Micro Amoy today officially open beta Taobao D can be registered by


technology news November 1st afternoon news, Alibaba’s wireless business group announced that the micro Amoy platform began to officially open beta in November 1st 10. All Taobao external businesses, Master, and any person interested can enter the official website (we.taobao.com) application in the micro Amoy platform, the relevant responsible person said, at present only by Taobao ID can directly enter the official website for micro Amoy account.

According to

reports, micro Amoy was launched in the mobile phone Taobao client public account platform, through this platform, consumers can get their attention, businesses in the mobile phone side subscription message way shops, Master share a variety of goods and information, and complete the production process on the platform; and the account operator can be through management the background, access to consumer data users and 320 million mobile phone Taobao client information, better management and maintenance of their target customers.

According to Alibaba

wireless division director, mobile phone Taobao director Wang Hai, micro Amoy platform began to be measured by "invitation code" from April this year, up to now there have been 50000 into account. At the end of October this year, mobile phone terminal and PC terminal micro Amoy Amoy love fully open. Followed by micro Amoy also opened up the social platform Ali, the user can share the contents of the micro Amoy to the dynamic.

micro Amoy operator is responsible for "the knife" to remind, there will be a lot of people at the time of the first registered micro Amoy beta, as soon as possible to successfully registered, need to pay attention to the following:

1) through the PC page in advance registration name protection for the micro Amoy Amoy direct name;

2) four and above Chinese characters can be registered micro Amoy account;

3) has taken measures to protect the shops and the well-known trademarks, registered to please detour;

4) a Taobao ID can only register a micro Amoy name;

5) how to register through the store ID micro Amoy more marketing and CRM plug-ins to use;

6) non seller ID registered micro Amoy Amoy can promote any store goods. (Xiao Ran)

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