2008 nternet a combination of personality and fantasy

      2008, what a regret people numbers. It is not only a number, a code. It is a symbol, a look, a symbol, a young man’s password


      the passage of time, the era of the old society by leaps and bounds, and the new century has formed one after another, now a unique flavor of modern society, more formed our new generation of youth. We show their own personality, we try to pursue their own ideals, crazy my Fantasy…… so I would say that 2008 is a personality and fantasy heyday, it is a combination of personality and fantasy, but this belongs to our young generation!


      when it comes to the Internet, which makes me back in high school memory. It is my reading period, the first contact with the computer. The first time to understand what is CPU, what is the card…. I am reading level here, so I chose a strange combination of circumstances in the course of computer. The most memorable is that the teacher gave us the first lesson of computer course, he explained to us what is a computer, what is the Internet? A computer is like a person, the brain is equivalent to CPU in control of the various parts of the body. The exchange and communication between.

network is each people

      communication is the most basic human survival instinct. So the Internet is so fast and furious development is reasonable. It is the most basic way to convey information, it only belongs to us, it is our life an integral part. In the era of change, human progress, especially we are awakening of Chinese people. The Internet is facing the era of our best gift! It is perfect for us to interpret what is personality and publicity, what is the young people in the world. Do not believe you to look at what the Internet 51, QQ, blog, online games and so on..

      we are the character generation, we keep our tiger we are not a green hand fear American power, fantasy innocent generation. In the future the next day, our personality will be more mature, more perfect.2008 belongs to us, the Internet.2008 Internet belongs to us all belong to our ongoing Dragon children! Belongs to us is the rapid Chinese


      let us live a more self, living out our personality, live out our dedication, we live out the pride of the Chinese people (commissioning editor admin01)


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