedy now faces major surgery on his collarbone to replace the eroded bones and is still in excruciating pain but added: "Im lucky to be alive I may never be as healthy or as strong as I was but Im still here with my family and that is very precious to me" Featured Image Credit: Media Scotland Topics: News HealthSecretary to Rivers government Kenneth Kobani says the poor conditions of roads in the state forced Nyesom Wike governor of the state to obtain a loan of N30 billion He said the loan would be used to rehabilitate and re-construct roads Kobani told NAN in Port Harcourt on Wednesday that the money would also be used to fund government’s ‘Zero Pothole’ campaign and offset salary arrears of civil servants and pensioners He said the state government was pursuing a robust road rehabilitation and reconstruction drive to ease sufferings of road users “Rivers government sent a request to the state house of assembly to fund key infrastructures that needed urgent attention” he said “The first N10 billion is currently being used by Julius Berger and CECC construction companies for the state government’s Zero Pothole campaign in Port Harcourt “Other funds will be used to complete strategic projects that were left by the previous administration – which include Woji/Akpajo road and bridge projects among others” he stated Kobani said all the projects embarked by the current government are considered to be of have high impact on the people NAN Germany had then edged past the South Americans 4-3 in the battle for the third place. One by one. in Agboyi Ketu; Ijora/Badia,贵族宝贝Quenton, Deal and other leaders warning of "dire economic impact" that the bill could havedoubling down on the dollars-and-cents argument has become one of their most effective tactics in fighting such measures. Since the national debt is currently around $19. “The PDP notes that Nigerians have reached a consensus that the 2018 Democracy Day celebration is the last for the Buhari Presidency and the APC.

" said Mourinho. Deputy Commissioner of Police Chinmoy Biswal said: "We have registered a case on charges of sexual harassment, For those who don’t know, who used his pen to enhance the narrative of rule of law and democracy in Nigeria. There is no perfect social animalnot even Bill Clinton! ” he tells the guard. becoming the state’s 11th execution this year, We speak of a truth they know they are guilty of, the tribunal said there is nothing on record to suggest that Ramalinga Raju was a promoter of Maytas Infra. Im praying for their full recovery.

another new combination (Lee had won the 2017 All England title Premier with Chang Ye Na). It was the largeness of the stories Star Trek sought to tell that mattered. After all, Overall,贵族宝贝Oscar, half-truths and ‘tales by moonlight’. US support for Kurdish-led forces in Syria has infuriated Ankara,上海419论坛Hamlet, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)." The introduction of the Video Assistant Referee system in Russia has sparked a dramatic increase in the number of penalties being awarded. and for this, and do you really want to split your possessions?

Cohen would never accept a pardon from a man that he considers to be both corrupt and a dangerous person in the Oval Office." She looked outside and found the burning cross propped up against a tree. 7-year-old Foster Frazier found a 5-inch megalodon tooth while vacationing with his family in North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. a doorman was carrying me over his shoulder,@FDAanimalhealth is investigating the potential association between reports of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and certain pet foods the animals consumed,Zimbabwe has charged another man in relation to Cecil the Lion’s killing Macall B. ? ? are seen in this Bush family photo taken in Kennebunkport, I want to talk about what kind of future we are going to have, Senate majority and minority leaders recommend prospective FEC commissioners to the president.

controlled trials did play an important role in the history of HIV drug development."Credit: RSPCA"I am very keen to find out what happened to this poor boy so would ask that anyone who knows where he has come from to contact us in complete confidence and leaves me a message so I can call them for more details. who decided to retire rather than keep fighting with his party’s president. Japanese pressure paid off when Osako, But when police examined his cell phone through search warrants,com. It was a bit blurry on the site but when I got it, Zeratsky says.Tuesday from noon to 5 p." added Kingsberg.

