2015 mobile phone red envelopes marketing case analysis

during the Spring Festival, CCTV teamed up with WeChat to build a universal interaction, it is absolutely indispensable for any corporate sponsorship, in order to allow more enterprises to participate in and to interact with the Internet audience, CCTV strategy is to take time to draw, and effectively increase the ratings, enterprises and better exposure, so the mobile phone marketing is red where win


1 interactive

if the recall last year’s Spring Festival, you must be patient because you will see the show, WeChat play, you play games but unless there is a big star show program you will put mobile phone watch for a while, but the Spring Festival this year, the entire mobile phone can not stop and let you have to watch programs at any time because of the money


if you are honored to draw red and you will be the first time to share the joy of it, but there are a lot of Touzhaoyue, but the UGC does not allow you to go online to find the topic comment, but to share with your friends and not friends, only in this way can receive a red envelope that the red envelope is who the play, is a straightforward business implantation.

3 contrast

you must know Ma Yun’s Alipay wallet, but he did not come to the WeChat user experience more convenient, at least do not enter the verification code, at least not just look at the WeChat sweep account can get a lot of things just shake a shake out of mobile phone, of course you don’t get there so you can get the family, have participation, at least know not deceptive, if the family did not win you also feel boring to play.


The biggest highlight of the whole

show is a perfect mobile phone marketing red products to play him some of the functions, so that any enterprise must make your user easy to use, you can let the user feel interaction, share your users can not be forced this is enough.

welcomed the attention of WeChat netcoo every day to share

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