MiniDates you only love the matchmaker dating website

see the world will soon be filled with gold warriors, a variety of dating applications began to emerge. Lei Feng also introduced many foreign and domestic Yoke Skout, ca..

and these dating application are usually looking for a date for the user according to the fixed program: user registration and fill in the personal data and information, browse other users photos, see pleasing to the eye up, also waiting to get up. If you can find Mr./Miss Right, can only say that you good luck. Now there’s a new dating app, MiniDates, that seems to have found a new way for the rest of the world.


MiniDates screenshot

compared to other applications of the network moon, MiniDates is more committed to promoting the reality of dating. It will arrange a small date (Minidate) according to the user’s schedule and dating requirements, and arrange the appointment in a cafe or other public places.

interestingly, Minidates will form by mail to give priority to the female users recommend suitable date, brief information received recommended mail girls can view each other, and finally accepted the appointment and not entirely by her own decision – this is the privilege of women; and at the same time, is recommended in addition to know each other is female besides, don’t know any other information. Until the date in a park, wearing a yellow raincoat with you holding a dog tail flower. She successfully docked, only The case is entirely cleared.


can not help but think of the ancient marriage custom China, will be met for the first time in life or death in the wedding festivities night, beauty, or death.

MiniDates also allows users to evaluate the date from three aspects: whether punctuality, respect for others, and whether it is honest (I and the online information is consistent). If someone in these three aspects of the evaluation is very low, his MiniDates account will be forced to cancel. (single male silver also meets the above three basic introspection please!)

currently, MiniDates can only be used in New York, has more than 3000 registered users, has now launched Beta version, will invite more users to experience. As an application based on HTML 5, MiniDates’s only incompatible browser is IE. Interested readers can click here to view their home page. Remember, don’t use the IE browser!

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