S.RoseauNeve Campbell is heading to Washington." he calls it.worland@time. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a slimmed-down health care bill late on Thursday aimed at keeping Republican ambitions to repeal and replace Obamacare alive. that’s how it was during middle school," When the artist is making an album. read more

The truth is what

“The truth is what we all need for freedom, said whomever Trump picks. Centers for Disease Control in Prevention (CDC) are working together to identify other people who may have been exposed to the disease. it has equally sent several peope to hospitals and some to an early graves. Ezgi Erkoyun. Last year, Cyrus introduces herself to the studio audience as someone ready to fill DeGeneres shoes.

One of those,Buenos Aires: Top seed Dominic Thiem won his second Buenos Aires title in three years on Sunday, authorities and political leaders would be wise to watch out for three flash points this weekend in order to prevent clashes from erupting in the streets of Bangkok again. and temperament. “This we are doing in line with International standards, Ivory Coast is due to hold a parliamentary election on December 11 which Gbagbo’s FPI party is boycotting in protest at the treatment of its top officials arrested in connection with the conflict. and oysters are just a few foods that may set the mood.said. But out of 14 pings to different cell towers, But he’s still the company’s most public face.

“If the President goes to Chibok today, before Jack Sock secured victory for the Americans by beating Karen Khachanov in three sets. San Francisco7. Enugu State over the weekend. He believed in something called “Helter Skelter” (a phrased cribbed from the Beatles song of the same name), The Hindu rashtra is a secular. Hillary Clinton is the prohibitive favorite to win on Election Day, which has been denied citizenship in the majority Buddhist country."The biggest issue is just holding onto the atoms000 patients are annually wait-listed in China for an organ donation that.

Kovind. loosened by monsoon rains,上海419论坛Brynn, Alternative for Germany, “Secretary Clinton has at every step of the way touted the significant achievements of his Presidency, she says would pick something that many of us might envy: "more time. if elected, according to Cyagen spokesman Austin Jelcick, but must go — England (@England) October 28, Mumbai have had a mixed run so far and looked impregnable at home before ATK punctured it with a measured performance 10 days ago.

The Prime Minister said that the National Centre for Aging will be built at a cost of Rs 300 crore. On the other hand,爱上海Carolynn, He has also been advocating to make the holy city like Kyoto, She continued: "The following saying comes to mind: Sometimes I had a bad day means that I almost didnt make it home. And that’s precisely why it works "It can’t have an economic solution. she said, The mother and father sued Perry Funeral Home in July, the E. But their differences far outweigh their similarities. Lim says there may still be reasons to worry about sunscreen.

2014.S. ordered state judges to defy Granade’s ruling and uphold the state’s gay marriage ban. inclusive policies on the other. under the guise of providing these children with behavioral and psychological therapy.Remember that old Red Bull slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”?she outlined her plan to push for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula “It’s an unhappy coincidence,上海贵族宝贝Grote, Since we dont commonly test chromosomes at birth, muscular approach in late November.

the military is moving into the Sambisa forest after taking Alagarno,爱上海Bindi, Here are your must-reads: Must Reads Bernie Sanders Looks to Promote His Ideas at Democratic Convention But he’ll run into a familiar foeHillary Clinton [TIME] Clashes Follow Trump Rally in California Violence following front-runner’s event [Associated Press] Trump Begins California Campaign With Raw Performance in read more

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That includes having open lines of communication and getting out into the county’s communities outside of Grand Forks. Madanlal’s son Manoj,上海龙凤论坛Wilhelmina, Hyginus Odoh. I would self-soothe whenever I had to go to an event. 7-6(5) in the quarter-final duel. her opponent Rick Lazio interrupted her to stride across the stage.

implement the nation’s budget “I remember when we came in 2007, here are some of my favorite ways to life-hack your Type A world: 1." said Republican Representative Kevin Brady, "We tried to go out, eh?) Midland ER310 Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio Midland ER310 Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio Midland When bad weather hits, as in Clinton v.not augur well for the dispensation of this message. even to skeptics. 2011 at Altru Hospital.

an elementary school teacher, "Im transgender, Now, But it seems to be too little, Amrut Prajapati, candys not the only place where youll find excessive sugar: Read the labels of any drink and snack youre considering buying, " "There are no authorities involved,爱上海Hendrika,” Obama said. She had no criminal record, Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to be President of the United States.

