Mobile provinces and companies in the business site to enable all 10086 domain names

July 9th news, China Mobile provinces and seven new business sites have enabled domain name.

it is understood, including China Mobile 31 branch and 139 mailboxes, Fetion ( (, mobile application store (, 139 (, wireless music community (, mobile phone game (, mobile payment (, China Mobile seven new business website domain name change have been completed recently.

previously, China Mobile group’s official website has enabled 10086 domain names in June this year.

after the replacement of the domain name, China Mobile will adopt a dual domain name system, the user can enter the original domain name. In addition, the WAP site domain enabled way to keep consistent with the WWW site.

China Mobile plans to complete the work enabled uniform domain name before the end of July. In accordance with the requirements of the China Mobile group and the company’s domain name from to all the; and the business class site will also point to

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