Mobile analysis report video content of mobile nternet traffic accounted for 50%

Beijing on February 26th news, according to foreign media reports, according to the well-known market research firm ByteMobile released the day before the first quarter of 2012, mobile video traffic analysis report shows that the global mobile Internet traffic has occupied 50%, an increase of 10%.

ByteMobile analyzed data using SmartCapacity network management tool 3G and 4G mobile network, the report shows in part of the mobile network, video traffic has accounted for as high as 69%, and video traffic intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer users has been increasing. High definition video, multimedia content scrolling play as well as the increase of two-way video communication has also led to the growth of mobile video traffic to a large extent.

ByteMobile global media analysis senior manager Stasi Indira Fahn Tino (Stacey Infantino) said: "the popularity of smart mobile phone, tablet computer and high-end mobile devices, greatly promoted the increase of media content and Internet application, so as to promote the mobile Internet data traffic continues to rise. In the future, with the 3G and 3G network to 4G network compromise, which will greatly enhance the mobile user demand for high resolution video, streaming media content, movies on demand, and make the network bandwidth become a big challenge for mobile network operators."

ByteMobile study found that the increase in Internet data traffic is largely due to the improvement of video resolution. For example, a 360P of 5 minutes of video will produce 10 to 15 megabytes of traffic, while the same length of high resolution video will bring about 5 times the video traffic, that is about 75 megabytes.

in addition, ByteMobile also pointed out in the report, the tablet computer to bring traffic has been gradually beyond the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer Android two times bring considerable traffic to the Android intelligent mobile phone, and data traffic generated by the iPad is equivalent to 3 times of iPhone.

in advertising related traffic, data show that Android equipment can bring more hits than iOS devices, such as Google’s DoubleClick, AdMob and AdSense and other advertising services accounted for 75% of all advertising data flow. However, apple iAd advertising services generated in each transaction is higher.

As for the social network

, Facebook users on the site for the longest time, the mean sojourn time each time you log Facebook for 9.06 minutes, and the average length of stay YouTube users for 8.51 minutes, 4.57 minutes for Twitter users. It is worth mentioning that, YouTube users log on each time the traffic generated by up to 40 megabytes, far more than Facebook 120KB, which is a good description of the video content for the Internet

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