Evernote from an elephant to elephant family

Russian Americans Phil · Libin (Phil Libin); the first Chinese trip was "besieged". At the GMIC conference in May, was surrounded by the elephant "Libin of the fans and the media.

is the founder of "Libin impression notes", the company English called Evernote, are fans affectionately known as "elephant", because the impression notes with a green head of the elephant as a symbol.

today, Libin "elephants", has begun in the Chinese landing, the establishment of the office, and find some more reliable local partners, such as UC Web, Alipay (micro-blog) etc..

in fact, before the advent of the Chinese name of "impression notes", Evernote has a million Chinese users. This group of people are mainly distributed in the Internet, finance, media and other industries. Representative SOHO Chinese Pan Shiyi, wife of Zhang Xin, UC as chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu (micro-blog), shell network CEO Ji thirteen etc..

in an interview with reporters, there have been three entrepreneurial experience Libin told reporters, this time, he wants to build a hundred years old, this shop to do business is outsourcing memory". Relying on the cloud storage technology of Internet applications, from the beginning of the goal is to adhere to the record bit by bit". He made no secret of his ambition, "we want for the user to create second brain".

as a love to try new things, the Internet entrepreneur, Yu Yongfu more than a year ago by the elephant to attract, began to use it to manage their daily work plan and life trivia. He not only continued to use the Evernote’s flagship application, but also tried to record the food of Food ("food record").

in Silicon Valley, the company’s most admirable place is that it made the best cloud storage applications. A LinkedIn Software Engineer commented, U.S. companies like to do things to the extreme good, so that no second can compete". According to industry wind assessment, impression notes have been achieved in the field of subdivision.


Libin’s action showed that Evernote is apparently unwilling to do one good head elephant: he wants from the tool to the platform, to lead a herd of elephants.

How can

develop from an elephant to a herd of elephants, the impression that the "memory" business is different from the way people remember it?.

Libin and VP Andrew briefed reporters on the road, as a service enterprises, the first consideration is what the user needs, the product of the memory according to this demand, so there will be a variety of derivative products. For example, to help people record instant food, food records, as well as the record of new friends to meet the network". "Where the demand is going, as the swarm expands,"

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