Store brand building is the future of small and medium sellers to go


yesterday I read an article about the current situation of small and medium Taobao sellers. Small and medium businesses now Taobao, if you do not spend money on advertising sales of poor, spend money on advertising sales is up but almost all of the money spent on advertising. The sales cost is too high. However, Chang Xiaofeng previously thought whether it is a website or online shop or even an individual in the Internet must make their own authority and brand.

some time ago often Xiaofeng published an article about the "website brand is our webmaster in the future must be the way to go" article. Today, I would like to say about Taobao sellers if the cost of sales out of the trap. Although this method is very rigid, but in a few of my friends Taobao shop has seen the effect of the experiment.

for the previous Taobao seller’s advertising whether it is Taobao internal or other Internet brand site launch. Today, we do not talk about these, alone to talk about how to retain the ads after the user. We minimize the cost of advertising. Keep the user, let customers two times or even the purchase of the three turn back, so that our advertising that is really worth it.

for a small number of sellers selling products are relatively poor quality, here I want to say is that we want to retain the quality of repeat customers is the first, we must strictly control. Several of my friends in the seller of Taobao in Guangzhou where women’s clothing, the quality of the purchase is relatively poor before, sell one is a law. For this year’s harsh environment I told them to keep back, must start from the quality. They chose a better product, still just started throwing money on advertising, but this time they do another job is to keep the user’s contact, and then analyzes the data, the customer information two promotion etc.. The specific method is to add Wangwang, mobile phone, add their own buyers QQ group.

would like to say that they also spent a relatively large amount of money to do these. But six months after the results came out. Women’s purchasing power is very strong, as long as the maintenance of their customers to buy back the chance is very large, which greatly saves the late advertising, and sales are steadily rising.

here I would like to mention that I was in the first paragraph about the personal push, in fact, look at some active Taobao buyers QQ group to understand. A lot of maternal and child products of the QQ group, these people are very letter Chennai main group, he recommended the goods is very good very good. In fact, this group is an authoritative individual. When we expand to the shop above is actually the same, and the establishment of the trust relationship between users is what we want to do Taobao sellers.

finally summed up what we want to express today: online brand building is a long and lengthy process, but we must take the road in the future. If you want to have a long-term development, the authority to build their own shop or the authority of an individual to do the authority of an Internet product push hands >

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