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2012 Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Xuzhou,

Admin5 webmaster network September 24th news, on September 22nd, Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Xuzhou in the spring of the smooth sailing of the villa in the cloud. The conference hosted by the Admin5 webmaster network, Internet entrepreneurs club, the Xuzhou Internet association, Xuzhou newspaper media group, the new media development center jointly organized. The conference has been bShare, Sogou, Baidu alliance, phpwind alliance, China century, downtown network, Xuzhou meters letter technology, Discuz!, Peng support customer network and other units. The general assembly to open and win-win cooperation in the future as the theme, invited from Jiangsu Province, as well as more than 500 people in the industry, as well as the Internet industry to participate in the general assembly.

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2012 Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Xuzhou,

12306 booking queuing system inefficient refers to the presence of multiple vulnerabilities

September 18th morning news, the Ministry of Railways only official ticketing website Sunday completed a new round of upgrades, but many users reflect, after the upgrade may be forced to purchase the user queue, because there are many loopholes in the system, a great probability after waiting in line to buy failed.

Liu Xu, who lives in Beijing, Asian Sports Village, is the third time to buy a ticket from the 12306 of the

. After the Spring Festival, May Day holiday hone, he has been quite familiar with the ticketing process, early began to pay attention to ticket information. This time, though, he may be disappointed.

when he finished all the booking process, the system prompts orders have been submitted, but it takes 30 minutes to queue up. After waiting for a long 30 minutes, the system shows that the order processing failed and needs to be re submitted.

Liu Xu frowned repeated attempts to submit orders, but waiting for a number of 30 minutes, each time by prompt treatment failure.

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12306 booking queuing system inefficient refers to the presence of multiple vulnerabilities

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