Spicy mom announced the completion of the D round of financing value Suning synergies


technology news (Sun Hongchao) February 9th news today, the domestic mobile maternal community platform freaky help announced the completion of the D round of financing, this round of financing by Suning group strategic investment, the two sides did not disclose the specific amount of financing and investment proportion.

hot mom help CEO gold praise

freaky help of Tencent technology said, because freaky help 2016 has achieved the scale of profits, so this round of financing is mainly strategic cooperation, paid more attention to the investment of existing resources for the development of enterprise strategic synergy.

it is understood that this cooperation Suning’s red child company will help docking with hot mom. Spicy mom will help integrate their own hot mom mall section, the full access to the red child maternal mall, Suning Suning advantage in the retail supply chain, to solve the user shopping needs, improve the content of the layout of the shopping guide. After the completion of a series of integration of the user, channel, shopping mall, advertising side, the two sides will also take greater market action.

talked about the development of financing after the dynamic, spicy mom to help the founder and CEO Kim Fu said that channels, cross-border cooperation, artificial intelligence will become the new hot pepper to help the three directions. Strategic cooperation with Suning, will open wider freaky help traffic entrance, store resources further line through Suning line close to the user experience and interaction, produce more effectively, so as to provide services for users, combining online and offline, the formation of high quality flow return.

according to the data provided by the hot mom help, spicy mom helped set up in December 2011, primarily for young mothers to share and exchange parenting, family mobile community platform. With the accumulation of the amount of users and brand trust, spicy mom began to turn to the community + electricity supplier business model. March 2015, spicy mom announced the acquisition of C round of financing led by vip.com, and in 2016 to achieve large-scale profitability. As of December 2016, the company’s products to help her mother already has 66 million registered users, platform monthly active users of nearly 10 million.

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