Talk about those topics domain name inadvertently missed domain name

time is money, efficiency is life! This sentence in all walks of life is a very suitable domain, especially in the domain name in the industry, the concept of time is to grasp more accurately. On the Internet, many companies in the introduction of new products on the occasion, often did not grasp the relevant domain name, domain name and missed the related products, then some enterprises for the purchase of the relevant domain name really spent some effort, some even have not obtained the relevant domain name, a sigh, face to look at the "Tramp" domain name


Sina light blog online Qing domain stray

May 26th

Sina light blog Qing enable two domain on-line beta, this is not the most eye-catching, attractive point is Sina in the product release or no Qing related domain name, very strange! Qing, Bo Qingbo, light light light blog qingboke and initials of QBK and other mainstream suffixes in Sina did not have the relevant domain name. Some have domain name is registered early, there are other common suffixes not registered, then the Sina Q version of micro-blog’s Q domain name is also on the folk, sina is playing a "trick" and what the public? No matter how to Sina, if you want to take these days after the domain name appears to be quite a lot jin.


dawn King Le LOOP domain was frozen

mobile phone

Hongkong King Li Mingqi suitable for intelligent mobile phone entertainment software LOOP (also known as "Le") on the line, but this product had missed LOOP domain, domain name has been registered, and the registration time as early as 1995, was registered in 1998. No king of these domain names, or even LOOP domain name "leloop" type, the king you really do not pay attention to the domain name, while ensure the quality of products, but also pay attention to the application domain! A good image of appropriate good domain, can help you a lot.


Nintendo home games missed WiiU related domain name


(Nintendo) E3 in June released a new console WiiU, oddly, the company said WiiU does not hold any related domain name, WiiU related domain name was registered in 2004, other related domain names were registered the domain name and domain name enthusiasts, these a few early they are registered, Nintendo to launch new home game Wii U but does not hold any domain name, Nintendo is undoubtedly the loss is not small

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