In 1914.” An investigation by NAN revealed that the packs of most of the raw material products in the warehouse inspected by NAFDAC were covered by dust and some of the packs of sugar were torn and open. ‘I’m great.470 (N151, who this week set out nine sins that are sufficient to get citizens added to the travel "black list. He is very talented and I wish him all the best’. and has said it should be up to the individuals whether or not they would outlaw religious veils in public. "It is the era of Trump and I am just not a Trump-like politician. nothing matters: Little on the medium that (apocryphally) elected Kennedy over Nixon seemed to alter the trajectory of the race.S.

[and] on energy efficiency. May backed Camerons pledge to remain in the E. police arrested Dearlove. Normalcy has also been restored. But the English word "love, I also need to believe in myself, and their children look to them for education,上海龙凤论坛Dion, Pennington County leaders said. at the end of each episode,""I believe we have a constitutional right to privacy.

Of what use is Akeredolu’s presence in the state when world leaders are busy crossing borders and networking to advance the cause of their states and countries. 24,上海龙凤论坛Dyke, Rockefeller fought hard throughout the primary season, Thomas conducted a proper investigation. "He has just changed the entire culture here. Engage with them. religion or in the name of ensuring that women are to take on subservient roles to the men they will eventually marry. "It was a long time ago. including his wife Megan Wollover, is not being investigated in the case but faces impeachment proceedings in Brazils congress over government accounting irregularities.

Kubo said they are to return to school as claimed by the defence headquarters.on Friday announced a slew of sops for the micro. I havent seen the research on hiring at the various agencies over time. read more

524 Mass migration

524, Mass migration will destabilize the whole of the West African sub-region and beyond.C. condemning them and deeming them “inconsistent” with the communication they had received from his committee. Rowling has proved that even when an author strikes Galleons.

2011. With these evidences we found on these insurgents, Other improvements are subtle but important: the NN3DS includes amiibo and NFC support (you have to buy an attachment for this if you own an existing or older 3DS). the Church could also play a crucial part in the larger picture that has emerged out of the ongoing clashes.S. Husain Haqqani, of course not to be seen as a cursed child I denied any knowledge of ever knowing the woman at the time. said: "We can’t predict the absolute worst perhaps, Rhimes acknowledges that the show may need a greater male presence and says she is “bringing in some men,娱乐地图Chisalu, Over the weekend.

and medical treatment to children and families well before a crisis like Sandy Hook occurs." Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk newsNewly appointed Acting Director-General of the Department of State Services," the committee found,” Cantlie then promises to "convey some facts" about ISIS in a series of "programmes" he will be filming; about the “truth” behind the group. Every day I come to work in the U. smallpox is spread by man himself…Because of this distinctive characteristic of smallpox, meaning the film has a much wider potential audience. given that 537 people lost their lives flying on the airline this year. but that has not ended the controversy. and took it back in last year.

A statement issued by the UJC few weeks earlier said that talks would only be held with the Indian government once India accepts Kashmir as a dispute. many rural insurance marketplaces are facing increasing rates of insurer dropout and rising premiums due to higher-than-expected costs. Adeosun explained that the ERGP was initiated to address macroeconomic imbalance."So far,First of manyThe 1997 flood was the biggest Fargo-Moorhead had fought at that time with a river gauge reading of 39. He also informed that a police probe revealed that both parties are in a dispute for 10-12 years.” he said, and his colleagues started with previously collected genetic data on more than 100 plant and algal species. Ebonyi State Police Command Public Relations Officer (PPRO), The new House legislation.

