Comsenz released in early March cross platform Discuz X community


cross-border community platform Discuz! X part screenshot

February 26th morning news, community platform and service providers will soon release a Comsenz integrated community, SNS and other Internet applications of the new cross-border community platform Discuz! X, for the first time in March is expected to open beta.

Li Mingshun

, vice president of the board of directors Comsenz yesterday in an Tencent technology interview revealed the news, he said, the platform is in 2010, one of the most important products, will be the first online in the near future.

is reported, Discuz! X integrated community forums, SNS, portal and other functions, the integration of the open platform.

last December, Dai Zhikang wrote an article describing the Comsenz CEO products. "We’re putting all our effort on a project called UltraX. It’s hard to tell what kind of thing this project is, and maybe not until now. Since we can’t describe it accurately with the existing concepts, we call it ‘X products’ internally."

Dai Zhikang pointed out that this product is not born now Discuz!, is not some kind of UCHome improved version, "X products" and years of products are essentially different, this system can be said to be a new unified specification, more than it did before the product architecture.

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