Why do you stand

      for interest? This is a dream of non cross age, do not deny the pure interest to do the website, but an open without a profit even in the loss of the website, I am not very willing to go to call him master

      for money! At least that’s what I was doing. I was standing in a position to make money. In fact, the percentage of input and output per station was almost 0.1 to $1000.

      I believe there are a lot of earning one thousand to two thousand owners, they may have a N force, but, really, in some of our circle of people’s eyes, they are not what they are only one thousand, two thousand hour, even a minute income.

      maybe you will scold me bragging, you may scold this SB is funny, but I can honestly say that I’m not bragging, I not to show off, but I feel like I don’t have the capital to show off. Every month, how much money do you mean by Chinese businessmen on the Internet? Every month, how much do you invest in the Internet?

      this is a piece of cake than Shanghai Shanghai, how much do you have?

      there are a lot of standing, their income is N, the last time someone sent me a foreign friends station, it GG monthly income is more than $ten thousand, as well as the starting point and the like, and I went to the next even YAHOO promotion, you know YAHOO light application promotion to spend how many dollars? At least $1000, because you need to buy a similar invitation code, the author wrote the novel, almost every month at the start of the one thousand or so.

      there are many unknown sites, basically you in Baidu search can not find it, it may have a two search results on GOOGLE, but do you know what is his monthly income? Ten thousand dollars? 30 thousand? I can not publish the web site, because some of the money after the announcement of the idea will be stolen by others. Do you believe or not believe it, in fact N so much, because I can open a monthly income of about one thousand dollars, to know the development of space inside.

      every time I find information on the Internet, always see a lot of garbage stand out over the SEO, empty, the title of the party, pop, I see I want to hire a hacker to the black. This is the idea that others have gone N long, do you think you can in this way than others? Or do you think it’s a long way to go? Every time I curse those who do this kind of webmaster, idiot! Wasting other people’s time, the basic website to see the next time again

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