O2O community comprehensive freeze financial community how to avoid the trap into the unique

2013-2014, in the capital frenzy pursued, all kinds of property management, regional and social differentiation in various fields of life service platform emerged, with a new business logic community O2O industry began to explode.

However, the

community O2O soon face good times don’t last long, three low high dilemma: low growth, low user activity, low margin, high operation cost, high marginal cost. With the fall of 2015 dropped the Ding Dong District quietly, a large community of O2O appeared in the merger, sale or direct closure of the situation. Community O2O in the eyes of entrepreneurs and investors have become the hot potato from meat and potatoes.

and Wan Jun community finance, although there are setbacks, but still difficult to develop, all kinds of Internet giants, banks, new entrepreneurs are still in the layout.

can be said that the financial community faces some of the same community and O2O cold, but more is based on the "financial" the special attributes of the inherent problems. The exclusive issue of financial industry on the one hand may bring a unique challenge to the development of community finance, but on the other hand, but also to the financial community from the cold community O2O industry contrarian breakthrough unique opportunity.

, a financial goal: community itself is the inevitable development of financial industry, in just the same way and community O2O.

to "economic body" sufficiently robust, as the economic blood finance inevitably extends into the end of the American economy, large community banking system on the Chinese financial reform has been a reference benchmark, inclusive finance is must walk the road. In this case, the distant financial services to the community at the grassroots level, facing tenants, small businesses, has become a part of the community O2O tide.

1, community finance can not ignore the financial nature of this essential

despite the use of a similar pattern of community O2O, community finance still can not ignore the important concerns of the expansion of the financial sector: operating costs and transaction costs. Many of the blind to enter the field of community financial enterprises suffered setbacks are associated with this.


line is the creation of a community network banking giant in the financial community the most common way, but because of the rise of community O2O tide stream sites, will have the means. Banking into the community is inclusive financial reform, the need for financial expansion, rather than having to join the community O2O this lively. Conventional banking outlets to consider things, community networks also need to consider.

very worried reached the community financial Ping An Bank, also have to consider the cost savings in the network settings. According to the condition of the population and community financial activity, Ping An Bank elasticity of 80~120 square metres of community outlets, do not carry out cash business, save the maintenance costs a lot, and through intelligent machines and some online alternative means to release human, shorten the process, saving manpower cost and transaction cost. The layout of the higher enthusiasm of Minsheng Bank >

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