The domain name market hot terminal acquisition frequently

recently, the domain name market continued good news, just two days ago, a well-known domestic enterprises "China domain name trading center repurchase domain from abroad, the price of US $300 thousand. Prior to this, the trading center has repeatedly traded a number of boutique domain name.

May 17th, renamed China by the shortest domain name domain name trading center repurchase, the domain name has not been enabled, related to speculation, the future model of reading with a short, short URL domain name also rare, probably as a domain name website domain name micro-blog enabled user access.

it is understood that the "Chinese domain name trading center officially launched in April, will be the first domain name transaction mode optimization and integration of existing at present, introduced three major trading patterns by the" domain name domain name brokerage, intermediary, self-service ", avoid some of the Internet because of unsafe problems such as transaction mode. Moreover, the platform for the first time the concept of Amoy domain name, the domain name self-service transaction mode simple operation, economic benefits of ordinary investment users.

Since the launch of

domain name trading center, the small domain name trading volume increased significantly, and many large transactions through the center of the success of the transaction, in addition to the recent and domain, some time ago, the closing of the from the center to assist the repurchase. In addition, Amoy domain channel also traded a lot of small domain names, such as the recent success of the transaction domain name, that is, through Amoy domain name to sell information, the final price of 120 thousand yuan traded.

thus, domain name trading market recovery has been very obvious, domain name investors between domain name acquisition are becoming increasingly frequent, according to "Chinese CEO Kong Dejing in micro-blog recently revealed that there are a few pen large transactions will be sold, but the specific domain name trading temporarily released.

              CN domain name transaction frequency head demand rather than individual users back

            pass ylmf bought specific details of the transaction is

            " disclosure of details involved in

denied for panic buying

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