Here are 10 things your customers want you to know

do you know your customers

it’s really hard to answer this question.

but there’s a way you can find the answer. It’s a little big, but it’s true. We summarize 10 related social psychology studies, first to know what consumers want you to know 10 things.

consumers like surprises almost better than all

give consumers the most profound memories, let them talk about the longest is a surprise. A little feedback, especially an unexpected surprise, can be a powerful force.

Zappos (an American shoe selling B2C website) is a good example. In order to give consumers a good mood, they often give customers free delivery day delivery, but not in the sales page to advertise.


at the time of online shopping will also encounter this kind of situation, if the time to buy things in the store will we know with small gifts, small gifts will often let us down, but if we do not know the circumstances, people will not consciously improve the shop good sensitivity.

a little better for consumers actually can not spend any money

since the beginning of the "casual little sweet" plan, sweetgreen hotel business has risen by 300%. "Casual little sweet" is a very important concept for small businesses. For consumers to feel close to the attitude rather than spend.


Nate Ru, founder of sweetgreen Hotel, casual little sweet based on this purpose, often let his employees in a car beside the parking ticket put some gift cards, to the left a deep impression to customers.


has started a customer loyalty program will be more effective

do you have to buy milk tea, the waiter and give you an integral card, and the tea has been bought on the points?


we often encounter this situation in shopping malls, tea shops, cake shop. We can know from his own experience, when we got a product of the card, we would prefer to put it together; but if we get a blank card, what are not, it may be two days do not know where it is, because the card itself is no value, sometimes even will cause your resentment, because you know it just let you buy something extra.


researchers said the "plan" customer loyalty has begun than the "plan" customer loyalty has not yet begun to bring the loyalty of consumers twice more, and more people are willing to complete the "Ren > plan" began in customer loyalty

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