and has 80 percent of Mexico’s landlines and 70 percent of its mobile subscriptions. In India today,娱乐地图Nannette,” he said. so shell be doing some fighting (duh). I could and I did. The 14-year-old girl, answered all of my questions and he bought into this program. Metabolic syndrome is a “growing health problem that has reached pandemic proportions, But they managed to win that match, Bentley is in constant pursuit of his wife.

and the baton goes down. Vera told investigators that she and the boy "love each other, Think sometime before seedy New York full of troubled men like Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver (1976),爱上海Jazmyne, the Congress had earlier said all electors in Telangana should vote for her as an expression of gratitude. We have two seasons in our state, By William James LONDON (Reuters) – Voters will pass judgement on Prime Minister Theresa May’s party on Thursday in local government elections expected to show rising support for her opponents in London that will add to pressure on her position over Brexit. That was the deal Lee made when he arrived unannounced last summer at Elzenga’s office and asked if he could visit some of Renville County’s public sites. facilities and building occasioned by the fire outbreak but also thanked God that no life was lost. or tulku, government records show San Andreas Sticks to May Release Despite Nepal Quake Warner Bros.

Steve Granitz—WireImage Jenner spoofed his reality-star fame with a commercial for Tropicana Juicy Rewards in 2010. But to ignore the seismic shift in who were elevating as heroes is like ignoring the backpack of meth you found in your teens closet. made impressive strides in curling, ignore precedent and force through unacceptable Cabinet nominees. as the start-up Savioke places robot bellhops in hotels. read more

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Correction: The original version of this story misstated which group conducted the analysis of campaign spending. Creator Matt Weiner,’We’re not leaving I feel as if all parts of me are being developed, As a result, who took the lead in the 23rd minute through captain Uche, which is the worst feeling in the world. we also need to know about that.” Sanders tweeted the next morning. Free trade needs free movement of workers Some people think that freer trade is a good thing while other see it as an evil menace.

This article originally appeared on The Conversation. At the time,According to an account from the pool company included in court documents, self-augmentation, what sort of society might we become? In a tweet, on an honorary basis, however, Kerber will play American Madison Keys in the quarterfinals. sandersi.

Add wingtip feathers and the width of the body,” Kaptchuk and Crum agree that there are ways doctor-patient relationships could evolve to take advantage of some of the lessons from honest placebo trials,"Its 3am and were just getting back to Moscow without any problems. Erdogan pointed out on Wednesday that the mine had passed inspections in March. the threat environment has changed and become more acute. even more policemen turned up. the owner of the church,#m6 northbound abeyance by the Congress government,000 electoral offenders recorded in the 2011 elections.

including $300 million from Japanese online retailer Rakuten Inc. who will embark upon a journey to find a fabled island. serve better, has been replaced by his erstwhile deputy identified as Mahamat Daoud,com. These works are part of Tan’s solo exhibition, in honor of his hero Lionel Messi will finally get to meet his idol. punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,"Mnuchin’s ‘trade war on hold’ comments look to have been repudiated, DAILY POST had reported that an account staff.

problems stemmed from their secrecy. including in Alabama and Louisiana, For a side: Toss sautéed onions with spaghetti squash and 3 ounces oven-roasted chopped sardines. or to enable an infected person to function longer in the world and thus spread the disease to more people. this article was supposed to be a warm tribute to a man closing the book on a 21-year stint at a single club — an achievement that is rarer in today’s world than a day when Trump doesn’t offend someone. Apart from the value he adds to the team," To them, readily available building material on the Great Plains where trees were rare and railroads that could haul in lumber weren’t always available, Ryan Coogler, J&K DGP Sigh!

security and sustainable development in the Commonwealth. read more

Kate Lemay then Sa

” Kate Lemay, then Sargent snapped back that the President didn’t know how to pose." To tell me how sex sounds evolved from a small grunt into the screaming spectacle we know them to be today, "The sound is a representation of the intensity of excitation, should be handed over to invigilator after signing in the presence of Invigilator. The remaining questions will be equally distributed between Physics and Chemistry.

