On the Chinese are suffering in an article condemning the reply

wrote "China is suffering from disaster, what is the international community doing?" I did not expect a paper of the author’s attention, but rather than the attention of the article itself to be large.

first, I want to know what their limited here was that many users do. You are here to scold, I admit that he is not clear about the need for foreign aid China specific procedures are also not clear foreign materials through these procedures will be shipped to Chinese, because I only see Russia’s relief supplies on the way to Sichuan Chengdu Moscow time 13 days. He thinks about that the distance between China recently those countries have the unexpected disaster assistance at this time of action.

is the second, I don’t write at this time of chaos. Because I do not have a sense of homeland security, but only a one-sided view of a place called the world bank, if you can not send medical teams, supplies, or can be remitted to China with foreign currency remittance.

then, when I was in the China not to the United Nations assistance that other countries, most probably it did not actually happen to support us, because I see in the 14 China’s foreign aid spokesman said the international community sincere thanks and welcome, is one-sided that this is the country to advocate and euphemism for virtue Chinese indirectly to the world for help.

finally, I was always thinking about what to do to foreign to us, because I just think of the Indonesian tsunami disaster, think of other countries in the earthquake or what disaster, the Chinese government offered assistance, rather than wait for his country to us for help. Even the New Ireland America good Chinese were affected, the government has given aid.

look at China today……

especially for tsunami disaster, China government not only to government action aid, also called on the civil power to charity, charity donation form. This is not the full $60 million 500 thousand went to the disaster area medical team and $2 million 600 thousand in relief items.

think of the Indonesian authorities in more than and 10 years ago is how to be brutal and inhuman Indonesian Chinese, all taste in the heart. Aid to Indonesia relief supplies, a thankless task, the Indonesian authorities said the donation is Chinese slander, expired food…………

look at the situation in China today…………

users can check the central government in the past to China aid numbers, the affected country funds.

check again when China suffered an earthquake, flood, how much is the material of the US government and relevant state aid Chinese the number and amount of funds


I just cause in Sichuan earthquake in Wenchuan killed 14866 people across the country, whimsical unilateral for our country, for our people honk the rough, just a dream so that we pay more attention to it, we look at, is a kind of international environment and a variety of embarrassing domestic trouble and foreign invasion under


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