How to implement the act tough and talk soft soft Wen promotion

with hard advertising abuse, more and more enterprises or businesses begin to pay attention to the marketing role, began to gradually reduce the hard reality of advertising, a lot of focus on marketing, and achieved good results, effectively reducing the cost of advertising companies and businessmen. But there are also many businesses or enterprises in the marketing case of Waterloo, many webmaster friends in the marketing website has become the hardest hit, because many webmaster friends, especially the grassroots webmaster, due to limited financial strength, dependent on the promotion of soft Wen marketing more strong, once in the play no role, for them in the days after the operation on the website will become more and more difficult.

Now many webmaster

act tough and talk soft problems in marketing promotion of the biggest problem is not how soft, or a soft, write out the soft, let others do not see advertising traces, so that the soft is very good, but when people are not advertising feeling when you write the soft Wen there is no natural role of propaganda. In addition to this defect, a lot of soft paper has obvious advertising color, and make TV ads, hyperbole, the temptation of the language, looks very soft for advertising, but, this is the biggest flaw, lest the people become less strange child hiding.

so how to make the promotion of soft paper with act tough and talk soft effect? It is actually very simple, as long as from two aspects can be easily achieved.

is the first to focus on the quality of soft writing, which is in the Baidu algorithm under the reform, it is particularly important, only to enhance the quality of the soft, will it be possible to get Baidu’s favor, and enhance the soft rank, have more exposure in the search engine. So soft quality has the following three characteristics. The first to have originality, if the article is false original article put all sorts of things together, obviously it is difficult to obtain the favor of Baidu, and now Baidu to crack down on such soft garbage. Then, to have a certain degree of readability, which have certain literary reads are very soft, if a mouthful, let reader, this text clearly does not have marketing value. The last is the soft science to rationalize the insertion of advertising content. This is the most important part of the quality of soft wen.

Insert advertising content reasonable

, the best way is you will need to promote products and services into the specific circumstances, for example, now a lot of TV advertising inserts, often as products and services will promote the development of the plot props, on the one hand, the role of the recognition to enhance the advertising of these products. This soft can also take this route, after all, the script and soft Wen also has a certain degree of similarity. In addition, you can also make a scientific comment on the product or service through the authentic press release, so that users can approve such products from the comments.

second is to pay attention on the soft Wen propaganda platform, a diamond buried in the sand, can not let people see it bright, if placed in jewelry, even other jewelry can not shine with great splendor, mask >

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