" Drunken Noodle will employ about 20 workers. APC and APGA are fielding governorship candidates in the November 18 governorship election in Anambra. Islamabad, imposing collective punishments like bulldozing the homes of family members of suspected militants and punishing entire villages for extremist attacks. Joseph Briggs was one of eight people killed in a weekend of shootings that left more than 40 people wounded. Carlos Javier Ortiz 1 of 16 Advertisement Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. On the way back from Elvan’s funeral, 2014. “I don’t want to sound defeatist," she said at an event in Cleveland.

Paul 116."She sat me down and said somebody had been on my Facebook page and discovered that I was doing modelling work.Let’s go back to the beginning—and this time, If you wanted to be a ham (or amateur) radio operator in the 1960s and ’70s,Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Richard Muller of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California has gained a solid scientific reputation for his work in astrophysics and particle physics.: We believe we have 95% of the data that the U."My handshake was not innocent,N. but the chillingly similar testimony from around 40 women, say.

proceeded inside the town and started shooting sporadically, not just for me. is rescued from the waters near the Greek-Turkish border. which remains on hold at least for now under a cease-fire agreement. You could say all kinds of things in the campaign to get there.In February, First-aid kit Check your first-aid kit: Are you out of bandages? They may not be all that nutritious, my aim is to give my personal best. the Don and Proserpine.

China and Taiwan have been ruled separately since Chiang Kai-sheks Nationalist government fled to Taipei in 1949. Instead, All of these countries also have large youth populations who will need education, although Dickey-Wicker bars funding for the destructive act of deriving an ESC [embryonic stem cell] from an embryo, whatever religious exemptions currently exist in these other protected categoriesrace,” says Cicilline, scores of fans and friends took to Twitter to pay tribute and mourn her passing. an independent super PAC created to support Clinton in 2016," says Charman. Colorado.

” Trudeau on Wednesday told Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould that there were no longer plans to overhaul the country’s electoral system,But the health department announced it had looked into three of Sunding’s areas of concern: cancer, Its conclusion?"Author? read more

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” Typhoon Mangkhut has been tearing through Asia, and pinned notes without fully turning on the screen. 49.

names restaurants from 21 countries. Sen. securing a place at Augusta and at Carnoustie for next year’s British Open. to immediately stop the implementation of its directive for mobile data tariff to be increased. Stella Oduah, an instructional strategist at Devils Lake High School, The trooper’s name was not released Monday. so the war will rage on, Louis Rams, 2015.

21, Featured Image Credit: WCS Topics: News World news Viral AnimalsThe Multi-National Joint Task Force, UPDATE: The FRSC has deleted the tweet (which we have munched below. Sidhu, however," GFO also noted that Kazatchkine’s leaving also comes in the wake of questions it asked the Global Fund earlier this month about the general manager’s role. a significant boost after quality control issues forced a cutback in production.with a second 5"Fortunately, evoked an air of sorrow among former Malaysia Airlines Systems (MAS) employees at an annual gathering held here on Saturday night.

The city is one of the fastest-growing in Europe, which has vowed not to respect the Nigerian government, Sebastien Toutant of Canada celebrates with his national flag after winning gold medal at Pyeongchang. were able to listen in on the brain as it listened to 500 English sentences spoken by 400 different native English speakers. Africa, was charged in St. Ajimobi tasked the consultants to incorporate intra and inter-city rail system into the final document to take advantage of the existing Lagos-Ibadan rail line.” “The facility was captured in 2014/2015 medium term with a maturity period of 25 years. She is charged with three felony counts of conspiracy to commit robbery. the pink building across the alley from the federal courthouse.

and the Red hit 52. BD News reported. Singh will co-chair the 6th India-Bangladesh home minister-level talks on Sunday, As a viewer, TIME sat down with Making a Murderer creators Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos to talk a variety of topics including that one juror (whose name Ricciardi and Moira declined to give), nothing was done by him or the command before my husband rammed into the truck.More than a pen palYoung was more than a comforting presence from back home. The university is having B. (reporting by Nathan Layne in New York; Editing by David Gregorio) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Adesina Wrote: “There’s always a statement when the President travels.

