How to build a home web site to see the fence

use "because of the professional, so · · ·" describe the fence, not as. I chose the word "wonderful"".

, however, the fence is not exciting home page, the forum is only wonderful forum.

fence product line is very simple: e-commerce, forums.

fence home no news position, do not do anything.

fence business is simple: decoration, wedding, car.

fence home page PR=3, while fence forum PR=4.

fence is the predecessor of, fuzzy profit model. In fact, until today, I am still in the business model design BS fence. But no one can laugh at the fence. Veteran canteen and other terms, has been talked about in many users. 05 years old, I am from the fence to really understand that the nature of e-commerce BBS, then Nanjing has had a "wind fan men" event, a ID called "the boss Lee have sailed the seven seas" 300 thousand monthly group purchase business ashes to ashes.

BBS is a good way to e-commerce


e-commerce leave BBS line not?

in addition to the forum and e-commerce platform, home sites also need what content?

– these questions are left to the fence.

look back a post title, in Shanghai to see the fence forum today: why there are many people in the decoration lamp using warm Yuba " " which only exists in the China garbage equipment? Some shocking?. For the forum, there is such a post, said the forum has been very professional and powerful. All along, as the industry, I appreciate the atmosphere of the fence forum. Some experts said: this atmosphere created a high viscosity of female users. The secret of the fence is not true, that is, the fence for the forum to maintain the technology of dedication and attention. From the point of view of its development, the forum is not the core of the core business outsourcing. Business can be outsourced, can cooperate, the forum can not be outsourced, can not cooperate.


said the weakness of the fence, not to say, said a metaphor: the Shanghai beauty is not too slim it?

hey hey!

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