Ding Tao in front of the Microsoft WPS office365 really just a joke

April 17, 2014, entered the 20 anniversary of China on the occasion of the Internet, "IT" Time organized a person from the media into the Microsoft Corp exploration activities, I have the honour to be invited to participate in. This activity has nearly 20 people from the media and technical experts to participate in in-depth understanding and independent view of cloud computing, we have made some wonderful ideas and insights, Microsoft has also put forward suggestions of the transformation of many high perspicacity.

display links in the morning 11 "Microsoft cloud strategy" cloud chief Greater China general manager, vice president of Microsoft Greater China market strategy of computing strategy officer Xie Enwei shared a wonderful PPT, when referring to Office365 link, Chinese fictitious economy and Data Science Academy of Sciences researcher Liu Feng mentioned a problem compared to Kingsoft WPS Office, Microsoft’s Office365 has what advantage? "Carter, by including Xie Enwei, full of laughter, because it appears that the Jinshan and Microsoft is not a level of enterprises in everyone, WPS Offic and Office365 as a joke. Liu Feng feel shy awkward laugh or two, waiting for Xie Enwei to answer.

Xie Enwei, the answer is "WPS Office and Office365 is not a concept, WPS Office have a maximum of 6% Office365 function", then Xie Enwei also introduced some of the advantages of Office365 in the field of office services and cloud services, expounds the Office365 advantage in the market.

at that time on the issue of Liu Feng and Xie Enwei’s answer, I published my opinion. In my opinion, all people think of Liu Feng’s problem is small, and the old man is the Internet, how to put forward on the surface of this is a very low-level problem on the. WPS Office series of office software and Office365 Jinshan of course is not a level, but the WPS is behind the Jinshan, Jinshan is behind the Tencent, the Tencent had already begun the layout of cloud computing and big data, Microsoft can do, many Tencent can do.

let’s see such a news: on the night of July 6, 2011, Jinshan software and Tencent jointly announced that the two sides have reached a strategic cooperation in investment, Tencent by shareholders of Kingsoft equity transfer (Kingsoft founder and executive director Qiu Baijun and non executive director Zhang Xuan dragon Jinshan stake sold to Tencent, at a price of HK $892 million), Jinshan Investment Software 15.68% stake. After the transfer, the new CEO Lei occupies 10.30% of the shares, more than 9.54% stake in Qiu Baijun Jinshan into the largest individual shareholder, and the Tencent will become the largest shareholder of jinshan.

I believe that Tencent Shares JinShan out of the security software, a big reason is to see the layout of the heavy mountains in the office. Tencent in the Jinshan shares, at the beginning of 2011, the Tencent in Tianjin to start building the data center, the center.

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