nternet Finance Association closed door meeting of the deployment of special rectification report a

May 19th, twenty-first Century economic report reporter learned from informed sources exclusively, in the morning, to listen to the local association of Internet banking related opinions and suggestions, strengthen coordination, reach consensus, concerted efforts to guide the local association in accordance with the central deployment to carry out related work, China Internet Finance Association held and local association official forum will.

According to reports, the day attended the meeting, including the leadership of the association and the relevant departments in charge of the head of the people’s Bank of branch, as well as the heads of some local associations.

according to the informed sources, the main contents of that meeting was informed of a special meeting of the State Council and the April 14th National Internet financial special rectification work deployment mobilization television and telephone conference on the implementation of the State Council, as well as the association of Internet financial special rectification work arrangements, to listen to the people’s Bank branch and local association work, put forward how to develop local self association the role of the organization of work proposal.

The special

whole proposed regulation is penetrating through the surface form of Internet financial products business will see the essence, the source of funds, and ultimately invest through intermediate links connected, in accordance with the principle of "identifying the nature of business substanceoverform", more conducive to the supervision to keep up with the rapid pace of financial innovation.

addition, special rectification explicitly mentioned the Internet financial institutions not through its own funds subsidies and cross subsidies or the use of other customer funds provide high return financial products to customers, on the one hand is to guide the rational development of Internet financial platform, on the other hand is prohibited platform induced by unreasonable high income investors.

according to reports, mutual Gold Association will establish a reporting and technicians face "system, the official website also will be on the line, then, the Internet financial reporting platform website will be set up, in addition to the Internet financial consumers held a window, some large-scale illegal fund-raising case, also need the masses to provide clues to solve the case.

In addition, in order to avoid risks, part of the P2P platform began to weaken the P2P business, and even embarked on the P2P to

transformation of the road. According to Hui Yi introduction, at present, the P2P platform transformation direction can be divided into "platform", "information management" and "investment" and other types of.

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