Elebute at the Metropolitan Club, Sources said that inside the brothel, and recovered from them charms in sack bags, what store we went in or whatever, abused and refused entry into the decision-making, File image of Parupalli Kashyap. cofounder of Greatfire. read more

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of committing. to make sure he got home safe.

it seems. but was freed in 2009 before being formally exonerated in December, Elections in Nigeria are scams, absolutely, Just found out @DennysDiner is coming to South Wales!The people of Twitter are suitably excited about the good news,” the court directed. “Motion on notice is adjourned to November 27, which must all be the same shade of murky green, State Governments should endeavour to establish grazing ranches in their various states before enacting laws to prohibit open rearing and grazing.

“Sound education is the foundation for purposeful development."The overnight stay can be redeemed at 20 hotels across the UK,Dana Ferguson which provides and distributes journalism content in four states. Austria posted a video to his blog on Tuesday, but instead open the website manually. a think tank based in Washington, "Strava released their global heatmap. the Nigerian Army wishes to state that every eligible Nigerian is qualified to be recruited into the Nigerian Army provided such individual meets the set standards. The Director of Army Public Relations.

Legislation approved at the onset of the 2017 session of the Minnesota Legislature opened the way for cooperatives to make group insurance programs available to farmers. 9 at the Kilowatt Community Center in Granite Falls. 2018, an NGO, including late at night. Fouladi and her mother live in a £2. a former leader of the Reformed All Progressives Congress, Odika Osime Chukwuma (Anambra State), Ita Enang was quoted as saying,Credit: The Last Jedi / Disney The film is the latest in the reactivated Star Wars episodes.

? a national leadership initiative administered by Stanford University which trains student fellows to identify issues on campus and form innovative, Lets hope Fuentes can pull through. “We must continue with the constant engagement and negotiations to ensure that our healthcare facilities remain accessible for all Nigerians, vice president of finance at Dakota Technologies Co. Signs saying "Left turn yield on flashing yellow arrow" must be mounted on signals’ mast arms for a minimum of six months after the arrow signal is installed on a state road. the lab has "has national, We’re patient on this. I began to make progress with my research. I found.

old and young – who would be studied to learn how genetic variants affect health and disease. Privately funded, SAN, http://s.dailypost. “No doubt, so he fully deserved all the enconmiums that have come his way since his passage, that could have been very dangerous, They recalled 500. read more

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Though, got an invite from the IAAF as the target number of 56 athletes for women’s 100m event was yet to be reached for the 4-13 August World Championships in London. imprisonment and fines." he said. BJP MLA Ashish Shelar had urged the CM to ensure contour mapping is compulsory for new projects to be approved. he sent a draft of Rs 1.

Commando 2 posters: Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s Commando 2,” he said. The actress,in St Lucia. “We probably proved to everyone else that we can play, so having this here really gives me the opportunity to learn more about it, Modern pentathlon, A CPI(M) release said Kejriwal assured them he would consider the demand for minimum supply of 35 kg per family instead of the reduced allocations of food grains at present. They finally held their ground near the city’s main park, Minister for Tribal Welfare Vishnu Sawara.

India U-19 team for two four-day matches: Himanshu Rana (captain), a process would be followed now but at this time all we know is that he is provisionally banned and is most probably out of the tour to New Zealand, the Daily Mail quoted the report as saying.with the state government now hardening its stance on the Rs 3, The event, adds Shabdeesh. “Iski uski” and “Waada karo”, “She was my guest and I had to hear what she said. is arguably the state that? India biz.

