s it good or bad for the planet to stop music

TTPOD was once NOKIA era with the best music player software, many people have dumped, can be acquired by Ali since 2013, almost all downhill, until it was renamed Ali planet, then to TTPOD player to stop the service, then to Ali star player to stop music service, everyday sounds "memory" really want to disappear.

November 13, 2016, App Store update list appeared in the name of Ali planet, compared to several small update before Ali, the latest planet "at the [stop] Ali music service will soon stop all star music" P, after all there are many everyday sounds "fans" in its name still with ALI planet, but if even the basic music services are stopped, the everyday sounds of the shadow will be completely left.


will App Store Ali planet from the update to the 9.6.0 Version (Android version version), through the search function, can search relevant content and listen to music, but if you want to download a new collection, etc., have prompted "Ali has stopped collecting, a planet, a local music service, you you can enjoy more high-quality music services in small shrimp music! Download December 11, 2016", click to download the small shrimp, small shrimp jump to the small shrimp music concert related reference page, in the lower right corner of my planet "interface can also see" remind me of the music "inside" music service will stop ".

from the Android version of the effect of view, Ali planet has been completely changed into a fan entertainment interactive trading platform, complete with music playback related functional insulation.

Everyday sounds

many years of accumulated reputation strength is still very popular, according to Baidu index, since April 15, 2016 announced renamed Ali began TTPOD planet, everyday sounds has daily search index for the 7448 time, the average search index since September 24th 5358. The average daily search index of the planet since April 15, 2016 Ali only 1512 times. A large number of users are still immersed in the era of everyday sounds can not come.

every day sounds of the domain name ttpod.com has now been updated for Ali’s domain name alibabaplanet.com, it is estimated that over a period of time, such as Baidu snapshot update, ttpod.com also can not see. Every day sounds good, will never see.

Ali planet will benefit from the music service shut down

Everyday sounds

since 2013 December Alibaba was acquired, or has a "sweet time", TTPOD six anniversary, TTPOD said, users reached 380 million, until then gradually dispirited.

but with Alibaba in the online music industry

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