Chen Tong responded to join millet 360 rumors are not accurate not anxious to determine the next s

lead: the current rumors are not accurate, ready to rest for a period of time, do not worry to determine the next step, try not to leave the Internet industry.


according to the Beijing News reported yesterday, editor Chen Tong officially announced his resignation, about Chen Tong after leaving the whereabouts of industry speculation, unable to agree on which is right. A saying that Chen Tong will accept or millet technology CEO Lei Jun to join millet, served as vice president of marketing, which is another way of saying it will join the 360. But millet and 360, have expressed ignorance.

Beijing News reporter Chen Tong himself, he said, the current rumors are not accurate, ready to rest for some time, do not worry to determine the next step, for not to leave the Internet industry". When asked about the specific reasons for leaving, Chen Tong only one sentence explanation: I have completed the mission in sina".

leaving the occasion, Chen Tong had five thanks to the company, colleagues, friends farewell.


internet. It is such a time I make the meeting of wind and clouds, had the honor to participate in the reform and progress of Chinese Internet, I am proud of.


Sina successive Wang Zhidong, Mao Daolin, and CEO, in particular, I would like to give special thanks to the introduction of sina’s Lee, I, the first time,, and so on, Mr. Dong Naxin, Wang Yanhe. 17 side by side, also Division also friends. It is your trust that led me out of the Sina way, which I will never forget. – former executive vice president of sina, editor in chief Chen Tong

is recognized as the godfather of Chinese online news

at noon on October 22nd, Sina executive vice president, editor Chen Tong published a long micro-blog said it had submitted his resignation to Sina, and in five thanks to the company, colleagues and friends say goodbye.

at the same time, Sina chairman and CEO Cao Guowei in the internal mail to employees of sina also expressed gratitude to Chen Tong said, "as one of the earliest employees of, play a huge role in the old Chen reported the news on Internet business creation, content of team building, has a profound impact on the content of the portal Chinese operation mode the internet."

Mail said, after leaving, Chen Tong will continue to serve as Sina’s development consultant.

Chen Tong worked at sina for 17 years, in 1997 four in the Sina subsidiary Beijing Tongli Fang Information Technology Co. Ltd. under the Liberia online website start-up, March 1998 officially joined the company. Since 2002 served as vice president, chief editor. February 2007, served as executive vice president and editor in chief.

Lee presided over the online "France 98 world football storm" website, Chen Tong initiated the 24 hour rolling news mode, creating a Chinese website access records, and created the Sina News mode.


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