Chinahr com official accused of breaking the negotiations failed to suppress news closed the door of sina and Shen Yunfang


technology news January 31st morning news, employees compensation negotiations with the parent company Monster last night was scheduled to finalize the results, but has so far failed to reach agreement. headquarters in Beijing has been from the beginning of last night by a security guard, outsiders can not enter. At the same time, employees react to the company’s internal network is cut off, questioning the official attempt to block the message. CEO and Monster has yet to comment.

network suspected to be cut off

today at around 5 a.m., in HNA headquarters still brightly lit. More than 200 employees asked for compensation in 12 of the company, but the company gates were five or six security men like guard, outsiders can not enter. Around 6 in the morning, a small number of employees because of family reasons to leave the company. "I can’t stand it. I’ll go back and eat something." A new mother when employees leave the murmuring. Around 8 a.m., a male employee by 120 emergency stretcher out, for unknown reasons.

According to the

security guard said, they by "boss" sent to duty is to prevent outsiders from entering the company, until the company employees and reach a negotiated agreement. But the other has not made it clear that "the boss" is CEO Ronaldo Bingquan or Monster. The remaining staff also said that it is not clear who sent these security.

at the same time, there are employees in response to the company’s internal network has been cut off, worried that this is the company blocked news. Around 5 a.m., 12 layer WiFi signal has not search. However, this move is a bit strange, even if the network is broken, employees can still spread the message through the phone.

Sina micro-blog users Lili Dou said: "at present the country branch off the network, Beijing send bodyguards guarding, staff and check cards, letter of commitment on the evening of 29 sign did not materialize, 30 day mail company let us not with any media contact, protect corporate reputation. To the time there does not appear, the company executives all disappeared, collective suicide has sold us who do not know."

The negotiation has failed began 29 days of layoffs storm continues to ferment.

29, began to be acquired before the layoffs. Workers who have been laid off can get (N+3) * monthly salary compensation, and placement and compensation of employees are not mentioned. The move led to dissatisfaction with the working staff, more than 200 employees gathered in the headquarters of protest, asked to enjoy the equivalent of the resignation of employees compensation program, and promised not to take the initiative in 2013.

according to the agreement between the two sides, the results of the negotiations scheduled for yesterday

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