Jian Wang 2015 will focus on the regulation of copyright issues in cloud storage

[Abstract] "sword net 2015" second stages from August 1st to October 31st, the centralized rectification stage.

the afternoon of August 17th, the State Copyright Bureau held "Jian Wang 2015" forum in beijing. The meeting summed up the "Jian Wang 2015" achievements and problems, a clear focus on the task of the second stage. Meeting the requirements of case handling is the priority among priorities to promote special action. All localities should increase law of administrative punishment and criminal punishment, focused on investigating a number of major cases according to law; to dare to sword, with the sword at law, establish the copyright law enforcement departments handling authority, play a leading role in the network copyright order.

Jian Wang 2015 "second stages from August 1st to October 31st, the centralized rectification stage, meanwhile, will be carried out special rectification and standardization of network music copyright standard network copyright management, cloud storage space combat intelligent mobile terminal third party applications (APP) piracy rectification, the rectification and standardization of network advertisement alliance to further standardize the network reprinted order rectification.

meeting the requirements of the country on the second phase will be investigating the case as a priority among priorities to promote special action. The local copyright law enforcement departments must from investigating the case, especially the provincial copyright law enforcement departments to set a good example. In the process of investigating and handling cases, to expand the source, solve the entrance problem; to increase efforts to solve the problem of effect; improve the ability to solve the bottleneck problem. In search of cases, one is to do network active inspections, two is to clear the backlog, three is to actively mobilize the masses, timely find clues. To focus on playing tiger". Through the "tiger" to create a good atmosphere of public opinion, enhance the social effects of special action. To connect attaches great importance to the work of administrative punishment and criminal punishment work, support and assist the judicial departments to take timely measures to criminals, the captured, the customs clearance, the judge sentenced, forming a deterrent.

meeting stressed that all localities should strengthen the copyright law enforcement business training, as far as possible to cover all levels of law enforcement agencies. To learning by doing, learning by doing, and at the same time, the State Copyright Bureau will carry out law enforcement operational guidance, coordination of advanced areas send handling expert cross regional coordination handling support, give subsidies to support the local case, multiple handling, major cases, do. By investigating the case to deter the network infringement and piracy activities, standardize the order of Internet copyright.

copyright management division of the State Copyright Bureau fully affirmed at CI Ke Jian Wang 2015 "in the first stage of the social effect. He said, these years along with the rapid development of Internet technology, the work mode of transmission, channel innovation, "focus on getting hit Jian Wang" special action standard field, more sophisticated, indeed there is a certain degree of difficulty of copyright law. But no matter how the development of the status quo of the legal nature of copyright from the pope. As long as we make good use of their own legal weapons, clarify the legal relationship, seize the deadly secret of piracy, technology and how to develop, to combat piracy can be found

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