Activate the user’s sense of participation in the video site Ten pictures to know the truth

when the video site had to bid farewell to the era of PC, the new problem comes.

mobile terminal ushered in nearly 70% of the traffic, but it is not able to create the same proportion of advertising revenue in the smaller screen. Bid farewell to the era of PC video site will be more than ever looking forward to the contribution of ordinary users of consumption – whether it is the fans of flower consumption, or look to buy".

what is the current state of the user’s video interaction, what type of interaction do they like and how they interact with each other?.

for this reason, Penguin intelligence cool launched a video site interactive behavior online survey, a total of 4334 users involved, the following is the results of the survey and found:

point is the most popular user interactive video features


offers a variety of interactive features in the video site, the point of praise / step is the highest user usage function, accounting for 29.7% of the respondents. In addition to this kind of interactive behavior is simple and easy to express preferences, does not require the user to log on to the functional properties of the user is also easy to operate.

review and collection features ranked second and third, accounting for the proportion of 21.2% and 19.3%, respectively.

sends the Barrage as in recent years in the popularity of video website function, the use rate increased rapidly, accounted for 13.5% of the over subscription function. Compared to the prominent features of foreign YouTube subscription site, the domestic website for the subscription function of the lower attention, so the user’s use of accounting for only 10.4%.

in all functions, pay for gifts is the lowest utilization of interactive features, accounting for only 1.5%. But this feature is characterized by a small number of users to contribute most of the income, if you can attract and meet the real willingness to pay interactive users, will become an important source of income.

users prefer to participate in the mobile terminal video interactive


prefer to carry out video interactive user accounts for 67.1%, accounting for more than PC accounted for more than 32.9%. This is also the current video site is currently close to 70% traffic trends from the mobile terminal. How to provide users with appropriate interactive features in the mobile terminal will become more and more video sites need to think about the problem.

seize the opportunity to interact with the user to watch the video and watch the end of the


is a good opportunity to interact with each other when viewing and viewing the game when setting up user interaction features. 47.1% of users said they prefer to interact after watching the video completely; 35% of users said they like to participate in interactive video viewing.


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