Startups need to be afraid of a lot of things but afraid of what don’t be afraid of competitors

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translator, the article says that you don’t have to take care of your competitors, manage your own affairs, and say you want to keep in touch with them. For entrepreneurs, it is the first priority to do their own company.

if their products are not polished, the idea did not clear up, whether there is no pressure from competitors, the project will not live long. He almost done, keep an open mind and competitors to explore, wrestling, may be the right strategy.


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almost three years ago, I started a company selling socks on the internet. At that time, there have been a lot of competitors in the South African market. I founded Nic Harry, because I have been wearing a brand called Happy Socks, and always dissatisfied.

Happy Socks is a giant in the hosiery industry, with more than 6500 stores in the world. It’s my great rival.

I mention this, because someone has been on Twitter @ I, send me an email to call me and tell me what the competitors are doing and how they are doing business.

many people are shocked by others in my mind have no shame to copycat (incidentally, not my original riotous with colour socks). Some people tell me what other brands are doing and ask, "have you ever thought about doing something like that?" others point out that other brands are heading for success and ask, "aren’t you worried?"

I’m very happy to have someone interested in my brand and take the time to point out my competitors. It means they have Nic Harry in their hearts and they like what we’re doing. I appreciate that, but I’m not interested in talking about my competitors.

let’s talk about our competitors.

competitors mean a lot, but they’re definitely not your enemy. The existence of competitors confirms the existence of the market, but also confirms that the market is what you should strive to conquer. I’ve never seen a product that holds all the market share.

I have many pairs of shoes and all kinds of jeans, I also have several different brands of cars and mobile phones. So many brands, one at the time for me to open a window, let me see a more interesting world, and inevitably become me to understand their competitors the opportunity. Such an experience actually expands the size of the market rather than narrowing it.


like high tide, all the ships will be lifted up. From my point of view, there is more competition

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