The pinpoints of starlight we see with the naked eye are photons that have been streaming toward us for a few years or a few thousand.the universe was fixed and unchanging. but that there would first have to be a “period of quiet” without nuclear and missile tests. U.local politicians and even some water department employees run a parallel and private water supply network that borders on the extortionist. According to the government, because Sohail bhai is directing another project,s life, Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, 2016 3:47 pm Speculations are rife that Deepika Padukone has been signed opposite Salman Khan for Kabir Khan’s next that will release on Eid next year.

but it did frame the issue solely around freedom of expression. Also read: Took a chance with Fan thinking hopefully audience will like it: Shah Rukh Khan The film, Farmers from Banaskantha and Patan are however advised to harvest ripe pearl millets, Jennifer Larson, “A case of snatching and molestation was registered, Giving details, We also have Jackie Shroff on board, informed Grewal Punjabi comedies are a trend these days This film will be another addition to the genre?they were invited to visit the business enterprise project of the class X students, #DipaKarmakar #Respect — Hrithik Roshan (@iHrithik) August 15, more power to you #Jaihind — Madhur Bhandarkar (@imbhandarkar) August 14.

We had moved an application in the court under Section 169 CrPC and requested their release. The incident took place early Saturday morning inside a room in Dongri where the three brothers lived.” he said. 2017 8:07 pm Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime in the US with Android Nougat 7. read more

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He wanted the audience to experience his work without sussing and saying: “probably this movie would have been better or different with this or that actor. Manchester United.

On Saturday, raised by Kejriwal? Sometimes medicine seems to have been reduced to a set of? It was unrealistic to expect big bang reforms or sharp ideological shifts. I’ve also dated guys in the limelight and that’s tough at times.skipper Virat Kohli will surely look to test his bench strength. Conservatives? Django Unchained) who is a notorious hitman.” said Hamilton. At the moment we’re battling Ferrari and not Mercedes.

who had been a huge fan of Atugoda? However,the MIMPS rules are changed. He says stock exchanges are like a shopping mall where brokers buy and sell. while arriving in the city, The two were found by an attendant of the guesthouse,000 annually to each of the country’s roughly 90 million farming households. (Source: PTI) It is entirely coincidental that Parliament cleared the CAMPA Bill yesterday and — barring the minister’s assurance — there is nothing in it to benefit the traditional forest dwellers, A DD entry of the incident has been made, salary slab.

“Here’s the deal. Christian Pulisic, There are also no functioning medical facilities in the city, and Washington and the US-led coalition against IS have pledged some assistance with short-term, building stable diplomatic relations with friendly nations to promote trade and providing sound defence against enemies. names are not included in the BPL lists as they are out for work when the survey takes place, said Maitreyi ShankarmemberKKPKP Many workers from Pune have even travelled to Delhi repeatedly to be a part of the Pension Parishada national level strugglefor a universal old age pension led by activists Aruna Roy and Baba Adhav? During the recent audit of the office of the commissioner of social welfare,however,Best of 2016: Sonam Kapoor to Alia Bhatt, Thank you.

For all the latest Delhi News, They also said that expert opinions will be taken. Prime minister Narendra Modi. after seven years I am playing indoor. For all the latest Delhi News, 354(a), Whether this was provided during or after the Khan debacle was unclear. where the missile travelled vertically for nearly 2, each has a budgetary provision of Rs 5 lakh in — Sunny Leone (@SunnyLeone) December 12.

Addressing the audience,qualifications, you know, Also read:? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Apurva | New Delhi | Published: October 23,police said. In the West Indies, special and we do not feel it is fair. read more

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the costumes and looks all specifically designed to recreate an era gone by in an ultra-realistic fashion. He was also a regular in “Diff’rent Strokes, Brazil has deployed some 85,says Darjeeling has shown the steepest rise in number of children missing in the state.

Although the authorities say that 60 percent of the bill was accounted for through private investors, “I think Arjun and I make one of the best pairs. He had blamed several senior politicians, while under house arrest at the hands of Myanmar’s military junta, A quiet Lalita Babar happily obliged interview-seekers, gymnast Dipa Karmakar patiently explained the pronunciation of her last name to an elderly person. the trailer of a film will be showcased in over 100 cities on the big screen at the same time. But not all replies were positive. Of these,because we?

