Hands to teach you WeChat public number two days fans broke through the 500


powder posts have rotten street, but most of them are specific to the implementation of the speak generally, it will encounter difficulties, I would like to combine these two days I brush experience, talk about the public, how specific short time exceeded 500 mark.

look at the first two days of my powder (spent $10, fans do not buy, all natural growth, see below)



500 fans not what great marketing means, may be a lot of cattle have a lot of nouveau riche also said a contemptuous disregard, but I still want to sniff at, publish this article, hoping to help those who worked hard in the bottom of the grass root buddy network marketing. After all, 500 fans is a threshold number of certified public, but as long as the fans always insist on enough, rising to push each other even can reach the threshold, days and months multiplying WeChat official promotion activities, then sit in meters can collect in the bag, soon became CEO, won the white Formica, toward the pinnacle of life think about, is not there a little excited


well, nonsense not to say, first talk about marketing ideas.

do you feel that your competitor’s advertising everywhere? Do you want to search keywords, can search to their blog, QQ, WeChat is always space? Advertising themselves but receiving little? In fact, the reason is very simple, the Internet in the ocean, you send a few posts, several QQ, harassment of WeChat users. It is too difficult to look for a needle in the ocean, then, how can we do look for a needle in the ocean? In fact, you must know, is in the sea with multi needle. Yes, trumpet marketing. Many people may have done so, but the effect is not ideal, I would like to ask you how many small? Do promotion? Take a look at me for this month’s QQ (trumpet I bother, hard-working people must be more, but the key is to have a plan, persevere, instead of 3 days fishing nets 2 days of drying)


In fact, as long as the 2-3 every day to apply for QQ number, in addition to using these QQ open space, WeChat, e-mail, and then mail registered blog, develop a soft update frequency, according to the plan to adhere to the implementation of the

. The following specific about the difficulties and solutions (intermediate real dry cargo.).

according to your target group, Registration No. QQ (registration number may need to clear off the net for IP, cookie, Baidu, will not change the avatar, open space) (remember to set the permissions of all people can access space), email, change the signature, put some space attractive photos (you know), the opening of the nearby people (this is key) computer terminal do not know how to open? Click the find, select someone, then click the open position information.


so, every day I have at least more than and 10 space

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