How to let users remember your website

asked you a question, what kind of Web site can grow and develop, only SEOER will fool customers that rely on SEO, and only the programmer will be fooled by the customer said to rely on mass, only cmser will be said to rely on the acquisition of the webmaster. Anything, once doping commercial interests behind, will aliasing distortion, so some words you do not take it seriously. My answer is: by word of mouth, can keep the user’s website.

, a web site will be the reason why the word of mouth, the reason is very simple: 1 of the sites were useful for the majority of people. 2 the site is known. The website on the Internet is not useful to this discussion, nor can be finished in two words or three. This article is to say "how the site is known to people" in the initial visitor problem. Everything has to open the head, the initial visitors is the catalyst to trigger the site visibility. How to open the head, it is very important. Initial visitors are willing to spread your site, and you continue to maintain and upgrade the content of the site, then it is possible to dream come true.

a new site to do a good job, promotion is a problem. The following summarizes the solution to this problem, and do a simple analysis. A lot of methods but really useful and is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, down-to-earth, should pay attention to the promotion of all to the need to use your website, which is the target population, otherwise it will toil with no gain:

1 tell people you know.

2 do your job. Good content is the best way to promote. For example, rural information network, adhere to a large number of updates to the contents of the system every day, 1 months to reach the station PR, Google ranked first in the first page of 5.

3 leaflets. Offline publicity. To the newspaper’s classified information inside propaganda, the effect is more lasting.

4 do links. Potato and hao123 methods.

5 create mailing list. Cn99 method. Foreign websites usually use this method. Again and again to remind users, you should come here to see".

6 to write their lessons, with their own web site, sent to the internet. Your experience will always be useful to some people. Figure Wang method.

7 submitted to the web site can submit. Don’t worry about success, do your job well before you know the real answer.

8 and other sites swap links. Do not be stingy to your favorite site to do a unilateral link.

9 leave your contact information. Maybe netizens need to ask you directly.

10 clearly tell your web site brand and website. For example, nongxintong

11 create interest groups. Interaction with web site visitors.

12 produced only you >

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