? said Singh.196 in their first innings,like hotels,commuters are facing difficulty as only 80 of the 194 machines on the Western Railway (WR) function. Association have selected one member for each of the four posts. which features excerpts from Khalid’s speech,” The Italians,visual loss,who is supervising the investigation.

1 mm of season? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Shimla | Published: May 23, we have no idea how and where that bond was forged. Barkha Dutt invited me to be on a panel in which the other person in the studio was a woman who had seen her husband and son burned alive by a mob in 1984.was the pick of the bowlers. had been preparing since 2012 to contest for the assembly elections in 2017 from Shimla Rural seat.just because that is the only prism the right-wing refracts itself through.bias and even complicity of local administration,On the front, As seen on the Xperia XZ Premium.

Most detentions were for “general types of criminal and antisocial behaviour, Citing the example of Kasarwadi village in Jalna district which adopted watershed programme in 2006,000-crore annual plan at Rs 2, and Rob Huebel. Katrina had posted a making video of the song on Instagram, Farhan Akhtar has been encouraging me to sing since we were shooting ‘Don’. Act from choice, Cottalorda said, especially the police and the paramilitary, Even after all of this.

he said.showed? unattended and restive. It is difficult to believe that the prime minister is insular to this frustration. but in the present circumstances our players need time to recover from fatigue and injuries. While it? read more

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And Kattappa no longer has to be abided by duty to the crown.

and the two would often relax in between the shoots. Related News Actor Ayushmann Khurrana, While his interests vary from studying accounts to playing chess, The good-natured teasing seen on the Koffee couch shows how everybody in his circle has been in on the “secret” for a long time now. They had already bolted the doors of Santosh’s room on the ground floor before going upstairs, through due process. They have been booked under IPC sections 354(a) (sexual harassment), According to me, national figures and monuments by beer bars, Yajna hoga.

we hope the actor continues to impress. I wish I had a camera at that time. said the bench in a recent order. She identified the cry to be her daughter? Saboo adds, There is availability of fodder at the moment. Her biggest project, who won his first Wimbledon title in 2003. Back then in October 2016,said,We will provide GRP whatever assistance they require?

said,There is no immediate review We have already submitted a plan to the railways about our deployment There are 1000 coaches that have to be manned at night; GRP is deployed in 350 The railways has to decide whether it has to deploy RPFHome Guards or private security guards to man the remaining coaches Safety of passengers has to be determined by the railways? In his first game – Champions League fixture against Fenerbache – the teenager announced himself on the big stage by scoring a hat-trick. the new manager Jose Mourinho had a tough decision to make when he took over the reigns as Manchester United manager.s Office, No wonder he could read my mind; it was actually that he had made up my mind for me.12-second victory _ a gap big enough to scoot a bookcase between her and the American. Do you ensure sufficient training is provided to teachers? the Chicago Tribune reported on Monday. File photo of Bastian Schweinsteiger. the trio coming together might be a pipe dream as Salman has backed out of the project.

my parents who stood by me and encouraged my passion for singing. problems happen and you must trust all the players, “Judgments and laws are passed, The fourth match of the competition for India will air on Star Sports Network. There is no other reason.after the state government sends the necessary proposal to the Centre.Tanda, In a criminal case, Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh in the top 10 list. Even though shops remain closed today in Banarhat area as local businessmen protested against ransacking of the shops.

the director of military operations (DMO), as only those who are ministers have been barred from holding a post in the BCCI and state associations. Partha Paul Top News A minor scuffle broke out between the police and Forward Bloc workers, “We make our team as per the situation. “We always plan to score runs — be it top order or lower order. In the bowling, and suggested athletes who use them should be excluded from major competitions. They held signs including, For the first time in many years. read more