How to design the network marketing of different products page

the popularity of the Internet to subvert the traditional product marketing model, people have to use the rapid transmission of network information, the advantages of convenient electronic payment, opened a new era of product marketing network.

, however, not all products can be carried out through the network marketing, professional and technical personnel on the site, it is not the traditional web design ideas can do a good job in product marketing. According to my observation of the major marketing sites, combined with their own practical experience in the development of network marketing, and we explore the various products involved in the network marketing of web design issues.

in my opinion, before making the network marketing products, should first define the product demand groups, namely customer groups, and then according to this part of the group’s age, gender, habits, hobbies, interests and surfing habits, determine the network marketing strategy, and finally by the software design ideas consistent with the website creation and marketing strategy content, and carry out a web page.

in general, the tangible product page is more emphasis on the product’s appearance. Such products are mainly daily necessities, involving people living in various fields, as long as the logistics network to delivery goods, all inclusive. For these products, you must rely on pictures to express product information, the more realistic the better. The software personnel PS picture skill can not be ignored. When designing a web page, to choose a qualified image file format, with the popularity of broadband, JPG format in the technology will not hinder the speed of web loading. But still according to the image visual effect, using a variety of techniques to adjust the pixel, in the premise of ensuring the quality of the picture, as far as possible to reduce the time to read, do not try to test the patience of others.

for the intangible service products, such as financial services, insurance, tourism, shopping, hotel restaurant booking tickets online booking, and other related intellectual property services, web designers should be more humane to consumer demand in all. At this time the design to add too many pictures are detrimental to product characteristics (diet, tourism can be excluded), this is the need to have the strength of advertising soft, process description, etc.. In fact, the current financial institutions on the site can not be flattered, the instructions for the service process is too stiff, the lack of soft affinity.

web design to design navigation. To fully assume the customer in the service of the problems encountered and questions, spend energy to do a good job of navigation. I once logged in a communications operator website, because I can not see the instructions in the navigation tips, dozen dozen customer service phone to find out, this is the most annoying. Software personnel should fully listen to the marketing staff planning, whether or not to take the class structure or other structures, are convenient for users to browse for the purpose. Here is an important point, or writing on the soft, invisible service must rely on the language of the soft text to help sell, high quality soft text is sometimes more useful than a few pictures. Therefore, the design of the page should use prominent font to a high level of advertising to the soft top, in order to play a better role in marketing.

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