Following the people’s Republic of China will also visit the A shares 1 billion 500 million yuan fun

September 26th news, the Commission approved the first application of 12 companies, the total amount of financing is expected to not more than 15 billion 500 million yuan. Xinhua ranked among them, which is following the people’s landing A shares, another media national team will soon be listed.

following the people’s Republic of China also want to visit A shares 1 billion 500 million yuan fund-raising

Xinhua prospectus shows that its IPO issue of new shares 51 million 900 thousand shares, accounting for the proportion of the total share capital of 25%, raising nearly $1 billion 500 million, the main underwriter for CICC, landing place for the Shanghai Stock exchange.

the main fund-raising for the whole media information application service cloud platform project, mobile Internet integration, processing, distribution and operating systems business projects, government class intelligent analysis of large data system project, new media technology research and development center project and online education project.

equity structure, Xinhua news agency directly holds 82.46% stake in the company, and through the development of information society, Shenzhen news company indirectly holds 3% and 2.54% shares respectively, held a total of 88% shares, holding. The Fund (limited partnership), China Unicom, Nanfang Daily, Jiangsu radio, China Telecom, CITIC Trust and Anhui new media are shareholders.

it is understood that on ready IPO in early 2013, and appear in the list of pending business commission. But then, A shares IPO was halted. In this case, the new listing plan can only stranded. Until June 27, 2014, before the name of the new network in the list of IPO pre disclosure. Listed road twists and turns, which lasted four years finally successful. (Ming Yu)

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