Adobe publish web design software Muse without writing code

Adobe today announced the launch of web design software -Muse.

Adobe said, with the help of Muse software, web designers can create a web site, without the need to write code. Muse beta has been carried out before Adobe beta.

Muse uses a similar print layout, simplifying the web planning, design and distribution. Muse allows users to use built-in interactive tools to create content on the home page, built in Adobe Typekit and provide users with more than 400 Web fonts.


Adobe publish web design software Muse

users can purchase an independent copy from the Adobe site, or pay to become a member of the Adobe Creative cloud software, directly from the cloud to perform Muse.

Adobe said, Muse will help web designers to add compelling interactive elements, such as slides and embedded content, including Google maps and Facebook, etc.. In Muse, developers can preview and test site functionality, or create a temporary web site, and share with the customer site for audit.

when the web site design is completed, the designer can use third party service providers or use Adobe hosting services. Adobe senior vice president of digital media division said, Muse gives designers full freedom, so that they do not need to learn the code, which will help them expand their business, to provide more cost-effective for their clients, professional website.

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