O2O was too hot speculation the reality of the reality of the dream industry forced


at present, O2O is a typical term of excessive heat. In broad sense, all can get through the online and offline barriers, to achieve a seamless consumer experience products or services, can be said to be O2O. In a narrow sense, the current O2O more in restaurants, buy, two-dimensional code, ticketing (mainly movie tickets, concerts, exhibitions, etc.), LBS and other specific areas have a lot of attempts. In fact, before the birth of the concept of O2O, there have been quite a number of companies engaged in the exploration of the corresponding model.

to food and beverage, for example, it seems that there are data that every day there are 200 million people out to dinner, however, these people do not need the help of O2O products in order to find food to eat in. At least 80% of users are expected to eat every day is a fixed place, not every day to open a new store to try to review comments.

for the store, if taste good, cost-effective, but also does not require O2O, word of mouth and near the passenger to the long queues. Some relatively deserted, the peak hours are not full store may need some new promotions. But the cold reason is the marketing is not good? Or food service dining environment cost is not good? When marketing in a store to open is necessary, but the first half of 1 years after the need to rely on marketing, let people are worried about whether it can survive.

is a data have a high proportion of annual domestic restaurants closed down, this can be shown to have quite a lot of new marketing demands, but also proved that the death will die.

so, can O2O really than small shop in better? That is not fooled? Or group purchase two-dimensional code, really let the user to store


over the past two or three years, a variety of buy site almost all of the O2O may be involved in the industry have been washed all over the shop owner was fooled no problem, the next time it is difficult. Buy mode is the simplest, most lightweight, but not a success. In addition to a variety of platforms, group purchase, LBS, life service network, delicacy website, do not shop in the line channels, to flicker these shopkeepers? Their model is more complex, more difficult to implement? If you do O2O, how are you going to cheat them? You and they talked about it? Even if most of them are using computer is not good, you can’t believe that

is not?

a lot of O2O mode, hope to give their best discount stores, but the discount is really must be the only means of marketing and


I don’t like O2O for the following reasons:

1, consumer verification, to the store to verify the model is still relatively complex. Not simply sign up can be solved. And do not have any comments on the ratings of the sign in fact is not so great, do not have the reference value, can not be effectively spread. If you take a review score, then you need to ensure that the user is at least into the store experience had been evaluated before consumption, otherwise it is easy

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