Target team the gathering is a great opportunity to communicate

      one of the target team representatives: summary of the fifth session of the Shanghai station

      I was one of the target team on behalf of the party, that sits in the middle of the little girl that I talk a lot of nonsense, the party is over to Nanjing to come back this afternoon, ^_^

here to a party for the first time to hand in the homework

      this is the first time I participated in the Shanghai party is pulling a webmaster, do a target, an experience is also very interesting, I talk about my experiences.

said a few things that I find interesting:

      1 we mentioned that the Tang Priest team, but I personally feel that Sun Wukong is not teamplayer, and the book is called "Sun Wukong" is not a good employee, so if your team is in the words of Sun Wukong, remember to give him a inhibition.

      2 and I said to the emperor and not in Li Shimin such as Zhu Yuanzhang, but I think of it later, even with Li Shimin, also different people have different fate, general Qin Shubao meritorious, but in lingyange standings he founding hero of a row of the. It is said that Li Jing chose seclusion, fangxuanling is the prime minister. Even with the same people, different people’s future is also very different, depending on how to grasp their own, these words are actually said to the team inside the team members to listen to. The webmaster to avoid it.

      3 I mentioned at the party Basecamp is a coordination team schedule by web tool, the 37signals team developed the famous, we spent a long time, before using the free version only supports a project, then we will upgrade to a paid version, support multiple projects. With this combination of email reminders to promote team communication, coordinate the progress of the team, the effect is very good. The address is, interested can apply for a free account to try. But the interface is in English, I do not know at home there is no similar, if you know who can share.

besides, I have some suggestions for the Shanghai webmaster meeting:

      1 party chief is a good opportunity to communicate, I suggest you hold a tolerant attitude to participate in such activities, after all, everyone has a different team work style and habits, it is hard to say which way is what kind of method is wrong, so to express their different opinions at the same time, should be affirmed and gratitude to each other to share. We are to learn to communicate, if we are stereotyped, then the collision sparks, ha ha


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