Amazon China dilemma technical superiority to the price war and promotion


Tmall 11 promotional transaction volume of $19 billion 100 million; in November 13th, good at the price war Jingdong mall financing $400 million again; at the same time, Amazon China CEO Wang Hanhua’s departure is a foregone conclusion.

these three things together, perhaps it is a true portrayal of the current electricity supplier industry in china.

electricity supplier price war, promotions to singles, in a sense, Wang Hanhua has become the fundamental reason in seven years finally had to leave.

"he did the right thing, but didn’t do what he can do," this is the real view of Wang Hanhua leaving the former Amazon executives, and he revealed the little-known from Amazon "book", is a reflection of the plight of the Amazon Chinese.

low level electricity supplier price competition in the technology to win the Amazon how to develop further, the price war Carnival can last long?

The merits and demerits of Wang Hanhua

the United States in 2008, an autumn three in the morning, the United States Amazon executives responsible for warehouse management Blackberry mobile phone to hear the sound of the bell, the red alert sounded. This means that, in the Amazon, a warehouse in the world, the stock severely overweight.

check to go, it turned out to be like this: "Ming Dynasty those things 6" special fire published. We talked down the underwriting, good price. We grabbed it, ready to put in storage, a list." A sunny afternoon in November, the former Amazon executives China in Dongzhimen near the cafe with a smile to the weekly Times reporter recalled the "thrilling".

"the result of this thing is that the U.S. headquarters do not agree to do so, that inventory is too large, will not sell. We can only cancel this cooperation. While also optimistic about this opportunity, so take this opportunity to underwrite." But the more interesting thing is still in the back, Amazon has a variety of strategies, that is, some books on the market, Amazon must sell. So, Amazon had to buy a batch of "Ming Dynasty those things 6". It was December 10, 2008.

later, the former Amazon executive recalls: "the United States does not have this book in terms of the underwriting agreement, they can not understand." And when he was Amazon China CEO Wang Hanhua can only speechless. The low-key and calm the occupation managers, he left the Amazon let countless people distraught.

April 25, 2005, Wang Hanhua served as excellent network CEO. For the layout of the Amazon in China, Wang Hanhua has a clear goal in mind: not profit, but to create high-quality user experience. Wang Hanhua has been doing this for over seven years.

IT famous independent critics Hong Bo said: "Wang Hanhua in the Amazon China do well, he should do a few things: switch to the system platform of the Amazon global; the Amazon.

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